Bucket List For My Spirit: What To Discover Before I Die

bucketThe New Moon energy is starting to build. So today I have been thinking about my bucket list. All of the things I would like to do before I die. As I sat with my pen and paper I suddenly thought about the Spirit Within. What has my Spirit been asking for?

Every New Moon I write down my wish list. All of the positive energy that I want to flow my way. The things I still want to see, do or achieve. Then I send out a request to the Universe so that all of these things can manifest. My usual list is quite practical. A newer car. The chance to travel to other countries. A night out with friends. More book sales. New people to mentor. As I composed my list today I thought about my ultimate bucket list. What do I still want in my life? And I heard a small voice inside. Not a Guide this time. Because the voice trying to come through was of my Spirit self. After all my Spirit remembers the blueprint. The reasons I made all theses choices and conditions about this particular time of existing.

It made me stop and think. What did I put on my bucket list when I was making my plan to come down to Earth? I can’t say I’ve ever thought about it that way before. I have relied on my Guides to lead, push, pull or drag me to the experiences I require to fulfil my blueprint. Though inside of me my Spirit has always wanted to do, achieve or choose certain things about my life. Perhaps that ultimate list includes the losses I’ve experienced? Or the joy of my creativity? Even the experience of overcoming fears? It’s odd to think of a higher self list that includes both pleasant and unpleasant events. Yet my Spirit also knows that I grow through both love and pain. And only the human side of me can experience pain.

I’m still thinking about that Spirit bucket list. Checking off in my head what I have experienced in my life so far. And wondering what else I might have put on the list. This is going to take a little time to understand. And to embrace all that my Spirit planned for me. So I will salute the New Moon energy as usual. And await the next experience that my Spirit Within requires.

Day 988 of my blogging challenge

Powering Blasts Of Energy: Playing My Part

poweringHere we go again. It’s a New Moon arriving with powering blasts of energy to blow my socks off! I’ve spent the day feeling very ‘spaced’ and determinedly working to ground in all of the vibrations intended to energise the Earth ready for it’s great changes.

It’s not the first time we have received these great blast of energy. It’s just that they are much more frequent now. I know it’s the time for powering up. Not only Mother Earth but all of us who live alongside her too. Whether we are aware of it or not. The Ascension process has been going on for along time but the last couple of hundred years have been the warm up to get us ready to shift the Earth, and ourselves, to a higher level of spiritual functioning. But it can still feel like a challenge. Because there is so much ‘heavy’ energy that is still circulating in and around us. That’s why I got the full on force of the energy in the middle of last night. It came into my dreams to remind me that it is time to let all my emotions flow freely.

Powering me up means that I can transmit that energy to everyone I am connected to. And if everyone on the planet is being powered up imagine how much positive energy is being shared around. That’s the issue though. We aren’t used to living at a higher vibration yet. I know I still have one foot in being human and one foot in being spirit. And that has to be balanced for a while yet. When I get that disconnected, out of phase feeling I know I have to release some of the energy into the Earth. As well as to the animals and other species that share the Earth with me. I have to share enough that I can bring myself gently back down to Earth. Powering up is going to keep happening to me.

It must so that we can all benefit when the big shift happens. I know that there will be several more major blasts of energy this year. I’m powering myself up in between to practice living at a higher vibration. And I am also practicing staying grounded too. So that I can help others to find a balance in all of these energy times. Together, if we all play our part, the future will become much lighter and brighter.

Day 930 of my blogging challenge

Preparation – Getting Ready To Speak For Spirit

preparationIt’s been a snowy evening so I’ve been glad to sit and do my preparation for a Mind, Body and Spirit event tomorrow. My Guides tell me I will be able to get there. And I’m really glad because I am doing a talk on one of my passions. Past Lives.

I’m actually going because I want to show people my new book – Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. I’m very proud to have written it and am delighted that it’s getting good reviews. I have also taken the opportunity to do a talk about Past Lives. Because I am sure they will feature in a book soon. And, of course, they are the topic that first really challenged my understanding of my world. Although it took me many more years to learn to speak for Spirit. The preparation I got from learning about past lives helped me be open. Open to many ideas about the energy world and intuition. Even if I remind a sceptic for a long time.

It’s that preparation that made it much easier for me to accept that the Guides who stepped forward were actually there. And made it much less of a fight when the Energy Beings asked me to start telling people what they were saying to me. The work I had done, and the research about past lives, gave me a sense of connection to a greater whole. This connection became much clearer as I explored my own past lives. I began to think of time as fluid rather than static. When I also realised that the Guides could show me the past lives of other people I knew I had to give that information out. Eventually my Guides, with plenty of preparation, got me to run workshops so I could help others start their journey too.

Tomorrow is another chance to get people into preparation for accessing their past lives. Then clearing the energy the lives still push into this life. And, who knows, to help the people who come along to start their own speaking for Spirit. So, my CD’s of the meditation are ready, my books are packed and my car is outside gathering snow. It’s New Moon too so bring on the flow of wonderful energy!

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