Journey to the Afterlife

imageSometimes I’m asked about the Afterlife. When I’m doing readings people like to know that their loved ones are ok. And that their journey has been peaceful.

Thinking about my own feelings when I have lost loved ones, I recognise that need to know. It’s one of the first things I asked my Guides about when I started to make contact with Spirit Beings. What happens when we start that journey from here to there? And how much changes for the person making that journey? I know those of us left behind have to deal with all sorts of feelings and thought. There is a grieving process I have been through more than once. But what about my loved ones?

I’ve also been able to check out what I was told by my Guides. The loved ones who come to talk to their families are only too happy to ¬†explain and confirm their experiences in the Afterlife. Again and again they tell me about the way they passed over. Even in the most tragic of circumstances the Spirit person has been out of the physical body before that body stopped completely. I have listened to their explanations to the people who have come to hear from them. I am asked to tell their relatives that they felt no pain, can remember no pain and that having a physical body is like a very faded memory. The Spirit people tell me about the loved ones who are with them as the physical body dies. Loved ones from the Spirit World who guide the dying person from this life into the next.

Reuniting with loved ones is a key part of the journey. I have been able to pass on to those here who came to be with their loved one.

It’s reassuring to know that the bonds we have down here are still strong in the Afterlife. As I talk about the people welcoming the newly returning loved one I can feel each one is helping the Spirit person to understand the transition between life and death. I often see the whole group gathered around a table, or in a garden or relaxing in a beautiful landscape. The person who has passed over is the centre of attention. Family and friends come in and out. They chat, laugh and remember shared times together. There is a lot of joy and love.

There is no physical body to be in pain or hurt. No memory of trauma. The Spirit person can adjust their appearance to any time in their human life. Often they choose a time when they felt happiest. And I find myself describing people who are in the prime of their life. Not the body they had when they passed over. I see them fit and well. They are fit and well. Eager to be busy again. They tell me that they want to help their loved ones here. And they also want to find a purpose in their new life. Because that’s what it is. A new life with new choices and fresh options.

I know that they communicate with us for some very simple reasons. First they want us to know they are ok, well and happy. Second they want us to know that they still love and care for us. And finally, they want us to know that their journey has been successful. They have been born into a new life or, as I prefer to think of it, they have returned home.

They will wait in the garden, or by the river, or on the mountain, or around the table, with everyone else until we join them there. When it’s my turn to cross over, or yours, they will be there to welcome us home too.

Day 300 of my blogging challenge.