Investigating the Unknown

img_2255I’ve spent the day listening to presentations about the paranormal. People talking about how they carry out investigating phenomena produced by Energy Beings. Often from the believer versus non-believe points of view.

It’s been very interesting. There are several paranormal teams attending the conference too so lots of conversations about what an investigation looks like. Later I’m joining in and investigating the Galleries of Justice. I’m fascinated to see if there is any Spirit energy present. Or just lots of aura recording that replay when triggered by our psychic energies. In the courtroom today I found myself drifting off a bit. Was it trance energy? Or was it a late night combined with my G&T? If I’m investigating I like to consider all possibilities before I decide. In this case I’m sure it was the later night as I didn’t have the other trance signals I get when Energy Beings are around.

That’s an important point. I know that keeping an open mind is vital to investigating. Going in with pre-set expectations or beliefs will invalidate the experience right from the off. So tonight I am looking forward to exploring this location. I will be paying attention to the energies of the other people. And I will be questioning about what is being experienced or reported. From my studies of psychology I do know the mind can play tricks on us. Especially in an atmosphere of fear or anxiety. Group dynamics also play a part too.

I like to observe people as they encounter what might be Energy Beings. Understanding that people can have a strong reaction if the experience runs counter to their expectations is important. Investigating these reactions can be a valuable experience in itself.

When we are put in unexpected situations or find our beliefs challenged the result can be stress. I know that Energy Beings try not to stress us out. But they do want us to continue investigating. It took me years of investigating to change my views on whether they were there or not. They aren’t trying to convert us but they certainly want to communicate their existence to us. So when I’ve been to ‘haunted’ places they have sometimes been empty of Spirits. Yet at other locations there has been so much amazing activity. It makes me smile. Because they work on giving is the experiences we need not those we expect. Tonight I have no expectations. That’s great. Because anything can happen. And I’m sure the Energy Beings will give me whatever they feel I need from this experience tonight.

Day 342 of my blogging challenge.

Hope Grows Anywhere

img_2250It’s been another strange day. I’m now in Nottingham attending a paranormal conference that I hope will be lots of fun. That’s because I’ve followed my intuition and it brought me here.

Here is a distinctly style challenged hotel where a clean room has been an adventure to find. I hope I managed to play the part of Alex Politzi, Hotel Inspector, with as much humour as she would have done. At least there are no bed bugs. Note to self – read Trip Advisor before I book not after! And I’ve been able to pop in to the Galleries of Justice to set up our display. The traffic wardens were really kind. I just had to be running backwards and forwards to the car frequently enough to show I was unloading. Then Jan and I did our live broadcast to the Seekers on the Earth’s ArchAngels Wysdom Odyssey. There are some new people this month so it was good to talk.

Of course, since I like playing with the Facebook live video we had to do another one for my wall. Sitting across from Angel Yard at number 27, with the Crime & Punishment banners behind us, and the gate to the Goal open I could almost feel the thumb screws. What on earth are two ladies of a certain age doing running around the back streets of Nottingham on an autumn night? I have no idea but I do know we have been laughing hard all afternoon and evening. Our ArchAngels get us into some unusual situations. Not to mention into some good company.

I always hope to find good company wherever I go. Meeting people and exchanging ideas is always energising for me.

The end of the evening has been spent talking about paranormal and spiritual ideas. With some friends (old and new) I had a lot more laughter. Investigating if there is anyone there doesn’t have to be serious. It’s more important that it’s thorough. I feel it’s also more important to be open minded and ready to experience for yourself. The Spirit World will always show themselves to anyone who asks. The more positive I am about wanting to experience something of their presence, even if I doubt it or don’t believe in them, the more likely they are to make it happen. Of course, if you want to challenge them they will also, sometimes, rise to that challenge. I hope that anyone doing that realises that they will get exactly what they asked for.

So a day full of laughter, good conversation and friendship. A day filled with ArchAngel energy and Spirit beings. I am so glad I live an intuitive life. Every day really is an adventure. I look forward to tomorrow being full of more of the same. And one last thing. As I started to do the first live video I noticed a small plant growing out of the mortar between the wall and step of the Galleries. Something I hadn’t noticed when we picked that spot. How fitting to be opening ArchAngel Shimea’s month near that plant. One tiny little plant reminding me that after all the stone and structure has gone what will remain is Mother Earth. Shimea is the Angel of True Nature. His job is to remind us that We, like the plant, are part of Mother Earth. We too can grow in the harshest and meanest of conditions. I believe his message tonight was all about hope.

Day 341 of my blogging challenge.