Preparation – Getting Ready To Speak For Spirit

preparationIt’s been a snowy evening so I’ve been glad to sit and do my preparation for a Mind, Body and Spirit event tomorrow. My Guides tell me I will be able to get there. And I’m really glad because I am doing a talk on one of my passions. Past Lives.

I’m actually going because I want to show people my new book – Down 2 Earth: My Intuitive World. I’m very proud to have written it and am delighted that it’s getting good reviews. I have also taken the opportunity to do a talk about Past Lives. Because I am sure they will feature in a book soon. And, of course, they are the topic that first really challenged my understanding of my world. Although it took me many more years to learn to speak for Spirit. The preparation I got from learning about past lives helped me be open. Open to many ideas about the energy world and intuition. Even if I remind a sceptic for a long time.

It’s that preparation that made it much easier for me to accept that the Guides who stepped forward were actually there. And made it much less of a fight when the Energy Beings asked me to start telling people what they were saying to me. The work I had done, and the research about past lives, gave me a sense of connection to a greater whole. This connection became much clearer as I explored my own past lives. I began to think of time as fluid rather than static. When I also realised that the Guides could show me the past lives of other people I knew I had to give that information out. Eventually my Guides, with plenty of preparation, got me to run workshops so I could help others start their journey too.

Tomorrow is another chance to get people into preparation for accessing their past lives. Then clearing the energy the lives still push into this life. And, who knows, to help the people who come along to start their own speaking for Spirit. So, my CD’s of the meditation are ready, my books are packed and my car is outside gathering snow. It’s New Moon too so bring on the flow of wonderful energy!

Day 842 of my blogging challenge

Creating Space For Spirit Communication

creating spaceI’ve often talked and written about letting my Guides have time to speak to me. Or how to provide a moment to listen into what they want to say. One of the ways in which I work with them is by creating a space when we can talk to each other. I call it a Home Circle. First because it’s done in my home. And second because it’s with a circle of friends.

The term Home Circle isn’t unique to me though. Far from it. It goes back to the beginnings of the Spiritualist Movement and even before then. Home circles were used by religious groups to share, discuss and understand the teachings of their faith. And, I’m sure, before that in all sorts of communities where knowledge needed to be shared, talked through and agreed upon. Creating a home circle to include the Spirit and Energy Beings is therefore an entirely natural part of the way we human beings get ourselves organised. But because it can sound a bit secretive many people don’t even think about getting together with friends this way.

Yet I love creating this kind of space. Inviting people who I enjoy sharing time with. Having a cuppa and relaxing. Then all of us sitting quietly to see what we experience. And sharing during and after the connection with our Guides and the Spirit people. I enjoy hearing what other people have picked up. There is often a good discussion about what it all might mean. And an opportunity for me and everyone else to learn new ways of connecting with our Guides. I like to keep the time to one hour of sitting quietly. Not because we couldn’t do longer. But because it helps all of us focus enough on what is coming in without drifting into our Ego Minds or physical needs.

There are times when our circle is more active, less still and quiet, blasted by laughter too. I appreciate all of these moods. But it is the quiet that I appreciate the most. Because in the stillness even the most subtle or small of signals gets through. The stillness of a home circle and the creative ways in which the space is used by our Guides is wonderful to experience.

Day 831 of my blogging challenge

Snow Hat : Protection, Warmth and Cover

snow hatThe wind was bitterly cold today. Big gusts of icy air impossible to avoid. Good job I was wearing my snow hat. I’ve had it a long time and I love how it keeps my head warm. It is also my cover and protection. It reminded me today of the way I shield myself from negative energy.

I believe that all of our thoughts and feelings are energy. This energy flows out, around, through and back to us. It’s one of the reasons why sending healing thoughts to someone can help. My positive energy thoughts can rebalance their negative energy. Because I also believe that dis-ease is low vibrational energy that we are stuck in. The energy that I sense around all of us can be warm and loving or cold and uncaring. It all depends on what the other person, and me, are sending to each other. And what everyone in the world is generating. That’s why we can get caught inhale force energy storms of negativity. And why I need a snow hat to keep it out of my head.

When I started opening up my intuition, recognising it was there and sensing Energy beings, I had no idea that there were low and high vibrational beings. I was so excited to be opening up that I didn’t take much care of who I was letting into my aura energy. I am very grateful for my Guides who quickly stepped forward and gave me the Spirit equivalent of a snow hat. They helped me to see that I had to keep my mind clear and positive. So having a hat, so to speak, became an issue of protecting my energy, keeping myself in the warmth of love energy and hiding me from the low vibrational Energy Beings. I guess you could say I have had many psychic hats. Each one designed to keep me safer. I use my imagination to dream up bigger and better protective hats.

The snow and cold over the last few days has been a challenge. I have had to look after myself. In the same way I have been reminded I have to look after my energy. It goes with the intuition side of my life. Perhaps my current hat needs a revamp. Maybe I haven’t checked on it for a while. So I’m off to dream of a brand new hat in the Full Moon energy. How exciting!

Day 827 of my blogging challenge

Reviewing Twelve Months Of Letters: Time To Celebrate

Reviewing Automatic writing It’s been a kind of reviewing day. Not least because I have complete a full year doing my live broadcasts on Facebook. I started Letters From The Light Side with some apprahension. And a feeling that it wouldn’t last more than three weeks. I guess I was lacking in enough faith and belief.

So here I am twelve months later with fifty two videos and a great number of views. More that I ever anticipated in those wobbly days when I was setting out. I’ve been through the loop of wanting to appeal to everybody. Also of wanting everyone to like my channelling. I’ve been stressy with my Guides in case I wasn’t doing it right. Even short with myself for the way I look, speak and dress. Yet I’ve also laughed an awful lot. I’ve felt the presence of so many Energy Beings. Reading the positive feedback and the lovely comments I’ve felt humbled. And reviewing it all I’ve been satisfied that I’ve tried. That I’ve done my best. And  that the videos have reached anyone who needed them.

That’s my work for Spirit in a nutshell. Today I was getting rid of old papers. I came across all sorts of memories connected with my journey into mediumship. Reviewing some of the places I’d been, the people I met there and the work I’ve been able to do I knew I had tried my best. Even when it didn’t quite work out as I thought it would. Or when it worked out better than expected. My Guides have never asked me to do anything perfectly. They have always asked me to do my best. Because they have always said my best is good enough. I know they have smiled when my perfectionism has rushed to the surface. And kept on encouraging me.

Reviewing the last twelve months I know that my perfectionist part has shrunk. A lot of my apprehension was about getting the broadcasts wrong in some way. I am very privileged to be able to speak on the behalf of Energy Beings so I really want to get it right. But they have shown me that faith and belief are not the only things that matter. I also have to try. And keep trying. Then I will always be good enough.

Day 819 of my blogging challenge

Shamanic Explorations: A Trance Workshop

shamanicThere is a rich history of shamanic traditions in our human evolution. I always enjoy returning to these mystical, ritual practices as a means of connecting with Energy Beings. Today I had the opportunity to help other people explore the altered states of consciousness at the heart of journeying work.

As a medium I am used to working with my Guides in an altered state. My transfiguration work takes place in the space between being wide awake and being fast asleep. In this hypnogogic hinterland I can wander to meet the Beings who wish to share their presence, wisdom and knowledge with us. It’s not simply about allowing other Beings to use my physical body. Or to change and alter my appearance so that they can be seen by others. It’s also about my shamanic journey inwards to a different reality. To a place where there is also access to self and other healing. A place I know is flowing with the energy of creativity.

It’s also a place that can be accessed by anyone who is willing to step through the boundary between here and there. I believe that to step across that boundary it is important to step gently. Because unless I know exactly who I am there is a risk. The possibility that not all of me will return the same as it left. So I work to help people take the first steps in a safe place. A place where I can balance the energies required and they can explore their own energies first. To me that is at the heart of any shamanic practice. Learning to walk before I run. The reward of doing it that way is also the help and support that is given by all the Guides. They step forward to assist everyone.

I also like to think that part of what I do is reclaiming the shamanic tradition as a positive, creative way of navigating the energy world. Until we are used to using our intuition, to process the energy we are in, our attempts to manifest a positive world will only be partially successful. Logic has been a useful tool but I know it is time to take back intuition as the way of creating what exists outside me.

Day 815 of my blogging challenge

Jotting It Down: Catch The Inspiration Every Day

jottingI’m a great fan of jotting things down. So much so that I have lots of notebooks containing all sorts of scribbles, lists and mind maps. I have always tried to capture what pops into my mind as much as I can. Because I have learned these notes may be the inspiration for my next adventure.

Jotting something down serves as a reminder for me then. When I have a lot going through my mind keeping notes helps keep me on track. I find it easy to get distracted into the whys and wherefores of something and can end up loosing a lot of what comes in. So I love being able to go back a page or two to see what else was being processed by my mind. Sometimes I get a nice surprise. Something I have predicted has happened. Or there is a new creative idea all set out and ready to go. Going back months and even years I can trace how often an idea has come through. Long before the time is right for me to act on it.

I also find that my jotting contains inspirational words, hints and tips from the Energy Beings who work with me. When I am going about my human life they throw these into my notes for me to stumble across later. Like nuggets of encouragement to keep me going. Especially when I have stalled. Or I’m frustrated because I don’t understand something. Also, jotting in this way also helps me to reach the ideas I’m sitting back on. I often find that I doodle as I write. These are the subconscious threads still being woven together ready to be pushed across my conscious mind. It always amazes me when I look back and see doodles that now make perfect sense of what needed to come to the surface.

Of course I also enjoy jotting down ideas for my daily blog.

Not all the ideas get into the day they are noted. And a few are still sitting on my writing list because the idea isn’t ready to be expanded yet. But it’s surprising how, over several days, many of my inspirations fit together and quickly become a blog piece. If you haven’t adopted a pen and paper yet please do try taking notes as the ideas arrive. You never know – it may be your Guides letting you know what is about to happen to you next,

Day 808 of my blogging challenge

Return Of The Divine Feminine: Embrace The Energy!

return of moonlightWhat a week of contrasts. From the sluggishness of Monday and Tuesday to the return of energy from Wednesday onwards. The New Moon making it’s presence felt. And heralding the return of the Divine Feminine. At last!

My Guides have been taking about Divine Feminine energy for some years now. Especially from 2013 onwards. They kept advising me that a big shift would happen soon. Five years – counting as soon in their terms. They helped me to recognise that we are all a blend of feminine and masculine energy. Every one of us. And that I had to understand the importance of using both sources of energy in my life. I feel it’s fair to say I had worked out how to use my masculine energy. But I found it much harder to return to using the feminine flow within me. Yet my connection with my own Spirit and all the other Energy Beings depends on it.

However, I had long been interested in Goddesses. It seemed to me that there were more powerful role models for women if we sought out and experienced Goddess energy. So I did feel excited at the idea that the Earth would be shifting position to flow with more feminine energy. Because when the Earth shifts, as a human being who is part of the Earth’s aura, so do I. I also felt strongly that it was time for a return of Divine Feminine energy to empower my daughter and her daughter’s daughter’s children. Finally that energy has begun to manifest. From a cycle of feminine energy going back two hundred years I am now hearing women once again raise their voices to say ‘Enough is enough’.

What is missed when energy is out of balance is the opportunity to create and make it so – as a collaborative effort. When everything can return to a balanced position I believe each one of us will achieve beyond anything we can yet imagine. In a collective community of Spirit.

So back to this week and the first New Moon of the year. The first push of Divine Feminine to hit all of us full on. When I am riding the energy wave it can initially feel exhausting. Because I have to adjust to a higher vibration. Just like learning to surf bigger and bigger waves. My body, mind, feelings have to get used to the demands of that new experience. So I will feel more exhausted. For three days at the beginning of the week I was wide awake all night, riding the energy, and sleeping all day. Then the New Moon was finally here. I felt energy return. I could balance in this new energy and use it.

Use it to create order in my chaos. To dream some very big dreams. And to release myself from holding onto old me’s. This return of the Divine Feminine is all about activism. Not only talking about what feminine energy represents and challenging stereotypes I hold inside of me. But also turning my intentions into action. I have asked myself to take the necessary steps to embrace the full breadth of what being feminine represents. All the aspects of the Goddess. For me to honour the power of life and death as it inspires my creativity. And to work at balancing all of these aspects with their matching masculine energy.

I want to become a whole blend. Spirit and human. Feminine and masculine. I want the return of my true nature. The underlying uniqueness of who I am. So I’m looking forward already to the return of the New Moon in February. And wondering what wave I will be riding then. I hope it’s an even higher one!

Day 785 of my blogging challenge

Retreating: An Experience Or An Activity?

retreatingI’ve been having a planning day. Sketching out ways of retreating from the world in 2018. Working out where to take people and what each retreat will offer. Alongside my own plans to retreat every now and again.

One of the things I’ve looked at and done, many times, is to go on a retreat. Something that has been offered, usually with all sorts of activities, to help me step away from the world for a while. Retreating into the forest, into silence, off to a meditation camp or angelic workshop. I have enjoyed most of these retreats. But sometimes wondered what all the activities represented. Was I there being active to distract myself from the experiences? Or was I really there to have an experience by itself? Of course, I know that experiences reveal and teach me about myself. But only if I am prepared to look.

Earlier this week I had a discussion about embracing the experience of connecting to the Energy Beings and Spirits of a place. And how some of these experiences had people retreating from the contact and being negative about what had happened. Yet other people might have the same experience and find their life had changed dramatically. It turns on the difference between being open and being closed; between fear and love. I guess that is also the gamble with a retreat event. In my own trips I have at times dismissed activities and at others flung myself into what I was asked to do. Because I have found that too much control of a retreat event can stifle the very thing I am looking for. It can stifle the me who is emerging.

Now when I think about retreating, going away from the world for a while, I bring to mind the experiences I have had. Rather than the activities I have done.

This perspective had definitely influences the retreats I run. I work with my intuitive knowing when I’m planning. I offer very little in the way of a timetable or a multiple choice of all sorts of events and activities. Instead I offer a space for people to come together with a common purpose. That purpose is to explore who they are. Using the mirrors provided by their interactions with others. And drawing on the intuitive guidance I know we all have inside ourselves. Added in to this mix is the opportunity to listen out for and connect with Energy Beings.

I want people to get used to the energy flow of their experiences. To notice what is happening deep below the surface layers. That may mean very little activity (or doing) and a lot more being. I provide the energy for people, retreating from  those surface understandings, to uncover themselves. And hold the sacred energy space to keep them safe. I apply this method to my own personal retreats as well. I need time to pause, reflect, uncover and embrace the deeper aspects of me. So retreating turns into contemplating. My practical way of accessing and acknowledging the wisdom I already contain.

My planning is almost finished. I will be putting my list of retreats together in the next couple of days. I’m looking forward to retreating with companions this year. And re-emerging with my tribe to take up an active spiritual life again. Better spiritually prepared. And loving myself and my wisdom more.

Day 775 of my blogging challenge

Angels Wait For My Call: If I Ask For Help

angelsIt’s been a day full of angels. Questions and answers from others about the nature and presence of and angel. As well as me asking for their help with my projects. And getting confirmations of their help.

I always loved angels. When I was a child I was fascinated with the idea that I had a Guardian Angel looking out for me. Some of the things that happened certainly made me wonder if they were there. I had no barrier to the idea of angels. Most children don’t. Who would want to reject the idea of a being who would care when no one else did. Who loved you even when you were naughty. And who would keep on loving and helping eternally. As a child I had no real sense of what eternity meant but I knew to ask my Guardian Angel if I needed help. Of course, as I grew up the idea of angels faded. Perhaps the help I expected didn’t come. Or the world became harsher.

In the back of my mind I retained a thread of memory about angels. Whilst dismissing them as a childish story told to help frightened children. But there were times I distinctly remember asking for angelic help. And getting it. It was just that I dismissed the help with rationalisations. And logic. Then I started to work with Energy Beings and angels were back on my agenda. Especially when I started to meet them. They reminded me that they are always present in my life. All I have to do is to ask. Because I have free will and they can’t cross that line. They also pointed out that they had been communicating with me all along. Through every difficult or challenging experience. But there was nothing they could do if I chose not to listen.

They have asked me to remind everyone that they stand ready to help. They are only a thought away. If you are facing something that is hard or challenging please give the angels a shout. Let them send in the energy, ideas, inspiration and solutions you require. Stay aware of the signals they are sending and know that you have all the help you will ever need.

Day 774 of my blogging challenge

Eeek! Wild Weather, Journeying And Returning Home

Eeek!Eeek! It was a wild storm last night. So I had to wait for the weather to calm down before I started my journey home. And driving steady means I’m slightly late with my blog again. So now my fingers are galloping along to get a post live. Because I don’t like to break promises I’ve made to myself.

I had plenty of eeek! moments last night as the wind direction changed and our dwelling was battered from one side then another. A couple of times it felt like the heavy rain and driving wind would bring the windows in. Of course it didn’t. I was really very safe. But sometimes living with a risk gets my adrenalin pumping a bit too much. So I watched for the faint glimmers of the full moon. I knew she would still be shining a calm Light up there somewhere. In my shamanic practice I enjoy using the Moon energy for journeying. Stepping out of my physical self and exploring further afield.

Just like I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. Leaving my usual home behind and exploring a second place that already feels like home. I can do that thanks to the kindness of good friends. And in the same way my shamanic journeying is assisted by the kindness my Energy Being friends. Tonight they also made sure I got back home from all aspects of my journeying. There were no eeek! moments on the motorway. In fact I am sure our car was powered by dragon energy. She certainly roared back at the winds trying to blow her off course. As the miles ticked off and I got closer to home I could feel the pull of familiar energy. Even my house was calling me back home.

And now I am. Settling into my sofa, putting my feet up. No more eeek! experiences for today. The journey is over, as is the wild weather and calmness is flowing all around. Was it a good journey? Certainly. It brought me back to right here and right now. Did I learn anything? Certainly. Every experience is a lesson in who I am and what is important to me. So now it’s time to rest before the next journey, lol.

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