Jumbled Up: When We Carry Too Much For Others

jumbledSometimes my energy gets jumbled up. Especially when there is a lot of extra energy flying about. I can get so muddled I sort of forget which energy is actually me.

That used to happen a lot when I was learning to open up my intuitive abilities. Especially when the Energy Beings stepped in too. I found I was handling not only my energy and the energy of the physical people around me but the non-physical energies too. It made for a full head a lot of the time. Until I learned to narrow my focus and cut down the amount of energy I had in my aura. Closing energy off is as important as opening up otherwise the jumbled thoughts, impressions and feelings really get tangled. Like a mad plate of spaghetti with no end or beginning. It took me quite a while, with a lot of assistance from my Gatekeeper Guide, to get to the point where my head could handle all the energy signals. But that left me, for a time, confused, uncertain and full of doubt.

This jumbled stage is entirely normal. Only I didn’t know that back then. Because no one told me the connections would hit me all in one go. Once my ‘door’ was open wide enough. So I understand how much of a challenge it can be to sort it all out. I was reminded of that again today. A day where there was a lot of energy flowing around from other human beings. And where the Energy beings were also trying to attract my attention. I found myself muddled about what I was experiencing. And I needed to stop, pause, for a little to sort it all out. So that I could act from my own energy. Not from the prompting of other people’s energy. And I could establish a clear connection to my Guides. My work is dependent on that clear connection. Pausing was vital. Sorting out was a priority.

When you find your head is all jumbled up take a break. Step out of everything for a moment or two. Ask yourself ‘is this my feeling or thought?’ Also ‘is this someone else’s feeling or thought?’ Get your Guides to help you by asking them to point you in the right direction. And pay attention to your heart. What feels like it is you? And what doesn’t. Trust only what you feel is your thought or feeling. Then get on with doing what you have worked out is best for you.

Day 990 of my blogging challenge