Body’s Connections To Full Moon Energy

Body'sSometimes it takes me a little time to put things together. Especially my body’s connection to the energy. I tend to forget that, as a clairsentient, I can ‘feel’ all sorts of things that physically don’t belong to me. Often when I notice symptoms I have to check is it me – or is it someone else.

Realising I was strongly clairsentient was like being told I had to learn the language of another planet. Spoken by an inhabitant of a third planet. It was a challenge. First of all I had to identify what I was feeling. Then observe my body’s response when the Spirit and Energy Beings were around me. I might feel their emotions. Or their physical characteristics. And had to cross check that those things were separate from my own body’s reactions. Not easy to sort out. However, because I’m tenacious I stuck with it. Until I was satisfied that I could tell the difference.

Then my Guides started to link me into Mother Earth, the Moon and one or two of the other planets in our solar system. I began to ‘feel’ their physical energy. Including their pain as well as their elation. Finding out I could do this was a surprise. But it’s actually a logical extension of being clairsentient and able to ‘read’ energy. Any energy. Now and again I’m called on to ‘feel’ the pain of the Earth and to transfer it away. Exactly like I would when I am working with healing energy for a client. I finally realised last night that I was involved in Earth healing as the Full Moon energy made it’s presence felt.

My body’s response to this Full Moon was painful. Especially in my root chakra. There was a wobble going on that I had to focus my healing energy on.

However all the Reiki I did for myself to release the pain seemed to make things worse. Until I checked with my Guides. It was a relief in one way to find out the root chakra wobble wasn’t mine. It was the planet reacting to the Moon energy. The ‘pull’ and ‘push’ of getting ready for new beginnings. As the Full Moon arrive this afternoon I walked on the beach letting the water sooth my energy. The pain was gone. Any wobble had disappeared. I felt ready to take a big leap forward. I was also sure that others would have been dealing with the Earth’s energy.

So I popped onto my Facebook to do a live broadcast. There are many strongly clairsentient people who will have been wondering what was happening to them. It felt good to be able to explain my body’s response to the energy. And hopefully others could take some reassurance from understanding their intuitive ability too. Then I thought about my last Letters From The Light Side broadcast. In it I explained there would be some strong energy from Monday night and through Tuesday. If only I had remembered sooner. My body’s reaction would have made sense much sooner.

I love the way I am still learning to put it all together. And that my Guides let me work it out for myself. Until I’m stuck and ask. Or cheer me on when I’ve got the bigger picture. I’m also honoured to be involved in clearing Mother Earth’s energy field. The more of us that can do this the better she will become. Next time you find yourself with random symptoms, aches and pains take a moment. Are you experiencing your own clairsentient ability?

Day 915 of my blogging challenge

Flowing Through Full Moon Energy

It’s been a day of flowing high energy. The moon is full and affecting all of us more than usual. Perhaps that’s why there is confusion and uncertainty about the UK General Election.

But I decided early this morning to step back from the debate and discussion of what went right or wrong. I am sure that we are being asked to think deeply about our choices and who makes the key decisions in our lives. I also feel that this uncertainty is going to pull us, eventually, into talking instead of division. That’s the challenge now. To hold with a positive view that things will work out. The energy flowing from this election can be, like the full moon energy, a force that reveals the truth of our future. What I would like to see happen is that all sides finally recognise that we all have to live, work and thrive together. Dividing along any arbitrary lines will keep us stuck in uncertainty.

The benefit that the full moon energy brings to us is that it can boost our good intentions. If I set my thought to the desire for a good outcome for everyone the energy can amplify that wish. I can use the energy flowing through me to really boost anything that I require or desire. Manifesting will be much easier with the extra power of the full moon to back it up. So today I took some time to think about what I wanted next. Not just in the government but in my own life. Where am I going to? What else do I want to bring around me? What purpose would I like to serve with my next actions? I feel it’s important to be clear about my intentions. Because I’m not only asking for myself. I want to ensure positive energy is flowing out to all of those people I connect with.

Things will settle down in a bit. Some of the uncertainty will disappear. Life will go on. By using the full moon energy I hope to ensure that abundance is flowing towards all of us. How wonderful if we all help that intention too. Then election results wouldn’t matter. Because all of us would be wishing for the best for the whole world.

Day 564 of my blogging challenge 

Compare, Contrast, Review, Renew

Whew! It’s been a high energy day. One where I’ve had time to compare where I am now with where I was a couple of months ago. And to think about the contrast between then and now.

The download of energy started last night. A huge blast. Wave after wave of positive energy. When it comes in this way I often find I have to rest. My aura soaks up the energy and my physical body ‘runs’ faster than it’s used to. Grounding the energy is important. So I’ve been letting my body take the rest it requires. I have also been trying to resist the impulse for stodgy food – stuff that lowers my vibration – because the best way to deal with the aftermath of high energy is to sleep. Then my body has time to adjust more naturally. In between bouts of sleep I’ve been reviewing the last few months, in order to compare where I was to where I am.

I’ve also been thinking about how differently I cope with energy upgrades than I once used to. At first when they happened I would have cold symptoms, a raised temperature, even a slight headache. And a desire for lots of food. Plus an exhaustion so deep I wouldn’t know how to function properly. Looking at myself over the last few days I realised that I’ve learned to go with the upgrades. Resting, doing as little as possible and drinking lots of water. Resisting sugary foods. Letting the feelings and thoughts surface. Giving myself time to notice what was being brought to my attention. Being prepared to let old energy go. When I compare that to the resistance I used to offer I notice the strong contrast between then and now.

I compare the amount of ‘stuff’ I once had to release to this weekend’s work and I’m delighted. Yes, there is still emotional energy to dissolve. But much, much less than in the past.

Even in the middle of the powerful waves of energy I can see that I am making progress. That has given me a renewed sense of moving forward. Looking back has brought me positives not regrets. I know that I have a lot of dreams to fulfill. Some of them are still hidden from me, lodged in my Spirit self rather than my human self. But I’m sure that at the right time those dreams will be in my conscious mind to prompt me. Compare that to the times when I felt I had nothing worth dreaming for. My life is so much better now I live in an energy world navigating by using my intuition. So more rest is due. The full Moon will bring me the energy of renewal too. I’m open to and ready to receive abundance into my life.

Day 532 of my blogging challenge 

Taking a Forward Look into 2017

img_2229There is a lot of full moon energy about today. I always enjoy the boost it gives me. Especially when it’s time to look forward at the new year.

I know that we still have a couple of months before 2017 starts but I took the opportunity today to have a discussion about my forward plans at the Down 2 Earth Centre. I find that when I explain things to others the sound of what I’m saying always pings when it feels right. It’s part of my way of living an intuitive life. I’ve spent so much time being steered by my head, following what I thought was best, but ending up not engaged in something I’m passionate about. To step out of that way of planning things was scary. After all it’s conditioning I’ve had since I was at school.

I have found it hard to follow my feelings. Especially because in school and throughout a lot of my adult life I was guided by what I thought. There is an expectation that we will do practical things. Work at what brings in money. Be driven by the need to survive rather than by the need to be happy. So when I planned anything it had to be structured around earning money, paying my way and making a useful contribution. Anything else got me thinking fearful or unconfident things. Even when I started working for myself nearly 20 years ago I approached what I was doing in a rational way. Strange that my plans didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

That’s the realisation I came to after years of forward planning that never quite took me where I wanted to go. So I looked around for a new way of looking to the future.

It helped a lot that by this time I was also learning about tuning in to energy. I was paying a lot more attention to what I felt. My Guides were making themselves known. I practiced being aware of my feelings before I made decisions. In time I realised that what made me feel happy didn’t always feature in my plans. There was a gap. What I wanted to do seemed to come second to what I thought I had to do. It was time to approach my forward planning in a different way. That’s when I started talking to people about my ideas and noticing what I felt as I spoke.

With this method I decided to put in place the ideas or options that made me feel good. I stopped judging what I do from a money, survival or ‘because I ought’ point of view. Now I look at the next year from the position of ‘will this make me feel happy’. I do more of what I like and a lot less of what I ought to do. My aim is to get to the point where I really only do what I love doing. So my admin tasks will definitely be shifting next year, lol. Instead there will be a lot more teaching. And healing. And Earth’s ArchAngels.

After all, who said my business had to be serious, routine or dull? That is what it would become if I stuck to the same old same old. Or felt I should, must or ought to offer only those things that would make me a profit.

Finding someone who could be my sounding board gives me a chance to check that what I’m planning is going to be fun, interesting and stretching for me. If I’m loving what I do then those who want to join in will get a blast of that energy too. The wave of positive can spread. Which is why I also like to be the sounding board for others. It’s great to hear their out loud forward planning. Between us we can share the excitement of identifying plans that come from the heart. We can offer each other support when stepping out of a comfort zone is required. Together, I feel that we can make our next business year an emotional success.

It may seem a bit odd to talk about business as an emotional success. However, I know that I put much more effort into things I’m passionate about. I also know that successful business people do the same. How much passion you have can turn a stressful treadmill of effort into an exciting adventure. I also feel that an emotional success links directly with spirituality. When I know that I am doing the happiest thing for me I am flowing with the evolution of my life. Being here is, I believe, all about learning to be in alignment with my higher purpose. Finding contentment, commitment and happiness in the work I do brings me into that alignment. Because my heart will always love doing what I, as Spirit, planned to do.

So my plans are emerging. 2017 is going to be a great year and I’m going to do what I love doing? What about your plans?

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