Heal With Energy Carried By ArchAngel Wings

healToday is the day I do my live broadcast on my Facebook page Letters From The Light Side. I’ve been doing these weekly broadcasts for more that twelve months now. Although I was initially reluctant to start. Even though my Guides told me that the videos would help people heal themselves.

Tonight my favourite healing ArchAngel came into the channelling. Parashiel works to spread his Balm to all of the healers on the planet. And that’s an awful lot of us at the moment. Our task is to heal Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. To share the power of love and compassion so that we deal with the fear that surrounds us. I know that the healing has to start with me first. I have to deal with all of the stuff that has warped me. Turned me away from my Spiritual self. Kept me from being kind to myself and others. As if I have forgotten my authentic self.

Some of this energy is being released through my dreams. But there are still some parts of me hidden from view. In the end I know I might have to work a little bit harder to find them. And to heal them may be a bit of a challenge. They will be hidden for all sorts of reasons. However I know I have help. I have the energy of Parashiel’s Balm. A constant flow of loving and empowering energy. It feels like a warm hug from the inside. Exactly what I need to deal with the stuff that is out of sight and out of mind. Because I am determined to move my life forward. There is a whole new me waiting to have adventures when I heal myself.

Finally, there is another important reason for me to heal myself. I know we are all connected in the flow of energy. If I am well and happy that positive energy contributes to a positive flow of energy towards others. I am surrounded by wonderful people, animals and a planet that gives me everything I require or desire. Therefore I want all of them to enjoy the healing energy carried to me by an ArchAngel’s wings.

Day 910 of my blogging challenge

Reviewing Twelve Months Of Letters: Time To Celebrate

Reviewing Automatic writing It’s been a kind of reviewing day. Not least because I have complete a full year doing my live broadcasts on Facebook. I started Letters From The Light Side with some apprahension. And a feeling that it wouldn’t last more than three weeks. I guess I was lacking in enough faith and belief.

So here I am twelve months later with fifty two videos and a great number of views. More that I ever anticipated in those wobbly days when I was setting out. I’ve been through the loop of wanting to appeal to everybody. Also of wanting everyone to like my channelling. I’ve been stressy with my Guides in case I wasn’t doing it right. Even short with myself for the way I look, speak and dress. Yet I’ve also laughed an awful lot. I’ve felt the presence of so many Energy Beings. Reading the positive feedback and the lovely comments I’ve felt humbled. And reviewing it all I’ve been satisfied that I’ve tried. That I’ve done my best. And  that the videos have reached anyone who needed them.

That’s my work for Spirit in a nutshell. Today I was getting rid of old papers. I came across all sorts of memories connected with my journey into mediumship. Reviewing some of the places I’d been, the people I met there and the work I’ve been able to do I knew I had tried my best. Even when it didn’t quite work out as I thought it would. Or when it worked out better than expected. My Guides have never asked me to do anything perfectly. They have always asked me to do my best. Because they have always said my best is good enough. I know they have smiled when my perfectionism has rushed to the surface. And kept on encouraging me.

Reviewing the last twelve months I know that my perfectionist part has shrunk. A lot of my apprehension was about getting the broadcasts wrong in some way. I am very privileged to be able to speak on the behalf of Energy Beings so I really want to get it right. But they have shown me that faith and belief are not the only things that matter. I also have to try. And keep trying. Then I will always be good enough.

Day 819 of my blogging challenge

Tired, Happy, Relieved and Grateful: A Full Day

It’s daily blog time again. Fast approaching two years of blogging. Tonight I’m tired, happy, relieved and grateful. I’ve had a full and very special day.

I’m tired because I’ve packed a lot in to my day. For a start it’s my birthday. I’m grateful for all of the cards, presents and messages that have found their way to me. So many lovely people have taken the time to send me birthday wishes. Many more than I was expecting so it’s been a lovely surprise. To have all of that warmth sent to me has given me a positive glow all day. Then there has been the happy excitement around launching my first book. I visited Gallery 339 this afternoon to do some readings and also managed to include a Facebook live video. Hearing my own words out loud was a bit strange. I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet that this book is all mine. But I’m relieved that it’s out in the world flying free. Because now the next one can be written.

I’m grateful that there is another book already lined up. And happy to be putting my pen to paper again soon. Yet I’m also keen to make a little space to enjoy this birthday wave of energy. So I’m easing back from doing too much else for a day or so. Although I’m tired tonight I know that In a day or two I will be back to all those other things I do. I’ll be fully charged and ready to move the energy around again. I feel like I’ve accomplished a big task for myself. One that, at times, I never thought I would. So I’m grateful for my tenacity. And for the people who helped, encouraged and boosted me through some of the more challenging moments.

My birthday has been a day to recognise all the lovely people I have in my Intuitive World. I’ve been counting my blessings, feeling very rich indeed. Tired but very lucky to have had this special day. Thank you for being a part of it with me.

Day 680 of my blogging challenge 

Writing Inspiration: Nearly Time For Another Challenge

WritingTime off always gives me time to think. My writing has been moving on this year because I have added in my Inspired 2 Write challenges on Facebook. Today I was reflecting on the four I’ve run.

I love supporting people to find their authentic voice. Running four of these writing challenges has be a part of that. Because it took me a long time to find my own voice through my written words. Even now I face a daily challenge of expressing what I want to say so that it makes sense to anyone who wants to read it. I’m determined to keep going. There are more words, thoughts and ideas I want to share about my intuitive life, about the intutive world and about spirituality. I also recognise that keeping going can be a challenge too. Especially when I’m not sure anyone is reading what I write. Yet watching the words flow out is a reminder that we are all creative. But perhaps haven’t discovered it yet.

I was listening to the rain. Watching the clouds shroud the mountain across from me. Then seeing the clouds clear away. And everything appeared fresh and clean. I believe that’s what writing does. Clears my mind. Helps me to focus on what is important. Each blast of ‘rain’ and ‘cloud’ can be cleared away when I put it down into words. Not only is my voice emerging but I’m also seeing my world with fresh eyes. I feel that is such a blessing. And I am growing in my confidence to express what I want to say about my world. In my own particular way. That’s why Inspired 2 Write 5 is on it’s way in. I want to encourage other people to gain more confidence through their writing.

In this short blog I hope I have shared with you my passion for writing. I would like to encourage you in joining me in a new challenge. Click the link to my I2W5 Facebook group. Join me in exploring your voice through your written work. Let’s take a fascinating, and life changing, journey together.

Day 632 of my blogging challenge 

Me Getting Side Tracked?

img_2348Of course I started my day with a plan. I had a list of things I wanted to do. Or so I thought. Instead of getting on with things I fell asleep again!

Of course, one side of the story is that I was working late last night and had to be up much too early. Another side is that I had no appointments so it was ok for my list to slide. There is a third side though. It seems I had filled my day up with distractions. Stuff that could probably wait. All in order to avoid some of the things I really had to do. It’s hard working out what is a distraction and what is a necessary action. Especially when I factor in my intuition.

All day I was going to catch up on posting my events to my Facebook business page. Especially the one about the Reiki Refresh this evening. All I managed was a couple of sentences later in the day. By the time the event rolled around I was busy moving furniture at the Centre because water was leaking through the ceiling tiles. I had to cancelled the group anyway. So that item on my list was definitely one to slide. Even if it was the distraction of other things that got in the way first.

Another thing that got put to one side was my plan to book more mediums. A task I was busy with yesterday and planned to continue today.

Instead I spent my time on the phone with someone from a work placement my daughter has soon. Then her college because they didn’t know what they had sorted out. And then a call to someone who needed a bit of support with some changes they were making. Once again all of these were potential distractions. However they all seemed to me to be higher priority. And that’s the thing about distractions. Sometimes I need to flow with them. It’s my choice to put my planned stuff on one side. So I don’t worry about changing track when I need to.

I feel that’s the most important thing about distractions. What do I have to put on one side, why and is it the right thing for me to be doing at that moment? Some days I know that my distractions are me avoiding challenging work or situations. Occasionally the distractions are me self sabotaging. Often the distractions are the things that need to have my focus for all the best of reasons. When I get side tracked I allow myself the flexibility to have that happen. I do what I feel is best. But afterwards I always consider why my to do list is half done.

There is a great deal of benefit in setting things on one side. I notice that sometimes what I’ve planned to do is actually someone else’s responsibility. Or it’s a task that didn’t need doing. Maybe things have changed and my task is no longer necessary.

Looking at it that way I understand that it’s not about me getting side tracked. It’s more about me, often intuitively, knowing where best to focus my energy. I don’t have endless energy. No matter how much I can cram into my days. I have to have a sense of priorities. And not those that other people think I should have. In the end what I’m trying to do is be there for myself and others to the best of my ability. I work hard at trying to spot when my distractedness is an excuse for avoiding a tough job. Or anything that doesn’t make me feel excited to be doing it. I hope that most of the time I get the balance right.

Next time you find yourself going off track ask yourself why. You might get some interesting answers.

Day 371 of my blogging challenge.