Unicorns And Earth Magic For A Glimpse Of The Future

UnicornsI’ve been with the Unicorns today creating some Earth Magic. Getting a glimpse of the future for people who came for card readings at Gallery 339. Of course it’s not a hard and fast future. I know we can all change our path if we really wish to do so.

But peeking in I can see the most likely outcome of the energy that is all around. One of the ways I have a sneak preview is to look at Tarot or Oracle cards. They are a great psychic tool for opening up my intuition so I can notice the energy around the person I am reading for. Of course, it’s not the only way to read energy. However it’s one I find really enjoyable. Especially when I notice that some cards like to come out in more than one reading. I also love the energy of unicorns. They remind me of strength and magic. And to always dream of mythical things because I might find out that they really do exist in one dimension. Or another. That’s what the cards kept saying today. Keep dreaming. Hoping. Wishing.

The Unicorns were also offering support. Reminding all of us that it’s ok to be carried at times. When I am weary, confused or dragging my feet. Just as the Earth Magic cards reminded me of all that is on offer to me if only I look. Life is magical. Especially if I let it unfold around me. And if I honour my connections to the planet too. And if I consider the future energy and trust that everything I require and desire is on it’s way to me. That’s a lot of if’s and I sometimes forget to follow the steps. Yet the prompts will appear in the cards if I ask. I enjoy picking a random card now and again. The magic of the prediction works each time. I am uplifted and encouraged.

Unicorns and Earth Magic. A powerful combination of energy at my disposal when I am sending out my dreams. I will wait as patiently as possible for those dreams to come true. Grateful for the presence of supportive energy in my life.

Day 932 of my blogging challenge

Hallowed Space To Work At Connecting

hallowed spaceI’ve had a day filled with angelic energy. At Gallery 339 where I sometimes do readings and workshops. Stepping into a hallowed, or sacred space, to help the participants meet the Guardian Angel and the Earth’s Guardian ArchAngels. It reminded me that creating the right energy space is a vital part of my intuitive life.

Hallowed or sacred space has been at the heart of all my energy work all along. But sometimes I need a reminder of how precious it is. That’s because a hallowed space is one where the energy that flows is full of positive, uplifting and loving energy. A place where I can go and connect with the Spirits of the place. Or the Spirits and Energy Beings who want to communicate with me. When I ran my Centre it was a significant undertaking to make sure that the energy was clean for everyone who came along. It’s the same with my home. I want to be surrounded by a flow of sacred energy to boost me when I have been exposed to all of the low vibrational energy that flows around our world.

Creating a hallowed place starts with an intention. A desire that my space is of a good, higher vibration. To make it so and to keep it that way I am aware of the clutter. Moving things on when they have served their purpose or are too full of old, stuck energy. I also have a space where my crystals and energy objects can be kept clean and tidy. To my eyes anyway. Because that is the blessing of a sacred space. It is how you envision it. Not how anyone else might have it. I like to include welcoming items. Certainly a kettle and mugs alongside the biscuit tin. Cushions. Throws or blankets. I use a burner or candles to make sure that my space has a pleasant smell. And I like colours that are easy on the eye too.

Most of all, creating a hallowed space is all about my ability to be relaxed yet attentive to how my space ‘feels’. Moving furniture or objects until I feel they are placed in the best energy position. And recognising that I have to treat my space the way I would like to be treated. Finally, I love my sacred spaces and places. And am prepared to recreate them wherever I happen to be working. Have you made yourself a hallowed space yet?

Day 920 of my blogging challenge

Clarity With Crystal: Healing Vibrations Under Our Feet

clarityI’ve had the perfect end to a busy week. A session with crystal singing bowls to bring me more clarity. How wonderful that Mother Earth provides such powerful healing vibrations!

I’ve worked with crystals for a long time, both for healing and personal reasons, because I have several past lives as a Crystal Singer. I love how their vibrations surround me and always make sure I have one or two in my purse or pocket. Tonight I had an opportunity to also play some crystal bowls. But only after their sounds had taken me on a journey in search of clarity. The crystal bowls helped me to release low vibrational energy. Then they connected me to powerful sources of just the right kind of energy to boost me. I always know when I’ve been bathed in wonderful energy. Because the world around me comes into sharper focus.

So do I. So I know that this year, with it’s many challenges and opportunities, has been exactly what I needed to get me exploring other parts of me. I’ve been finding out what other abilities I have and releasing myself from limitations. To me it’s been a process of healing. Healing from my own blockages. And from the patterns, both karmic and human made, that stopped me having the clarity I need. I’ve discovered that there is far more to me that I ever imagined. As each new skill or ability surfaced I found my lovely crystals helping me to balance the discoveries so I could embrace a new me. I really do understand why I have been out in nature so much. Because under my feet, somewhere down deep, are the crystal energies that ground me.

Whether a walk, a sound bowl session or some time with my own crystal I have found myself full of inspiration. Clarity of feeling and thought. A vision of where I’m going and what to do. If you are looking for help to get focused perhaps it’s time you held a crystal or two!

Day 752 of my blogging challenge

Tired, Happy, Relieved and Grateful: A Full Day

It’s daily blog time again. Fast approaching two years of blogging. Tonight I’m tired, happy, relieved and grateful. I’ve had a full and very special day.

I’m tired because I’ve packed a lot in to my day. For a start it’s my birthday. I’m grateful for all of the cards, presents and messages that have found their way to me. So many lovely people have taken the time to send me birthday wishes. Many more than I was expecting so it’s been a lovely surprise. To have all of that warmth sent to me has given me a positive glow all day. Then there has been the happy excitement around launching my first book. I visited Gallery 339 this afternoon to do some readings and also managed to include a Facebook live video. Hearing my own words out loud was a bit strange. I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet that this book is all mine. But I’m relieved that it’s out in the world flying free. Because now the next one can be written.

I’m grateful that there is another book already lined up. And happy to be putting my pen to paper again soon. Yet I’m also keen to make a little space to enjoy this birthday wave of energy. So I’m easing back from doing too much else for a day or so. Although I’m tired tonight I know that In a day or two I will be back to all those other things I do. I’ll be fully charged and ready to move the energy around again. I feel like I’ve accomplished a big task for myself. One that, at times, I never thought I would. So I’m grateful for my tenacity. And for the people who helped, encouraged and boosted me through some of the more challenging moments.

My birthday has been a day to recognise all the lovely people I have in my Intuitive World. I’ve been counting my blessings, feeling very rich indeed. Tired but very lucky to have had this special day. Thank you for being a part of it with me.

Day 680 of my blogging challenge 

Life Doing It My Way

imageI’ve had a lovely day being inspired in so many ways. What has been clear is that the way I do things has to be mine. I can take inspiration for the what others do but the responsibility for what I do is all mine.

Meeting up with my PartyLite leader, Liz, for lunch we talked about the way people can access our products. Some of you might know already that I sell these candles because it’s my hobby. I also use the income to fund my Centre. There are many ways I could do this but I like people to try before they buy. Perhaps I’m not pushing sales like another person might. What I am doing is doing what works for me. That’s important. I feel that all the fun of these products would disappear if I had to work in a set way.

Then I popped over to see Natalie who has a beautiful shop full of wonderful things. She works hard to find things that inspire people. I had to be pulled away from her display of new crystals. We talked about how personal development leads us to want to change. And how sometimes the change didn’t seem to come quickly enough. I was laughing as I identified my way of changing. I usually rush at things madly wanting it to all happen all at once. Then I have to wait. Knowing that this is my pattern I have got much better at letting change arrive exactly when it’s time for it to do so. I’m still doing it my way only now that way has changed too.

This evening I zoomed off to do some mediumship. Zoom is the right word as my car sounds like I’m driving a WW 2 biplane. I went to a lovely community centre where the welcome was very warm.

Tonight I connected with several Spirit people who in their life had lived exactly as they wanted to. I love that I get to meet these ‘characters’ because it makes for an interesting evening. It also means that they get to give their messages exactly how they want to. As each person stepped forward to make the connection I thought about the way that we worked together. I do my mediumship my way and they bring their information and comments their way. Between us we can reach out and support someone else. I’m glad that my Guides left me to develop my own style. That I had freedom to try lots of different ways of connecting.

In the end I feel that I have worked out what works best for me. I can deliver the messages straightforwardly to the people they are meant for. In other things I do I am guided by what works best for me too. It may not end up being perfectly or exactly what someone else would do or want. However, I feel I am honouring my abilities, skills, choices and feelings. That is so important to me now. I spent a lot of my life trying to do things the way everyone else said they should be done. It rarely worked. Be brave. Make that decision. Approach your actions and decisions from the ‘my way’ point of view.

Day 317 of my blogging challenge.