Proof Reading My Past: What Has Changed?

On the third day of my Open Studios event I got a chance to reflect on how I’ve changed. It was quiet this morning. I sat down to proof read my first book. And my past opened up.

It’s a bit strange proof reading about myself knowing that what I’ve written will be going out into the world. Not because I’m worried about what people will think. But because I can see how much I’ve changed. I know that we all change over time. And understand that my ‘me’ isn’t set in stone. My life experiences have pushed me through changes in a big or little way. It’s that I was seeing those changes from this point in time. And recognising the inner journey I have been on. It’s even that I’m different now to the me who began writing the book.

As if to make it really clear and give me more proof my first visitor started talking about the journey he was on. He had been helping a friend and realised that his friend was stuck. Trying to avoid making changes. But complaining about not getting anywhere with life. I listened as my visitor talked about his realisation. That making changes only happens when we are ready to shift our outer world around. I understood what he was saying. Having an inner journey of change has got me to where I am now. Because I changed inside my outer world changed too.

I guess that old saying ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ applies. I can only check if the ingredients of my life have ‘baked’ a good life by experience it.

And that is where his friend was stuck. Intuitively recognising that change was needed. But doing nothing to make it happen. Because I know that trips most of us up. Wanting the dream yet stepping back from taking the necessary action. It’s as if I am frightened to imagine the ‘me’ I will be when the dream becomes a reality. Or to make the changes to ensure that the ‘me’ then enjoys the dream that’s been manifest. As I read about my journey I recognised that in my dream for the future I hadn;t thought about the ‘me’ I would be.

I’ve written a lot about wanting proof from Spirit in my book. How much I pushed for evidence. And how that evidence pushed me to change my beliefs. Because experiences I’d had couldn’t be dismissed. So I had to change inside so that I could keep following the path my intuition, and my Guides, laid out before me. Today I started to wonder what the ‘me’ will be like when my next set of dreams comes in. Who am I becoming? What parts of me have yet to emerge? I find those questions a little bit scary. Also a little bit exciting.

I’ve decided that whilst I take some time away from my desk over the next week or two I’m going to ask myself about those questions. Even allow myself to write down the ‘me’ I’m becoming. The one who will make the best of the dreams when I get them delivered to my doorstep.

Day 594 of my blogging challenge 

An Open For Conversations Studio Event!

It’s been an energy filled, Spirit connected day at the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre. My Open Studio event turned into all sorts of conversations. I loved it!

I got the chance to start my day with some mentoring. Then it was on to the business of opening up my Studio for visitors. Of course I can be a bit of a last minute Larry at times. A quick burst of washing up followed by a rapid clear of clutter. Finally I felt ready to let my artwork speak for itself. Mainly because that’s what it does. It’s full of the energy given to me by the Spirits, Angels and others who enjoy getting me painting on their behalf.

Some people are drawn to my work because they need that energy vibration. Others like the way the colours resonate with them. And some people see the faces that always peep out to catch attention. That’s why I really love working with abstracts. People get what they need from the painting. Not what I think is in the picture. I also love chatting with visitors about what they expect from my painting. If they paint themselves I like to find out what works for them. New ideas are always there if I listen to what they say.

My Studio work has evolved with each year I’ve taken part in this event. Over the three days I’ve been given so many inspirations.

So it was lovely to have a discussion with two artists today about my way of working. I hope it has inspired them to try something new in thier work. It will be exciting to see what they do. That’s why I love this event so much. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or an amateur. Every Studio, even the kitchen table or the desk in the conservatory, counts. Every person opening up to their creativity. And playing with paint.

The discussion continued into another of my subjects. I like to help people understand what happens in the Afterlife. It was great to help people recognise that thier loved ones are still with them and wanting to communicate. Especially when our conversation turned into a marvellous debate about psychic ability. Who has it. Or not. Because, once again, I love to share the ways in which we all have intuitive psychic ability. We only have to recognise that we are being contacted to understand that fact.

I will be back in the morning to open my Studio once again. Ready for more great chats, discussions and debates. My creative painting work is a great connector. Is it time for you to get creative too?

Day 592 of my blogging challenge 

Putting Up the Paintings for Open Studio

Paintings! Today I’ve been trying to decide what to display in the Hebden Bridge Open Studios event this Friday to Sunday. Too many pictures and way too much energy.

It took me a long time to accept that I could paint. I’ve written about my adventure into psychic art before. About how I had to remove a judgement in my head planted by an art teacher when I was thirteen. And how much I enjoyed rediscovering my love of creating abstract art. Especially when it contains energy channelled through by the Spirit people who work with me. I know that the vibration of each painting will bring healing, love and encouragement to anyone who is open to receive it. That’s why I love selling paintings. Although one or two of them refuse to go.

Like the blue heart I put on the wall this evening. It promptly fell down onto a radiator & got damaged. It hadn’t wanted me to hang it on the wall in the first place. But I thought that painting was ready to go. Or that I could let it go. But it’s back in my office for minor repairs. Let’s face it. It will end up on my wall radiating it’s wisdom at me whilst I work. My paintings definitely have their own minds. Because they are gifts from the Spirit people. So they want the artwork to go where it’s needed. This weekend is going to be interesting then. Who will buy what?

The theme for the paintings is ‘Angel Heart’ and I am delighted to be joined by two fellow artists. Brenda Hodgson and Sharon Mackle.

They have both exhibited their work with me in the past. So the angels and hearts went on the wall today. As I looked at the work on display I felt very blessed to have rediscovered painting. And to share that passion with others is wonderful. Especially in being able to offer encouragement to others. I believe that all of us forget how to play with paint, colour, texture. It’s as if it’s no longer allowed. Because I have become an adult I can’t let myself get messy with paint. Or enjoy splashing and dabbing colour onto paper. Not for any reason other than it’s fun. Yet our work has been fun.

A stressy kind of fun maybe because it’s going on show. But definitely enjoyable. Plus the added bonus of working with higher vibrational energy. It makes a difference to the experience of painting. And I know it makes a difference to the paintings from the feedback people give me. I also love that I can offer demonstrations of how I paint. That’s the fun of the Open Studios. A whole trail of artists studios open for people to have a good look around. To see an artist at work. I love watching someone’s creativity emerge. So I will have my pencils, pad and paints by my side all weekend.

How can life get any better than sharing something you love with people who enjoy creative activity? Time to plan another psychic art workshop I feel!

Day 589 of my blogging challenge