Setting The Record Straight: Does It Matter?

SettingI know we often make a point about setting the record straight. We all want our version of the truth to be recognised. And that can be complicated when even the facts are in dispute.

I’ve spent a lot of my time helping the underdogs who are hoping that setting the record straight will finally get their injustices acknowledged. But I know as a species we are very good at ignoring anything that we don’t want to see. Or interpreting our actions as a justified response to what the other person or side has done. Or even not done. Because we are also easily influenced by the tittle tattle and gossip spread by other people. Those who have a vested interest in hiding part, or even all, of the truth. And if the outcome is something we desire, if it’s on our agenda, then we are much less likely to want anyone setting the record straight. For a long time I have felt that it mattered. That all of us deserve to be heard. Whether right or wrong.

I believe that only when differences are aired will there be a chance of moving forward. I also know that to do that requires a better way of communicating. It also means I have to be prepared to be open, flexible and prepared to take a different view of things. Yet I have also recognised, with the help of my Guides, that setting the record straight may not always be as important as I think. Or feel. In life sometimes the most important thing is to have the experience. Then move on. I sometimes try to explain that to the people I help. Being heard is important. But not at the expense of the rest of my life. I also know that time and karma have a way of bringing around the right opportunity to be heard. This gives me a different way of dealing with injustice.

Setting the record straight is never an issue for the Guides. They can see the bigger picture. Unlike us they are sure that everything will turn out for the best. For my spiritual evolution. And for the spiritual evolution of all those who have crossed my path. If you are burning to set the record straight think about what it will achieve. Then move forward as if it has been achieved.

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Coming Around Again: What Are Karmic Consequences

tide coming inThe Open Studio is coming around again. So today I have been trying to gather my work and do a whole host of jobs I should have begun about two weeks ago. It made me think about karma. Energy returning and gifting me back what I have given out.

I feel karma is often a challenging idea to understand. We talk about instant karma. That karma will come back and bite us on the bum. That karma will get those who have offended, hurt or mistreated us. All of these based on the idea that what I give out I get back. That my energy will be coming back to me with the results of the consequences of my actions. Yet karma is an idea based on the balance of energy. It’s not all that easy to work out whether the karma from my actions will end up creating a positive or negative ripple. Because there is always the bigger picture. And lots of work for karma agents to do. And I can never be quite sure what aspect of what I have given will be coming back.

If I am a karma agent then I’m doing what I am doing so others get their own energy back. Does that screw up my karma? Not if it’s already a mess from my past lives karma. And what of the karma generated by group, nation and world situations. Is some of that coming back to me? Even if I stay silent, passive, do nothing? The reality is that trying to understand karma is a challenge all of it’s own. That’s why I always pause before i ask for someone to get their karma back. Am I asking for the right reasons? Or is it because I am playing the One Up, One Down game? Am I letting myself of the hook by avoiding taking responsibility for my own actions? So I’ve been coming to a different understanding of the law of karma.

I take action and move through this world with an inner intent. That what I do is the best or greatest good for all of us. I work at making my energy the best and most positive that I can in the full knowledge that I will be sharing it with everyone. And I only ask for karma to be returned where it will do the most good. In effect, that it balances out the consequences of mine and others actions. Tread lightly where karma is concerned. You never know what might be coming back to you.

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Karmic Debris: How To Make Better Choices

karmic debrisI’m rather tired tonight. I spent my day running a Past Life workshop and discussing karmic debris. All those waves of energy that have been stored up in other times that can come back to disrupt this present life.

I’m not tired of discussing past lives. Or debating about karma. I’m tired because of the come down from really high vibrational energy that flows through a group when everyone is ready to work hard. Working at a level beyond the material is wonderful. So it always feels like a bit of a pull to have to return back down to earth. However I know that my work is here on the Earth for now. And that work involves helping people to understand karma and the impact of the choices they are making. Sometimes the consequences are very different than what we assume or imagine. That makes karma quite a tricky subject to explain. And karmic debris something that people feel they should avoid.

Or a tricky energy to deal with. Because what I might consider as karmic debris – the scattered remains of a previous try at being human – can contain nuggets of gold. There is so much wisdom earned when we get things wrong. Or have to navigate through all the different ways that love can be absent from our lives. Treading very carefully so as not to make the same mistakes all over again. Karmic debris might actually be exactly what is needed to help me make positive choices with my free will. If I can access the history of my decisions, take a look at why, what, where and when then I can discover how it all turned out. Even why I found myself creating the wrong flow of energy for myself. With those clues I can hope that my next choices will be more loving.

That’s the real, sometimes hidden, value of karmic debris. The remains of other lives show me where I struggled to love myself enough. The times I chose what others wanted for me rather than what I knew would be best for me. I can use the past life choices as my guide to what not to do this time around. So that, in the end, I create new flows of karmic energy that leave fewer remains for me to pick over. But gather me increased amounts of loving wisdom.

Day 941 of my blogging challenge

Darkness Pressing In: Dreaming of Freedom

I don’t know where I went in my dreams last night. But the darkness certainly felt like it was pressing in. I was restless. Keen to get out of the dreams.

Searching for my freedom from something I remember waking up trying to recall a word. I know I said it in my dreams. It seemed to connect them all together. And it also seemed to be the key to setting me free. Free from what I wondered? From my fears came bouncing back at me. Along with another thought. Voiced by someone else. Karma is when you recieve the pain you caused others. Then have to feel it. As well as live it. It took me a little while to get back into balance. Looking back at my life I know there are threads that tie together. Waiting in the darkness of my shadow side are patterns and habits that drive me even when I think I’m making rational choices.

I thought about the delight I felt yesterday when I made my book ‘live’ to be purchased next week. The first copy is winging it’s way to me already. Yet, following the feel of my dreams last night, today has been one of potential setbacks. One stride forward three thousand steps back. But I also realise that the darkness in me is trying it’s best to swamp me. After all, if I do make big changes in my life my Ego Mind has nothing to frighten me with. It won’t be able to keep me small. Does that mean that I will play out endless karma? How can I release myself from what I have created? That’s the reminder I was being given. It’s time to challenge myself to embrace that darkness and show it some light.

Yet I feel I have been doing that for a year. The darkness has been in and around me pulling me back every time the light has pulled me forward.

I know that the resistance from the Ego Mind is at it’s highest at the tipping point when change is only a fraction of a step away. Then there’s the fact that I am catching the energy of the second big wave meant to shift us all forward. September has been heavy with unpredictable energy. Surfacing, clearing and surfacing the fears for me once more. This shift, at it’s peak tomorrow, is all about letting us know that everything that can happen happens somewhere. What that means is that the energy between the parallel worlds is very thin. We get a glimpse down the trouser legs of time, as Terry Pratchett would have put it. I have been experiencing, through my dreams, the me who made different choices.

The exchange of energy has shown me who I would have been, and who I am, in another life. Also who I am with and what I am doing in that series of lives. Because I’m picking up more than one life. So it’s easy for me to get lost or confused about what is actually happening in this life. I know it’s a hard thing to process. I spent a lot of the morning trying to check which life I was in whilst my Ego Mind kicked up a load of fear energy. The point of recognising parallel lives helps me to let go of those fears though. Somewhere, in some life, I am doing all of the things I dream about doing in this life. There are infinite possibilities. So I’m also lucky that I like the way my life is now. And where it’s going. That way the darkness doesn’t suck me into a fear state.

Once this current ‘thin-ness’ between the dimensions passes it will be up to me how much darkness I keep in my life. My dreams also showed me that I can be free. The key to being free is being me. The one driving the choices in this life from my Spirit self, not my Ego Mind. The missing word is authentic. Puzzle solved!

Day 673 of my blogging challenge 

Running backwards going forward!

imageWhat an interesting muddle of a day. An energy wave that’s an aftershock of the internal reallignment of the planet. Mercury going retrograde. New Moon waves. What a time to send out the Earth’s ArchAngel Comeliel energy wave.

Yet that was my instruction today. Time to send out the wave that would help everyone remember who they really are. I was looking forward to being in her Librarian energy once again. She loves stories, records, books. So do I. If time went backwards perhaps I would have chosen to be a librarian when I left school. And if time went backwards perhaps I would find that I was a librarian in a past life. However, today the internet went down. Good job I had a plan B so I could carry on and do my live broadcast. Excuse me looking a bit grim – I’d only had about 4 hours sleep.



Of course I understand why we all need to look backwards at the moment. Before I came in to this life I believe that I set myself the conditions and challenges that would promote my best spiritual growth. Sort of, I asked for it so it’s being delivered. Not such an easy belief when the world goes up side down. Yet if I recognise the effects of my previous lives, decisions and actions (something called the Universal Law of cause and effect) I will be able to move forward choosing the best path for me. It’s the remembering that’s important. And I know we generally all end up with amnesia the moment we are born.

So I’m sure I’m off again on a past life recall mission. I’m looking forward to discovering more. I do run to discover who and what I’ve been. The faster I find out the sooner I can balance the energy I created.

That’s the way to move forward. When I acknowledge what I have created, taking responsibility for my choices, finding the wisdom hidden in why I did it that way, I no longer need to hold onto the karmic energy. The wisdom will also help me to handle what I face in my future. It helps me to avoid taking a backwards step. Because that might create the same karmic energy all over again. I hope I’ve learned enough not to want to keep going round and round the same issues. So thank you faulty Internet for reminding me that there are many ways to connect with our inner self. Also for removing the everyday distractions (no emails, social media etc) until early evening.

Now I can look forward to new discoveries, new beginnings and new dreams with old stuff getting cleared out of the way. A great way to honour the creative flow of the New Moon.

Day 291 of my blogging challenge.

Groundhog Lessons


imageThere is a great movie called Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. The storyline has Bill Murray as a rather unpleasant reporter caught up in a bubble of time where he has to live the same day over and over again. He can’t get time to move forward again until he lives a day full of taking the right, compassionate and loving actions. Ever so slowly he learns to listen to people, to be kind and helpful and, finally to value them. He also learns that change is possible as is love. I love the plot idea behind the movie. It’s a story about karma, love, perseverance and that even the most stuck person can change.

One of the ideas within Spiritualism is that of ‘compensation and retribution for all the good and evil deeds done’. Groundhog Day reminds me of that idea. When someone takes action there will always be consequences flowing from that action. The consequences affect the person who took the action as well as the people who were involved in whatever action happened. Sometimes those consequences appear to have passed by the person who took the action. Yet the Universal law is always clear – there is cause and effect from any energy we give out whether by thought, word or deed. In a way this means that we will all face living a Groundhog Day. We will end up repeating the same energy or action again and again until we work out a better way to do things. I believe that is why we keep coming back to yet another life. We are like Bill Murray. Replaying variations of the same scenario until we find the loving way to act towards ourselves and others.

What does that mean for this current life? Firstly, that even if it appears that someone is getting away with their unloving, uncaring actions they really aren’t. Human justice is a man-made thing. Karma has a much wider scope. The energy you have created will find you and deliver back to you all that you sent out. That thought is enough for me to think carefully before I get angry, upset or fearful and act on those feelings. Secondly, that before I do anything I ask myself if it is being done out of love (whatever the current understanding of unconditional love that I have). If I act out of as much love for myself and others as possible then even if there are unexpected consequences they are likely to be more positive than not. Finally, every night I ask myself if I would want to live this day over again. Some days are definitely not. Some days are absolutely yes. I hope that if I check into each day I will find more yeses than nots.

I’m eternally grateful that I can say that for the last ten years I have not woken up stuck in a time bubble going through the same day over and over again. Before then I’m not so sure. There were times when the days easily blurred into the same old same old. I suspect I lived a lot of groundhog days before I notice that my life was not as fulfilling as I expected it to be. When I eventually went off in search of the missing bit I found my intuitive abilities and a search for spirituality. How fortunate I was. You are in charge of your own energy and actions. Don’t let yourself get stuck on Groundhog Day either!

Day 209 of my blogging challenge.