Grumpiness? Move It On With Laughter

grumpinessIt’s felt like a grumpiness has been around all week. Sometimes the energy felt sluggish. And the people around me seemed irritated. Or I felt irritated. Of course Mercury has now gone retrograde until the middle of April. That always makes communications a little less clear. It also tends to bring things to the surface for me to pay attention to. Being grumpy is one of them!

So why grumpiness? What has been irritating me.? Getting me a bit snappy? I was driving along in my car this afternoon listening to music and laughing with my daughter. In that moment I realised I felt happy. Really happy. It got me thinking about the way I had been feeling out of sorts. And how much I had been connecting with grumpiness in other people too. It’s as if the whole world got out of bed on the wrong side. All week. Yet I had managed to find my way to a moment of happiness. The laughter was infectious. The music was inspirational. I had nothing to do but enjoy that moment.

As I reflect I feel that we get ourselves into grumpiness when what we want seems too big an ask. I know that I used to have a long list of things I thought would make me happy. Yet as I ticked each thing off on my list I never quite seemed to be really happy. There were always more things on my list to work hard for. Because I was taking life far to seriously. Almost like I had forgotten that to be happy was not wrapped up in things. Rather that it is a feeling that can come from any experience or connection. During the early stages of my development as a medium I had to try really hard to remove any grumpy feelings. The low vibration they created kept me from sharing the joy of connecting to the Higher Energy beings.

So to get a blast from the past, so to speak, and be back in grumpiness is a reminder that i need to lighten up. It’s time for more laughter. That’s why I enjoy my Letters From The Light Side videos. My Guides bring me so much laughter I ride a wave of happiness for days. I want to spread that laughter vibration. It really is the best medicine for all of us. So when you have read this blog, why not share some laughter with someone around you? Start a wave of giggles. Or a storm of chortles. Even a hurricane of mirth. Happiness really is the greatest gift I possess.

Day 847 of my blogging challenge

Teeth, Laughter, Wisdom: A Year Of Change

TeethI feel like I’ve got through this year by the skin of my teeth. And I’m glad I’ve been able to laught about it all. Because learning wisdom can be hard work.

I was reminded about my year this afternoon when I lost one of my front teeth. It fell out. Easily and unexpectedly, it was no longer in place. I admit that it had been a bit wobbly. However, I wasn’t planning to part company with it just yet. That also made it the third tooth that came out all by itself this year. Two wisdom teeth also jumped ship. Leaving me to wonder if I was gaining or losing wisdom as the year unfolded. Yet I also thought about all of the clearing I’ve been doing. Especially about learning to laugh at the ups and downs I create in my life. And understanding when and where I’ve held myself back. Perhaps even gritted my teeth to hold on to things that should be well back in my past.

I know that the year is almost over. I’m heading into the reflective part of the cycle. A time to slow down and plan for my future until the energy of Spring gets me off and moving again. Time to think about the bits of me I’ve lost easily. To think about my wobbles. And to notice when letting go was very easy. I laughed at the way I’ve sunk my teeth into some of the challenges. Grinned about the way I’ve wobbled all over the place. And seen the wisdom of taking action, any action, instead of dithering and worrying. I know I have learned to step lightly through my life. It’s not as serious as I sometimes believe it to be. In the end it comes down to being happy with life the way it is. And making sure that I live it to the full.

I’ve had several conversations this week about being 90. What do I want to be saying to myself then? That my life was safe, restricted and full of regret? Or that I lived and experienced as much as I could? Will I have been happy? Teeth really don’t matter. Living a laughter filled life does.

Day 703 of my blogging challenge 

Humour Is Infectious: Laugh And Laugh Some More

Humour Dr John Cooper ClarkeHumour! I’m certain we need more laughs in our lives. Tonight I got the chance to see John Cooper Clarke and I laughed the whole evening. So did everyone else.

I love the way things happen. Quite a few months ago one of my lovely friends mentioned she had got a ticket to go and see John Cooper Clarke. As it fell around the same time as my birthday I decided to treat myself and get a ticket too. I’ve been a fan of his performance poetry since about 1979. His verses were part of the backdrop to my coming of age as an adult. I enjoyed his humour. It fitted with the way the people around me spoke. I found it very down to earth, full of fun and also deeply meaningful. Until recently I still had my original copy of his book ‘Ten Years in an Open Necked Shirt’. Unfortunately it got water damaged and I felt sad letting it go.

Because humour is what keeps me going. When I am snowed under with woe, worry or wrangling I look for the joke. Even if it turns out to be on me. Limericks, funny poems, jokes so old they came from the ark, I enjoy a good laugh. I love to laugh in the good times as well as in the bad. Some of my best memories are filled with laughter. I enjoy that my Dad, Irish through and through, couldn’t resist all of the Irish jokes he heard. And that my Mum watched all the comedy programmes she could. They taught me that it’s only a joke if the other person is laughing. As well as to be able to laugh at myself. They also helped me understand not to judge humour but to search it out wherever I could find it.

Tonight I’m still chuckling about the performance. About the tears of laughter I cried. Along with the feeling that life is wonderful when we all share in the laughter. John Cooper Clarke may not be your humour of choice. But please make sur you laugh as much as you possibly can. Life will feel much lighter. And that’s a great thing to experience.

Ps: I replaced my book with a new, signed copy. Wonderful!

Day 691 of my blogging challenge 

Bringing Waves of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. That’s what I tell myself if I’m in need of a boost. Although some days I forget the accuracy of this idea. Especially when I’m feeling ill or stressed. That’s when I find my Guides bringing me giggles.

Laughter is also something I notice the Spirit people bringing to their loved ones. Grief and sadness can be set aside for a few moments if we can laugh about something. A shared story of a memory. Something that brings us to tears because it’s funny once again. I know that I often get silly pictures in my mind. Random evidence so that the person I’m reading for will remember the fun times. I also know that my Guides bring me amusing things when I’m feeling low. They get me laughing so that I can step out of the low feelings for a while.

The power of a few minutes giggling. Or chuckling and laughing out loud. It can move me from feeling sorry for myself into feeling like I’m ok. That’s what is so powerful about a wake. Having a space to both laugh and cry about the person who has gone to the Afterlife. And long after the passing of a loved one the laughter can still be shared. When I’m bringing in the evidence and messages the warmth of laughter still connects love one to loved one. Today I met a lovely Spirit man. He was bringing the laughter to the person I read for. I discovered it was badly needed. Because sometimes we are hard on ourselves. When it’s not actually necessary.

That gift of fun boosted both of us. We started laughing. Healing energy flowed into the room as the tension was released. The causes aren’t important. What was wonderful was the moment when laughter took over.

I love that this Spirit and my Guides worked to get me some lightness today. I’m still a bit off balance. My car decided to have a problem and I had to cancel another event. Something I don’t like to do. I really needed to rest again. But was giving myself a hard time about doing so. After the reading, with that blast of laughter energy still making me chuckle, I took myself off to bed. Where I had four hours of peaceful sleep. How precious that bringing the laughter has helped me do some more healing.

Day 474 of my blogging challenge.

Lunch, Laughter and Love

img_2200It’s been a very relaxed day. As it’s my birthday I went out for lunch with some lovely friends. I also found myself in the middle of so much love and laughter too. I’ve had the best gifts I could have been given.

I usually keep my birthday quiet except for the key ones. It feel like I’ve had quite a lot of them so far. I also really like the idea from Alice in Wonderland that I can get away with merry un-birthdays too. So any excuse to go out for lunch and I’m there. Today was made special by the joy of sharing my day in such a fun way. Although I have to admit I wasn’t quite wide awake at 6am as my daughter sang me Happy Birthday. I appreciated the song but she wanted to know who owned the copywrite. Much toooooo early for me!

So I had a leisurely start to my day. Refusing to Google who owned the copywrite I thought about lunch. One of the best things in life is to spend some time with people you care about. I’m very lucky to know such a lot of fab people but I don’t always get to see them as much as I’d like, if at all. Some of my friends live on the other side of the world. Or at least a short plane trip away. Having lunch isn’t always possible in those circumstances. Yet I appreciate their energy in my life. And we do find time to share the laughter and love. The internet has made communications so easy and I really value the way I can keep in touch with my family and friends.

Lunch today was special because I imagined everyone had been able to join us. As we chatted I could hear other voices chipping in and sharing the laughter.

The love flowed over me in waves as I thought about what this or that person would have said. How they would have added to the jokes. I also heard the voices of my Energy friends. Spirit people gone from the Earth. Guides and inspirers. The Archangels en masse. Archangel Michael leading the chorus of hellos along with ArchAngel Etieliel. So many good wishes. So much delight in the laughter and friendship.  Thier presence reminded me that when all the material things have gone what is left is the gift of love. Unconditional love. Love without demands. As I enjoyed my lunch I thought about the box of Maltesers that my daughter had placed in a huge gift bag for me to have this morning.

The bag was perfect as it was all my colours. The Maltesers were perfect because they are made for sharing. And her card was perfect because, to her, I am, in her words, an amazing Mom. Nothing else was needed. Yet the gifts have continued. The company of my friends today. Wonderful wishes from my family. All the kind greetings from Facebook. Giving Reiki at the group this evening. Arranging new adventures. I even arranged to pick up my new to me car today too. Love is all about giving and receiving. Not necessarily only the material things in life. I gave myself the opportunity to be open to receive today. I loved myself enough to enjoy everything that happened. And I hope my energy radiated back out all of that love and more.

If we want to change the world we need to receive and give all the love and laughter we can ❤️

Day 323 of my blogging challenge.

Laughter Raises the Roof

imageOne of the most precious things we have is our ability to laugh. Laughter can shift even the most gloomy clouds. When I’m surrounded by  challenges that might bring me out of a positive mood I look for reasons to chuckle. Or giggle. Even just to smile a little.

Today has been a day full of laughter. There were smiles as everyone arrived at the Centre for the Reiki Refresh group. There were chuckles about the slight aches of my exercise exploits. And there was a burst of laughter when we heard my daughter’s loud chortles coming through the door. Laughter is both infectious and contagious. I know that if I smile some else will return that smile. It’s also true that when we laugh others can’t help joining in. When I do a message or a service I hope to share the chuckles. Or giggles.

That’s because I also know how much the Spirit World appreciates when we are happy. A laugh is an upbeat moment. If I can raise my vibration by appreciating the moment, the fun, the silliness, then I’m open to more of the same. It’s also true that a positive flow of feeling creates a ‘glow’ in our aura. That glow attracts the Spirits who want to communicate from their side of life. They love to bring more of that positive glow so that we are open to connecting with them. It’s because they want to share more love. I know that our loved ones want to boost the love that is around us. Even in our grief they want us to find the funny stories, the cheerful moments of memories.

If I can find the laughter even at the worst of times my loved ones know I will find the joy at the best of times.

I know it’s difficult to believe that my loved ones are there. Or it used to be. Now I have had so much proof, bit by bit, over and over, that I am sure they are there. In troubled times they have arranged for me to see the signs and signals that got me smiling again. Even when I wasn’t open enough to understand that they were communicating with me all the time. The signs were unmissable. They still are. I’m sure that whatever comes my way my Guides, family and friends on the other side will make sure I have a chance to laugh out loud. After all, they have connected me to people on this side of life who love to chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw and whoop.

Day 285 of my blogging challenge.