A Quiet February? Not A Chance!

Last week I was sitting back expecting a quiet February. My Guides had been clear. I couldn’t take old energy into the New Year. So I knew the workshops I had already planned would not run. But I had no clear idea of what else I would be doing.

Quiet times, I thought. A chance to do lots of planning I was sure. Writing and creative work. I already knew that many things were going to change for me this year. So I was ready for a ‘slow’ February. Until we hit the Chinese New Year and the new moon. I’ve mentioned leavings and joining already. But I didn’t expect quite such a rush of fresh energy quite so quickly. Saturday found me painting my new Parashiel’s Balm healing room. Yesterday I finally confirmed my move away from church services. Today the new therapy bed arrived and has been used.

And today, instead of workshops, I’m setting up Energy Connections groups which are filling up fast. Plus my next Inspired 2 Write challenge starting mid month. No wonder one of my friends messaged me to remind me I’d said I was having a quiet February. It seems my idea that there wouldn’t be much to do has completely transformed. Yet I do have to organise some of my other work. And, of course, write a load of stuff for the other things that my Guides are bringing in. Somewhere in all of this will be a point of balance. I’ll get to the end of the month and everything necessary will have been done.

I have to trust that my time and attention will go into the things that matter. That February will give me a great start for the year ahead. Because I know my Guides are ready to send me lots more work. If I want it. And when I’m ready.

So for now I’m going with the flow. As the inspiration comes in I’m following my intuition. At one time I would have found that so hard to do. I needed things planed and possibly over organised. Yet I love how much I can trust myself that everything will work out exactly as it should. The shift seemed to take ages to happen. I don’t actually know the tipping point. Though now I am really relaxed about following my inner prompts. In fact, it always turns out better when I do what I feel is right for me. Overthinking has had me an indecisive wreck in the past. So roll on February. I’m ready to take action!

Day 442 of my blogging challenge.

Leaving, Joining, Growing

It’s been one of those strange days. I have them now and again. Leaving or joining? Which ever way I look at it I’m growing.

Leaving or joining comes with a question on these days. Sometimes when I let go of control over my life it’s a chance for fate, destiny or whatever to step in and turn what seems to be a loss into a gain. In the deep flow of energy whilst I was doing some Reiki healing for myself and others it seemed that whatever I let go of went easily. Leaving was just about a temporary parting. Anything that was necessary to me was still with me. I felt myself joining the Universal flow. Understanding that the grief of loss was also a temporary feeling. That there is really no loss at all.

This evening I was doing a demonstration of mediumship in a spiritual centre. Leaving once again seemed to be around me. Of course the Spirit people who came in had left this Earthly life. Yet in their leave-taking they had also been gifted another life. They had joined another community. They were continuing to grow and thrive in these new surroundings. So they came, one after the other, in groups large or small, to show that their going had been a progression. To give us the hope that we will join them eventually. When it is our turn to leave they will welcome us as we join once more with them.

I know that to leave and to join are the challenges we face in our human form too. Connection is what we desire. Belonging. A sense of place. Of community.

I’ve seen people stick hard to being part of a family, a group of friends, a club or a community. I know I’ve done that myself. Working to fit in and be accepted. Yet it hasn’t always worked. Part of my experience, my growth, has been to find myself sometimes on the outside. Still looking for like minded people. Joining and leaving time and time again. For a long time I wondered why I moved from community to community. Then I realised that each move, each set of new faces and views, added something to my understanding of me. I began to find it easier to take my leave. Because I knew fresh adventures were waiting.

Sometimes I grieved deeply. Other times I realised it was a relief. That the particular group or community had become a restriction. Today I sensed it was time to embrace more leave-taking. To look forward to fresh joining opportunities. As I sat in the Reiki energy I felt the shift in my energy. I’m letting go without resistance so the new energy can flow easily into my life. It made me smile to remember that it’s the Chinese New Year and we have a Fire Rooster. It’s the energy I need right before my Dog Year next January. I hope the fire energy pushes the leaving and joining along for me. After all,  no matter what, I’m growing, changing, progressing. As above, so below ?

Day 439 of my blogging challenge.