Completed! The Blogging Challenge Is Over

completedCompleted! It still hasn’t sunk in that this is the end of an amazing journey. My last daily blog is under way. And I’m stuck for words. Really stuck!

So much has come out of this daily task. Dreams completed. Thousands of words that I never imagined I could write. Love and support from great people. And my own deeper understanding of what it means to live an intuitive life. Searching out my authentic self and giving her a voice. Understanding that I can be Marmite. Stripping away the masks. Working as part of a loving, supportive team with my Guides. The process of developing intuitive abilities and mediumship there to inform anyone who wants to dive into the posts. So many gains. Especially in showing me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Task completed and space for a new one to be disciplined and organised about.

A chance to fall in love with a whole new way of working for the Energy Beings. So now that it’s completed I have to be able to let my blogs go. There is a sadness in waving them goodbye. And a relief too. I’ve stuck at this much longer that I ever expected. My Spirit is itching for a new direction, new passion, new inspiration. My writing has to go on a new journey. So there is also excitement. I’ve looked back at my first tentative steps into this challenge and recognise that will be how I start the next one. I know I will be able to use the things I’ve learned about myself to keep me going. And I also have the evidence from this work that I can get to where I need to be.

If I have helped, I’m glad. If I have explained, I’m delighted. And if I have encouraged you to open to your own intuitive abilities then I am overjoyed. Because that has been a key part of my writing. Finally, what have you wanted to achieve? Have you completed your challenge? In fact, are you ready for the next intuitive leap in your life? Enjoy your journey. I’m sure I will enjoy mine.

Day 1001 of my blogging challenge

Snails Pace To My Destination. Patience!

snailsThe traffic moved at a snails pace today. I spent seven hours getting from one place to another. A journey that normally takes about four hours. Mercury retrograde was certainly testing my patience.

With nothing to do but observe the view, including all of the large lorries that had to take to small side roads too, my mind began to wander. I thought about the way my mediumship had developed. Some times I went at a snails pace. Other times I was flying like the haws I spotted twice today. And then there were the times when I was unsure whether I was a snail or a hawk. When my mediumship sort of clanked along. As if I couldn’t get my broomstick to take off. There were several points when I decided to give up. Like the road today, I felt like I wanted to park up and watch everyone else journey on. But I also found that, for no reason that I could fathom, I was reluctant to stop. After all  there was a destination ahead that I wanted to reach.

I wanted to get home today. Snails or not. Traffic snarls or not. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and there are things I have to do, people I want to see and my garden to tend. Again very much like my intuitive development. I understood that there were things I had to do so that I could help people I met and it was time for me to grow some more. As I sat in the car I realised that my mediumship journey had been a series of detours, dead ends and tailbacks. Along with speeding along through fabulous scenery with the wind in my hair. All to get me to right here and right now. To recognise that I have been learning to be patient with myself. Because sometimes going slow is the right thing to do.

Now I’m trying to write a blog at something faster than a snails pace. Because I want to make sure it goes live on the right day. I only have a few daily blogs left before my challenge is complete. Slowly, steadily I have got to where I hoped to be. I’m home almost to the end of my personal trial. I wonder what the next snail will bring?

Day 973 of my bloggingnchallenge

Exercise Bike? Toning Up My Intuition

exercise bikeIt’s free at last! Today I have liberated my exercise bike from underneath a pile of clothing, a border of boxes and files and a wall of CDs. Yes, creating sacred space has been going on again. Uncovering my exercise bike got me thinking about the other exercises I do.

Freeing up my exercise bike means that I can use it again. Now I have to get myself back into a routine that, I confess, died a long while ago. I have to be disciplined, focused and determined. Fairly easy on a positive day but much harder when my world is out of sorts. The same thing can be said about my intuition. Developing my natural ability to tune into the energy around me was easy when I was trying to get the connections to my Guides. But how to keep it going when the communication is fairly clear and accurate? That’s when I have to get on my intuitive bike. Especially on those days when it feels like my Guides have stepped back completely.

I know they haven’t. But I do occasionally play a ‘tit for tat’ game with them when my childish streak gets to the surface. It’s as if I am challenging them to be the first to break the silence. The silence that actually drives me mad. Often I find that they have gone a little distant because they want me to make more effort. To get on my exercise bike, so to speak, and work harder to get the connection. My intuition is a group of muscles just like my physical body. Those intuitive muscles need a good work out on a regular basis to keep them doing their job. So my Guides set me a fitness schedule and I try to follow it. Because I know in the end it will make the communication even better.

So imagine me on my intuitive bike, if you will. Or if that thought is too scary imagine yourself in the intuition gym. Trying out each exercise to help you get better at reading energy.

Remember that it starts with a warm up. I like to do a short meditation so that I have stepped back from my everyday life. Then comes a bit of cardio to raise my energy vibration. Sometimes it’s saying a mantra. Other times I sing. Or visualise the pure white universal energy filling me up so that I am at the best energy level to make a connection. Once I feel the flow of higher energy I start to do some stretching, pushing gently with my intuitive psychic senses to find out if I can see, hear and sense more detail in the conversation being exchanged. I’m building on my natural senses – my core – and finding more balance in the flow of the energy.

My Guides are also helping me by switching vibrations around, using the senses I’m not as strong in and varying the amount of energy they feed into the connection. They encourage me to sense as much as possible whilst maintaining the connection through the ups and downs of the signals. When I’ve got the communication balanced and am picking up what they want me to they also switch into weight training. Sometimes I groan when I realise that they have added extra layers of information. They want me to ‘translate’ more of the energy. And then some more. Finally I get to warm down. Another meditative state to allow my human body and Spirit to come back into the three dimensional reality where we actually spend most of our lives.

Thank you exercise bike. I will be setting off on you again very soon. That means I’m also due another stint in the intuition gym working at my mediumship. That’s the excitement of developing an ability. You never know how far you can develop and I want to see how far I am able to get in this life. I hope you will join me int he intuition gym soon. It’s always an interesting work out!

Day 811 of my blogging challenge

Trust The Universe: A Skill To Master

TrustI know I’m always talking about trust. Trust me, trust them, trust it will be ok, trust the Universe. But it’s actually quite hard to master relying on myself, others, the Universe and to know it will be ok.

Yet it’s so important for me in the work I do. I have to trust my Guides and the Energy Beings to give me what I need to communicate to others. They have to work with me so that a positive, evidential message or communication comes out of my mouth. Certainly not an easy thing in the beginning because my Ego Mind worked very hard to build mistrust instead. In fact my Ego Mind seems to take every opportunity to get me mistrustful. It’s as if i’m Always looking for the catch. Of course I understand that life is unpredictable, risky and uneven. I have had my roller coaster rides plenty of times. But my Ego Mind makes a big show of pointing all that out at exactly the moment when I need to trust the most.

For a long time in my mediumship developement I remained mistrustful. Not only because of my Ego Mind but also because of the general level of distrust most people have towards Energy Beings. In the end I decided that I had to trust the experiences I was having. It made me realise that until you have tried to connect for yourself you are unlikely to get over the mistrust. Even if you are a believer. Because somewhere lurking in the back of my head is the Ego ready to bring up that feeling of mistrust again. Like an old, worn record playing again and again. Every time I gain trust in something a new reason to mistrust something else crops up. Some days I wonder if I will ever master complete, utter and unconditional trust. That’s what I am aiming for. Being able to let myself respond easily and openly to the energy flowing all around me.

I know that if I trust this Universal flow of energy everything will be ok. All that I require and desire will find it’s way to me at the moment I actually need it. I guess that little bit of mistrust is still there to give me something to aim for!

Day 732 of my blogging challenge