Walking Towards Wellbeing: ArchAngel Help

It’s funny how themes pop up in life. I was writing some information about wellbeing today and ArchAngel Parashiel stepped in. Since he’s usually around when healing is required I paused.

Of course my Guides and Inspirers have been talking about the energy waves we have all been experienceing since last September. They have spoken to me about the shift due from 24th May to 10th June. And they have made sure it has been mentioned in my Letters From The Light Side videos too. What they want is to help me understand what  the shift represents. As well as how to deal with it. ArchAngel Parashiel is part of that story. He is the Earth’s Guardian angel responsible for all of the healing done here. It’s his task to guide us to wellbeing and away from dis-ease. That’s quite a job at the moment. Because, as he explained today, we are still focused on physical symptoms of energetic stuckness.

I have been discussing my own energy with him for a long time. Learning how to balance what I give and receive. Also ensuring I’m letting go of my stuck energy from earlier times in my life. Parashiel has also been working with me to teach me his forms of energy healing. That has required me to meet my inner energy issues head on. In my journey towards wellbeing I have asked to work with those who are serious about healing themselves. Knowing that anyone who chooses to do that is opting for action over words. I’ve been very happy to move people off the treatment couch into their new lives. In return I have been able to make progress on myself too.

So why did he step in today? What aspect of wellbeing was up for discussion?

The next bout of energy is a bit like a dose of chemotherapy. It’s a cocktail of different types of energy designed to bring the rubbish to the surface so I can release it. So the next couple of weeks are going to be a bit turbulent. I’ve been asked to take care of my own personal energy. To rest when I need to. Letting negativity pass me by whenever I’m near it. And to stay away from the dramas of others. A bit like being in quarantine apparently. I will need to do that so I can release all of my stuckness about who I am and why I’m here. There will also be time for me to really appreciate myself. To embrace all that I am. And let judgements about myself go.

I know that learning to love myself is tough. There is so much to strip away so I can see my own strength and ability. These are what I can offer to share with others. My wellbeing is me being myself. Whole. Complete. Balanced. That’s how each of us must be to move forward. Our authentic self. This journey will take some people longer than others. But each step is a positive if we allow ourselves to keep walking. Parashiel is there with his loving support to push us to keep going. I know I need help to stay focused on being well. It’s almost too tempting to say I’m stuck with things as they are. Yet until I take action for myself my life will drift along with more of the same.

So even if the energy waves are intense I’m going to make the most of them. I have Parashiel at my side with his healing Balm. Wellbeing is my goal. It’s time for action!

Day 546 of my blogging challenge

You can receive a healing wave from Parashiel through the video here on YouTube

Spiritual Exams – Tests to Pass the Gateway

Here in the UK many children have just finished or are starting exams. Tests designed to place a value on that child’s ability. Not necessarily for any useful purpose because ability is a variable that changes over time and circumstance.

But I don’t really want to talk about human based exams. They sift people out into bandings that can either enable or disable life choices. They also tag each one of us with a label which may result in a lifetime of missed opportunities. As I discussed the idea of exams with several people today my Guides were busy talking about spiritual exams. I hadn’t particularly thought about it before but I have been through a series of tests over the last 20 years. Tests designed to get me working on me. On my beliefs, values, attitudes and how they translated into my lifestyle.

One of these was my attitude to my physical body. Although I was a compulsive gym member in my 20’s and 30’s by my 40’s I’d sort of given up. Staying in shape seemed a bit pointless. My body shape was never going to match my ideal because my ideal was something I accepted from all of the influences around me. And women with big boobs are definitely not considered beautiful. Think how hard it is to find a pretty bra in a big size. Sexy – or a sex object (I lost count of the times men would talk to my boobs instead of my face) perhaps. But I was worn down with my body being defined by the two lumps that stuck out of my chest. Why keep in shape if they were never going to go away?

So how does this fit with a spiritual exam? What was the test I needed to pass?

Gradually it dawned on me that I had stopped loving my body. That also meant I had stopped providing my Spirit with the best possible accommodation. Yet how to get back on track? It took me an even longer time to realise that I had swapped my I enjoy exercise attitude for an exercise is hard viewpoint. So every time I wanted to do some exercise I sabotaged myself. No wonder my body got cranky with me. It started throwing aches and pains my way. Things stopped functioning properly. I wasn’t taking care of it so it wasn’t bothered about lasting out my lifetime in a state of wellness.

Last September I sat a series of spiritual exams. I didn’t know it was happening until afterwards. But I found myself signing up for a personal trainer. I also found myself wanting to remove sugar from my diet. Then I noticed that I wanted to have much more rest time in my schedule. I wasn’t quite myself. I had started to find a desire to be well. Physically well. As this journey has unforced I’ve mostly stuck at it. This weekend I realised that I was back to loving my body. Bust and all. I feel well. And I also feel fit. Not quite ready to run a marathon or cycle all day. But pleasantly comfortable with a body that is happy and generally pain free.

So what about the other spiritual exams? I know that I am being challenged to live my spirituality as much as talk about it.

There are also a few more energy waves like deep revision sessions rolling in. End of May and first couple of weeks in June, early August and mid September is the timetable according to my Guides. These periods are where I will be going back over old exam papers to check what I have learned. So I’m expecting some more testing. Bigger challenges. And a lot more lessons. I’m excited to be doing this work for several reasons. I will be able to see how far I’ve progressed in my journey. There will be some clear information about the progress I’m making in developing my abilities. Then I will also have a chance to look at where I want to go next.

Perhaps best of all, if my progress is going well I can move into the next tutor group. I’d like to go through the gateway to the next vibrational level. I feel ready to switch my focus into loving me much more. Doing all of the exercises needed to get me fit to offer more back out into the world. Because that is the real point. It’s important for my Spirit to be able to take on more work as there are big changes required to the way humans live their lives. Change is much easier if there is tough love support. That seems to be my spiritual purpose.

Passing my spiritual exams will show me that I’m ready to work at the next level of service. It’s time for me to look forward to getting through that gateway soon.

Day 540 of my blogging challenge

Shining Light Into Dark Places

My work today has all centred around shining light into dark places. Working with healing energy flows to illuminate where people have got stuck. Because sometimes it can be hard to work it out by yourself.

I woke from a dream this morning where I had been releasing negative words and energy. The negativity had become stuck in my mouth area. In the past I have had a loop of words to define myself that have been much less than positive. This loop has gone round and round for far too long. In the last week I’ve been taking action, along with my Guides, to clear it. Hence the dream. As the stream of energy flew out of my mouth it disappeared. Three times I released the energy and watched it as it faded into nothing. I was surrounded by light. It was shining on me as my energy brightened. Finally, I thought, my stuckness has disappeared. I can speak about myself in a better way.

Later I had the opportunity to do a Parashiel’s Balm healing for someone. As I scanned their aura I could see a huge lump of negative energy around their shoulder. No wonder they had felt like they were stuck in the dark all alone. Or that they had been struggling to make sense of a low feeling that never left them. Guided by the ArchAngels in the room I began some psychic surgery. These loving Energy Beings filled the space with light. Shining it at the dark lump of energy I watched as the negativity faded to be replaced by the wonderful orange rays of self-confidence. Beamed into the person was the strength of belief to help them overcome the challenges they faced. Another person released from being held back.

I used to wonder about the light energy. It comes shining through so brightly. Would it ever run out?

That’s when my Guides explained to me that the light energy is the energy of unconditional love. It is an endless, eternal supply freely available to anyone who asks. How wonderful I remember thinking. And I set off telling as many people as I could about it. Until I realised that not everyone is ready to become unstuck. Some people alre comfortable in the stuckness. Shining a light on their limitations doesn’t help. They need to be left in the patterns and habits that are comfortable for them. Understanding this changed my focus. I started to work with the people who were ready to work out and work through what was holding them back.

That’s how I ended my day. Discussing how my mentoring might be able to help someone  to start moving forward again. It’s all about that really. Because if someone can recognise they are ready to change they can also put in the commitment to change. It’s as if they have reached a tipping point. Being ready to let go of old habits they bring all of their focus and energy to bear on shining more light into their lives. I know this process works. Becuase I’ve had to do it myself. The words of my dream were released as a result of my efforts to identify self destructive patterns. In the long run it’s possible that I would have changed my habits eventually. But I want to make my changes now.

I’m prepare do to keep shining light into all of my dark places. And committed to supporting other people who want to do that too. In whatever way is the best for them. So that we can change ourselves and thus the world a step at a time.

Day 535 of my blogging challenge 

Conversation in the Square

Many of my messages come through a conversation. Either the person I’m talking to says something that I know is from Spirit. Or they tell me I’ve said something they really needed to hear. Or recognise as being from a loved one in Spirit.

Standing chatting in the Square this afternoon I was enjoying the sunshine. Our conversation was about that thorny subject – what is mediumship? As I talked I felt a familiar tingle. My Guide Wolf Running had his hand on my head. And next to me was a Guide belonging to the other person. I knew what I was saying had significance for both of us. So I listened carefully to the words that were falling out of my mouth. It was interesting to hear a reminder of why I started developing in the first place. And why I continue to share my knowledge about intuitive abilities.

Back in the beginning I was mostly curious. I wanted to understand what was happening. Why did I feel tingles at certain times? How did I seem to know what was going to happen? Or that a client was surrounded by loved ones from Spirit. Yes, I was already helping people through my counselling. I moved in that direction when the corporate world   became too toxic and uncaring. As I opened up to the information from my intuitive senses  I became more involved. I wanted to understand at a deeper level. Because I felt I had found a better way to help people. That’s how I fell into mediumship. Somewhat reluctantly but going with it all the same.

The urge to help is very powerful in all of us. I know I have a conversation with myself every time I am around people who are stuck, lost or floundering. I want to somehow make it better.

As I continued into the connection with Spirits I found I was better than average at it. Still reluctant to believe in myself (or them) I fell into demonstrating and giving messages one to one. That’s when I hit a big challenge. My need to help was fed by my Ego Mind. It told me how much better I could help by making sure I was the one people heard. There was a sort of competitive edge that wanted to creep in. I had a hard conversation with myself once again. Using my abilities was about being of service. Not being the big I Am. I decided then that when I was asked I would serve to the best of my ability. That’s how I found myself teaching. Reluctantly. But reminding  myself it was because of choosing to serve others.

Lots of things I have done have been in the background. Quietly. A conversation with one person. A message to another. A healing thought to a third. Visiting places when asked to by Spirit. Connecting people when required. Encouraging people to move on when the time was right. Because to me mediumship is a whole lot more than standing on a stage just to flatter my ego. The temptation was certainly there. But I’m glad I resisted. That’s not to say that everyone who works publicly is doing it to feed their ego. I know many wonderful mediums who serve day in and day out in public settings. They are there because it’s their form of service. It’s what has been requested of them. But I want to add a note of caution. A few aren’t serving anyone but themselves.

That’s a sad conversation to have. To recognise that their Guides have to wait until the Ego Mind has run it’s course. And hope that not too much damage has been done to the public in the mean time.

I encourage people to recognise mediumship in all of it’s forms. Including the healers, psychics, Tarot readers, geomancers, intuitives, and empaths (amongst many names) who might cross your path. Along with the ordinary, kind hearted and open people who offer you support and encouragement when you most need it. They are serving too. Quietly. For no visible reward. Passing on the love that is all around if we choose to be open to it. I believe that intuitive ability is natural for all of us. And I also believe that when required we are all of service on behalf of Spirit. It’s just that we don’t recognise it. Or know how much our help has mattered. The Spirit World would like to thank you today for everything you have done on their behalf. And ask you to keep doing it <3

Day 487 of my blogging challenge.

Knowing I Have Backup

I always record my readings. It’s a kind of backup. The Spirit people often fill the time with so much information it’s impossible to remember it all clearly.

I learned to offer recordings because of my own experiences. Too many times I would walk out of a reading thinking I’d rember it all only to find I couldn’t. Trying to write things down also meant I missed such a lot too. So when I began offering readings I decided to also issue a CD to each person. The backup of a recording meant that my client could relax and listen. That made for a better flow of energy. And the evidence for the exsistence of an Afterlife was there to be listened to as well. It’s not a glitch free system, especially as I’m a bit of a technophobe, but it’s something I do that I feel adds value to the service I can give.

I also appreciate that the Spirit people who come along are happy to have their messages recorded as well. There is a long history within Spiritualism of Spirit interaction with all sorts of technologies to give some kind of evidence of their existence. Whether it’s photographs, chalk slates, electronic voice recording, Ouija boards or drawing and writing, they want to let us know they are there. All sorts of backup methods have been designed too. Ways to remove the possibility of human interference. Things like the use of heat sensors, night vision cameras, trigger objects. All to record that the Spirit people are still present in our lives.

There is another way they provide me with backup. My Guides make sure I know they are around to help me if I need it.

If the energy for a reading needs a boost. When I need a bit of healing for myself. Or a message to inspire me to consider all the options. Even a white feather when I least expect it. And Especially when I’m teaching so that I can tailor the session to the neeeds of my students. In lots of ways every day my Guides show me they are providing backup. Their protective presence helps me to do the best I can for the people who I need to connect with. My Guides also keep a close eye on my energy levels. They will stop me if they feel I’m doing too much.

No matter what the situation I feel surrounded by loving kindness from my Guides. They have given me so much wise advice. Helped me to bring myself through some very tough times. Reminded me again and again to laugh, live, love and enjoy. The best bit is that they confirm, again and again, that everyone has Guides. Spirit loved ones who want to be the backup for their relatives and friends. All we have to do is give them permission to be around us. I am open to help from anywhere. That’s why my Guides are around me so much. If you need backup remember your loved ones will be watching your back too. Ask them to send you the signs and messages that they are there. Everyone deserves backup.

Day 476 of my blogging challenge.

Grounded! When Life Curves Around

I’m grounded! Yesterday my grumpy old man car quit. He had been moaning and groaning for some time. And he knew I’d sent a request to the Universe for a new car in April. He wasn’t happy.

So when I tried to drive the car yesterday morning he wouldn’t get into first gear. Actually much like me really. I’ve had difficulty getting going all week. The energy shifts. My cold. A foggy brain. The feeling of waiting for something to happen. I have felt like I’ve been drifting along. But not knowing where I’m actually going. Worrying that I’m doing too much thinking and not enough action. As an air sign it’s no wonder I’d lost touch with the ground I’m standing on. It can happen very easily. Because I did need to be grounded I came down with a bump.

Practical matters came to a head. I was too ill to work but still thinking I should. I ended up cancelling a couple of events at short notice. That was a real challenge to my strong sense of duty. But it was the right thing to do. One of them involved an hour long drive there and back. So my car put it’s foot down too. Instead I finally retired to my bed and got the deep rest my body needed. When I woke up this morning I felt much more myself. A blessing really as I’d also had a spell during the night of powerful Full Moon energy. Another reason to be grounded right now.

I also feel that my Guides have grounded me too. Perhaps I was racing ahead without taking full account of the way my life has curved around. That after endings there are always beginnings.

I’m really good at looking for new stuff to do. And not so good with tying off the loose ends from what I’ve decided is finished. So I can find myself dragging old energy into new dreams. Is it any wonder then that the new dreams often end up looking like the old ones? This time my Guides want me to focus on everything fresh and new. They want me with a new inner energy. Because there is a big shift coming for all of us. The next nine years represent our choice to step into Ascension Consciousness. I have a chance to deliver on my Spiritual mission. But only if I recognise the new energy in me.

Shifting the ‘old’ me energy is my priority right now. Then I can move on. So I do understand that like an impulsive teenager I have rushed ahead without thought. Being grounded has made me look again at what I’m carrying with me. And I’m going to use the waning moon energy to let go of all the old stuff. Including my grumpy old man car. Because he is also a physical representation of some energy I’ve carried for a long time now. I really admire my Guides. When I refuse to see things one way they make sure I get the message anyway. It’s time for me to be really smart. I want to take the challenge of being in new energy. To be grounded but flying ahead at the same time. What about you?

Day 475 of my blogging challenge.

Keeping Track Of Paperwork

I have to say paperwork is not my most favourite thing. Yet today I needed to do some. I badly needed to sort out all the bits and pieces cluttering my side desk.

I’m a bit of a hoarder. All sorts of receipts, invoices and bills wait in a heap to be sorted. Until the pile seems to have a mind of it’s own. Then it throws itself across all sorts of other things. The book I’ve put to one side to read. Healing records. Workshop notes and course exercises. Business cards to be filed. Until there is a mish mash of paper floating all over the desk. And of course I end up spending ages trying to find the one bank statement my accountant needs right now. I know I could be tidier. More organised. Kinder to the paperwork.

I also know that I’m expecting a lot from myself to do that. Because paperwork takes up time I could spend doing something more exciting. So I suppose I resent it a little. It should be organised enough to get into neat little piles all by itself. Petrol receipts in one. Utility bills in another. Amazon order invoices in a third. Then when I was filing it I wouldn’t be spending ages sorting it all out. Believe me I can spend ages. Mainly because I leave this task for a month. Well maybe three. Or even more. When I sat and thought about it today my resistance only makes this small task much more of a mountain.

I was also thinking about the ‘paperwork’ of life today. Whenever I move address I have so many places to notify. All so that the necessities of life continue. And the bills can find me.

I wondered if it was the same for my Spirit. Is there a great big pile of paperwork tracking my very existence as a human being? Do I have to file reports regularly? What happens with some one like me who is a bit sloppy with the paperwork? I was quite intrigued. I had a vision of my Guides throwing their hands up in horror every time they were asked to provide my completed Human Experience Monthy Report. Of the panic setting in as they realised I was ten years behind in filing my Spiritual Progress Reviews. Of them sitting in team meetings saying that I seemed to be getting the hang of things whilst they had their fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

In a way the paperwork tracks my progress. On a business or personal level by recording my achievement of certain tasks. So I’m sure that my spiritual progress is being tracked too. And not only by my Guides. I want to know that I am getting the most out of being human. When I look back I’d like to be able to see myself growing and evolving through my experiences. To note that I can handle things better than I once could. And to remind myself of what I still want to achieve. The piles of paper are worth organising because I know where I’ve been. Then I can decide where I still want to go. If I pay attention to them I can move myself forward. If only I could get the discipline I need!

Day 470 of my blogging challenge.

Duality: Feminine and Masculine in Me

Duality. Two aspects of something. I really appreciate the support I get from my Guides when I’m trying to work things out and find my balance. I would like my energy to blend well so that I radiate peaceful positivity. But how do I achieve that?

I love that this world is created with so many challenges. But I’d also like to stop fighting myself. What is it about duality? Why is it necessary to have male and female? Night and day? Light and shadow. Us and them? I could go on endlessly about the way in which I bump into two aspects of something time and again in my day. It’s like all the positive and negative energy. I’ve come to understand that energy, of itself, can’t be bad or good. It’s me who chooses to use my energies in certain ways who create the consequences of my actions. And whether I experience those consequences as helpful or painful. Yet why have two of everything?

I was thinking about this today. I caught myself laughing at the story of Noah’s ark. The idea that  two of every animal kept the population of the world going. You see we even divide our reproduction into needing two halves to make a whole. Except that there are instances in nature where one will do. Where a cell is asexual and divides itself. Or a plant becomes both masculine and feminine to reproduce. So why all this focus on two you might wonder. Of course it came from one of my conversations. All about how to make a difference in the world. To work towards an inclusive, equal society. Which has to start first with the way we divide our understanding of our species into feminine and masculine.

Added into the mix was my Letters From The Light Side video broadcast. The Energy Beings are reminding us this week to find and live as our authentic selves. How do I live a truthful life as a female in an unequal world?

And so the conversation about duality. About being a woman or a man and what that might mean. Into a discussion about the energy that makes us a whole human. And finally, a meditation all about balance. The push from my Guides was all about my inner duality. I have to remember that I have the benefit of both feminine and masculine energy. Neither energy is better. Both are necessary. And important. My female energy is my creative force. The part of me that dreams up grand plans and schemes. My male energy makes my dream a reality. Without the dream or the skills to make it so I am reduced to living only a part of my life. It’s important for me to honour both sides of me.

It’s also important to use and balance both energies wisely. I have to pay attention to both in order to be my true self. If I do this I can blend the best of myself and send that energy back out into the world so that my dreams will come true. Not an easy task when there is so much conditioning around what it is to be female. And what it is to be male. I live in a time when the energy is out of balance in the outer world. Where people who contain duality within express only one form of themselves without. It’s as if we have lost the ability to recognise these deeply entrenched positions. I have heard lots of debate about feminism and equality where the speakers can’t seem to see how slanted their position has become.

I guess that sometimes the duality is too hard to live with. When you are coming from a position of having to reclaim equality addressing the double nature of the energy within can be a challenge.

Especially if, like me, you have spent most of your life on the receiving end of discrimination. For being born the gender I am. Yet wanting to do all of the things that the opposite gender take for granted. And wanting to have my views heard in room full of men. Duality, I could kick you sometimes. Or kick me for choosing to come into this path. Apparently for my spiritual growth. Or so my Guides keep cheerfully reminding me whenever I’m on the receiving end of some mansplaining or don’t get to finish my sentences because he wants to make his point very clear to me. Even with three brothers I love and admire it’s very hard to be a woman in what is, still, a mans world.

However, I can also recognise the masculine in me. I can embrace it. The gift of duality is that I can tap into both energies to help me navigate this uncertain world. It’s not about being poles apart in the outer world. It’s about being a whole, joined up person inside. Loving myself for all of the energies I contain. Giving myself permission to use both these flows of energy to manifest the best life for me. If I can balance both aspects of myself I can put that combined energy out for others. I can give them permission to share their feminine and masculine energy combination in a way that works best for both of us. I can remove from myself the judgemental ideas I have picked up from around me. What makes a woman a woman? What makes a man a man? Perhaps it’s finally time to change this into what makes me a me? And what makes us an us?

Day 465 of my blogging challenge. 

Revisiting Conversations

Sometime in a week a theme or topic seems to be ever present. Perhaps this week, because of the effect of Chiron and some Saturn energy, I’ve been paying attention to the conversations I’ve been having.

I’ve already written about that. Yet I found myself revisiting the conversations of earlier in the week when I was talking to more friends today. One of the strands of discussion was about the way in which we all go through wobbly moments. I noticed a lot of my friends have had wobbles, mainly on Tuesday and Wednesday, at the very time when the Light is returning to the world. I wobbled too. Although the energy of Imbolc, or Bridget’s Day, or Candlemas, is a positive uplift the week has been less Light inspiring than I expected. It’s as if we all got a blast of Light but got blinded by it at first.

Now that the week I’d drawing to a close I feel that I have had that Light helping me. I’ve been revisiting my view of myself. Looking at me as an I Am. seeking out any new changes or old stuckness. Probing into my inner world to identify what the wobble was all about. Because wobble said always bring things to the surface for me to pay attention to. It’s interesting how I cling to negative energy. Or perhaps it should be how negative energy wants to cling to me. Sometimes when you distance yourself from the sources of negativity it’s as if that energy flow tries to hook you back in.

I used to get hooked back in quite easily. Revisiting my experiences of the past eleven intuitive years I realised that I felt more comfortable in the negative zone.

Then I would search for the teacher who could pull me out of it. Sometimes not realising that the teacher was stuck too. Of course I was responding to the needs of my Ego. I stayed safe within the limits it set me. Even when my Spirit was prompting me that I was more than those particularmlimitations. Even in the face of my Guides pouring endless unconditional love over me. It was like I couldn’t love myself enough to believe in and trust myself. I didn’t really start to change until my Guides stopped sending me to teachers. Then I saw that co-dependency was a key factor of my comfort zone. I needed someone to validate my inner wisdom.

That’s actually quite a popular method of self-sabotage. When I revisited my search for teachers I realised that I had given my power to them. I had gone to learn with an attitude of ‘I’m not worthy’. So my lessons were hard. And I often refused to acknowledge my own wisdom of myself. I’m not alone in giving others ‘expert’.power. Our school systems tell us that our teachers know best, are like Gods and have all the power. So I went along trying to validate myself by getting teachers who might, one day, say I was some good. That I had wisdom and knowledge. In fact, that I was worthy.

In reality, I stayed stuck. I couldn’t embrace my unique combination of wisdom and experience. Or accept that it had any value to me or others.

It was only when I started to teach awareness of intuition and later energy connections that I finally let go of that inner judgement. Revisiting that time I know I had no external validation that what I was sharing was ‘right’. However I had Guides who encouraged me to continue sharing. They helped me to understand that my path was only my path. Yet if I told others about it they might be encouraged to find their path. And if I showed them what I had done they could experiment for themselves. I discovered that my best teacher about my inner world was me. It was then that I really began to embrace my own inner knowing.

Now I do what I feel prompted to do. I still read and listen to other people’s experiences. I notice the language they use to describe their experiences in case we are talking about the same things but in different words. If I find something that seems to resonate with me I will try it. Best of all, I pay attention to the conversations I have with my Guides. If I’m stuck I know they will help me revisit what I don’t yet see clearly. I enjoy being self taught. Because I’m the expert in me. And I’m the only one who can translate my experiences into meaning for me. I still love to teach by sharing my experiences.

Best of all I love it when the people I am sharing with can find their own self belief, wisdom and knowledge by connecting first with their intuition and then with their Guides. Believe in yourself. You are wiser than you know.

Day 438 of my blogging challenge.

Meeting Pashima

Since embarking on my spiritual journey I’ve become more and more aware of the wonderful Spirits and Energy Beings around me – my ‘team’ of spirit guides. Some of them I knew in life before they passed over to spirit, others I don’t ‘know’ in the same way, but I’m still so thankful that they are with me; to guide, encourage, inspire, uplift and support me and help me to learn and grow. A couple of these beautiful spirits have come forward to ‘introduce’ themselves and help me with a particular aspect of my growth and development and I’d like to share with you a little about one of them, a beautiful lady I know as Pashima.

I was aware of her presence before I actually ‘met’ her. Smell is just one of the ways Spirit can communicate with us, and one day, out driving in my car and feeling a bit fed up, low and down on myself, I smelt the unmistakeable scent of Nag Champa incense. It appeared out of nowhere and once I acknowledged it, it faded as quickly as it had arrived. I was puzzled – I’m familiar with the scent but hadn’t had any of this type of incense for quite some time, there was just no logical explanation why I should be able to smell it now. I smiled and said thankyou to whoever was letting me know of their presence.

Several weeks later I was soaking in the bath after a particularly difficult day. I was feeling tearful – hurt and upset, useless, unloved and my confidence had taken a huge knock. Out of nowhere that unmistakeable scent of Nag Champa wafted around me, as strongly as if I was burning the incense for real (we didn’t even have any in the house!) I called to my partner as I heard him walk across the landing, asked if he could smell anything. “Yes I can” he replied “are you burning incense in there?”

Intrigued, I asked who was there and felt the most beautiful, loving energy surrounding me like a huge comforting hug, then in my mind I saw the face of an Indian/Asian lady. She was older in years, a mother/grandmother-type figure with greying hair, twinkling eyes and the kindest, most beautiful smile. She radiated pure love, warmth, peace, gentleness, kindness and compassion and I instantly felt loved and uplifted by her presence. I asked her name and misheard her the first time. “Pashmina?” “Pa SHI ma”, she gently corrected me.

I thanked her for being with me and felt her presence start to fade, but the wonderful feeling of her love remained with me. Since that beautiful first meeting a couple of years ago she’s often popped in when I’ve been feeling fed up, surrounding me with her love, encouraging me to love and believe in myself, and in those moments when I doubt myself, reminding me that I am enough. I’m so thankful for her support and feel blessed that she’s by my side.

This is a guest blog by Sharon Mackle who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Sharon.