Collaborate! Great Things Can Be Achieved

collaborateI’m writing at the end of a long day of connecting. In all sorts of ways. Always following the desire to collaborate because i know great things can happen when I do.

It started with an interesting discussion during a mentoring session. It seemed that the Guides wanted me to notice how much can be improved if I collaborate. Yet there is sometimes a feeling that this is a bad or wrong word. During a Spirit message the theme posed up again. Then later, as I sat chatting to a friend, guess what – in came the word collaborate again. To put it another way my Guides were reminding me to share. Share the journey, the pitfalls, the success and, most of all, share the love. This evening I did a demonstration of mediumship at a lovely centre. It was wonderful to experience Spirit people collaborating with me to get messages to the people here that they love.

That’s the biggest reward for me. That I’ve passed on what someone needs to hear and know. It feels like, for a few moments, I have been allowed to be a part of the Spirit World too. Because they act as a collaboration. The Spirit community is based on loving kindness and unconditional service to one another. That bit is easy to forget in the excitement of giving evidence and making connections. So when the Spirit people step in to connect with me I know they appreciate that I collaborate in passing on what they give me. Exactly what they give me. No more and no less. It helps me to understand how I can share with everyone who comes into my life. If they wish me to.

That’s the important point. To collaborate takes more than one person. Yet if two of us do share the energy generated is of pure love. We give each other a little gift of something. And that something can inspire, support and sustain both of us. How marvellous if whole communities could collaborate and share for the good of all. Impossible? I know we can do it if we decide to set it as a goal and act accordingly.

Day 715 of my blogging challenge

Neighbours, Friends, Enemies and Hate Crime

neighboursWe are all neighbours. Most human beings tend to live within groups, communities and countries. So I know it’s necessary to live side by side or reasonably close to one another.

I had had some great neighbours who have become friends. I’ve also had some neighbours who seemed intent on being the opposite. They turned into enemies. Or at least they seemed to regard me as an enemy. Usually over very small issues and a sense of territory. What was their was theirs. And I’d better not expect it to be any different. Caught up in their drama I know it was hard for me to feel like my home was a peaceful place. Or even that it WAS my home. I have moved twice in my life to avoid the people who have been set on making my home miserable. And each time I’ve wondered why people would choose to behave like that.

In fact it’s a question I’ve bounced to my Guides a few times. After all we live on a huge planet. There is enough land for everyone to have a mansion and still be miles away from the nearest neighbours. Yet we have clumped together, breathing down each others necks almost, believing that how we live is the way every one else should. I know that it has become so bad that sometimes situations have got violent. Aggression spills over and people or their animals get hurt. I’ve also been stuck in a kind of ‘tit for tat’ situation that can get all concerned becoming entrenched in an ‘I’m in the right’ mentality. When no one is wholly right or wrong. That mind set is really hard to break, not least if it’s my head pushing all my buttons. That’s why moving became a positive option.

So what do my Guides say about neighbours? How do I ensure that I am a good neighbour? And what do I do if I’m caught up again in hate crimes?

The first thing they remind me of is my natural need to be around people. Human beings are generally sociable. We like to mix and share. My Guides say that is because our energy is preset to unconditional love and compassion. I am a Spirit inside a human body so that’s where the energy comes from. The issue arises when I link into my human emotional energy. I have emotions of all vibrations. I can build or reduce the emotional energy, or swap emotions, depending on what I think. So if I think that someone is my enemy I will feel all sorts of things: anger, fear, hate, annoyance, powerful or disempowered. How that person became my enemy may be lost in the mist of time. Or a slight issue may have become magnified into an unforgettable incident.

My Guides talk about a lack of respect for personal space. They remind me that I need room to breath and to roam. So if I think someone is taking my space, or disrespecting it, I can get upset. Noisy neighbours, people who throw their rubbish in my garden, dog walkers who don’t scoop the poop, drivers who park in ways that make parking difficult for me. And so on and so on. I feel that when I get angry there is always a temptation to lash out. It’s there in all of us. And it’s that bit that leads to awful hate crimes. Not only vandalism, noise nuisance and name calling. But attacks on people or their pets. Anger boils over and people who should hold back don’t.

In the end being neighbours is about owning my own behaviour. And being mindful that I may meet someone who isn’t noticing their own behaviour.

My Guides ask me to think about how much self control I have. They point to stuff I used to say like ‘it was her fault’ or ‘he made me do it’. Before I learned that no one else is responsible for my choices. And that the only fault lay in me not owning my own issues and behaviour. I feel that we are all still very much stuck in pointing to others when at least half of what is happening belongs with us. It seems that the connection to unconditional love and compassion has withered away to almost nothing. because neighbours making issues are people who are actually living in fear. My Guides suggest that these people have lost so much of their Spirit connection that they feel desperately alone and abandoned. That’s why they cling to property and land.

I’ve though about it a lot. Especially when moving is a challenging option. Or the period of time when moving was actually not an option at all. So I had to live alongside people who disrespected my space and my home. There is something else I can do. I can try to become a friend to my neighbours. And I can recognise that their fear is what is driving them. I can also speak out about hate crimes if they happen around me. Most of all, my Guides inspire me to see that getting aggressive about property and possessions is pointless. Nothing lasts for ever. I know that now. Ownership is an illusion driven by fear. The best response to neighbours who are not friends is to let them get on with living in fear. Inside my home all is peaceful if I step out of the drama.

Perhaps it’s time for a concerted effort to recognise that we all want to live in a peaceful home. Being neighbours with each other doesn’t mean we have to fight or fall out. Forgiveness is a very under-rated value that I’ve learned to apply much more in my life. Is it time to forgive your neighbours and move on with your own peace filled life?

Day 712 of my blogging challenge

A Network Of Support: It’s Good To Share

NetworkI went to a network meeting today. I hadn’t been for a while but I felt it was time to go along again to see old friends and meet new ones. It was a lovely meeting.

As most things do, it got me thinking. About how hard I find it when I feel I don’t have a support network around me. Or how good I feel when I can offer someone support. It feels like a priveledge sharing the highs and lows of the people I care about. And such a blessing when they share mine. Yet I’m also aware of the times when I felt like I had very little or no support around me. Times perhaps when I wouldn’t ask for what I needed. Days when I felt like I was to blame for finding myself in a big mess. But unable to work out how I’d got there or how to get out of it. Those were the times when I felt my network had disintegrated and disappeared. Until I finally found one support system that never leaves me.

When I opened up to the Intuitive information I was receiving through my psychic senses I found a whole new network of connections. I discovered my Spirit Guides. Not just one. But many different Energy Beings who wanted to support me through all the ups and downs. Every single time I needed them. Without fail. Although I didn’t always ask for support they helped me to learn that sharing my dilemmas and successes I could make much faster progress than keeping it all to myself. In fact, at one point, they used to put a line from the song by Beautiful South in my head. As soon as I heard ‘you know your problem, you keep it all in’ I would check what I was holding back on saying. How great to have networks of support from the people around me plus the support of the Guides.

Today reminded me that I know a lot of people who are willing to share the support. And I can offer support too. I’m looking forward to expanding my network at the next meeting. Is it time you shared and expanded your support network?

Day 695 of my blogging challenge 

Gently Deepening Spirit Connections In Trance

Go gentlyI’ve had a lovely day running a Trance workshop. I enjoy helping people to gently explore working in altered states of consciousness because letting the connection with Spirit people build in this way can be really rewarding.

I also enjoy helping people to understand what working in trance is all about. And why this form of communication offers different evidence of the way our two worlds can interact. But I know that it’s best to go gently forward because this type of communication does test our beliefs. And push at the boundaries of what people can accept. I also love that there is a long history of trance mediumship. I’ve read many books and reports about the mediums of the past and present who allow Spirit people to use the energy to provide more than words of comfort. When I do my own trance mediumship I have many reports from people who have seen the faces of their loved ones superimposed over mine.

I also appreciate that my Guides have built this form of mediumship gently into what I do. There was no pressure for me to work in this way. They held back until I felt I could take each next step. And they helped me to deal with my anxieties and fears about letting Energy Beings step even closer into my aura. The sensitivity I experienced from my Guides has always been reflected in my teaching of others. Each step is carefully and gently presented to the developing medium. Because I work very closely with their Guides to deliver a trance experience that will build confidence. That’s very important to the people on the Spirit side. They want everyone who wishes to do so to experience this form of connection. To experience it in a positive way.

One thing about learning about my abilities that has stood out is the care my Guides have taken. Leading me gently on to more knowledge and understanding. That’s why I agreed to teach. Because I knew if they took that care with me then they would do so with others. If you want to explore and develop your intuitive abilities, go gently. Find the best teacher you can. Consider the help your Guides can give you. And be kind to yourself. It will be worth it.

Day 685 of my blogging challenge 

Space In My Diary For Me Instead Of Spirit

Lots of spaceI’ve had a sort of day off today. I say sort of because I know that Spirit people are never far away. But it was time for me to have some space for me.

I love my connections with Energy Beings. And I love helping people connect in any way I can. But I also have my own life to balance against the needs of others. Because that’s what the Energy Beings are. Other people who have a need to get messages across. The same need as me and all of the people who are physically here on the planet. So sometimes I have to put a space in my diary that marks out my boundaries. Otherwise I would be recieveing communications all of the time. Even when I was asleep. My Guides have always been clear that I had this choice. It’s up to me how much or how little Spirit communication I do.

My Guides have also been quick to prompt me when I’ve actually made space in my diary. They remind me to take time out. Because it’s true. So much can pass by when I’m not noticing it. Due to having my head stuck in my work. Or my focus on things that turn out not to be that important in the end. I’ve been fortunate to spend my day with my family. Catching up, laughing and sharing how we all are at the moment. They are the people who anchor me into my life. They remind me of belonging, shared experiences and the warmth of love. I know they also help me to stay grounded. They know where I’ve come from. So they are also there when things get a bit tough. A reminder of the way all of us have weathered life’s storms. And still stand strong.

I’m looking forward to the next family event. It’s already taking up space in my diary. Time for me to enjoy a break from working for others. And notice all of the things happening in my family instead.

Day 683 of my blogging challenge 

Sleep Well? A Way of Letting Emotions Go

SleepI was tired last night. Looking forward to a good sleep. Yet I woke up four times from emotional dreams. Though each time I felt I was letting something go.

Dreams are fascinating. They are a way of my mind processing the events I have experienced. They are also messages from my unconscious mind to help me make sense of what is going on in and around me. I also find that my Guides appear fairly often in my dreams. And sometimes I have to be very firm in telling them to let me sleep. Because sleep is an altered state of consciousness at one end of a spectrum that starts with consciously experiencing my world. My trance mediumship is somewhere in the middle. And when the energy waves are very strong my dreams also respond just as my waking mind does. So my dreams can be a rollercoaster. No wonder I woke up!

On each waking I was in a hurry to get back to sleep. I wanted to drift off into that space where my Ego mind was shut down. Because I enjoy a lot of my dreams. They bring me messages of encouragement and love when my Guides are around. Each time I was hoping for a good dream. Yet each time it seemed I wandered into turbulent emotions. Though each time when I surfaced from my sleep I couldn’t remember what I’d been dreaming about. All that kept coming into my mind was ‘let it go’. When I finally woke up properly this morning I asked myself what had gone. Then burst out laughing. Because it doesn’t matter what has shifted. So long as I am getting lighter and brighter I don’t need to know how it’s happening.

I love my sleep. Tonight I’m hoping for a dream free night though. Unless, of course, my Guides want to pop in and have a chat. If it’s time for you to let go of old emotions I wish you sweet dreams. And the support of your Guide Team too.

Day 677 of my blogging challenge 

Approaching Death: The Spirit Viewpoint

Birth and deathI had a conversation about death today. It might seem slightly odd to start my blog that way, as my life is full of conversations about death. However, this one was about the way that the Spirit approaches death.

Being human is about being born and then dying. The span in between is life. Forgive me for stating the obvious but I feel we often forget that an ending is inevitable. And when our loved ones pass to the Spirit World we are bereft. Because of our love for them. But what about death when there has been a short span of life? Or hardly any living involved? Is it the same as a death when life has been long, full, fulfilled? What does the Spirit inside every one of us think or feel about passing out of this physical body? And can that help us to understand the process of living and dying any better?

Good questions, I thought, when it came up today. So I remembered the discussion I had with my Guides about death. From a Spirit point of view I came into this physical body with agreed start and end dates. I also sorted out the life experiences I wanted to try and a whole range of options to choose from. I did this to make the most of the time I had agreed to spend here. Because I understood that my life as a human was a visit. My consciousness would continue to exsist (and had been there before) long after I, the human, passed away. To the Spirit every life, however brief or long, is an experience that promotes growth. Since each life is different the I that is my Spirit has an opportunity to try all sorts of different things.

So each time I have another death I am really going back to my former, Spirit, life. I’m taking my place back in the eternity of existence that my Spirit experiences.

The I that is the Spirit me hasn’t ended. Instead I have a whole new set of experiences to think about, understand and contribute to the community I live with. Our Group Soul. Those other Spirits who are also busy being born and dying alongside of me. Every person I meet in my human life is part of that greater community. I believe that we have agreed to connect with one another here in a physical existence so that we can all understand what it’s like to live with love that is conditional. And to return to the place where love is unconditional as wiser Spirits who value love more highly than before.

That helps me to understand that death is something my Spirit looks forward to. And no matter how much life I have experienced my Spirit values every single moment. Just as my Spirit values every single moment of life that has been given to all of those other Spirit/Humans who have shared my life. In the end, my Spirit welcomes death as the completion of an adventure. A journey ended. Knowledge obtained and to be taken back to share. I love the idea of returning to contribute experiences and discuss them. To think up new questions to be answered by the next life’s experiences. My Spirit embraces the planning of the new life. Of setting the length of time.

In fact, my Spirit sees dying as a natural move forward. Even if my human me doesn’t quite get that yet. It’s time for me to appreciate that death is just another one of those experiences I came here to try.

Day 669 of my blogging challenge 

Vibrational Art: Opening Up Intuition

Vibrational art startThe sun shone. I had my paints out. In the warmth of the morning I tuned in to create more vibrational artwork. It’s a lovely way to open up to intuition.

I’ve been really fortunate with my Guides. They have helped me to explore lots of different ways to open up and use my psychic senses. I’ve learned that guidance can come in many different ways. And I’ve also learned that there are boundaries to be pushed within me so I can channel vibrational energy in differnt ways. That’s what I love about painting and drawing. It’s a completely different way to share a message from Ener Beings. Although when they drifted the idea across my mind the first few times I was really doubtful. I thought psychic art was all about the faces of loved ones in Spirit. But my Guides knew different.

I was put on the spot to draw the energy flowing through a group where messages were being given. I picked up the chalks reluctantly. Then I watched myself draw a pattern of colours that made perfect sense. To me and to everyone else. And I heard someone confirm that they had seen the same thing clarevoyantly. It was mind blowing. But it took me another year or so to get into painting. Yet when I did I found myself feeling the presence of other Beings. In fact a whole queue of Beings. All ready to share their vibrational energy with me so it could be transferred to the canvas or paper. Letting myself respond to the requests to paint I noticed that many pieces had faces hidden in them. And that the colours refelcted the personalities of the painters.

I also found that working in a range of vibrational energies made my intuitive connections stronger. After a short time I was able to sense better, get message information clearer and stay in the link for longer.

My clarevoyance also improved. It’s the weakest of my psychic senses but working with my creative, visual ability certainly helped it to expand. Now I encourage people to get into art in any way they can. I know it will help them work their intuitive psychic senses. It’s also fun. That’s the positive vibe that Energy Beings like as it makes connecting easier. The best way to start is to grab some coloured pencils and paper. Then play. I like to pick up whatever pencil I’m drawn to, put it on the paper and start to doodle. Keeping my mind as unfocused as possible I invite my Guides to make a connection for me. Because I want to draw on their behalf. So my thoughts need to stay out of the way.

I know that my Ego mind will want to direct me. Trying to make something recognisable. But I always remind myself that Energy Beings see our world in a different way. And what interests me is their viewpoint. Over the years I’ve become much better at occupying my mind and ignoring what my hands are doing. Because sometimes I work with my non dominant dominant hand. So it’s a lovely surprise to see what has been captured on the paper. From paper and pencils I moved into using encaustic wax, acrylic paint, watercolour Andy pastels. Certain communicators like paint, some want watercolour, or charcoal or whatever. I go with whatever I’m prompted to use. The vibrational energy is transferred whatever I create.

If you have been searching for a way to practice your intuitive psychic abilities vibrational art is a great thing to try. I know I had to stick with it past all of my inner critic’s comments. If you do I am sure you will discover a whole new way of connecting.

Day 646 of my blogging challenge 

Covering the Basics: Revisiting, Reminders, Refreshers

Covering the basicsI’ve been watching a few cookery programmes this week while I’m off. Some of them have been covering the basics of how to prepare food. Stuff that’s easy. Things I learned at school. But a useful reminder.

It got me thinking about the basics of connecting with Energy Beings. No matter how long I’ve been communicating with my Guides they have always used opportunities to take me back to the basics. Covering how it all works once again. Helping me to understand more so that I can expand my work more. This evening I saw a course advertised being run by someone I worked with in my early days. Paul helped me to uncover the basics of mediumship. Then we ended up working together to teach other people. And that launched me into my own teaching. Something that is changing in response to the needs of new students.

For many years I’ve worked with people to share the basics of intuitive abilities. Each course or workshop is a chance for me to revisit what I know about how psychic ability works. I’m reminded of my feelings and thoughts, as this experience I didn’t really believe in  kept happening. And I can also refresh my own understanding of connecting when people ask me their questions. Working with others, covering the process of developing, keeps me aware of my own development. Because it never ends. Each day I find a new aspect to what I’m doing with the Energy Beings. I discover a different level of ability I hadn’t been acknowledging.

That’s why I love covering the basics. Like a skilled chef I have to keep practicing the skills that got me started. And pushing myself to learn more. With the help of my Guides, my students and other colleagues I keep myself open to new ways of doing things. There is room for inspiration, opportunities and new skills. Have you been covering the basics recently? If not, is it worth revisiting them?

Day 645 of my blogging challenge 

Talking Through Future Dreams: Clear the Clouds

Talking visionFor the last few weeks my energy flow has been tricky. I have felt becalmed. Yet today I found myself talking about my vision for the future. I realise now, inside me is certainty.

Anyone who knows me knows I love talking. I always have. Through it took me quite a while to realise that when I spoke I was giving myself, and sometimes other people, messages and guidance from the Energy Beings. Hearing myself give voice to things I wasn’t thinking only came to my attention when I started to work with my own intuitive connections. Because then I was focused on how the communications worked. Discovering that claircognisence existed really helped me to understand how I was getting light bulb moments of inspiration. Not that I lack inspiration. But put together with forecasting what was going to happen, I began to embrace my ability to predict events with a good degree of certainty.

I recognised that talking gave space for my Guides to drop in thoughts. Sometimes I knew my words were me speaking to me. And I also started to understand when my words were them speaking to me. Now I am used to letting my creative mind process the guidance at it’s own pace. Like a waiting game. To see what will emerge as the finished product. That usually happens when I sit down for a cuppa with someone and we chat. As the conversation weaves this way and that I pick up moments of clarity. Words that resonate more strongly than others. I find myself describing. Usually what is going to happen in my own future. I do challenge this occasionally. Am I only talking to hear what I want to hear? So my Guides send me confirmations.

These signals remind me to listen to myself when I’m talking. After all, I might be making my dreams known to the Universe. And to myself. Then I can start the actions to make those dreams concrete in my world. I’m now sure I’m ready to move forward again. Are you?

Day 630 of my blogging challenge