Abstract Energy Painting: Clear The Mind & Do It

abstractI feel very blessed today. I’ve been wrapped in the energy of ArchAngel Etieliel channelling his energy into paintings. He likes to create abstract pieces so that the energy transfer is emotional rather than structured. And I am always excited to see what will emerge from our blending.

As I let him take over my hands we chatted about the process of channelled abstract paintings. I am always interested in how the Energy Beings choose to work with us because there are so many ways they do. My Guide Team encouraged me to start being creative with art nearly ten years ago now. Over that time I have worked with several different techniques. Depending on which Energy Being stepped forward to connect with me. Each adventure into a new way of working, with a new connector, has been a bit nerve wracking. But very rewarding. I love the pictures I have produced. Many of them have gone off to new homes. New homes where they can radiate the energy to every one who needs it.

I believe that more of us can work with Energy Beings to create pieces of abstract work that contains their energy. But are held back by believing that they can’t paint. That was the case for me. Until my Guides helped me to get over my fear. They encouraged me to get the materials they needed. Then they asked me to clear my mind as much as possible. When I was ready I started to play with the paint. Not focussing on what I was producing. Noticing but nor reacting when my hand and arm tingled. The signal that the connection was being made. And energy was flowing into the piece I was working on. In fact clearing my mind left me able to go with the experience rather than challenge what was happening. Letting the abstract image bring itself out of the materials.

It took me a while to perfect a resistance free method. My Ego mind wanted the abstract paintings to look like something. After all that’s the way it sees the world. Yet my Intuitive mind was keen to let the end result be whatever it was meant to be. So I persevered. With the love and support of my Guides. Is it time to listen to your Guide Team and get creative with colour, sound, materials? Positive loving energy can be transferred in so many ways. Remember, you have so much to give if only you try.

Day 1000 of my blogging challenge

Vacant – When Nothing Is Coming Through

vacantEvery now and again I find I’m vacant. My intuitive mind is blank. That doesn’t matter much when I’m relaxing and away from work. But not necessarily helpful when I’m trying to do a reading. Or a live broadcast.

It doesn’t happen very often. But I know it’s a matter of trust. When my intuitive mind goes vacant, when I’m empty of anything to say, I have to pay attention to the energy that is in and around me. Connecting to the Energy Beings relies on having positive energy feeds. If the energy is too ‘heavy’ or I am loaded down with issues there is likely to be a blank in my mind when I want to communicate. That’s why I have learned to explain what is happening. And to stop trying to connect until I am in a better energy. It may also be that my energy is too wobbly. That I am struggling to hold the flow well enough. Again I have to recognise why. And step back if necessary.

A vacant mind can be useful too. There is space for my Guides to drop new ideas in front of me. Sometimes that is what it’s about. My Guides want me to work on whatever is next. So they clear my mind of any connections. And work with me directly about me. Again it’s about trust. When my mind goes blank I recognise that the conversation might actually be going out in the very back of my brain. Out of my sight and hearing. So that what will eventually emerge will not be filtered out by my Ego mind way too soon. Actually I love the way the inspirations emerge fully formed. All possible arguments sorted and resolved. With no questions left to ask. So that I can get on with doing what is the best fir for my Spirit blueprint.

For the past few days I have been letting go of my blogging challenge. It’s nearly over. Yet there is still a vacant spot about what comes next. A blank. I’m trusting that the next new thing will emerge when it’s needed. I’m sure the Guides have got it covered!

Day 997 of my blogging challenge

Pitting Heart Against Head: What About My Spirit?

pittingSometimes it seems like I have taken a giant step backwards. When I’m pitting my heart against my head and getting stuck. No wonder I seem to procrastinate a lot!

In the battle between my intuition and my logic I often find myself feeling really, really frustrated. Especially when I feel I need to act. But I don’t know what action will be the best. Or right. It’s taken me a long time to recognise that I have a pattern of pitting my heart against my head. Of recognising that change is in the incoming energy but my Ego Mind is too busy rehearsing all of my fears about change. When, if I wait for the time to pass, all that needs to change will do so easily. My first lesson to myself was to learn to hold the opposing energies of my heart and my head. To keep calm and know that there would be a point when my head and heart agreed.

Over time I have stopped pitting one part of me against the other. I guess I have learned patience. And the wisdom to only take action when both my mind and heart agree. But I have also learned something else. Something I never used to consider. There is a third voice in the debate. My Spirit. The part of me that is eternal, recognises there is a blueprint and is happy to let extraordinary things happen to keep me on plan. Until I realised that my Spirit had a say, the trio had to be in agreement, I found my heart and mind reached agreement on things my Spirit would never want me to do. I’ve actually been down quite a few blind alleys because I have failed to recognise the prompts from my Spirit.

Now I know that I also have to avoid pitting my heart and mind against my Spirit. I take time every day or two to let myself be quiet. To sit and be still so that I can hear my own Spirit voice offering me support and advice. And I move forward only when I am sure that all three parts of me are happy with what has been decided. Are you struggling to change or adapt? Have you listened to your Spirit recently? Let it help you to work out the perfect way forward.

Day 983 of my blogging challenge

Ideas Drop Into My Mind When Least Expected!

ideasMore ideas have been dropping into my head today. Rather in random fashion. But inspiring me all the same. I love living intuitively. Though to my analytical, planning brain it can seem rather like a hodge podge of stuff all at once.

It all connects to the fact that I couldn’t remember what day it was. I’ve been going around as if it was Thursday. But it’s only Wednesday. It’s all that timey wimey stuff that happens when I get out of sync with the material world. Nothing makes that happen better than to get a chunk of time to myself. And when I am out of sync the issues that have needed a solution suddenly get solved. Because all sorts of ideas can make themselves visible to my conscious mind. And I often hear the chuckle that accompanies them. Along with the gentle ‘we’ve got this’ that comes from my Guides or the Angels. I know then that they have been waiting for me to clear away the logical, practical stuff so they can let me know where my answers are waiting.

Of course I get ideas all the time. However those are often what my logical mind thinks will be the best bet for me. That can mean they are influenced by my Ego Mind. The bit of me that can be pushing answers based on my fears. When I am in my Intuitive Mind I feel the energy of the ideas too. And I can tell much better what I need to do from a place of love. Because the intuitive ideas all arise out of the unconditional love that flows through my Spirit. My Spirit is connected to the Universal flow of energy and is able to ‘see’ what will bring the best outcomes for me and everyone around me. That makes it really exciting to get an answer, an idea, which will move something I am doing forward.

Getting intuitive ideas is all about becoming unfocused. Letting go of the issue and relegating it to the back of my mind. Sort of forgetting that it’s there in the first place. And understanding that when I need to know an answer it will drift in front of me. Like today. Three things I had let slide away bounced back. Three ideas that will deal with some exciting pieces of work. So, is it time to let the ideas surface for you?

Day 965 of my blogging challenge

What The Earth Needs Now ….. Sending Gratitude & Love

EarthI like to tune in to the energy around me every morning. Taking five minutes or so to sort out what I’m likely to encounter in my day. This morning I heard the Earth calling out to me. Instead of people, Guides or Energy beings. She had a message for all of us.

Of course the Earth calls out to us all the time. I hear her voice when I’m surrounded by trees. Or down on the beach. And every time I pause to appreciate a magnificent sunset. Since opening up to my own intuition I also feel her presence. Her pain. Her anger and despair. And her wonderful forgiveness. Yet I know we continue to take all that she can give without much though for the impact we are having. The Earth gives us what we need very willingly. But we always want more. And then more. Today she was asking me to reconsider what I require. She was suggesting that I stand back for a few moments and work out how much material stuff I want to pursue. Because each request takes something from her. And I don’t always give something back.

As I sat and discussed this with her I understood the ego trap most of us fall into. I want what everyone else seems to have. Yet that wanting feeds greed and over consumption. Until, without knowing it, I am taking too much. And so is everyone else. She asked me to think about what I could give back. Of course I can recycle, buy and consume less or look for alternative ways to power my life. However the Earth had a much simpler answer. She asked me to look around me at all of her beauty and appreciate it better. To send gratitude and love energy to every living thing. And to the planet I am standing on of course. The Earth would like all of us to notice the simple beauty that surrounds us. It is a very effective way of getting us to think about whether we want to destroy it or not.

The Earth wants us to know that she will always provide for us. This really is a Garden of Eden. To avoid betting thrown out I know that I am going to praise her for putting up with us so patiently. And I am going to remember that this planet is the only home and shelter I have got. She deserves better from me.

Day 925 of my blogging challenge

Slowly, Peacefully Drifting Back To Earth

slowlyI had a set of plans for today. A To Do List packed full of ‘get on with it’ tasks. However I found myself slowly trying to get my focus back. It wasn’t the list. It was the peaceful drift from higher vibrational energy that sent me off plan. Sometimes I forget about adjustment I have to make when working with Angels.

It was a relief to find I was in good company. Several of the people who attended the workshop were also slowly drifting down out of the energy too. That was really good to hear. Because I got my confirmation that they had made strong and powerful connections with the angelic realm yesterday. I love that other people get the chance to experience the peaceful nature of this kind of connection. And the flow of reassurance that comes from the Angels and ArchAngels. A sort of ‘everything is going to be ok’ inner knowledge. A feeling of strength and the urge to let the everyday cares go. I have to say it’s the kind of energy I would love to have all of the time.

However, I also know that being in such close connection with Angels has to be worked on slowly. My physical body, as well as my Ego Mind, has to get acclimatised. I have to take time out to come back down to this vibration. If only to get on with material world issues. What I can keep with me is that feeling of unconditional love and peace that they always gift to me. Life becomes much less frantic. Emotions are less turbulent. And I can smile in the middle of any drama. What I also do is give myself permission to set aside my To Do List. Instead I do what I feel will give me time to adjust. So I had several meditations sensing out the love and healing from the ArchAngels.

Then I got my planner out and reflected on the first half of the year. As well as adding in time for some new ideas that came through yesterday and today. Finally I took myself off to a local cafe so I could slowly savour a coffee. That was so I could slide quietly back into the ‘real’ world. The ArchAngels are still around. They always are. But they have helped me get safely back to my human vibration. Ready to tackle that To Do List tomorrow!

Day 921 of my blogging challenge

Paused: Never Easy To Stop Doing Same Old Same Old

pausedMy Guides are endlessly patient with me. Thank goodness. Every now and again I find they have paused what they have been doing to give my Ego Mind a chance to catch up. A chance for me to observe where I am still falling into old patterns. Or to consider if new patterns have finally begun to take hold.

I’ve been revisiting my All Things Angelic workbook today. I am running the workshop tomorrow so I wanted to check that the information was still relevant. As it’s some time since I first wrote it I have to make sure it is in line with what I now understand about angels. A subject that has changed for me quite a bit since I first began connecting with them. And channelling their energy. At the beginning I thought they were a convenient figment of my imagination. Because everywhere I turned there were so many beliefs about them woven into human history. So I paused for a long time. Trying to check if my imagination was drifting me into a twilight religious world.

After a series of stops and starts I finally decided to go with what was happening. Making sense of it all was something I chose to do afterwards. I kept on working to make the connections stronger. For my angels to draw in closer. Until it was time to be paused again. Although I had left my scepticism on one side it was still trying to trip me up. The Archangels who had begun working with me on all sorts of levels understood that the cynic in me was looking for the catch. The trick that would reveal they were all fake imaginings. I went through a long time of reflecting. I had to decide if I wanted the connections more than I wanted the doubts. A new pattern was on offer. But only I could choose it.

I’m glad to say that being paused was a very positive experience. I learned a lot about my social conditioning, about me and about the Archangels. It allowed me to notice my old patterns and do something about them. I’m cautiously optimistic that I am now well on the way to holding onto the new patterns. Especially since I know my Archangels will use the pause button any time I drift back into old ways.

Day 919 of my blogging challenge

Heavy Energy: Fear Is Not The Answer

heavy energyI know we live in challenging times. We are trying to bring about deep and fundamental changes to the ways we relate to one another. Yet I can’t escape the heavy energy that is around at the moment. It’s like the worst sci-fi story of nuclear war ever. And I am living in it. But fear is limiting other choices.

I’m not denying fear as an emotion. It is a useful energy to get adrenalin to kick in when we have to run away from large animals. Or when it’s dark and uncomfortable so we need to move to a different place. However, I find all the discussions about solving the issues the world faces come from a deeper place of fear. An ego place. A place where the energy is so heavy it’s almost solid. Somehow, in this place, I even fear my own destruction. Yet I have had years of evidence that life continues. In me if I am reincarnated. In others because there are plenty of children being born into the world.

This heavy fear is really my Ego Mind. Stirring me up. But limiting my options at the same time. Because when I act from a place of fear I only do what relives that fear. Temporarily. Because the heavy energy remains. And I sink down into it once more. So what am I to do when I hear all of the aggressive dialogue? It sounds like a script. A discussion with too many agendas hidden behind the scenes. And unfortunately not enough love to go around. When people become disposable objects it is easy to forget that they have a right to share the same planet. Even to remove them if they stand in the way of those agendas.

I wonder if the world leaders ever rise above the heavy energy of fear? Ever consider that what you give out you get back? And that, thus far, no one has lived forever? It’s no surprise that these issues are also apparent at a local and national level too. Fear is not an answer. Open, honest and clear discussion is. It’s time to put the guns and bombs away and start talking. Not through fear. But out of love.

Day 868 of my blogging challenge

Active Meditation: Body, Mind, Feelings & Spirit

Active feetI love walking in the forest or through woodland. It’s great to be active. I’ve also learned it’s a great way to meditate. To let my thoughts and feelings emerge. And to open up a conversation with the bits of me that are often hidden behind the activities of the material world.

I have to confess that it took me a long time to get used to meditating. My Ego Mind was a bit too keen to stay in control. Learning to step out of those active thoughts, to still myself, was a bit of a challenge. So was sitting still. I think I must have been a natural twitcher. My body would protest if stuck in one pose too long. It was a distraction. And one my Ego Mind used against me. Until I discovered active meditations. There is a long shamanic tradition of entering an altered state of consciousness through movement. Sometimes repetitive movement, like Sufi spinning or tribal drumming, or random movement like dancing.

Discovering these forms of active meditation made my life so much easier. Because I began to walk my meditations. I would pace through a guided piece, letting it play through my headphones or on my CD player, focusing on the actions being in rhythm with the words or music. Round and round the room I would stride. Letting myself feel the movement in my physical body. Opening up to the feelings that would arise. Noticing the thoughts and where they connected with the guided piece. Eventually I noticed another me. One that would peep out at me from time to time. A me who wanted to walk alongside the physical me. So I invited her to join me. At that point my meditative space became quite crowded.

There were others with me. All wanting to take part in my active meditation because they had been trying to connect with me for a long time.

They helped me by taking my walking outside my house. I have always enjoyed walking so they encouraged me to get back in my long distance groove again. When I did I found that I could drop into that state of meditation very easily. I didn’t need to be guided by music or a CD. All I had to do was focus my attention on each step, each breath and each surge of forward energy. To help me I would try to notice everything around me. But without specifically focusing on any one object. If I am in a woodland it feels as if the trees form a protection around me and the everyday world withdraws. I am sheltered and often in half light. It feels like a return to the womb.

On the beach I feel the pull of the air and a sense of vast space. The waves make a backdrop to the waves of my thoughts. And it doesn’t matter if my thoughts are active. I let them bubble to the surface without challenge. Stream of consciousness ideas flowing and inspiring me. It’s an easy way to tell which are mine and the thoughts that belong to Energy Beings. Because wherever I am walking my aim is to receive the intuitive messages that are waiting for my attention. If I take active notice of the intuitive information then I boost my connections to the non physical world. Exactly what I want to be able to do in my life. That information had helped me to live a more spiritual and peaceful life.

When I am active in my meditations it’s as if I can achieve a perfect balance of body, mind, feelings and Spirit. My whole being is involved. And that includes my intuitive sense too. I am complete.

Finally, I hope that I have inspired you to give walking meditation a go. Even on the shortest walk you can open up a space for your Spirit self to speak to you. Why not give it a try?

Day 862 of my blogging challenge

Shutting Up Internal Chatter: Listening For Guides

shutting up chatterIt must be a necessary theme this week – working with Guides. Yesterday I wrote about my latest new Guide and today I’ve been chatting to several people about the way I work with mine. Explaining that our connection couldn’t get off the ground until I learned about shutting up my internal chatter.

As a human being I have learned to keep my mind active. Not necessarily by choice. But because I have always been expected to process lots of information. Firstly by my Ego Mind so that I can keep myself out of danger and stay alive as long as possible. The chatter that flows through in my thoughts has a big chunk of assumptions, options and debates about what to do for the best. Not only about crossing a road or driving. But also how much my gas bill is, the price of food and if that person really did mean to be nasty to me. The Ego Mind is expecting uncertainty and attack. Shutting it down completely is hard because I want to stay safe too. So it gently rumbles on yacking at me all the time.

Also chatting away are my feelings. Who said what, when and why. Debating if I feel hurt, proud, upset or angry. Linking what has been said to things in my past and dredging up old feelings. Chattering about assumptions of what is going to happen in the future if I have to speak to that person again. Going round and round judgements, conversation points and individual words. Constructing my answers for next time. Or the things I really wished I had said. I play these over and over again in the safety of my internal world hoping that I can deny them or reinvent them to sound more positive to me. Using up lots of energy keeping myself in the past rather than accepting the conversations and moving on. And all because humans don’t show each other how to deal with feelings immediately.

Shutting up chatter therefore becomes a lot more complicated as I fall into all of these internal dialogues. Swapping Ego Mind with feelings endlessly. So how can my Guides break through that noise?

It’s important to acknowledge that my Guides communicate with my Intuitive Mind. The part of me that processes the information from my intuitive senses. It’s a part of me that has been pushed into he background. I’ve been trained to believe that I actually don’t have intuitive senses. So how can the information break through if I’m not even paying attention? My Intuitive Mind is chattering very quietly to itself. Gradually shutting down the information coming in because all the other chatter is drowning it out. Until it’s almost silent. I’ve even forgotten that it’s there. Unless I get a random prediction right. Or have a moment of deja vu that wobbles my certainty in the material world. Even denying that I might have seen a non-physical being.

So here I am with far too much chatter going on in my head. Yet the voices or connections I want to experience are shutting up. In my experience the only way to deal with this was to start closing down the chatter and opening my intuition. I began with learning to meditate. Letting myself turn down the volume on my Ego and feelings. But turning up the volume on my intuitive senses. I also learned to sit very quietly so that the chatter could calm down, slow down and fade a bit. Music for relaxation helped me too. I started to write my questions down and let myself answer them. I paid attention to any thoughts and feeling I had that seemed not to be mine. And I kept asking for more. telling my Guides to give me the information again.

With a lot of practice I gradually learned how effective shutting down the chatter could be. Because I had a space in my head where other impressions, thoughts and feelings could emerge. It took me some time to trust that this was my Guides communicating with me. Yet when I finally accepted it was my mind chatter became a wonderful, purposeful conversation instead. Is it time for you to stop chattering and start listening?

Day 855 of my blogging challenge