Miss Loved Ones? Ask Them For A Sign

miss feathersYesterday it was my Mum’s birthday. When I got up I wished her a happy birthday. But I knew I couldn’t take her a present as she has been in the Spirit World for many years now. She’s with other family members so I know they will have been celebrating her Earth anniversary. Yet I miss beings able to join in.

It’s not only on her birthday. There are other days when I’d love the chance to be with her. All of us would. But that isn’t possible in the same way it once was. We can’t pile round to her house for one of her famous dinners. The kind of meal that sends you to sleep afterwards. With lots of banter. And a great chance to check in with what everyone else is up to. So now I have to use my intuition to connect with my Mum. Looking out for her little signals that she is around. Trying not to miss a sign. Being open that there will be one even if my logical mid is dismissing it.

Because I believe that everyone is intuitive. And that, like me, everyone can connect with their loved ones. One way or another. The people we care about in Spirit want us to know they are still there. Because they still love us. And want to support us. So they try to get the message to us any way they can. When I miss anyone I like to find a quiet place to sit and ask in my head for them to talk to me. I might not hear anything. But perhaps I see a picture in my mind’s eye. Or feel like someone has put a hand on my shoulder. Sometimes I get a tune in my head. Or some words. Even if I miss the signs I can take comfort from that moment of thinking about my loved ones.

When you miss a loved one keep the lines of communication open. Be ready to acknowledge anything that seems like a sign. Your loved ones will keep trying to get your attention until you build up trust that it’s them. It doesn’t remove that ‘missing you’ feeling completely. But it certainly helps to know they are closer than you think.

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Shutting Up Internal Chatter: Listening For Guides

shutting up chatterIt must be a necessary theme this week – working with Guides. Yesterday I wrote about my latest new Guide and today I’ve been chatting to several people about the way I work with mine. Explaining that our connection couldn’t get off the ground until I learned about shutting up my internal chatter.

As a human being I have learned to keep my mind active. Not necessarily by choice. But because I have always been expected to process lots of information. Firstly by my Ego Mind so that I can keep myself out of danger and stay alive as long as possible. The chatter that flows through in my thoughts has a big chunk of assumptions, options and debates about what to do for the best. Not only about crossing a road or driving. But also how much my gas bill is, the price of food and if that person really did mean to be nasty to me. The Ego Mind is expecting uncertainty and attack. Shutting it down completely is hard because I want to stay safe too. So it gently rumbles on yacking at me all the time.

Also chatting away are my feelings. Who said what, when and why. Debating if I feel hurt, proud, upset or angry. Linking what has been said to things in my past and dredging up old feelings. Chattering about assumptions of what is going to happen in the future if I have to speak to that person again. Going round and round judgements, conversation points and individual words. Constructing my answers for next time. Or the things I really wished I had said. I play these over and over again in the safety of my internal world hoping that I can deny them or reinvent them to sound more positive to me. Using up lots of energy keeping myself in the past rather than accepting the conversations and moving on. And all because humans don’t show each other how to deal with feelings immediately.

Shutting up chatter therefore becomes a lot more complicated as I fall into all of these internal dialogues. Swapping Ego Mind with feelings endlessly. So how can my Guides break through that noise?

It’s important to acknowledge that my Guides communicate with my Intuitive Mind. The part of me that processes the information from my intuitive senses. It’s a part of me that has been pushed into he background. I’ve been trained to believe that I actually don’t have intuitive senses. So how can the information break through if I’m not even paying attention? My Intuitive Mind is chattering very quietly to itself. Gradually shutting down the information coming in because all the other chatter is drowning it out. Until it’s almost silent. I’ve even forgotten that it’s there. Unless I get a random prediction right. Or have a moment of deja vu that wobbles my certainty in the material world. Even denying that I might have seen a non-physical being.

So here I am with far too much chatter going on in my head. Yet the voices or connections I want to experience are shutting up. In my experience the only way to deal with this was to start closing down the chatter and opening my intuition. I began with learning to meditate. Letting myself turn down the volume on my Ego and feelings. But turning up the volume on my intuitive senses. I also learned to sit very quietly so that the chatter could calm down, slow down and fade a bit. Music for relaxation helped me too. I started to write my questions down and let myself answer them. I paid attention to any thoughts and feeling I had that seemed not to be mine. And I kept asking for more. telling my Guides to give me the information again.

With a lot of practice I gradually learned how effective shutting down the chatter could be. Because I had a space in my head where other impressions, thoughts and feelings could emerge. It took me some time to trust that this was my Guides communicating with me. Yet when I finally accepted it was my mind chatter became a wonderful, purposeful conversation instead. Is it time for you to stop chattering and start listening?

Day 855 of my blogging challenge

Energy Builds Up: Being True To You

Wave buildsThere has been plenty of healing needed today. Energy builds up in all of us. Just like it does on the planet. Then it needs to be released.

But there is another reason to pay attention to my energy at the moment. The next energy shift has already started to build. It’s on it’s way in and will wash over us on 17th September. I know it’s going to be a big blast. Because I also notice what is happening to Mother Earth. This year’s hurricane season is wilder than any other. Yet at the same time wildfires are affecting large parts of the world. And flooding is hitting harder and in more places. Like the way the energy builds in us it also gets more intense for the planet. All this energy brings with it challenges. Survival issues become the focus. And, I also know, the need to be authentic.

When my survival is challenged in any way I have two choices. I can become fearful and panic. Or I can make plans and get through it the best I can. So it’s important that I do what builds my resilience. I have to acknowledge my fear energy and how it might be trying to rush me into panic. Instead of letting it increase I have to focus on the things I can control. Not the things that are outside of my abilities. And I can prepare for as many outcomes as possible whilst remembering I might have to deal with unexpected outcomes too. Making sure I am true to my feelings but not letting them get in my way is the key. Also making sure I let the fear energy out. Release it so it can’t get in my way.  And accept that there will still be a residue of fear left.

So as the next energy wave builds up I am letting myself feel the fear of change. Because it’s then less energy to carry when the wave hits me.

I’m also focusing on the power of positive. I believe I have everything within me that can help me make the best of the changes that are coming. Even if I can’t see or sense exactly what will happen I am emotionally and mentally preparing to survive. And to thrive. That will give me the best chance, as the energy shifts and builds, to deal with whatever arises on a daily basis. I’m also keeping my attention on healing energy. For me, for all the people I connect with, for all the people in the world, the animal kingdom and the planet itself. I can’t be Wonder Woman rushing in to save every one. But I can use the power of my intuitive abilities to focus on positive outcomes for every one and everything.

It’s a bit like waiting for that giant wave with a surf board, life jacket and motor boat. Downloading the healing energy from the Universe is a triple back up. I can’t cheat death but I can give him a run for his money. Because when my energy builds up if I can link in with others who are accessing the Universal healing then we might shift much easier. That’s what a community of Spirit can do. And I know that we are all Spirits in human form. So I’m going to be kind to me over the next ten days as I await the energy surge. I’m also going to be as compassionate as possible to everyone around me as they feel the energy build up too. Not like a perfect, plaster saint. But embracing the fear, anxiety and frustration of waiting. Knowing what matters is that I do this to the best of my ability.

As the energy builds up across the world ask for help to deal with it. Be patient with yourself as you feel it sweep in. And keep that healing channel open so you receive all of the help and support you need. Change is finally here. And it will be good.

Day 654 of my blogging challenge 

A Whole New World? Let Me Show You

A Whole New worldI woke up this morning with a Disney song in my head. A Whole New World, from the movie Aladdin. You see, I’d asked for some things to be confirmed by my Guides. And this tune was one way to tell me I was on the right track.

The tune refused to move out of my head. They often use my love of music to give me messages. As I ran through the whole song the bit that kept coming to the front of my mind was the line ‘a while new world’. I know that we are in a massive process of change. It’s time for the human race to embrace our intuitive abilities. I know that when we finally do so we will stop being divided, judgemental and the creators of pain or fear. That’s why I also know it’s time to shift the way I look at the world. Going through the words of the song in my head I agreed. The world is shimmering, shining, splendid. Only I have to want to see it that way.

Opening up to my intuitive ability meant I had to find out what was in my heart. To navigate through my life by feeling rather than thinking. I had to start paying attention to those niggling jabs in my gut. The realisation that my feelings knew better what was going on than my head did. That opened up a whole new set of senses to get information from. So I did start seeing the world differently. Seeing and sensing energy instead of using only my physical senses. That was the real revelation instead of the stuff talked about in the Bible. Because I also opened up to all of the non-physical things that affect my life too. Any there are many wonderful things waiting to be discovered by every one of us.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about my whole life. How much is has changed. How much there still is to change. I hear my Guides saying ‘I can show you the world’. All I have to do is let my heart decide ❤️

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