Striving For The Best: Connections To Love

strivingIt was my live broadcast this evening. Although I was striving for the best of connections the wi fi was patchy. Yet the love flowed through from the Archangels all the same.

It’s not the first time I’ve had to work with wi fi that faded out and in again. Nor with energy connections that switch on and off. In fact it makes me smile how similar connecting with non-physical beings can be to chatting online when the signal is erratic. When I first started channelling I got quite frustrated with myself about the way the signal could suddenly drop. Especially as I was striving to make the connection as strong as possible. My Guides were very loving though. They helped me to understand that the signal strength also depended on the energy I was surrounded by. And the way I was feeling and thinking too. So I focused on getting as good as I could in balancing my own energy and holding it steady.

That meant striving to love myself more. So that I could be relaxed when other energies interfered with the connection. Because that happens sometimes. Especially if what is being channelled through is likely to have a big impact. And share more love around. In fact my good friend Alan Cox and I always laugh about this. When I join him on his radio show we often get ‘interference’ in the energy. Interference designed to hide the message and make sure it gets lost. But I don’t give in to that. Because the Energy Beings always find another way to make sure they are heard. They direct their messages to lots of other people who are also striving to make strong connections. So that, in the end, many of us are helping to spread the love.

If you have been striving to connect with your Guides and wondering why the signal is a bit iffy keep going. It’s natural that the connection will fade and then strengthen. What matters is sharing the loving energy of these Beings. And passing on that loving vibration to all of those who you are connected to in the material world.

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Choosing A Spirit Name

What’s in a name? I asked this question of my Guides many times. Especially when I wanted to know the names of mine. That question has come up for me again. In a slightly different way.

When I asked my Guides took me back to the line from Shakespeare. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It’s from Romeo and Juliet explaining the idea that what we are called shouldn’t actually matter. Or does it? I love numerology. Checking my numbers is a pleasant pastime I enjoy when I see any number sequence pop up in front of me. Of course I’ve also checked out the numbers represented by my name. And that certainly made sense quite a few years ago when I decide to rename myself. I felt that the energy of my name needed to change. Because my given name felt like it belonged to someone else. Plus the numbers seemed off somehow. Yet my numerology has always seemed to describe me really well.

I did change my name slightly. It felt like a relief to be Annie. The energy was better. The numbers added up. I also recognised that I could change my name back or to something else any time I wanted to. Because it’s me who now gets to choose. Interestingly, my daughter has now asked to change her name. I love the names she was given at birth. I feel that they reflect who she is. But the important point is that she doesn’t feel the same. So like my Mum had to adjust to my name change I know I have to adjust to my daughter’s change. As well as being an interesting point in numerology our names are the way we choose to define who we are.

What I call myself is a signal of the respect I have for myself. Not just Annie. Also the internal words I use to discuss myself. Intelligent Annie? Creative Annie? Lazy Annie?

Describing myself positively is helped because I like the name Annie. It fits for me with more positive attributes. So I can respect myself more. When my daughter discussed what to call herself we also talked about the issue of respect. Some people will remember and use her new choice. Others will still refer to her as she is now. Then there will be people who only know her in her new identity. What will be important is that she chooses something she can respect herself as. Her true qualities will always be there. In essence she will still smell as sweet. But I’m sure, like I did, that she will feel more her ‘self’ with a given name she has hand picked. I actually feel she and I have moved closer to our Spirit names. The way in which we are recognised by our Spirit and Soul families. And I like that idea. It connects me with the community and love of the Spirit World. That can’t be bad ?

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Ascension Consciousness: Back to Basics

Sitting at my desk, watching the random flakes of snow fall, my mind has been processing new information. However, a part of that has meant going back to basics. What do I already know? And what have my Guides shared with me?

For a very long time I’ve been receiving their teachings. They have been showing me the basics of how energy connections and communications work. For a lot of that time I’ve been the only one I’ve shared that information with. Firstly because I was testing myself. Or them. Second I’ve been distracted by life. Finally, I guess I wasn’t ready to share. It was only when I found my feet as a medium that I gave myself permission to have a voice. I’m in that group of people who don’t want to talk about what they know in case we are judged, have got it ‘wrong’ or feel that people will dismiss or ignore our voice. So it’s taken me a lot to push my blog out into the world. Now I’m being asked to do even more.

Hence the requirement to go back to basics. Thinking about how my connections evolved. The ways in which my Guides made themselves know to me. The struggles and joys of each step. How important it is to start from where I am. Giving myself time to learn and understand. Being motivated to push myself forward through the doubt, disbelief and fear. Because there is a new set of basics emerging. It’s time to get myself into my Ascension Consciousness. It feels like I have always known about the ‘secret Messiah‘ inside of me. That spark of Divine Love hidden within my Spirit self. And that I am meant to be a part of the global community of Spirit.

For such a long time I’ve known the basics of connecting to that community. That my connections to Energy Beings will bring it about. But not all of the details.

The how, what, where, when or even why have been only revealed bit by bit.  Now it’s time to move beyond the basics. I’m off on a journey to help people connect themselves to a conscious network of physical and non-physical beings with one sole purpose. That purpose is to share the Love energy to every single being on this planet. And beyond. Because Mother Earth is a nurturing and healing force within this part of the Universe. Our energy vibration is a gift to our corner of existence. And I know that it is required and desired by so many others. It’s time for me, for all of us, to move away from aggression, hate and fear. The power of our combined consciousness shift will move our energy vibrations into unconditional love. Then I can be a part of manifesting a whole new reality.

It’s certainly an exciting shift of perspective. And it is all about every one of us going back to the basics of how to use out intuitive nature. I’m opening up to new ways of teaching this. Ready to help people find and make their own connections to intuitive information. And to sense or experience their own Guides. The Energy Beings are waiting for the brave souls who are ready to learn the basics and then build strong, enduring connections. There is so much wisdom for all of us to access. So much sharing. And so much love. I’m really looking forward to embracing more of my Ascension Consciousness today.

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A Quiet February? Not A Chance!

Last week I was sitting back expecting a quiet February. My Guides had been clear. I couldn’t take old energy into the New Year. So I knew the workshops I had already planned would not run. But I had no clear idea of what else I would be doing.

Quiet times, I thought. A chance to do lots of planning I was sure. Writing and creative work. I already knew that many things were going to change for me this year. So I was ready for a ‘slow’ February. Until we hit the Chinese New Year and the new moon. I’ve mentioned leavings and joining already. But I didn’t expect quite such a rush of fresh energy quite so quickly. Saturday found me painting my new Parashiel’s Balm healing room. Yesterday I finally confirmed my move away from church services. Today the new therapy bed arrived and has been used.

And today, instead of workshops, I’m setting up Energy Connections groups which are filling up fast. Plus my next Inspired 2 Write challenge starting mid month. No wonder one of my friends messaged me to remind me I’d said I was having a quiet February. It seems my idea that there wouldn’t be much to do has completely transformed. Yet I do have to organise some of my other work. And, of course, write a load of stuff for the other things that my Guides are bringing in. Somewhere in all of this will be a point of balance. I’ll get to the end of the month and everything necessary will have been done.

I have to trust that my time and attention will go into the things that matter. That February will give me a great start for the year ahead. Because I know my Guides are ready to send me lots more work. If I want it. And when I’m ready.

So for now I’m going with the flow. As the inspiration comes in I’m following my intuition. At one time I would have found that so hard to do. I needed things planed and possibly over organised. Yet I love how much I can trust myself that everything will work out exactly as it should. The shift seemed to take ages to happen. I don’t actually know the tipping point. Though now I am really relaxed about following my inner prompts. In fact, it always turns out better when I do what I feel is right for me. Overthinking has had me an indecisive wreck in the past. So roll on February. I’m ready to take action!

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