Changed Mind: Moving To A Different Way Of Seeing

changed worldHave any of us changed the world we live in? That was my question to me at 4am this morning as I drove home from an emergency call out. I wondered what it would take for everyone to finally live in peace.

The emergency had passed. My mind was free to wander. I was thinking about what had changed in my life since the big shift of Maya energy in 2012. That was the year to end all years apparently. Mankind was on the brink and whether we survived was debatable. It was also the year I stepped up my commitment to my spiritual service. And challenged myself to bring my actions into line with my spiritual beliefs. I have to say it’s been harder than I thought. It’s ok to say I believe in loving everyone because they have the light of spirit within. Far harder to do when people get hurt or die as a result of someone’s actions.

My Letters From The Light Side video guidance this evening echoes my early morning thoughts. How can I make a difference in the world if I’m swept away by the energy of fear? Until I have changed my inner state I can’t possibly approach compassion and forgiveness in any kind of realistic way. Yet I also realised that I am seeing the world very differently. Over the last five years I have learned to appreciate the strength that comes with forgiveness, even if forgiving somethings is still a challenge. Because it means I am letting go of hurt and pain. I am opening myself up to the energy of peace. Accepting that the person who harms me or mine is also a damaged, harmed human being.

That’s something that has changed. I know that people do what they do because they feel they have no other choice. Their life experiences have taught them to be limited.

Can I insist that they are bad or evil because of what they have chosen to do? Or can I see that they are individuals who make mistakes. Mistakes that sometimes have consequences almost too big for them to live with. And what about the much bigger spiritual picture? I have changed my view about life because I have started to live the wisdom that, whilst every human life is precious, we have many lives. In this one I can return to old karmic patterns or not. I have the freedom to make better choices this time round. So I can do my best to make a difference by recognising all of my choices. Then trying to take the best ones forward. As I’ve changed myself I have felt many more moments of peace, certainty and direction.

And I have also realised that I don’t need to change the world I live in. I need to change me. If I show respect and value to myself and others I operate in a different way than when I approach life in a fearful way. Especially when that fear is hidden deep inside, out of sight of prying eyes, as I assume confidence and certainty like a mask. I am much more open about my vulnerability because we are all vulnerable. Susceptible to being influenced because we want to belong. Yet as I have explored the vulnerability hidden in my shadow side I have also discovered a great strength. I have discovered that I can navigate through my own life. I am capable of choosing and living with my decisions. And I can forgive myself for wrong actions because the intentions were right.

Now I have changed myself I’m ready to answer that initial question. Yes, we have changed the world. By small, important and loving steps we are building towards a peaceful future. Peace is not only a possibility to dream of but something actually on the horizon now. And getting closer.

Day 751 of my blogging challenge

Weary But Satisfied: The Shift Is Happening

wearyIt’s been a long day. I’m feeling weary. However I’am also very satisfied with the flow of my day. I’ve been moving, shifting things to storage, to charity and to the rubbish tip.

Endings always make me weary. Tidying up all the loose ends can seem endless. Sorting what to keep and what to shift to new homes. As I worked today I was busy recalling all sorts of memories. Some articles had lots of strong, positive feelings attached to them. Others were really only passing through my life. In the piles of old paperwork I found a thank you card from one of my students. It made me smile thinking about all the people who had been to my classes. Surrounded by organised chaos I knew it was time for me to travel much lighter than ever before.

The energy shift that is happening now is all about powerful, positive changes. I’m determined to be ready for these. I know the world is weary too. The energy flow has been badly affected by all the fear that is rising to the surface. Because of this staying positive within myself has be a challenge. It’s as if a big cloud has filled the sky. Yet there is so much waiting for me once that cloud has drifted past. I am sensing the new world we are all co-creating and it is very different to right now. All I have to do is shift my ground, take forward my new projects and send the old energy off to be transformed. So being weary is ok. I’m finally finding the satisfaction of letting go. Saving the memories and releasing the reminder things.

If you are weary of all the change energy take a break. Pause. That’s what I will be doing very soon. Giving myself time to process my year and dream of the new one. Certainly shifting my focus to forward not back. I’m satisfied with where I am now and excited about where I am going. A good rest and I will be ready for anything my Guides bring in.

Day 737 of my blogging challenge

Energy Builds Up: Being True To You

Wave buildsThere has been plenty of healing needed today. Energy builds up in all of us. Just like it does on the planet. Then it needs to be released.

But there is another reason to pay attention to my energy at the moment. The next energy shift has already started to build. It’s on it’s way in and will wash over us on 17th September. I know it’s going to be a big blast. Because I also notice what is happening to Mother Earth. This year’s hurricane season is wilder than any other. Yet at the same time wildfires are affecting large parts of the world. And flooding is hitting harder and in more places. Like the way the energy builds in us it also gets more intense for the planet. All this energy brings with it challenges. Survival issues become the focus. And, I also know, the need to be authentic.

When my survival is challenged in any way I have two choices. I can become fearful and panic. Or I can make plans and get through it the best I can. So it’s important that I do what builds my resilience. I have to acknowledge my fear energy and how it might be trying to rush me into panic. Instead of letting it increase I have to focus on the things I can control. Not the things that are outside of my abilities. And I can prepare for as many outcomes as possible whilst remembering I might have to deal with unexpected outcomes too. Making sure I am true to my feelings but not letting them get in my way is the key. Also making sure I let the fear energy out. Release it so it can’t get in my way.  And accept that there will still be a residue of fear left.

So as the next energy wave builds up I am letting myself feel the fear of change. Because it’s then less energy to carry when the wave hits me.

I’m also focusing on the power of positive. I believe I have everything within me that can help me make the best of the changes that are coming. Even if I can’t see or sense exactly what will happen I am emotionally and mentally preparing to survive. And to thrive. That will give me the best chance, as the energy shifts and builds, to deal with whatever arises on a daily basis. I’m also keeping my attention on healing energy. For me, for all the people I connect with, for all the people in the world, the animal kingdom and the planet itself. I can’t be Wonder Woman rushing in to save every one. But I can use the power of my intuitive abilities to focus on positive outcomes for every one and everything.

It’s a bit like waiting for that giant wave with a surf board, life jacket and motor boat. Downloading the healing energy from the Universe is a triple back up. I can’t cheat death but I can give him a run for his money. Because when my energy builds up if I can link in with others who are accessing the Universal healing then we might shift much easier. That’s what a community of Spirit can do. And I know that we are all Spirits in human form. So I’m going to be kind to me over the next ten days as I await the energy surge. I’m also going to be as compassionate as possible to everyone around me as they feel the energy build up too. Not like a perfect, plaster saint. But embracing the fear, anxiety and frustration of waiting. Knowing what matters is that I do this to the best of my ability.

As the energy builds up across the world ask for help to deal with it. Be patient with yourself as you feel it sweep in. And keep that healing channel open so you receive all of the help and support you need. Change is finally here. And it will be good.

Day 654 of my blogging challenge 

Turn Around and Turn Around

At the moment I feel like I’ve stepped onto a carousel. As soon as I feel I’ve reached a completion point something else makes me turn around again. I’m relaxed about it though because I know the Universal energy is in chaos right now.

One of the things I try my best to be aware of is when the energy turns. Like the wind changing. Or the tide turning. Suddenly I’m thrown back off balance. My personal energy can turn the opposite to where it’s been and I can feel exhausted too. In these moments I always get the same picture in my mind. Me balanced precariously on a surf board trying to stay upright when a big wave is trying to dunk me in the water. In other words, my emotions are flooding in and I have to ride out the feelings that could overwheleme me.

Today it was Mum feelings. I’m sure anyone who has been around a teenager will understand. Even if you aren’t a parent of one. Thinking back to my teenage rebellions I know I could turn in an instant. Miss Nice became either Miss Naughty or Miss Nasty. All because I didn’t really know who I was for sure. And that made me feel frightened. I wanted to stay a child but also pushed everyone to be accepted as an adult. It was a muddle. So there were tears, anger, tantrums and tiredness. Actually I’m surprised I survived realatively unscathed. Though I’m not sure my parents would agree.

I wanted to write about this because we are due another turn and twist to the energy vibration in a couple of days. It’s already making itself felt. But the wave hasn’t peaked yet.

This shift may make you very uncertain who you are. Or what you want. I know that this is a push for all of us to be and act in a more adult way. So a key aspect will be the question who am I? Along with what am I doing? Also, how do I act as an adult rather than a teenager in my world? The planet faces some big problems right now. As forecast a long time ago the structure we have become used to is breaking down. We can’t be sheltered and parented any longer. Those who have been doing so will have to turn off all the control. I and everyone else will have to take responsibility for the lives we are manifesting for ourselves. And responsibility for the imbalance of manifesting that leaves some people with much and far to many with little.

My understanding of this shift is to give us more free will choice instead of less. I recognise that we have gradually been giving away our free will, for all sorts of reasons, for a very long time. To turn this around will be a very big shake up. But that is what is happening. And I know the way through it all will be to focus on doing what is necessary for me to accept my adult rights and responsibilities. So I have a strong focus on the things I need to put in place in 2017. The work I need to do. The areas I need to grow in. And the healing I still need to do for myself.

If I choose to I can pass through this energy calmly. I can accept that one phase of exsistence is over. I can leave the teenager behind and begin my adult life. I’m ready. Are you?

Day 388 of my blogging challenge.

Take a Deep Breath, Then Another

img_2305The weather has changed. It’s got cold all of a sudden. Stepping outside this morning the icy air made me take a deep breath. Then my asthma kicked in.

I’ve had asthma for 36 years. When it first started I didn’t know what it was. All I understood was that every day I was wheezing for breath. Even taking deep breaths never seemed to fill my lungs properly. Sometimes it felt as if I was suffocating. It was a scary, uncertain time. Eventually I learned how to live with the bouts of breathlessness. I discovered breathing techniques that could help. With the help of medication I got my breathing under control. And I also decided to investigate how deep the causes of my asthma might go.

There was a view when I was first diagnosed that the attacks were psychological. It was a common idea though I found it hard to understand why I would cause myself such distressing symptoms. Looking at things another way I started to track down what might trigger attacks. It turns out I have a string of allergies. And it also seems that this condition is prevalent in my family. Both of these aspects got me thinking about my past lives. I wondered how much impact my circumstances in other lives had affected my karma in this life. Interestingly, it turns out that I have quite a few fire death lives that I’ve brought in to clear. Along with a couple of crush deaths for added impact.

As I went deep into my Spirit history I started to breathe more easily. Working with energy healing I have mostly resolved my asthma condition. But not completely. That’s what this morning was about.

From time to time I have to remember that I still react to certain things. Sudden changes from hot to cold or cold to hot can bring a response. So can energy changes that mirror temperature changes. Right now the energy is getting turbulent again. Another shift is on the way. What I have to remember is to dig deep, keep myself grounded and breathe. Take a breath. Then take another. And another. When fear arises to restrict my breathing I will be able to overcome it. I will have enough breath, enough energy, enough trust. Like my asthma the energy changes will ease too. Afterwards there will be time for a deeper understanding of what this shift means. So,that the next shift in energy will be easier to breath through.

Day 358 of my blogging challenge.