Connection To Earth: Protecting My Energy

ConnectionSometimes I have to check my connection to Mother Earth. Usually when I have been dealing with people, places and situations that are ‘heavy’ energy. Now that I have opened up my intutive senses I’ve also had to learn to close the door on negative vibrations.

This is the same for all intuitively sensitive people. We are affected by the flow of energy around us. The connection to intuitive information that I have also allows me to ‘read’ the energy of others. If I’m not careful I can end up transferring my energy to them. And, more importantly, their energy to me. Dealing with other people’s low vibrational energy, on top of my own, is hard work. The way that I keep my aura energy clear is to make sure I can ground any negative energy back to Earth.

That means I try to get out into Nature as much as possible. Even if I can’t retreat to a forest or the beach I get out into my little garden. Sitting in my own tiny patch of greenery I can let things drift away. Drifting away is much better than storing up loads of old energy. So I also use meditation to go into the natural world I can visualise in my mind’s eye. Especially on the cold, wet days when my inclination is to stay inside.

I can also connect to Mother Earth when I have my feet in water. Beach is best. Although in the shower or bath will do. I imagine I have roots going down into the Earth. These roots can drain away all the energy that would be disruptive to me. This connection through my feet can be so strong that sometimes when I am letting the energy release I find I can’t move my feet. They are stuck until the last bit of negativity has gone.

Today I wanted to release all of the tricky energy from yesterday’s Full Moon. So I made my Earth connection on the beach. As I strolled along feeling the wet sand between my toes I felt a sense of contentment. The late evening sun was still warm. The pools of water were inviting. And my toes danced with excitement. A perfect way to balance off anything negative. Thank you Mother Earth for protecting my energy.

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What The Earth Needs Now ….. Sending Gratitude & Love

EarthI like to tune in to the energy around me every morning. Taking five minutes or so to sort out what I’m likely to encounter in my day. This morning I heard the Earth calling out to me. Instead of people, Guides or Energy beings. She had a message for all of us.

Of course the Earth calls out to us all the time. I hear her voice when I’m surrounded by trees. Or down on the beach. And every time I pause to appreciate a magnificent sunset. Since opening up to my own intuition I also feel her presence. Her pain. Her anger and despair. And her wonderful forgiveness. Yet I know we continue to take all that she can give without much though for the impact we are having. The Earth gives us what we need very willingly. But we always want more. And then more. Today she was asking me to reconsider what I require. She was suggesting that I stand back for a few moments and work out how much material stuff I want to pursue. Because each request takes something from her. And I don’t always give something back.

As I sat and discussed this with her I understood the ego trap most of us fall into. I want what everyone else seems to have. Yet that wanting feeds greed and over consumption. Until, without knowing it, I am taking too much. And so is everyone else. She asked me to think about what I could give back. Of course I can recycle, buy and consume less or look for alternative ways to power my life. However the Earth had a much simpler answer. She asked me to look around me at all of her beauty and appreciate it better. To send gratitude and love energy to every living thing. And to the planet I am standing on of course. The Earth would like all of us to notice the simple beauty that surrounds us. It is a very effective way of getting us to think about whether we want to destroy it or not.

The Earth wants us to know that she will always provide for us. This really is a Garden of Eden. To avoid betting thrown out I know that I am going to praise her for putting up with us so patiently. And I am going to remember that this planet is the only home and shelter I have got. She deserves better from me.

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Grounding From The ArchAngels: New Moon Energy

groundingIt’s New Moon energy. All day I’ve been sending out wishes and dreams so the energy of my desires will return to me. Yet I’ve also been aware of the Earth’s Archangels. They have come into every conversation and also into my meditation. I felt the pull of their grounding energy sinking me knee deep into Mother Earth.

On Sunday I am giving a talk about these interesting ArchAngels. They have been channelling through me for a long time. Filling my mind with challenging questions. And testing tasks. It’s taken me a while to get accustomed to their energy. As well as to their mind-set. But in everything they have given me there has been one loving push. That of getting me to ground myself in the Earth’s energy. Reminding me that if I have fallen to Earth then I have done so for a purpose. A purpose that requires grounding into and accepting the energy of this place. Like locking myself into the energy waves that are unique to this place.

I know grounding myself here on Earth has been hard. I’ve resisted being human quite a lot. I certainly didn’t want to find myself back here quite so quickly. Yet I volunteered. I wasn’t pushed. My reward has been to work with lots of people who felt the same as me. And to help them ‘click’ into their human lives. Or not. Because it is always a free will choice. At every step of the way I could have said no. Refused to do what was asked of me. Stopped the energy and ignored what I was being asked to do. I’m glad I haven’t done that. The ArchAngels have gifted me so much. Now in this time of New Moon wishes I know they want to give me more. All I have to do is ask for it. And be ready to receive it in return.

That’s the interesting thing about grounding though. I have all of my requirements met. Most of my dreams are already on their way in. But I feel the pain of the planet. So I am asking for others. For the planet, for the animals, for all of the people. I’m asking that the Earth’s ArchAngels help all of us to realise our full potential. That in doing so we discover the peace and contentment of sharing the energy together. As one whole, united Earth bathed in loving kindness.

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Amongst The Trees: Feeling The Earth Breathe

Amongst treesEven though it was pounding down with rain today I wanted to be out amongst the trees. It’s a short walk from here to a woodland. Once tended it seems to have been left to itself more recently. The trees shoot skywards. And the ones that have fallen slowly decay. Still providing an eco-system for lots of other species.

I love finding a tree to sit against. Enjoying the silence I can watch with wildlife, listen to the call of the birds and soak up the peace. In amongst the trees the rain also became a backdrop to my feeling of peace. Drips and drops made a tuneful sound ad the leaves rustle in the slight breeze. I adore these moments. I am reminded of the abundant planet we live on. How everything I could possibly need is provided. And how fortunate I am to share this abundance with so many others. If only we could all see it.

One of the things I really like to do sitting amongst the trees is to send my gratitude to Mother Earth. She is the reason I am able to eat, have shelter and make a good life. I love to soak up the silence and try to feel her breathe beneath me. Letting my mind slow down. Thoughts drifting through without my attention. Gradually bringing my own breathing to a pace that mirrors what I can feel from the trees themselves. Letting the background noises fade away. Sinking into a meditative state. Staring  little mantra in my mind. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’. Other times ‘I am thankful for your gifts’. It can be as simple or complicated as I want to make it. One thought repeated over an over.

Expressing my connection with Mother Earth. There amongst the trees at the heart of her beauty. I have taken the opportunity to breathe with the Earth in many places. But the trees remain my favourite.

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New Directions: Relationships In 2018

New Tonight I returned to a favourite group of mine. New Directions meets once a month in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It is a place for people to share healing, access spiritual info and listen to great speakers. I was supposed to attend in January but the weather postponed it until after the Chinese New Year. But, of course, I know everything happens for a reason! And I want to share my talk about 2018.

“Thank you for asking me to talk to the group again. It’s always lovely to return and share my understanding of the energy for the year to come. I’m actually rather interested that my talk was moved from January to February, to fall after the start of the Chinese New Year of the Dog, my birth year. I’m an Earth Dog and I suspect this talk is being given now to help us all ground into the Divine Feminine energy that has started to flow more strongly that it has since the 1960’s.

Of course we are stepping into another Aquarian age. Depending on the dating system used this can be any time from the Industrial Revolution until now. Or some years hence. See Wikipedia for a more detailed explanation. The influence of Aquarius brings electricitycomputers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianismidealismmodernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution. I support the common position expressed by many astrologers. Astrology sees the Age of Aquarius as that time when humanity takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage, with the destiny of humanity being the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness, and that some people will experience mental enlightenment in advance of others and therefore be recognized as the new leaders in the world. 

I think of this influence as four corner stones: energy, free will, personal responsibility and community. In this new energy our understanding of these in relation to our ways of living will increase.

I believe these strands will be unmissable during 2018 as the boost of Divine Feminine energy pushes us to tackle how we relate to one another. In my communications with Guides it seems it is both a creative and collaborative energy bringing before us the challenge to change our relationships. So that we can co-create a more harmonious world. This doesn’t mean the rise of women over men. I believe it actually means that all of us will be learning to better express our own feminine energy – something that women and men both have – in ways that are assertive and strong. Together the whole of the human race can greatly improve our lives and our connections with Mother Earth. Who is also going through this process with us at the moment.

In seeking to understand how this will affect us it is always best to go from the heart and with the intention to do the right thing. Manifesting (making it so) becomes so much easier. But ‘what you give out you get back’ also becomes more prominent. Since 2008 we have been asked to consider what energy we are putting into the ‘system’. At the end of this cycle in 2018 all that you have given will return. With interest. There is a strong ‘tough love’ vibe coming from the angelic community, especially the Earth’s Guardian Angels. See each return of energy as an opportunity to correct your energy and to return to heart centred living.

There will also be a great need for healing. We cannot function in collaborative relationships until we release the Us/Them split, the disempowerment and lack of love for our fellow beings.

Switch on your self-healing. Start with yourself. Then offer healing out to others too. Listen to the words of Desiderata. It is a good starting point. There are many other inspirational words waiting to be heard. Pay attention and listen. Then work to understand how those words can be translated into living a spiritual life. Each one of us has the seeds of greatness within. It is for each of us to find and magnify those seeds, to energise them and help them grow. Greatness does not mean Ego. Greatness is the freedom of the Spirit Within to shine it’s Light along with all others and offer love, compassion and gratitude to and for all things.

The Impact of Divine Feminine Energy Month By Month Using The  Lunar Calendar (Channelled from the Energy Beings)

Use the New Moon to Full Moon (waxing/growing) for asking for dreams and wishes or energising the requests you have already sent out. Use the Full Moon to next New Moon (waning/shrinking) for letting go of what no longer serves you.

15/02/18 New Moon 02/03/18 Full Moon

Inner work: Where are you lacking in love for yourself. Examples will arise to show you the ‘voice’ or script that you keep repeating to put yourself down. There may be challenges. You may find that you are reluctant to say what you mean for fear of causing conflict, in case your words may be hurtful or because you are not used to speaking as you find. Do your best to let go of assumptions and judgements about how you will be heard or understood. Relationships can only strengthen when they are build on truth and trust. Take a risk and say what you feel.

Outer work: There is a great deal of fear and uncertainty as the pattern set in 2008 is about to come back. Be aware of all things financial – not because there will be a crash but because that is what people fear. Stay calm and grounded about your own finances and resources. Remember that the Universe always provides exactly what is needed at exactly the right time. To the penny if necessary. Steer clear of the drama others are creating.

17/03/18 New Moon 31/03/18 Full Moon

Inner work: Review your use of words. Can you express your feelings about yourself in more helpful and kinder ways? Have you identified what you are actually feeling and do you name it to yourself? This month opportunities will arise to understand the energy of your own feelings. When people mirror them for you accept the information with gratitude and remember not to shoot the messenger. Mastery of feelings brings focus in all things.

Outer work: What a grumpy month! In all relationships we must learn boundaries and respect. However it can be hard to hold to boundaries. And to respect that every single being has a place in this wonderful creation. Notice where you are relying on stereotypes. Give everyone the permission to be who they need to be right now. And remember not to take it personally. It’s not about your behaviour. It’s about their inner challenges.

16/04/18 New Moon 30/04/18 Full Moon

Inner work: You may feel a little raw and uncertain. Change always makes us wonder if we are heading in the right direction. This is the month to make sure you are grounded and balanced. Check that you are achieving inner harmony by a careful blend of creativity and manifesting. Give room to both sides of your nature so that you can make plans. There is more clarity within you. And you are ready to acknowledge your bigger dreams.

Outer work: There is an awful lot of talk but perceptibly little action going on around you. It’s as if all the ills of the world are being identified but no one is working to deal with them. There is an absence of hope. In the best relationships we can acknowledge the point where things seem most stuck. Ask questions. Get people talking. Share your feelings and thoughts. Discussions can become inspirations. Remember stuckness can shift.

15/05/18 New Moon 29/05/18 Full Moon

Inner work: As we head into a new season it’s time to enjoy more love. Make sure you are taking time for yourself. Rest as much as possible. Be easy in letting things happen in the perfect time. You are being asked to understand that birthing the new takes time. Divine time. Be gentle with yourself when you feel you should be pushing ahead. The longer you wait the more your energy will grow. Work on your confidence. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Have everything ready to go when the moment is right.

Outer work: Everything is suddenly rush and bustle. However too much impatience actually slows manifesting down. Or stops it. Be the steady one in the relationship giving reassurance. Spread calm and peace. Refuse to engage in panic or dismay.

13/06/18 New Moon 28/06/18 Full Moon

Inner work: Let your imagination run wild. Think of all the ways you can improve your connection to others. Be brave and try them all out. All the while letting your true self be more visible. Rejections do happen but they are more about the other person than you. Look around you. There are many people on your wavelength if you are prepared to see them.

Outer work: Fear peaks again. People are being reminded of the uncertainty that is life. Dramatic events may throw you the test of being a leader to others. In all relationships there is a time when you have to lead. It’s likely to be this month. Don’t step back. Step forward. Help others to rebalance themselves. Show them how to do it.

13/07/18 New Moon 27/07/18 Full Moon

Inner work: It is time to get comfortable with all of your abilities. This month you may feel the urge to do lots of new things. Try them. Let yourself explore what you can do rather than what you believe you can’t. You are coming into blossom, ready to add more to your world than you have ever imagined.

Outer work: The debates are turning from talk to action. Don’t be surprised that others are showing you a new picture of yourself and their relationship with you. Give the energy between you time to grow. Acknowledge each other’s abilities as openly as you can. Give praise, feedback and thank you’s.

11/08/18 New Moon 26/08/18 Full Moon

Inner work: You are growing stronger in acknowledging yourself, balancing your needs against the needs of others more easily. Try not to be tempted to give endlessly to others again. Remember the balance of give and take is vital to a thriving relationship. Release any person, situation or circumstance where the only thing happening is taking.

Outer work: As people adapt more to giving and taking some old language has to be replaced with new words. Pay attention to the words you use to others. Invest them with compassion and kindness. Give your support rather than advice or instruction. Encourage them to return the give by being open to receive.

09/09/18 New Moon 25/09/18 Full Moon

Inner work: The start of a month of endings and completion. In each relationship there are many endings as the relationship thrives or falls. Be aware that you are being asked to end any relationship that no longer sustains you. Including your own relationship with yourself. Use the power of endings as a way to transform your relationship with yourself.

Outer work: All around thing seem to be ending. Uncertainty is at it’s peak. People are anxious and you may find your words falling on deaf ears. This is the time to stay quiet and composed within yourself. Give the other person room to review the relationship and be ready to help them let go of it. Remember that grief is a natural part of letting go too. Make room for that grief and sorrow to be expressed.

09/10/18 New Moon 24/10/18 Full Moon

Inner work: The energy shifts rapidly. Radical changes are happening. You feel a new freedom to be yourself. You are embracing your strengths and your ability to share yourself with others. It is time to put yourself to work sharing all of your wisdom. Talk, discuss, debate. Feel the creative Divine Feminine flow and feed your imagination.

Outer work: There is a big sigh of relief. The worst still hasn’t happened. People feel able to carry on living. There is a better ability to cope with uncertainty. Relationships that were rocky are now on firmer ground. There is a sense of community emerging. A feel of not being alone and up against it. Make connections for people whenever you can. Help them to sense the bigger picture for humanity.

07/11/18 New Moon 23/11/18 Full Moon

Inner work: It’s time to recognise your ability to make connections in a much more focused way. You can imagine and manifest positive outcomes. You are better at solving problems and moving things forward. Without noticing it you have stepped into your spiritual mission. Keep on track by continuing to love yourself.

Outer work: It is time to suggest collaborations. People are more willing to listen and understand. There are going to be new ways of doing things and you can contribute so much to this wave of energy. Show people how to live from heart centred conciseness. There are many opportunities to empower all of the people you relate to. Be creative!

07/12/18 New Moon 22/12/18 Full Moon

Inner work: Having stepped into collaborative relationships the next step is to forgive yourself for anything you feel has not gone right. Mistakes happen so that we can learn and progress. You will find lots of feedback coming your way about what went well. And what didn’t. Use this feedback to check that you are doing your best. There is no perfect. Good enough is good enough. So don’t take these messages from the Universe, whatever way they arrive, as criticism. Use them as seeds for your next period of growth.

Outer work: This is a month of reflection. A time of refocusing on what is really important in life. You will find there is a stronger sense of community, everyone pulling together and helping one another. Stay proactive. Add your voice to the reflection. Share what you feel you have learned about relationships. Suggest the ideas you have developed about making better connections with one another. Above all, let your voice be heard. Your loving, trusting, wise voice. Believe in yourself and others and the power of change. It can happen if you are prepared to make it so.

Day 817 of my blogging challenge

Planting Seeds Of Dreams In The New Moon

plantingI wondered today how much clearing I had done in the last two weeks. I’m sure I’ve done plenty to prepare the ground for planting seeds of new dreams. And tonight is the perfect time to begin that process. The New Moon is here.

Of course there have been lots of New Moons in my life. And me planting, requesting and imagining new dreams. I know that not all that I have asked for has manifested. Yet. I also know that some of the seeds I planted withered away through my lack of enthusiasm. Or my lack of energy. Some of them died in their early growth because I realised they weren’t growing well. And some never even got going because I realised they were other people’s seeds. Planting the right wishes, tending and taking care of them has given me many of my dreams. Feeding my hopes and dreams with positive energy has helped. As have all the little steps I’ve taken to bring them into reality.

So why do I keep on planting? Should I have reached all of my big dreams by now? Of course I have to recognise that each time I plant something the person harvesting that crop of seeds is a different me. And as I have changed so my dreams have also moved on. I want different things now than I did at twenty one. Although there are one or two wishes that remain the same. I will plant them once again in the light of the New Moon and see what happens. I can also recognise that, in the same way Mother Earth has cycles of growing different things, so do I. One year it may be my intuition. Another year I might be growing my compassion. Or my strength. Underneath all of these cycles is the connection to love. The ultimate life force that brings me my dreams.

Are you planting the seeds of your dreams yet? Have you chosen to grow all of the things you love and are passionate about. Will you be using the New Moon energy to ask for your biggest wishes? Now is a perfect time to recognise all that you require and desire. Make sure you ask for it all. Work on creating your own fabulous garden of blooms to delight your life.

Day 812 of my blogging challenge

Sand In My Shoes: Winter Solstice Celebration

SandI woke up to a misty day. It never really cleared. As the last of the light faded out I was on the beach getting sand in my shoes. Doing a live video broadcast and honouring the Winter Solstice.

On the shortest day it’s been hard to see the light in the sky. The mist hung around, shrouding the mountain top, and keeping the day grey. And it’s been the shortest day anyway. The least number of hours of daylight. A dip into the darkest it ever gets. But that’s very special. Because now my days will slowly fill with more daylight. The pendulum will swing the other way. A new cycle of increasing light has begun. I felt at peace standing by the calm water listening to the waves. The sand wet beneath my feet. Shells crunching as I walked. Birds calling to each other as the little remaining light faded away.

Standing with me was ArchAngel Dareshiel, one of the Earth’s Guardian Angels, who helps all of us to transform our feelings to higher vibrations. I have painted his energy. It came out as waves from the sea. Waves of emotion. Waves of unconditional love. He reminded me that this cycle, this year, was now ended. It is time for me to make a new beginning. Letting myself increase the light within me. So that I can share more light with others. It’s also an opportunity for all of us to become more spiritually aware of the ways that our emotional energy can be used as a way to share more positivity in the world. Unconditional love is a hope, an aspiration, for all of us right now. We aren’t there yet.

Dareshiel encouraged me, as I stood on the sand, to let the old feelings ebb away. To connect myself to the wonder of Mother Earth and to recognise how blessed I am. I am looking forward to the return of the Light of Love. Are you?

Day 758 of my blogging challenge 

Gratefully Thinking: The Way To Send Positive Vibrations

gratefullyI’m often asked how we can help the planet and the animal kingdom. Many people feel that they can only take limited action. That’s when I explain about gratefully thinking.

I know that so many of us want to be active in some way in honouring our planet. And the animal kingdom who share it with us. From an energy point of view everything has a consciousness of some sort. A kind of energy presence. Perhaps not what you or I would understand as a brain. But I would say humans are more than a brain too. I believe we are all Spirits in human bodies. So, for me, our consciousness is the Spirit, whilst the brain acts as a processor of tasks. I also believe this is true of the plant and animals. Even the tiniest one. And that’s why we should be practicing gratefully thinking about our whole system instead of one part.

For me animals do have feelings. So does the planet. At the moment humanity treats the planet and it’s animals as unfeeling, unthinking resources to be used and abused. We have successfully damaged this delicate ecosystem because we refuse to acknowledge it’s consciousness or the deep interconnections between it and us. That’s why one of the actions I know we can take is to begin gratefully thinking about all that the planet and animals contribute to our abundance. Of course, if we can approach our daily lives with conservation in mind then recycling, reducing energy use and the need for material goods will also play a part. I know that we can also assist in protecting and rescuing animals, especially by considering the chemicals we apply to the land, and creating ways to boost endangered species.

Yet there is a mind issue too. Gratefully thinking puts us in an attitude of gratitude where we are more willing to take less, protect more and plan properly for the future.

So what exactly do I mean when I talk about gratefully thinking? I try to sit quietly for a few minutes every day and think about the planet. I bring to mind the forests creating oxygen for me to breathe, the water flowing along bringing me a drink, the vegetables that grow so I can eat. Letting my mind wander I see the rocks and stones that give shelter, the grass for grazing, the nuts & berries there for me to pick. As I think about these things I am grateful. I know that I am blessed with everything I need by the gift of my planet. Then I think about the animal kingdom. Such a delicate system of species each interwoven with each other. The bees know that we need each species for the whole to work.

I think with gratitude about the bees, spiders, ants, mice, rabbits and so many others who live beside us in the world. They sustain us too. And they have become our companions. I have been fortunate to be surrounded all my life by dogs and cats. They have protected and soothed me in many moments. I am grateful that they decided to be a part of my life. As I feel the gratitude within me I send out positive thoughts for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants to thrive and be abundant. Believing in the energy world as I do I know I am radiating both my gratitude and healing energy. It is contributing to the flow of positive around the planet.

I know that when as many of us as possible start gratefully thinking about our Mother Earth the boost of energy will make a great and positive difference for all of us. It’s not action as we usually define it. But I know gratefully thinking is an energy action as strong as any physical action I can take. Can you spare ten minutes a day to join me in boosting the planet?

Day 731 of my blogging challenge

Forest, Beach and Rainbows: Grounding and Releasing

ForestThis morning I went for a walk in the forest getting in amongst the trees. It was very quiet and peaceful. As I stood in the sunshine I looked at the abundance around me and wondered why I often forget how much Mother Earth has to offer us.

It was wonderful to see the clover, moss and mushrooms still covering the forest floor at this late point in the year. The trees proving their shelter for all this growth. And the birds swooping and circling still able to forage and survive. I love the idea of an eco-system that supports all of the varied life forms it contains. And I also thought about the way we have grouped together in human eco-systems. It seems to me that we have forgotten how to shelter each other. How to provide for and sustain each other. And how many people are left to fend for themselves in the most challenging of times. Looking at the trees that had been blown over by the recent storms many of them were still viable. Because they had been ‘caught’ by other trees and propped up.

I was fascinated that some of the roots were still in the ground and the trees had greenery. They would survive to see a new spring and summer. No longer upright. But still living as part of the forest eco-system. I left the forest and went down to the beach. The tide had washed up thousands more shells. The bay supports an abundance of life as the shells confirmed. They made a carpet under my feet. Once again I thought about a sustainable eco-system. Layer on layer of shells showing me that there was a delicate balance being played out on this part of the land too. Old shells discarded for new life to begin. The sun was setting. It has been a day of rainbows. The wet sand glimered like gold in the last of the sun. Life continues.

The forest and the beach reminded me that I can be part of a sustainable eco-system too. If I remain grounded in the present, aware of myself as part of a community and release the fear of lack. With that in my heart I know that if this is my last day I know I have wanted for nothing. I am at peace.

Day 726 of my blogging challenge 

Energy Builds Up: Being True To You

Wave buildsThere has been plenty of healing needed today. Energy builds up in all of us. Just like it does on the planet. Then it needs to be released.

But there is another reason to pay attention to my energy at the moment. The next energy shift has already started to build. It’s on it’s way in and will wash over us on 17th September. I know it’s going to be a big blast. Because I also notice what is happening to Mother Earth. This year’s hurricane season is wilder than any other. Yet at the same time wildfires are affecting large parts of the world. And flooding is hitting harder and in more places. Like the way the energy builds in us it also gets more intense for the planet. All this energy brings with it challenges. Survival issues become the focus. And, I also know, the need to be authentic.

When my survival is challenged in any way I have two choices. I can become fearful and panic. Or I can make plans and get through it the best I can. So it’s important that I do what builds my resilience. I have to acknowledge my fear energy and how it might be trying to rush me into panic. Instead of letting it increase I have to focus on the things I can control. Not the things that are outside of my abilities. And I can prepare for as many outcomes as possible whilst remembering I might have to deal with unexpected outcomes too. Making sure I am true to my feelings but not letting them get in my way is the key. Also making sure I let the fear energy out. Release it so it can’t get in my way.  And accept that there will still be a residue of fear left.

So as the next energy wave builds up I am letting myself feel the fear of change. Because it’s then less energy to carry when the wave hits me.

I’m also focusing on the power of positive. I believe I have everything within me that can help me make the best of the changes that are coming. Even if I can’t see or sense exactly what will happen I am emotionally and mentally preparing to survive. And to thrive. That will give me the best chance, as the energy shifts and builds, to deal with whatever arises on a daily basis. I’m also keeping my attention on healing energy. For me, for all the people I connect with, for all the people in the world, the animal kingdom and the planet itself. I can’t be Wonder Woman rushing in to save every one. But I can use the power of my intuitive abilities to focus on positive outcomes for every one and everything.

It’s a bit like waiting for that giant wave with a surf board, life jacket and motor boat. Downloading the healing energy from the Universe is a triple back up. I can’t cheat death but I can give him a run for his money. Because when my energy builds up if I can link in with others who are accessing the Universal healing then we might shift much easier. That’s what a community of Spirit can do. And I know that we are all Spirits in human form. So I’m going to be kind to me over the next ten days as I await the energy surge. I’m also going to be as compassionate as possible to everyone around me as they feel the energy build up too. Not like a perfect, plaster saint. But embracing the fear, anxiety and frustration of waiting. Knowing what matters is that I do this to the best of my ability.

As the energy builds up across the world ask for help to deal with it. Be patient with yourself as you feel it sweep in. And keep that healing channel open so you receive all of the help and support you need. Change is finally here. And it will be good.

Day 654 of my blogging challenge