My Gift From The Spirit World: Trance Mediumship

Mediumship giftI’m writing this very late tonight because I’m still floating gently down from a trance demonstration. A gift the Spirit World gave me eleven years ago and one I adore.

Back in 2006, before I had done anything about my Mediumship, I went on a workshop at a local Spiritualist church. It was all about Trance Mediumship and run by someone I later realised was very well known, Jean Duncan. In fact it was my first ever public demonstration as she selected me to sit in a cabinet and have a go at seeing if any Spirits would channel through me. When they did I was amazed. That was when I began researching this form of mediumship. And when I started practicing. A few weeks later I also started to develop what became my public mediumship too. In the last eleven years I have done a few trance demonstrations but tonight I felt I had come full circle. My gift from them has kept on giving.

Back at Keighley Spiritualist Church once more I was delighted that the Spirit World popped in to show themselves. I understand from the feedback that people saw relatives, got confirmations and were able to reassure themselves that their loved ones were well. It’s wonderful to be able to give people something back. I also felt really priveledged to work briefly with Jean Duncan once more. As well as my regular Guides Emma Hardinge Britten and Gordon Higginson. Another gift from the Spirit World indeed. I also know from tonight that my efforts to sit for direct voice, a form of physical mediumship, are being rewarded. Along with the work the Spirit World are doing to manifest energy figures during my demonstrations.

I have a feeling that there will be a lot more opportunities for me to continue developing my Trance mediumship. It was a gift to see so many people in the church. And to share what I can of the work of the Spirit World. So I will sleep well tonight knowing I have worked to the best of my ability this evening. That’s all I ever ask.

Day 702 of my blogging challenge

Surprise! Time to Start the Circle Again

SurpriseWhat an interesting day. It’s been time to start the circle once again. With the surprise that it was much easier than I thought.

I do love how everything falls into place if I let it. If I trust in the flow of energy I surprise myself with the way it all works out. Eleven years ago I went to Colne, a small town in Lancashire, to begin my journey into mediumship. Although I had no interest in being a medium in public I was fascinated by the contact I was haveing with the Spirit people. So I set off on an interesting, frustrating, challenging and life changing journey. I had no idea how much change there would be. So, not too many years later, when I found myself on the platform at Keighley Spiritualist church it was quite a surprise. It’s the oldest Spiritualist church in the UK. The mother church. The place I had said was the top of my mediumship wish list.

This is my last year of public mediumship for a while. My new book is almost here and I am being asked by my Guides to write more books. So how lovely to give the first public reading from my book at the Writers Circle in Colne. And to round off the evening doing the mediumship at Keighley once more. Although I am bringing one area of my work to a close I feel that the new beginning I’m stepping into will start a wonderful new circle of my life. What a surprise to get to here from there. I am excited to see where this next circle will take me to in eleven years. Certainly not where I might think I would be. This time I’m allowing that the circle will contain lots of fresh experiences to surprise, stretch, push and pull me to a new level.

I can see from the completion of this current circle that my life is so much better for my mediumship experiences. So I am letting myself be free to go in whichever direction I’m sent as a writer. And I’m hopeful that I will love reviewing this new circle from that distant viewpoint.

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