Confirming Three Times: Is This The Best Way Forward?

confirmingThere have been times in my life when I have had choices and not known which way to go forward. A bit like me being at a roundabout and looking for the right road to my destination. Until I connected with my Guide Team I would stumble forward. In a sort of hit and miss way I would get to somewhere. But now I have a better way. My team are happy confirming if my choice will suit me. So long as I have made a choice!

It has helped me a lot. Confirming my direction, once I have taken a first step, allows me to  go forward with confidence. Of course they leave the decision up to me. After all there are always many roads to the top of a mountain. And many down the other side too. But when I choose a route my Guides will let me know if it’s going to be an easy one or not. However, a habit I developed when I began working with my Guides has stuck with me. I like them to confirm important directions three times in three different ways. In this way I can listen to my intuition, do what I feel is the right thing and then make sure I have done the best I can.

I don’t do this with everything in my life. There are decisions I can easily make for myself. That’s part of being responsible for myself. However, every now and again I come to a point where there are options and the way ahead is a bit foggy. Once again I like that my Guide team, by confirming what I am debating, help and inspire me to my choices. Like little nudges that get me looking at things from a higher perspective. And checking that I am not getting lost in my Ego Mind. After all, I want to live by my spiritual beliefs and to do that I have to be in my Intuitive Mind. I want to come from a place of compassion and honesty in my dealings with the world. So sometimes my choices surprise people. I will gladly explain them if I am asked.

Actually, my blog is a way of making my choices transparent. So often when I sit down to write it it turns out to be a confirmation that a decision was the best one in the circumstances. Or I get a chance to argue with myself over which path to take. And in behind it all the time are my Guide Team, confirming the pros and cons, dropping debating points into my mind and reassuring me that I don’t have to worry about unexpected outcomes. I am a Spirit in a human body doing the best I can.

Day 850 of my blogging challenge

Angelic Energy Watching Over Me

angelicIt’s been an angelic day. Not that I knew that when I got up this morning. I’m used to my Guide Team being around and stepping forward when I need to know something. But I’ve also learned to look for their signs when they come in unexpected ways. Paying attention always makes a great deal of sense in the long run.

So I’m pushing against my posting deadline and typing as fast as I can because the angelic vibe has pushed my attention into other things. Which is mostly what happens in my day anyway. I expect to be doing what is needed just when it is necessary because my Team know someone needs something. From readings, emails and catch up chats with friends. To letters, research and social media posts. However, today the Angels and Archangels have been at the front. They always remind me to practice unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. To not take things personally as I could be a karma agent. And remind me that love and laughter are the best antidote to hate, fear and oppression.

I hope I spread some laughter today. And I hope I lightened someone’s day. I know that everyone who I met today did that for me. They were being sent on that angelic vibe, speaking messages to me that they couldn’t have known. Helping me to put on a coat of angelic protection. Sharing the wisdom of the Angels. And reminding me how fortunate I am to share my day in this way. Never mind the newsletter that was waiting. Or the planning for May and June events. Instead I have reflected on my direction. Thought through my plans from a different point of view. And revised the way I am approaching my work. Because I know I’m being prompted to change things for the better. That’s not a bad thing at all.

Angelic energy is very distinct. Look out for the random white feathers. Keep an eye out for number sequences. This is day 848 so double Archangels (number eight) and single Angels (number 4). Be open to the approach of strangers who have a certain glow about them. Or a certain smile that lights up their eyes. Especially if the tell you something. And listen to what your family, friends and colleagues say. They could be speaking with the voice of an Angel. I hope you find that your Angels are watching over you too.

Day 848 of my blogging challenge

Turning Things Around: Positive Outcomes

turningI had a lovely conversation with a good friend of mine today. We were turning over and reviewing all of the changes that had been happening in out lives. And recognising that, from a distance, what seemed awful had actually turned out well.

Jan and I have worked together for several years. However at the beginning fo last year we both found ourselves turning in other directions. There were choices to review and decisions to be made. Some of our collaborations had to be put on hold. I remember putting some of the paperwork into a cupboard and wondering when it might see the light of day again. But I could also see that there was an upheaval going on underneath all of the ordinary, every day things. Jan felt it too. We had many discussions throughout the year about where we were heading. Both of us not quite sure but staying as hopeful as possible.

I also felt like it was the year of giving up things I wasn’t certain I wanted to let go of. Because each time I removed something from my life another things seemed to need removing. I know that Jan and I were sharing this same sensation. But we kept encouraging each other to go with the flow. I also know that we both wondered what all our efforts had produced. Because it seemed like they hadn’t really got off the ground. Yet some things had definitely changed for both of us. I guess we were really taking on the challenge of living day to day and trusting the Universe. So when it came time for me to let go of churches and my Centre I was ready to do so with ease.

Turning away from those things, amongst others, left me wondering ‘what next’. In a sort of free fall. And I am still floating gently along waiting to understand the point of it all.

Yet I also know that I have done the right things for me. As we sat talking together I noticed how much more positive there is in both of our lives. And how we both felt the stress of having to be ‘in control’ had been lifted. Actually, I listened to my good friend listing so many positives from the changes she had made. And I realised that I had so many positives to list too. Together we were turning things around to understand that we were doing exactly what would be best for us for the next few months. Perhaps years. That’s really important to me. Because I once lived a life so full of stress it was making me ill.

To be stress free, or almost, has been my big dream. I know it is the foundation of wellbeing. It is the way for me to enjoy my life and follow my passions. I also recognise that I didn’t achieve this all by myself. My family and good friend have supported me all the way through the last few years of change. Turning to others for help or inspiration has also been a key part of making positive outcomes. Especially my Guide Team. Each time I have felt like giving up they have been there boosting and encouraging me. That’s why I am so passionate about everyone else finding their Guide Team. It’s an amazing positive to have in my life.

Now I am determined that I’m turning an optimistic face to my future. Whatever the Universe bring to me will end up having a positive outcome. Even if it is also challenging whilst I’m in it. Find the guidance and inspiration. Look forward to a good life. And enjoy your journey.

Day 791 of my blogging challenge

Perfect Timing: Engaging Transpersonal Chakras

perfect optionI alway enjoy running workshops. They happen at the perfect time for the people involved. And today, working with Transpersonal chakras, seemed the ideal response to the energy shifts of the last couple of weeks.

I really appreciate the people who come along to the workshops. They bring questions that I love to find the answers for. And they bring their Guide Teams to blend with mine so that we all get the best out of the day. That’s perfect. Because it’s the Guide Teams who are trying to reach us. I know that when I open the door to my Guides they fill me with fresh energy, information and support. So I also know that the workshop will do the same for the people who attend. Guides like to make things as clear as possible. Because they want me and everyone else to make the best choices for our next steps on the spiritual path. And that’s exactly what the energy has been all about since the end of July.

It’s time for me to stop limiting my choices. I have to embrace all that I am and can do so that I can manifest as many options as possible. In fact, working to boost my energy centres around my Transpersonal chakras. Those power stations that can energise more bands of aura vibration. Because my aura vibrating at a higher level enables me to communicate more clearly with all of the Light and Energy Beings who are waiting to help me complete my mission. Even when I have no idea what my mission is supposed to be. That is true of the energy at the moment too. I’m being asked to dedicate myself to serving my purpose. Without any idea what my purpose is!

That’s perfect too. Being willing to serve in any way I am able is the key. Removing my doubts, fears and judgements about what I can achieve. These only block my progress.

It’s perfect timing right now to face them head on and push myself past the restrictions. Using my knowledge of my Transpersonal chakras I can make that connection to a much bigger picture. I can understand that whatever I do now will bring me wisdom. Recognising that every step of my journey is what counts. Not really the destination. Because my plan is fluid and flexible enough to reshape itself as I chose this or that option. It’s the seeing of the opportunities that really matters. And that is what the bigger picture gives me. I know I am heading into an Ascension process. I will need as much energy as I can take on board to make the shift into serving myself and others with unconditional love.

That’s the kind of perfect I am aiming for. Not the perfect of being well thought of, or praised or applauded. But the recognition that I have been good enough in each moment of my current existence. Creating karma that brings a positive flow of energy into my life. And the lives of others. I know we have such untapped intuitive resources. The information about Transpersonal chakras has taken a long time to emerge into mainstream comment. And there is so much more to discover when we all start working with the higher energies. But first I know we have to clear the clutter of our old wisdom and beliefs out of the way. That’s perfect too.

I am constantly evolving. What I knew fifteen years ago about the higher chakras has been expanded over time. And expanded once again in my workshop today. Each level of knowledge has been a perfect fit for where I was at that time. I love the fluid way that wisdom wraps itself around my life. Now I can’t wait for the next workshop!

Day 628 of my blogging challenge

A Makeover of the Mission?

img_2355I sometimes watch reality TV. One of the things I enjoy is those kind of series that do a home makeover. Turning the tired and faded into fresh and vibrant in the space of an hour. Today I had my own makeover experience.

The programmes usually employ designers to find cheap and cheerful ways to make somewhere look new. There is a budget. Then there is a plan. Sometimes what the homeowner falls in love with. Sometimes what the homeowner is disappointed with. I know there are TV shows that also apply the same process to people. Some are content with giving people a new look, clothes, hairstyle. Whilst others feature plastic surgery, extreme excerise and diet. Once again some people are delighted. Yet others wonder who they really are. I’m thinking about the makeover process because I had my own mini one today.

The local beauty salon was offering a free session to try out a new range of make up that they stock. I called in to see what was on offer. It felt like the right thing to do. I have been aware for the last couple of weeks that the Energy shifts have also changed the way I see myself. In fact I’ve been back to regular exercise for ten weeks now and feel much better. So what about my physical appearance? Time to freshen up my ‘tired’ exterior with a new coat of paint, I thought. As with everything wearing the same styles or using the same make up is a habit. I arrived at what I was comfortable with so it stuck. Now I’m not comfortable. So I need to change.

This goes deeper than a physical level. For me this year has been all about patterns and changing them. I’ve been going through the ultimate makeover. I’ve been rethinking my mission in life.

Not the mission I thought I’d decided on. But the mission I can now recognise more clearly because the fog of fear has been lifted. I’ve had an inner journey to examine exactly why I am a human being at this precise time in our history. Like finding a new clothing style or a new make up I have been experimenting this year with what I’m supposed to be doing. Although I have had some fixed parts to my life how I approach those has changed. And I’m especially ready to let go of anything that pulls my energy away from my main aims. My makeover has been about finding focus.

Working through the different options, checking what I feel I’m good at I’ve also been helped by the comments of others. In the same way that people saying that I looked good today reinforced that I did need that new coat of paint. Making sure I can complete my mission depends on really knowing the detail of what it is. Of acknowledging when I’m flowing with those details. And when I’m blocking myself by resisting doing what I’m best at. Fortunately I have a Guide team who are quick to signal when my mission is on track. Though they can’t make me do anything. I have to be the one choosing. They can confirm I’m on the right path.

Today I had some lovely confirmations about my work for the next nine years. My focus is on the right things for me. The makeover is almost complete and I can’t wait to share my mission with everyone ?

Day 375 of my blogging challenge. 

Developing Intuitive Ability

Today I’ve been focused on helping people develop their intuitive ability. I enjoy working with people one to one. And I also find it really great to help people in my D2E Psychic Club.

It’s been one of my realisations that we all have psychic senses. We can all use our intuition. This ability is both natural and normal. However, because it’s a very misunderstood ability, I also know that a lot of people are very unsure whether they want to tune into their psychic senses at all. That’s why I run a Psychic Club where people can come and try different things. I get the chance to explain what is happening and they get a chance to try it for themselves. I’m delighted to say that for the past five years many people have been given a lot to think about because of the Psychic Club.

Alongside the group meeting I also offer one to one sessions for people who are ready to make connections to Energy Beings. These sessions can be face to face, online or by telephone. It means I can work with specific issue that people have. And I can tailor the content of the sessions to areas which need attention. It’s a great way to make sure that someone can build on what they have already discovered. And it also means that I can pay particular attention to what their Guides want to help them with. After all, each person has their own Guide team to help them. Yet, depending on what the person is able to do, that team might still be out of reach. Helping make the connections is a really rewarding part of my involvement.

Sometimes discovering their ability is all a person wants. It might be enough that I help them to us their intuition more.

I never push someone to go beyond what they want. It might be my job to explain that they can do more. But the choice of how to develop is always with the person. That’s why I like my Club to be open. People can attend or not as they feel on the day. I also like people to explore more widely. There are lots of great books available on all sorts of subjects involving intuitive ability. There are workshops (including mine), events, videos and lots of other practitioners. I know that I spent plenty of my time doing all sorts of different things before I really started my development proper.

It’s true to say I still do. I love exploring different techniques, going to other people’s events and finding out the many, many ways that intuitive abilities are applied by others. To me the journey into mediumship comes from a curiosity about what I, as a human being, can do. What undiscovered skills to I have? What unexplored talents? I hope that I always have this curiosity. It would be lovely to feel that I will always be ready to explore me some more. If my life is a journey I would like it to take me to new and unexpected places. In the same way that I am ready to take myself on a journey I hope that my work with other people will be a signpost for their journey. Let’s travel part of the way together.

Day 349 of my blogging challenge.

Powerful Connections

imageSometimes we forget how powerful we are when we join forces with others. Today I’ve been to Leeds, Bradford and Halifax on three different journeys. Each has involved connecting with the energy of others. Each journey and meeting has had a positive impact on my experiences of the day. My first trip was to meet with a group of Visionary Women so that we could work together in increasing our self awareness, discover our purpose more fully and release any limitations we have been placing on ourselves. Having the courage to look at yourself whilst in the company of others can be hard. We are all used to wearing masks. Of avoiding what our true thoughts and feelings might be. Working in a supportive group is important if we want to get some insight into how we are in the world. Or to challenge the choices we have been making for our life. I came away from the meeting with lots of new insights, some info about how I see myself and some practical steps to take to help me remove any barriers in my way.

The trip to Bradford was to drop my daughter off at something she was doing. It gave me a chance, whilst waiting for her, to write some more in one of my journals. I keep several note books so that I can write down whatever is floating in my mind. This is a powerful way to connect to my inner world. As I write I try not to read (or edit). I focus on letting the pen move across the page, on turning to a fresh page and on clearing my mind of anything that might be clutter. Each note book relates to a different aspect of my life or to a challenge I may be dealing with. When I’ve finished writing I sometimes read what is there. Often I don’t. For me the thoughts and feelings have gone into the page. They are free and so am I. Occasionally I go back to read what I’ve written but that tends to be when enough time has passed for the subject of the note book to have lost it’s energy in my life.

My last trip, to Halifax, was to give a talk about connecting to energy beings. I love doing talks and the New Directions Group is one I’ve visited quite a few times. Helping people to connect to the powerful guidance they can experience from their Guide Team is a wonderful passion in my life. I love to teach, my Guides love to teach and connecting with their higher energies can bring much love, healing and comfort. I’m also a firm believer that everyone has psychic senses and the intuitive ability to connect with all sorts of Energy Beings. Showing people how to begin making the connections is important as there is so much misinformation around and people get confused. Opening up a discussion or giving people the step by step way of beginning the connections is a great way to encourage more connections. It’s also a powerful confirmation of what they have experienced in the past but might never have had confirmed. Nearly everyone was able to sense one or more of their Guide Team so I hope to have prompted more attempts at connection by members of the group.

When we connect with who we really are, take that authentic self out in public and work to connect with others (whether physically here or not) we are building a sense of belonging. That sense of belonging to something bigger or greater than ourself is the foundation of recognising we are all one community. If we have the will to go further than humanity we can find the powerful community of Energy Beings. Experiencing the world from this widest of viewpoints may make us question why we aren’t more loving, peaceful, kinder to each other. It might be the great push we need to start making the changes in ourselves that build a more cohesive, loving and compassionate world. That would be a day’s journeying well spent!

Day 183 of my blogging challenge.