Wading In The Water: Rebalancing My Energy

WadingRather unexpectedly I have ended up away from home again. Though it has given me a great opportunity to spend some time checking out the area I’m visiting. And to get myself wading in the warm water on a sunny evening.

I love the water. Especially since it represents emotions. And my flow of energy. As I have changed my personal energy vibration by opening up to my intuition the flow of water has helped me to clear out stuck feelings. Wading into the waves this evening I thought about my journey over the past thirteen years. That is when I really began to embrace the idea that all things were energy and therefore connected. Through the growing bond with my Guides and their insistence that I could develop strong contact with them I cautiously stepped in the wave s of my own emotions. And realised how much heavy energy I was carrying. From so long ago. That began my process of clearing and cleaning.

As I waded deeper tonight, delighted to let the warm water wash away any used up energy, I realised that I have come such a long way. I am very blessed. And extremely grateful for all of the help and support I have had along my path. Working and being of service to the Spirit and Energy Beings has brought me so much. In return for balancing the energy around me I have also been balancing my own personal energy. Giving and taking at the same time. What has come back to me from the flow of energy is the love and kindness of so many others.  Now I know I wade through an ocean of loving positivity shared by those who are walking along side of me. Wading along together we are all achieving a clearing and cleansing.

Our combined efforts are going out far and wide in our world. Flowing through waves of low vibrational energy to help others join in wading through the warmth of unconditional love. I am so excited to be a part of this sea of change. A sea that is rebalancing each one of us who wants to live a happier life by sharing together. Is it time for you to take a walk in the water?

Day 926 of my blogging challenge 

Body’s Connections To Full Moon Energy

Body'sSometimes it takes me a little time to put things together. Especially my body’s connection to the energy. I tend to forget that, as a clairsentient, I can ‘feel’ all sorts of things that physically don’t belong to me. Often when I notice symptoms I have to check is it me – or is it someone else.

Realising I was strongly clairsentient was like being told I had to learn the language of another planet. Spoken by an inhabitant of a third planet. It was a challenge. First of all I had to identify what I was feeling. Then observe my body’s response when the Spirit and Energy Beings were around me. I might feel their emotions. Or their physical characteristics. And had to cross check that those things were separate from my own body’s reactions. Not easy to sort out. However, because I’m tenacious I stuck with it. Until I was satisfied that I could tell the difference.

Then my Guides started to link me into Mother Earth, the Moon and one or two of the other planets in our solar system. I began to ‘feel’ their physical energy. Including their pain as well as their elation. Finding out I could do this was a surprise. But it’s actually a logical extension of being clairsentient and able to ‘read’ energy. Any energy. Now and again I’m called on to ‘feel’ the pain of the Earth and to transfer it away. Exactly like I would when I am working with healing energy for a client. I finally realised last night that I was involved in Earth healing as the Full Moon energy made it’s presence felt.

My body’s response to this Full Moon was painful. Especially in my root chakra. There was a wobble going on that I had to focus my healing energy on.

However all the Reiki I did for myself to release the pain seemed to make things worse. Until I checked with my Guides. It was a relief in one way to find out the root chakra wobble wasn’t mine. It was the planet reacting to the Moon energy. The ‘pull’ and ‘push’ of getting ready for new beginnings. As the Full Moon arrive this afternoon I walked on the beach letting the water sooth my energy. The pain was gone. Any wobble had disappeared. I felt ready to take a big leap forward. I was also sure that others would have been dealing with the Earth’s energy.

So I popped onto my Facebook to do a live broadcast. There are many strongly clairsentient people who will have been wondering what was happening to them. It felt good to be able to explain my body’s response to the energy. And hopefully others could take some reassurance from understanding their intuitive ability too. Then I thought about my last Letters From The Light Side broadcast. In it I explained there would be some strong energy from Monday night and through Tuesday. If only I had remembered sooner. My body’s reaction would have made sense much sooner.

I love the way I am still learning to put it all together. And that my Guides let me work it out for myself. Until I’m stuck and ask. Or cheer me on when I’ve got the bigger picture. I’m also honoured to be involved in clearing Mother Earth’s energy field. The more of us that can do this the better she will become. Next time you find yourself with random symptoms, aches and pains take a moment. Are you experiencing your own clairsentient ability?

Day 915 of my blogging challenge

Powered Down: Taking A Trip Without Technology

powered downI escaped today to my little retreat place. Being organised I brought everything I thought I would need. Nothing left behind or forgotten. Until I got here and found that I had two charging leads. And no charging plug. Or any way to recharge my phone or computer. So I powered down the technology. And spent a night without it.

Of course being powered down meant I couldn’t get my blog uploaded to the website. Or shared on my social media. Nor could I surf the internet or play any games. Nor could I read the book I’ve just started on my Kindle app. I decided that I had really been powered down by leaving the plug behind. And perhaps I needed to be focused on my retreat instead of the wide world that is accessible from my devices. But it still felt very strange to watch TV and not also scan my emails, comments or have message conversations. I was really reminded that I multi task a lot nowadays. Perhaps that is a good thing. But not when something actually needs my full focus.

Like my Guides. And what they had to say about my trip the next day to meet a lovely friend who was over visiting this country. I decided that they had powered me down so that I would pay attention to what the energy was all about. My energy was certainly full of old and irritating thoughts. Random worries that no longer fit into my life. Past echoes that I thought had actually been dissolved a while ago. But when I powered down I could actually see they were still with me. Even if much reduced. I knew it was time to have a bit of a chat with myself. And not with the technology. Which had also succeeded in locking me out of my bank account. But with that part of me that still expects life to be hard or difficult. The bit that thinks things will go wrong.

And struggles to trust enough. That is the reason I was powered down. To notice my self-sabotage. And to get me deal with it. I’m sure it will all sort itself out. My technology will do what is necessary for me whilst I am away from the charging plug. And tomorrow will be a great day!


Day 895 of my blogging challenge

Blah, Offline, Downtime: There Are Days Like This

blahIt’s been a blah day. I’ve been feeling slightly out of sorts. My intuition has been offline too. And my head is certainly ready for some downtime. I have been able to do what I’ve needed too. However, my head has felt like it was somewhere else. And my body has wanted to curl up and rest.

Feeling blah can be a bit of an issue when I have appointments booked. Do I cancel the catch up with friends? Or my Reiki treatment? Should I turn away the distressed lady who has questions about her loved ones that need answers? And what about getting the car MOT’d. It happened to be the last day of the previous MOT so not a lot of choice with that. As always, what I did was carry on with my commitments. My Guides have a way of organising things if I’m really not meant to be working. They also have a wonderful way of stepping in and making sure I have a lovely flow of positive healing energy with me all the time.

Because blah days always crop up. It’s no different for mediums or psychics than for anyone else. Although I might get a warning that I’m going offline or that it’s going to be a downtime day. I still have to take the time out when it happens. Or I have to do the things that are necessary. And that is where my Guides will help me out. But I also know all our Guides will help anyone out. All that is required is permission. I have to ask for the helpful energy because it’s a matter of free will. My Guides can’t act if I don’t want them to. Today I asked. As I do every blah day. In my head I call for help. Or shout if necessary. Then I step back and let them send me what I need. I also use my Reiki to self-heal too. That way I am taking positive action and so are my Guides. Together we work to get me through my day.

So now I’m writing my blog. The last action of my blah day. I hope to wake up a whole lot more connected, grounded and well tomorrow. Because one blah day is enough for me at the moment!

Day 880 of my blogging challenge

Shutting Up Internal Chatter: Listening For Guides

shutting up chatterIt must be a necessary theme this week – working with Guides. Yesterday I wrote about my latest new Guide and today I’ve been chatting to several people about the way I work with mine. Explaining that our connection couldn’t get off the ground until I learned about shutting up my internal chatter.

As a human being I have learned to keep my mind active. Not necessarily by choice. But because I have always been expected to process lots of information. Firstly by my Ego Mind so that I can keep myself out of danger and stay alive as long as possible. The chatter that flows through in my thoughts has a big chunk of assumptions, options and debates about what to do for the best. Not only about crossing a road or driving. But also how much my gas bill is, the price of food and if that person really did mean to be nasty to me. The Ego Mind is expecting uncertainty and attack. Shutting it down completely is hard because I want to stay safe too. So it gently rumbles on yacking at me all the time.

Also chatting away are my feelings. Who said what, when and why. Debating if I feel hurt, proud, upset or angry. Linking what has been said to things in my past and dredging up old feelings. Chattering about assumptions of what is going to happen in the future if I have to speak to that person again. Going round and round judgements, conversation points and individual words. Constructing my answers for next time. Or the things I really wished I had said. I play these over and over again in the safety of my internal world hoping that I can deny them or reinvent them to sound more positive to me. Using up lots of energy keeping myself in the past rather than accepting the conversations and moving on. And all because humans don’t show each other how to deal with feelings immediately.

Shutting up chatter therefore becomes a lot more complicated as I fall into all of these internal dialogues. Swapping Ego Mind with feelings endlessly. So how can my Guides break through that noise?

It’s important to acknowledge that my Guides communicate with my Intuitive Mind. The part of me that processes the information from my intuitive senses. It’s a part of me that has been pushed into he background. I’ve been trained to believe that I actually don’t have intuitive senses. So how can the information break through if I’m not even paying attention? My Intuitive Mind is chattering very quietly to itself. Gradually shutting down the information coming in because all the other chatter is drowning it out. Until it’s almost silent. I’ve even forgotten that it’s there. Unless I get a random prediction right. Or have a moment of deja vu that wobbles my certainty in the material world. Even denying that I might have seen a non-physical being.

So here I am with far too much chatter going on in my head. Yet the voices or connections I want to experience are shutting up. In my experience the only way to deal with this was to start closing down the chatter and opening my intuition. I began with learning to meditate. Letting myself turn down the volume on my Ego and feelings. But turning up the volume on my intuitive senses. I also learned to sit very quietly so that the chatter could calm down, slow down and fade a bit. Music for relaxation helped me too. I started to write my questions down and let myself answer them. I paid attention to any thoughts and feeling I had that seemed not to be mine. And I kept asking for more. telling my Guides to give me the information again.

With a lot of practice I gradually learned how effective shutting down the chatter could be. Because I had a space in my head where other impressions, thoughts and feelings could emerge. It took me some time to trust that this was my Guides communicating with me. Yet when I finally accepted it was my mind chatter became a wonderful, purposeful conversation instead. Is it time for you to stop chattering and start listening?

Day 855 of my blogging challenge

Telling It Like It Is – Being Clear What’s Involved

telling truthThere are times when I get quite frustrated with the world. Days when everyone seems to have an agenda. But they won’t put it into what they are saying. I much prefer telling it like it is. Then everyone can be clear what is involved and make their choices based on as much info as possible.

I recently signed up to something which was presented as a charitable event. I try to support charities when I can because there are so many causes that struggle to get funding. This one seemed like a really good idea. I was excited too because it was to do something that would challenge me. After several ‘welcome’ type texts there were a few questions I still needed answering. Especially about dates and times that I would have to commit to. I asked several times for the information. Disappointingly I didn’t get answers. Until I spoke to someone else. Then I found out that there were some hidden costs not included in the original blurb. And deadlines I couldn’t meet. It certainly wasn’t telling it like it is.

It got me thinking about this habit we have. One I’ve been guilty of in the past. Telling the story with the spin I want on it. Keeping back the bits I want to hide. And letting someone believe that what they have been told is the whole picture. When I started working with my Guides they were very picky about the way I had to pass on messages. They insisted that I had to share only what they gave me. Because my opinions, judgements or assumptions would hide the truth of the words the Spirits wanted to say. Because, in the end, when someone isn’t clear it all falls apart anyway. Like my hoped for charitable experience. I have withdrawn because I had only been given half of the story.

There was too much else involved. Things that the organisers weren’t telling anyone. Things that made it impossible for me. It’s a good reminder to me. I now try my best to be straightforward in all I say. But I’m not perfect so sometimes I miss little bits out. However, I have no agenda when working for Spirit. I do what they ask of me, when they ask it of me. And I do my very best to bring that approach into everything I say in my everyday life. Telling things straight is the spiritual way. I’m glad I finally learned that lesson.

Day 846 of my blogging challenge

Preparation – Getting Ready To Speak For Spirit

preparationIt’s been a snowy evening so I’ve been glad to sit and do my preparation for a Mind, Body and Spirit event tomorrow. My Guides tell me I will be able to get there. And I’m really glad because I am doing a talk on one of my passions. Past Lives.

I’m actually going because I want to show people my new book – Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. I’m very proud to have written it and am delighted that it’s getting good reviews. I have also taken the opportunity to do a talk about Past Lives. Because I am sure they will feature in a book soon. And, of course, they are the topic that first really challenged my understanding of my world. Although it took me many more years to learn to speak for Spirit. The preparation I got from learning about past lives helped me be open. Open to many ideas about the energy world and intuition. Even if I remind a sceptic for a long time.

It’s that preparation that made it much easier for me to accept that the Guides who stepped forward were actually there. And made it much less of a fight when the Energy Beings asked me to start telling people what they were saying to me. The work I had done, and the research about past lives, gave me a sense of connection to a greater whole. This connection became much clearer as I explored my own past lives. I began to think of time as fluid rather than static. When I also realised that the Guides could show me the past lives of other people I knew I had to give that information out. Eventually my Guides, with plenty of preparation, got me to run workshops so I could help others start their journey too.

Tomorrow is another chance to get people into preparation for accessing their past lives. Then clearing the energy the lives still push into this life. And, who knows, to help the people who come along to start their own speaking for Spirit. So, my CD’s of the meditation are ready, my books are packed and my car is outside gathering snow. It’s New Moon too so bring on the flow of wonderful energy!

Day 842 of my blogging challenge

Creating Space For Spirit Communication

creating spaceI’ve often talked and written about letting my Guides have time to speak to me. Or how to provide a moment to listen into what they want to say. One of the ways in which I work with them is by creating a space when we can talk to each other. I call it a Home Circle. First because it’s done in my home. And second because it’s with a circle of friends.

The term Home Circle isn’t unique to me though. Far from it. It goes back to the beginnings of the Spiritualist Movement and even before then. Home circles were used by religious groups to share, discuss and understand the teachings of their faith. And, I’m sure, before that in all sorts of communities where knowledge needed to be shared, talked through and agreed upon. Creating a home circle to include the Spirit and Energy Beings is therefore an entirely natural part of the way we human beings get ourselves organised. But because it can sound a bit secretive many people don’t even think about getting together with friends this way.

Yet I love creating this kind of space. Inviting people who I enjoy sharing time with. Having a cuppa and relaxing. Then all of us sitting quietly to see what we experience. And sharing during and after the connection with our Guides and the Spirit people. I enjoy hearing what other people have picked up. There is often a good discussion about what it all might mean. And an opportunity for me and everyone else to learn new ways of connecting with our Guides. I like to keep the time to one hour of sitting quietly. Not because we couldn’t do longer. But because it helps all of us focus enough on what is coming in without drifting into our Ego Minds or physical needs.

There are times when our circle is more active, less still and quiet, blasted by laughter too. I appreciate all of these moods. But it is the quiet that I appreciate the most. Because in the stillness even the most subtle or small of signals gets through. The stillness of a home circle and the creative ways in which the space is used by our Guides is wonderful to experience.

Day 831 of my blogging challenge

Kind Thoughts: Whatever The Energy Between Us

Kind thoughtsSometimes I wake up with word running around my head. Usually in the middle of the night. Often from the conversations I’ve been having with my Guides. One recent discussion was about kind thoughts. Because I have been working on forgiveness.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to take on board is to be kind to myself. I learned very early in life that I was expected to be kind to others. But I’m not sure that I ever balanced that out with the other half of the equation. That I also needed to give myself the same kindness. When I did start to recognise it was a balance I’m sure I got it wrong lots of times. Because I also needed to understand the nature of forgiveness. Being kind to people I liked was easy. As was me being kind to those who liked me. But what about all of the people I struggled to like? Or didn’t want to like? What about the people I though had done me wrong? How could I offer kindness to them?

When I started to talk to my Spirit Guides they were keen for me to understand how forgiveness, like love, had to be unconditional. If I wanted to be kind to myself and others I also had to be free to forgive myself for anything and everything. That way I would also be ready to forgive other people too. It brought up interesting ideas about guilt and blame. Two great inhibitors on any form of forgiveness. Working through these ideas and feelings was hard. Very hard. Until I started to send out kind thoughts to people. All sorts of people. Including myself. Recognising that we are all flawed. That sometimes we don’t do the best things for one another. Or to one another. Bit by bit I worked to send positive thoughts to people who were in my life. No matter what had passed between us. Or how I felt about that person.

The sending of kind thoughts allowed me to release myself from judgements. I could forgive myself for being less than perfect. And I could also forgive others for the same. Every time I get a negative reaction to someone, or myself, I remind myself to deal with it kindly. And to move on. There are more important things to learn about life. Especially about kindness and forgiveness.

Day 829 of my blogging challenge

Snow Hat : Protection, Warmth and Cover

snow hatThe wind was bitterly cold today. Big gusts of icy air impossible to avoid. Good job I was wearing my snow hat. I’ve had it a long time and I love how it keeps my head warm. It is also my cover and protection. It reminded me today of the way I shield myself from negative energy.

I believe that all of our thoughts and feelings are energy. This energy flows out, around, through and back to us. It’s one of the reasons why sending healing thoughts to someone can help. My positive energy thoughts can rebalance their negative energy. Because I also believe that dis-ease is low vibrational energy that we are stuck in. The energy that I sense around all of us can be warm and loving or cold and uncaring. It all depends on what the other person, and me, are sending to each other. And what everyone in the world is generating. That’s why we can get caught inhale force energy storms of negativity. And why I need a snow hat to keep it out of my head.

When I started opening up my intuition, recognising it was there and sensing Energy beings, I had no idea that there were low and high vibrational beings. I was so excited to be opening up that I didn’t take much care of who I was letting into my aura energy. I am very grateful for my Guides who quickly stepped forward and gave me the Spirit equivalent of a snow hat. They helped me to see that I had to keep my mind clear and positive. So having a hat, so to speak, became an issue of protecting my energy, keeping myself in the warmth of love energy and hiding me from the low vibrational Energy Beings. I guess you could say I have had many psychic hats. Each one designed to keep me safer. I use my imagination to dream up bigger and better protective hats.

The snow and cold over the last few days has been a challenge. I have had to look after myself. In the same way I have been reminded I have to look after my energy. It goes with the intuition side of my life. Perhaps my current hat needs a revamp. Maybe I haven’t checked on it for a while. So I’m off to dream of a brand new hat in the Full Moon energy. How exciting!

Day 827 of my blogging challenge