Language Is Powerful: How Do I Speak To Myself?

languageAs a child I remember people saying “watch your language!’ They meant that it was inappropriate to swear if children could hear. Cuss words were considered  to be  sign of poor education. Or only for men. How different it is nowadays.

The impact of the words that are used sets up an energy ripple. Sometimes we are unaware of that energy charge when choosing what to say. So how I use language to describe myself can have a big impact on my internal energy. As well as on the energy I share with other people. As a matter of fact I feel swear words are only neutral words. They become offensive or derogatory in the way that they are used. And they can be used in a funny or appropriate way too. It depends on the speaker, the situation and the hearers. That’s a lesson I have had quite a few times from my Guides.

I know that the words people use can become a source of low vibrational energy. Language, saying things ‘right’, is a tricky thing. Because I have to factor in all sorts of variables. But what about what I say to myself inside my head? My Guides remind me to be compassionate about myself. They know that the energy of giving myself a hard time, or a talking too, will create a wobble somewhere down the line. The words might already be charged from my earlier experiences. If I call myself stupid is that word putting me down in some way? And keeping me from recognising that I am able to think for myself? That’s why I try very hard to pay attention to how I am talking to myself. Or describing myself.

It’s been true for me so many times that when I watch my language about myself I emerge in a more positive frame of mind. Because I can challenge myself about the words I have chosen. Substitute more positive words for ones that make me feel negative. And carry that practise out of my head to speak to others with more compassion and kindness too. Finally,  is it time to watch your language? To substitute praise for scorn. And cuss words for positive ones?

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Transforming A Negative Into A Positive

TransformingI had a chat today about transforming negative energy into positive energy. Something I need to do from time to time. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes I wake up grouchy. Or I discover I’ve taken on someone else’s unhappy energy. I find I have low vibrational energy that I don’t want. Mainly because it’s not good energy for me to live in. But also because it’s not good energy for me to pass on to anyone else. Then I have to think about transforming the energy into kindness, or happiness or compassion. I have to find a way to balance and release the negative energy so that I’m back to my usual self. And I can start to send out the good energy again. One of the key things that does help is when I can identify that the energy isn’t mine. That allows me to release the feelings the energy is creating for me. They aren’t mine so I don’t have to have them.

Then I know I will be left with only my own low vibrational energy. So it’s much easier for me to deal with. Or it can be. Of course sometimes I make it harder for myself. If I drift into self pity, lack and nobody loves me mode it can take me a while to move myself out of those Ego thoughts. However I try to look for the reasons that my happy mood might be transforming into misery. Have I stepped out of my comfort zone? Am I tired? Or hungry? Have I taken something on board that someone said? Perhaps I’m being judgemental? I want to deal with whatever is causing me to feel low as quickly as possible. That’s when I find meditation can help. Sitting quietly for ten minutes asking myself to show me what the low energy comes from. And being prepared to recognise that I am creating the energy that is pulling me down.

Transforming energy is something anyone can learn to do again. I know I did it naturally as a child. It starts from recognising what is my energy and being willing to change it if it’s not my best energy. Then calling in all of the techniques I have learned to boost me back to a positive frame of mind. I’m not positive 24/7. But I’m willing to work towards that!

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Know When To Hold Them

There are some lines running through my head. ‘You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away and know when to run.” It’s from a song called The Gambler.

I love this song. It always makes me feel that I’ve got a lot to learn about life yet. Reminding me that life is a gamble. Nothing is certain. There is always a risk. And my job is to work out if the odds are in my favour. I’m back in the waning moon energy. All sorts of things have been coming to the surface for me in the last couple of days. I have to make choices but I want to be in clear and balanced energy to do so. Because I know that sometimes even the best gamblers loose. The odds are sometimes stacked too heavily. So it may be a case of me walking away. Or even running as fast as I can!

It may seem odd to be suggesting that I am running away. Yet occasionally that’s what we all have to do. Or at least walk away with a very fast pace. Some situations are too negative to stay in. I have certainly learned that the hard way. In the end I feel that really toxic energy can zap my will to change at all. It can be tempting to be swallowed up so I’m drowned by the negative vibes. If I know this, or recognise the warning signs then I have to weigh up the risks I’m taking in walking away. And deal with the natural fears that making a change brings to the surface. That’s why I try to find a peaceful space to make decisions. So the risks of staying become very clear indeed.

As in the song, I also know that whilst I’m working the odds out I have to keep a poker face. Some of the people, places or experiences might be what I want to keep. Because they could be for my eventual best interest.

Like the card I was given that said ‘you have to demonstrate your mediumship in public’. Not one I wanted to draw at all. One I know I could have easily left behind on the table as I was racing away. However, even in my fear I knew I had to stick with that card. Gamble that the odds were ok. Hope that I would come out on the winning team. Or at least with a winning hand somewhere along the line. The chorus of the song actually carries on to say “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, there’ll be time for countin’ when the dealings done.” It always reminds me that I can’t know the outcome to every choice I make. So if I do manage to come out ahead in life that’s great.

So if you notice me walking away, if my poker face fails and I have a wry little smile, please give me a little wave or a nod. Share with me that you might be walking very fast away from something too. That the odds weren’t quite right. Knowing that it’s ok to stop doing something any time you wish. That if I fold it only means I’m saving my resources for another gamble at another time. Because something else needs my time and energy. And that life will always offer me another chance to join the game. After all, who needs a card game for the excitement of beating all the odds? Life is always enough.

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Stepping Away from the Shadows

img_2203Today I’ve had a trip out to Middlesbrough to a lovely spiritual shop where the people try to help others find a route through the shadows. Stepping away from low vibrational energy is never easy. Getting support is important.

I know that I have a shadow side. I also know that so does every one else. It’s part of our human challenge. I can choose to follow a positive path as much as I can. Yet sometimes I get stuck in the negative flow. Owning my own thoughts and feelings is the best way to let my spiritual side make progress. But first I have to be able to see what they are. And acknowledge that some of my feelings and thoughts are my shadow side. Stepping back from myself is one of the key ways to do that.

When I sit down to write my blog I gather my thoughts about the day. I look for what I have experienced and how it made me feel. Then I choose what to write about. That process often brings to my notice the influences that have run through my day. As I consider these I’m looking for the stuck, challenging or negative energy. Where am I still holding judgements and opinions that might be unfair? What will I be stepping away from as I make better choices? Because that is the end result of thinking about my day. I give myself a chance to bring in a more positive flow of energy.

However, there are also times when I get stuck in a maze of thinking, feeling, debating my actions. Sometimes I need help to explore all the implications of my shadow side.

That’s when I find another person to help me work it all out. Someone who also recognises that we all have a shadow side. A person who can be honest with me whilst I work it all out. Living a spiritual life brings many challenges. What sort of spirituality for a start? One based in religious views might seem the best choice but I’ve always felt that religions were man made frameworks only. Open to wide interpretations. So not necessarily going to guide me at times when my definition of ‘spiritual’ is being challenged. With the help of someone who is also finding their way along the path too I have the space to explore my values, beliefs and options. To define my own personal understanding of what spirituality means to me.

There is also another way of stepping away from the shadows. In several conversations today I talked about asking my Guides and the Energy Beings around me for help or inspiration. They are always ready to listen, drop in comments and challenge me when I’m refusing to consider all the other sides to every story in my life. Over many years, long before I began my public work as a medium, these trusted advisors were available to support me. The fact that I didn’t use them half as much as they could have helped is down to my choices. And my stubbornness in wanting to live my life blind to the reality of shadows. Over the years they have consistently shown me what I was reluctant to look at. Not just my own low vibrations but those of others.

That is important right now. My Guides have been reminding me for a long time that we are being given a choice. The energy flow is all about stepping forward now. Choosing to become the best we can possibly be.

That can’t happen until each one of us faces and embraces our nasty, hurtful, angry, fearful bits. All that low level energy that we dish out into the world. All those times and occasions when we blame others for our own thoughts and feelings. Every time we act less lovingly towards each other. Especially those times when we make love conditional on our needs. Whether you believe in a Jesus Christ or not there is a lesson for all of us in turning the other cheek. Can I rise above the negative energy within me and around me? Can I offer myself up to another ‘blow’ and still hold myself in positive esteem?

Unconditional love applies inward first. Loving my humanity, my duality, my Spirit. Then staying in that flow of energy no matter what else is going on. The most wonderful thing I keep being told is that I don’t have to do it all by myself. There is so much support on hand to remind me that, warts and all, I am a being of love. So whether you write, talk or get guidance please seek out your shadow side. Learn to love it. Then be prepared to step away from it so that you can be the positive person you intended to be all along.

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