Almost – But Not Quite!

img_2337I’m ready to celebrate. I’ve almost been a blogger for a full year. Something I started for thirty days has grown into over three hundred.

So I wanted to be sure that I had achieved the second part of the challenge I set myself. Part way through the thirty days I almost gave up. A regular daily blog was a hard pattern to get into. Finding the best time to write and what to write about gave me a lot to think through. However, as I got closer to the end of the challenge I realised that I was getting settled into a pattern. I found I enjoyed writing. So I decided I would continue. I’ve set myself a challenge to blog for 1001 days. And tomorrow I will have got to 365 days. A whole year!

As I approached the end of my year I started to worry over the day count. Had I actually done a whole year? It was a reasonable question. I don’t want to celebrate something I’ve almost done as if I’d actually done it. So there has been a count check going on. Much like a vote recount, I’ve gone back over the blogs to confirm that my year will be complete tomorrow. Not today, as I originally thought. But I’m not upset. The bubbly is still on ice. It just won’t get drunk until tomorrow’s blog has been finished. My achievement still stands whenever it happens.

I do feel that it is a good point to celebrate what I’ve nearly done too.

It’s easy to forget how much has been achieved even when it’s an almost not an actual. I know there have been many things in my life that I set out to do. They never quite happened. Usually because life got in the way. Occasionally because I got in my own way. What matters is to keep trying. To keep setting goals and giving myself a chance to try to achieve them. Failure is a normal part of life. Not everything works out the way I think it should. It’s how I keep enthusiastic about having another go that matters. Tonight I’m delighted to have three hundred and sixty four blogs to my credit. That works out, with an estimated average of 600 words per day, to 218,400 words.

That’s probably a couple of books. And that’s another achievement from my blogs. It got me writing my own book. Soon I will see it in print and have a new reason to celebrate. Thinking about how I almost gave up, about the times when finding the words was hard, the days when I ran out of steam, it’s wonderful to be this close to a year. Nothing can take away from me what I’ve already done. So when I get stuck, feel things are impossible or I want to give up I’m going to remind myself of all the things I’ve nearly done. They count just as much as goals I’ve achieved. Because they show I can persevere, persist and progress!

Day 364 of my blogging challenge. 

Reflecting on the Future

imageThe month is flying by. Lots of things have come much more in focus for me since I stepped into the Light of August. Now I’ve started reflecting on my future. On the dreams I’m building and the focus I need.

I have to say that this time of year is always a time for me to think about what I’ve achieved and where I’m going. I find September is my month of endings and beginnings.  No surprise really as my birthday is in early October. I like to check in to see how much closer I am to making my dreams a reality. That always leads me to planning for the future once I’ve reset my goals. Some goals have been ticked off the list, some fell off the list and some have more details added. Reflecting on all of these is very powerful.

Interestingly, whatever goals I set myself I know that I will achieve them if I pay attention to the guidance I also get from my lovely, lively Spirit team. After all, they know the dreams, goals and plans I made for myself before I fell to Earth. I’m the one who has forgotten what I promised myself. So they help me to remember. Sometimes it’s in the signs and signals around me. Sometimes it’s the words I hear someone else say. And often it’s my inner intuition being triggered by their presence.

The insights flash into my consciousness like bursts of fireworks. Suddenly I know. With complete certainty. It feels right. I’m back on plan. The future has become full of possibilities once more.

Reflecting on these moments, I feel that opportunities are everywhere. There are so many ways to go. Which route will build my dream in the best possible way? I know that I gave myself plenty of choices when I set my plan. Now it’s up to me to be focused. To tease out what will work best with the ‘me’ I am at the moment. Which options will bring out the best of me. And which options will bring out the best in me bringing out the best in others.

That’s part of the dream too. I want everyone to share in my dream. Everyone who wants to. Perhaps we can make it a wonderful team effort. Certainly our plans will have had that opportunity. I’m sure that the point of being here is to work together as one. To share good intentions, build big dreams and take the actions that will benefit all of us. Working together we can change our lives for the better. We can generate a positive flow of energy that will wrap everyone in love. For when we love what we are creating and doing we get passionate about life.

I want that passion for living. I know what it feels like when all passion has gone. When life seems bleak and empty. When I ceased to want to live. Reflecting on a life without passion I know I will choose the positive road every time.

So the year that’s on its way in is all about me doing what I love. Focusing on my big dreams (and there is more than one) and being creative. I fully intend to enjoy every moment of it and share it with as many people as I can. Here is to the books, the writing, the listening ear, the fragrances, the ArchAngels, the Mystery Odyssey, the artwork, the mediumship and the healing. And of course, anything else that takes me towards a passionate, fulfilling, dreamy life!

Day 273 of my blogging challenge.