Earth’s Heart Ache: Feeling The Pain

Earth'sI love to get my shoes off and feel the Earth’s energy under my feet. Letting the vibrations travel through me, steading and grounding me. However, I have also felt the pain of the Earth as she tries to deal with our lack of care for her.

I was like so many people once. I didn’t understand the Earth’s connection to us. Nor mine to her. I went about my life the same as most other people ignoring the ways in which the Earth was being trashed. She is an abundant planet. There is enough for every person to live well if only it was equally distributed. And we took the time to use only what was necessary. Rather than dig into the Earth’s resources and spend them in such wasteful ways. However, as my intuitive connections grew I learned that the Earth has feelings too. And a consciousness. It became clear that we were meant to live in harmony together.

Last year I experienced the pain of the Earth’s reactions to the energy we are busy surrounding her with. It was indescribable. I know that her heart ache is reflected in all of the shifting patterns of weather, oceans, earthquakes and volcanoes. But I also know that most people still aren’t listening. Our desire for more and more, alongside the built in redundancy of our things, pushes an unending demand for raw materials. But it hurts my planet. She needs time and space to heal. I know that we have to help her. Firstly by asking questions of all those who want to exploit more of the Earth’s bounty. Secondly by paying attention to what we consume. And finally, by learning what we have forgotten. How to tune into her pain.

I know that if we could all feel that pain we would stop in an instant. It’s so sad to me that we have broken our intuitive link between the Earth’s energy and our own. It means I and a few others experience her pain. But most people don’t. You can help. You can change this situation. Take off your shoes, stand on the grass and ask to feel the Earth’s energy. Then help us change humanity’s attitude to the Earth we live with and on.

Day 792 of my blogging challenge

Gardening Time: Getting My Feet On The Ground

GadeningMy plants have been calling me. Gardening is a low on my priority list at the moment. Today I needed to answer that call. And get myself firmly on the ground again.

It’s been a hectic month. With still one more energy upgrade to come in. I’m waiting for the inner shift that I know will happen when the wave peaks. So I’m trying my best to float along with all of the events. Giving myself time to process what has already happened. And the space to let the opportunities come in. I’m also being realistic about delays. I’ve spent a chunk of the weekend working with a great designer to complete the proofing of my book. Yet it’s been very slow. One solution after another has led to a fresh issue. We have been messaging back and forward. Uploading. Downloading. And uploading once more. It could have been very stressed. Except I wandered into gardening.

What a relief! For me and the plants. Most of the plants are in pots as I only have one flower bed. But they were all asking for a good tidy up. Weeds needed encouraging to go away. Old growth had to be stripped back. The bench needed moving so it could catch the afternoon sun. As I worked away the gnomes were also delighted to see me gardening. They put up with my random forays into their domain. So long as I move things according to their advice. Or do what they consider is necessary. Because they like a bit of wildness in the garden. So I have a corner just for them. And my pots are tidy for me. After spending a quiet but energetic hour gardening I felt much better. My connection to Mother Earth was restored. I could feel the Earth again beneath my feet.

Being intuitive affects my whole life. But I also have to make sure that it’s a balance. Spending time gardening is a form of self-care. To make sure I live in both my worlds – the intuitive and the material. Is it time to make time for your plants?

Day 671 of my blogging challenge