Float! Have You Got The Vibe Yet?

floatI’m learning to float. To sink back and let the flow of positive energy carry me along where it will. Actually I’m getting really good at floating. Especially since the Summer Solstice.

I’ve known for a long time that we are in an energy of change. What began in 2013 was a process of energies designed to wake up, shake up and propel us forward into Ascension Consciousness. The material world needs to rebalance so that there is more love flowing around the human energy system. And I know that I need to rebalance so that I have more love flowing through me. In turn, that will give me more love to send out into the material world. That’s where learning to float comes in. It’s about floating through life on a current of love. Letting the love surround and support me. Although it has taken me quite a while to let go of the urge to control where I float to. Probably because it involved trust, faith and belief in myself to get me started.

Like anyone learning to swim I worried that I might drown. That tricky currents would pull me under. Or that I would run out of energy and sink below the surface. Yet when I learned to float on water it was one of the most peaceful things I could ever have imagined. It’s been the same with learning about floating in the energy. Fear, anxiety and lack of confidence have made me wary of letting myself relax into the flow. But it has got easier every time I have surrendered and floated along. Until last week. The Solstice energy has been incredible. A wave of immensely positive love has picked me up and carried me along. There has been nothing for it but to lie back and float with it. I’m letting it take me where it will. This peaceful, easy feeling carrying me to who knows where.

I know I have crossed an important line. Feeling ready to float in the new energy being beamed in. I had already stated my choice. To step completely out of my old patterns and limitations. Now I know the next eight years will bring more and more love into my life. Because that was the choice. Stay limited and stuck. Or embrace the freedom of being limitless. I hope you have embraced the free flow of love and are floating along with me today.

Day 942 of my blogging challenge

A Like Minded Community: Why Does It Matter?

like minded global communityOne of the things I often ask my Guides about is their insistence that the Spirit World is a like minded community. Surely there will be differences? It would be too perfect if there weren’t. How would the Spirit people progress otherwise? Is their world really so lacking in challenge?

Of course they enjoy debating this with me. I understand that we come here in order to experience the consequences of free will choice first hand. It’a the place where my Spirit gets to be a bit rebellious. It’s also the reality in which my Spirit experiences the limitations that free will choice can put on unconditional love. I know that we live in a world where love struggles to be the guiding force. Human emotions continually slide into the lower vibrational feelings. And then get denied, ignored or blocked out completely. I know how hard it is to look in my mirror and own my shadow side. The impact of that choice is a global community that is in bits. We are far from a like minded species.

When I’ve asked about this and the connection to the Spirit World we came from my Guides have always answered ‘Love’. They remind me that the community on the other side share a like minded understanding of unconditional love. Their sense of community is from recognising that only love matters. And also that each and every Spirit matters too. I was discussing this today with a really inspiring friend. I often forget that I matter. It’s part of my upbringing, my gender, my place in the structure of this world that I am conditioned to think that others matter more than me. I’ve been told all my life that my duty is to love others before I love myself. And if I do love myself then that love must be conditional.

It must be conditional because I don’t matter as much as the others on the planet. It’s funny how many like minded people I know who share that same wrong headed belief.

Because time and again my Guides have reminded me that I do matter. They have helped me to understand that by limiting my love for myself I am actually limiting the love I can give to others. No matter how much I do if I let that martyr lurk inside me then I will reduce my capacity to love the rest of the human race. To build a better community, at any level, I now understand that I have to recognise that I matter. Then I can open my heart to the idea that other people matter. Not just the like minded ones who limit themselves in the same way I do. But every single person on the planet.

That has been hard for me to grasp. How can I accept those who hurt and harm others in deliberate and clear ways? They are not like minded as far as I am concerned. What about the people who tell themselves they have to make hard decisions but their choices show that clearly, to them, some people don’t matter? Again, I would hope they are not like minded either. Yet if I am promoting unconditional love there is a point where I have to understand that they matter too. They are playing out the limited love they allow themselves. And the limited love they offer to others. Because a global community that acts from a flow of love is hard to achieve whilst we all sit in judgement on one another.

Ah, say my Guides, that is where like minded thinking begins. When I and others are ready to accept that everyone matters. And we stop limiting our love with judgements.

I know it is a big ask. I have spent many years learning that I matter. Challenging the inner dialogue that tells me I am not a good person. Or intelligent. Even that I’m not worthy. And a thousand other judgements that I have accepted or, worse still, applied to myself. It’s quite a struggle. yet it’s one I need to complete so that I can recognise more fully just how much other people matter too. So that I can grow my like minded community to include even more participants. I am sure that this is the way to change the global community. When we all realise the ‘I Matter – You Matter’ flow of energy there a a great chance that our young people will be able to love themselves unconditionally from the start of their lives.

That’s the biggest challenge of all. To help the next few generations turn the global community into a like minded one. Not by use of coercion or force. Or by preaching one single religious view. But through a deep understanding that every view matters and needs to be fully expressed. Then there are no hidden agendas, no secrets and no judgements. And I know we will be able to deal with even the most difficult views in a loving and compassionate way. After all, I know it works that way in the Spirit World so why not aim for the same here. Of course, I know my Guides would love us to need a new challenge. Because if, by our own free will, we acted as a community that cared for each member of that community then we wouldn’t be stretched enough.

Our Spirit Within needs to grow and evolve. I would love to have the opportunity of doing that within a community that came from the heart and recognised that everyone mattered. Think how creative humanity is. What wonders could we have if we became like minded and loving?

Day 824 of my blogging challenge