Big choice, Big Change. Are you getting ready?

There is so much to talk about today. All my conversations with others have had lightbulb moments for me. And it’s all about choice.

However, I really want to say something about the process we are all in at the moment. I’ve written about it a bit in other posts but as the energy gets clearer so does the overall message. I know that at the moment we are all undergoing a purification. The Spirit that is inside us is reaching out to wake us up to our upcoming change. That change is to live life with a new purpose. To become the Spirit acting more powerfully through our human body. Because it will soon be time for every one of us to make a choice. In fact all of the energy surrounding me and you is pushing us towards a decision.

Decide what? That’s the next step. When I step away from the illusions of life – the products of my ego – then I can see that I have a spiritual mission. I have unique abilities that can assist all of us to change the way the world is. However I have to exercise my choice and use those abilities. It is me saying that I am dedicated to serving the world the best way I can that moves me on. But my ego mind will certainly try to distract me. Or pull me back into an illusion. Back into a comfort zone that may appear to keep me safe. But really ends up stopping me from doing all I am capable of.

As I step through into my ‘initiation’ in September I will be joined by many other Lightworkers. All of us will be making a choice. A pledge, if you like.

That choice will be to live a spiritual life. No matter what challenges or issues. I know that we will agree to do whatever is asked of us. Willingly and for the greater good of our fellow Spirits. Stepping away from the ego mind. Letting go of anything that has no place in our journey forward. It’s going to be a simple choice really. But one with big consequences. Because I know we will have to give voice to a different set of values.

And then live to those values. This is the change many of us wish for. But perhaps don’t know how to bring about. In turning my mind to an Ascension Consciousness I am placing love at the centre of everything I do. As much unconditional love as I can muster. I have been on the journey of learning to love myself for a long time. But to love others I have to embrace myself first. And keep in my mind and heart the hope of unconditional forgiveness, gratitude and service that flows along with unconditional love.

I also know that some people will make a choice to follow the other path. The one laid out by the ego mind. The mind that says change is too hard.

This will be another choice I have to make. I know that the people around me may prefer to stick with being unloving towards themselves. To reject the love and compassion that is being offered. Maybe even to continue to struggle. Keeping a ‘life is hard’ attitude. I have to accept that there is nothing I can do. It’s a choice they have made. However, since I also know about the process we are in I can engage in open, honest and clear conversations with my loved ones down here.

There is still no guarantee that we will make the same choice. I’m going to make the effort though. Because I also know that the decision we make will keep us on our chosen path for the next nine years. If I end up on the service (Spirit) path some the people I care about may be on the illusion (ego) path. That will bring me more decisions. Perhaps to much to think about at the moment when I am still in the process of choosing. And working to love me enough to let everything of the ego mind go.

The best I can do is be aware. Notice myself. Recognise the energy shifts that are bringing about this choice. And talking to everyone I can to share my observations. Are you getting ready?

Day 593 of my blogging challenge

Wide Blue Yonder Dreams

Sometimes it’s good to do some blue sky thinking. Spending a little time daydreaming about what next.

I’ve been talking a bit today about the process of change. How I feel that restless urge somewhere inside of me as if life has somehow gone flat. When it seems my passion for everything I normally do has drained away. The moments when I don’t know who I am or what I want. These are all my signals that it’s time to drift into the wide blue yonder. To let myself dream about how my life might be in a few months or years. Even to try out several lives to see if I can find the one that makes me feel energised again. Giving my life a make over with the wave of a magic wand.

One of the things that comes with the energy to change is also feeling a bit blue. Down in the dumps my Mum used to say. No linger fitting the life I have but not really clear what life I want. Letting myself drift in my imagination so that I’m seeing my life with me being happy and positive. Checking out what activities I’d be doing. Who I would be with. Where I would be living. A delicious fantasy vision of a new me to get my ideas flowing. This is not just a pleasant form of escapisme. It’s me giving the inner me a chance to speak about my desires. The part of me I ignore when I’m doing the same old same old.

Out in the blue sky I can place myself anywhere. But it also helps me to notice what requires changing.

I’ve often found that it’s easier to admit what I have to do to change things when I have spent a little time imagining a new path. I’m really good at hanging on to old habits that are definitely past their best. I don’t like to let go. Or like change itself much. Yet when I picture myself in another life I can see really clearly, without excuse, what doesn’t fit in my present life. If I’m being honest with myself I can tackle what those changes are. But I also have to be aware of my Ego mind. It will try to spoil the dream. Usually by telling me that it’s impossible to achieve. Or that it’s much safer to stay muddled and miserable.

So back to the blue sky. To combat the fear of change I dream up all sorts of scenarios that put me in a happy and positive place. Using the ideas from these dreams I pick one thing I can do differently. Then I make that change. Often a little one. A step in the right direction. Because lots of little steps add up to big changes over time. A long time ago I dreamed of working for myself at things I was good at. I also imagined that these things would be exciting to do every day. I went off and enrolled on a counselling course becuase those dreams showed me the job I was in was killing me. It took a few years but I qualified and started my own business. It was big leap in the dark but I knew the blue sky was waiting for me.

I have been in that wide blue yonder for many years now. And I love it. Is it time for you to daydream too?

Day 520 of my blogging challenge 

The Point: Passing It With Purpose

It’s very easy to say what’s the point. To see what is happening in the world and believe that there is no point to living a good life. Or any kind of meaningful life.

In conversations over the weekend I’ve been conscious of that urge we all have. There has got to be a point. Whatever we do has to have a meaning. I’ve written about this before. The human need for a purpose. Then when life swamps us it can be all to easy to loose the plot, point or purpose. And sink into despair. Looking outward at the world I might find it easy to say that all the good works people do are outweighed by all the bad things people do. Why do people of strong beliefs keep trying to make a difference? Why do I feel like I want to help and support?

That’s the point really. I believe we all want to make a difference in others lives. But I also believe that the first place we have to look is inward. How can I be peaceful to others if I’m not at peace in myself? How will I work as part of a community if I don’t recognise and embrace all the different parts of my inner community? All the different ‘me’s’ who want my attention. Even the shadow parts. Because they are there. That darker side is a part of each of us. Yet we often try to ignore it. A community embraces all opinions and feelings. A peaceful community knows that the point is live and let live. I can agree to differ with myself or my community when I find that centre of peaceful energy.

Isn’t the point that if I can create peace in the centre of my being then I can share that out to the wider world. Taking the energy of peace and using it to deal with external relationships in just the same way as I have balanced my internal reality?

That means I can get past the need for a point. It’s quite a thought. A challenge really. Does my life have to have a meaning? Isn’t it much more important to me to live an authentic life? Then I can respond to the changes of circumstances that wash over me by staying calm, fearless, secure in myself. I find that being calm, really feeling calm, removes any need for a point. That a purpose becomes a mechanism to judge myself by. A reason to be harsh or aggressive with myself when I feel that I’m not doing what I think I’m here to do. If I am unsettled inwardly I take that energy out into the world and it becomes a harsh aggressive place.

For quite a long time I have been learning to forget the point of life. Bringing myself into the moment. Doing what I feel it’s right to do at any given time. Because I find this a calm way to move through my day. Along with many others I was tired of the pressure to achieve. Beginning to use what’s the point as my daily mantra. A path I decided I didnt want to go down any longer. Manifesting calmness has taken a while. I have had to tackle a host of shadow concerns as well as the Ego mind. I still trip up from time to time. But much less often than I once did. This weekend showed me I have passed the tipping point. In a meaningful way my life has become pointless. And full of infinite possibilities for good.

I am a free agent. All I want to focus on is enjoying the calm, embracing the peace and expanding those feelings into my outer world as much as possible. It’s a purpose but not a point 💜

Day 517 of my blogging challenge 

Predictive Dreaming Glimpses

One of the strangest things to understand has to be predictive dreams. It took me quite a while to get my head around why I had these episodes of knowing what was going to happen.

As I type that I know it sounds silly. After all psychics are supposed to predict. Aren’t I? People regularly ask me to tell them about their future. About what will happen to them next. Even if they will get what they want or hope for. The future. Predictive information. The need to know. I was the same. Wanting to know what is going happen next. I remember before I opened up to my own intuitive information I occasionally visited mediums and psychics in the search for knowing. As if I could control the outcome of my future if I knew about it enough in advance. And I feel that was the key. I wanted the information so I could be in charge of my destiny.

Quite early in my development as a medium, when I began to get predictive dreams, I agonised about knowing the future. Or trying to sense the future for others. What if I got it wrong? Or if I mistook what I was getting? Would there be a big mess becuase I might have misinterpreted information. It was another set of questions I took to my Guides. Especially when the dreams were coming three or four times a night. I could be sound asleep but shocked awake remembering a vivid sequence of events. The feel and sights of the dreams were so real. I had lots of information but never seemed to have anything vital. The what, where, who, how often escaped me. As did the exact time or date of the events I viewed. Sometimes I read about them or watched them on TV.

Usually at some much later date. Why was I getting predictive information that I couldn’t use? What was the point?

Working it out with my Guides I discovered that we all have predictive dreams. My Spirit doesn’t sleep. Every now and again I run ahead of the here and now to take a look at what is on this timeline. The Ego mind struggles to process information that is outside of the sequence of time we are all used to. Instead my mind jumbles up the information. The puzzle pieces get shaken about so I struggle to put them back together again. If there is a big enough energy event going to happen I pick up that wave when I’m ahead of myself. If it’s really big much more of the puzzle pieces will drop into my conscious mind. That means I will remember more. But not necessarily a lot of the detail.

I may recall a feeling or watching something happen. Perhaps a snippet of conversation. But as it is out of context it will seem like it makes no sense. I will know that something is going to happen but not necessarily all of what is involved. When I reached that point with my Guides I asked the next obvious question. If I don’t know enough detail to do anything then why do I bother going to look? The response was really interesting. They told me it was so that I could be prepared for the energy surge. A natural disaster, a plane crash, even an accident to myself, can create a big energy reaction. If I have a sense that something is coming I can remind myself to stay calm.

I have to say I thought at that point that predictive dreaming was a pointless exercise. Staying calm? How could I do that?

After all I was still arguing with them about why I got to know things I couldn’t possibly change. Because that was one of my issues too. Dreaming of a volcanic eruption seemed pointless if I couldn’t alert anyone. Or expect to be able to give a warning that would be listened to. The same with dreaming about car crashes. Or illnesses. It was rather a shock to be told that I wasn’t expected to do anything with the information. Except to be ready to balance the energy waves. Although sending healing was an option too. And if anyone had died in the events I could send energy to help them find their way into the Afterlife.

As this went round and round in my head I realised that all I could do was exactly what my Guides suggested. Take the dream information, wait for events to unfołd and do my best to send positive energy to the situation. Over the years I have done that in many occasions. I have learned to wake from the dream, record it and be ready to send energy. Positive intentions do help others. I have had plenty of personal proof of that. And there are many more than me who remember their predictive dreams. If all of us send positive and healing intentions to emergency or disaster situations then the aftermath may be a little bit less than it might have been. If we can’t change the future of these events perhaps in some way we are softening their impact.

That’s what I understand the predictive dreams come through for. So I welcome them as a small way for me to help from a distance.

Day 503 of my blogging challenge 

Trusting the Connections

If I needed proof that trusting is the best thing to do then today has been miraculous. All day connections have been happening to me. It’s as if the Universe wanted to say Ta Da!

Wanted to show me what could be achieved if I adopted a trusting approach to my problems. Shifted my focus and let go of my worries. Because it’s hard to break the worry pattern once it’s been adopted by the Ego mind. I have seen the Law of Attraction in action all through my activities today. From the cup of tea with a friend who has a lot of knowledge about designing courses to the conversation at a digital training event about my Passion Planner. The gift of knowledge from another dear friend. And the in between moments when I was asked for appointments, sent out healing and had a great laugh with the pieces being posted in my Inspired 2 Write group.

What a contrast then to sit down at the training event and notice we were all on our mobiles. Hiding from saying hello to one another. Waiting for someone else to break the ice. It reminded me of something I read in my newsfeed earlier in the day. People often debate if mediums are special or gifted. They say only a few can do what I do. And go on to explain why they can’t do it. Often to the point of saying that connections aren’t real. Not trusting themselves to explore whether the connections can be opened up. Yet I know from my experiences that everyone can connect with Energy Beings. Every single person on the planet. If they wanted to. I certainly did. My curiosity pushed me to try. I refused to believe that this ability was restricted by genetics.

Trusting that my search for understanding would bring me evidence and eventually clarity I kept communicating. But like using a mobile I sometimes blocked what I received.

It took me a long time to become trusting enough to answer back the hello from the other side. To sit at a table of strangers and start a conversation. I wonder how many people sit at the table with their Spirit teams but are reluctant to say hello. How many distract themselves with looking busy. Or looking anywhere but around the table. I know they are missing out. There is so much we can learn by exploring our intuitive nature. Best of all I know that it led me to living on the edge. Taking a risk and living my life in happiness as much of the time as I could. Following my heart and trusting that what I required would come to me.

Once again I’m amazed. Today has been wonderful. I feel as if I’ve passed another self test. My intuitive mind has taken the lead. I asked for help and I’ve been given so much. I want to stay on the edge of life. Ready to surf the waves knowing and trusting that I will always be safe. My connections to my Guides are strong. I’m ready to be of service. Where ever it;small going it’s going to be a fun ride 💜

Day 499 of my blogging challenge.

Staying Off The Treadmill

There is a piece of equipment in a gym called a treadmill. People use it to keep fit. But there is another meaning to this word. It’s a large wheel driven by people or animals to make machinery work.

When I was working I moved things around. Usually bits of paper. Sometimes people. Occasionally bits of machinery. I was part of a machine. Not made of metal. Or powered by electricity. I was part of a human machine. We all kept the treadmill turning to churn out outcomes, outputs, results. It was very hard for me to escape the machine. I kept wanting to put myself back on the treadmill. Even when it was toxic for me. It was an addiction I couldn’t seem to give up. My drug of choice was money. Because I believe that I had to work hard, get paid and spend that income on keeping myself from starvation and homelessness.

I bought into these ideas because I had no other ideas. No realisation that there could be any other way of life. The treadmill nearly killed me. And that’s how I managed to step off. I walked away from the machine. During the time when I was flailing around wondering what to do next I started to pay more attention to my spiritual journey. I read and read. Drawing inspiration and ideas from many sources. There were many suggested ways that I could go forward. Lots of people had apparently found the way to perfect peace and joy in their lives. All I had to do was choose. That’s when I stepped onto a different treadmill. The machine of spirituality.

I know many people find it hard to consider that spirituality has become another treadmill. But I spent time, money and effort going from one thing to another expecting each time that I would find the perfect life.

It was the same as when I was working. Lots of conflicting suggestions, all sorts of outcomes and no clear focus to my ‘work’. It took me quite a while to process all the information. But one day I noticed that spirituality is only possible when lived in the real world. That I and everyone else had to make choices moment to moment to live as a Spirit  in a human body. And my first choice was to get off this new treadmill. To decide I had to act only for myself. That my first act needed to be a recognition of the way I had been hooked in once again. I had to face my inner world. The world that seemed to rely on a ‘machine’ for safety. What was wrong with being outside the machine?

In a sense I was fighting with that saying ‘Old habits die hard’. Moving from the familiar to the unknown is a huge step off a cliff. As the unknown rushed to meet me there was a reflex grab for the safe and known. So back to turning the hamster wheel even harder. Except I found that I recognised much quicker that being responsible for my self was the true freedom. That my Spirit would guide and support my efforts to live a more spiritually focused life. Now I resist the pull of the treadmill. I have become used to recognising the familiar ‘concerns’ that my Ego mind throws at me. I am getting better at facing the fear and the drag of the machine. I’m sure that one day I will be free of the endless, enclosed circle of a ‘safe’ life.

For now I am a work in progress. Determined to stay off the treadmill. Taking every step away that I can. But realistic enough to know that the temptation is still around. Whenever I dither about a decision, or change, or what is best I know I have to steer myself in my own direction. And refuse the treadmill.

Day 493 of my blogging challenge. 

Conversation in the Square

Many of my messages come through a conversation. Either the person I’m talking to says something that I know is from Spirit. Or they tell me I’ve said something they really needed to hear. Or recognise as being from a loved one in Spirit.

Standing chatting in the Square this afternoon I was enjoying the sunshine. Our conversation was about that thorny subject – what is mediumship? As I talked I felt a familiar tingle. My Guide Wolf Running had his hand on my head. And next to me was a Guide belonging to the other person. I knew what I was saying had significance for both of us. So I listened carefully to the words that were falling out of my mouth. It was interesting to hear a reminder of why I started developing in the first place. And why I continue to share my knowledge about intuitive abilities.

Back in the beginning I was mostly curious. I wanted to understand what was happening. Why did I feel tingles at certain times? How did I seem to know what was going to happen? Or that a client was surrounded by loved ones from Spirit. Yes, I was already helping people through my counselling. I moved in that direction when the corporate world   became too toxic and uncaring. As I opened up to the information from my intuitive senses  I became more involved. I wanted to understand at a deeper level. Because I felt I had found a better way to help people. That’s how I fell into mediumship. Somewhat reluctantly but going with it all the same.

The urge to help is very powerful in all of us. I know I have a conversation with myself every time I am around people who are stuck, lost or floundering. I want to somehow make it better.

As I continued into the connection with Spirits I found I was better than average at it. Still reluctant to believe in myself (or them) I fell into demonstrating and giving messages one to one. That’s when I hit a big challenge. My need to help was fed by my Ego Mind. It told me how much better I could help by making sure I was the one people heard. There was a sort of competitive edge that wanted to creep in. I had a hard conversation with myself once again. Using my abilities was about being of service. Not being the big I Am. I decided then that when I was asked I would serve to the best of my ability. That’s how I found myself teaching. Reluctantly. But reminding  myself it was because of choosing to serve others.

Lots of things I have done have been in the background. Quietly. A conversation with one person. A message to another. A healing thought to a third. Visiting places when asked to by Spirit. Connecting people when required. Encouraging people to move on when the time was right. Because to me mediumship is a whole lot more than standing on a stage just to flatter my ego. The temptation was certainly there. But I’m glad I resisted. That’s not to say that everyone who works publicly is doing it to feed their ego. I know many wonderful mediums who serve day in and day out in public settings. They are there because it’s their form of service. It’s what has been requested of them. But I want to add a note of caution. A few aren’t serving anyone but themselves.

That’s a sad conversation to have. To recognise that their Guides have to wait until the Ego Mind has run it’s course. And hope that not too much damage has been done to the public in the mean time.

I encourage people to recognise mediumship in all of it’s forms. Including the healers, psychics, Tarot readers, geomancers, intuitives, and empaths (amongst many names) who might cross your path. Along with the ordinary, kind hearted and open people who offer you support and encouragement when you most need it. They are serving too. Quietly. For no visible reward. Passing on the love that is all around if we choose to be open to it. I believe that intuitive ability is natural for all of us. And I also believe that when required we are all of service on behalf of Spirit. It’s just that we don’t recognise it. Or know how much our help has mattered. The Spirit World would like to thank you today for everything you have done on their behalf. And ask you to keep doing it <3

Day 487 of my blogging challenge.

Honouring My Energy

It’s been another day of honouring my energy. Whether having a catch up, sorting out bills or working on new events I have been noticing the ways in which my energy flows.

I’ve written a lot before about energy. Because when I look at the world using my intuitive senses I see things very differently. My brain processes the energy flows and pops the information alongside what I’m seeing and hearing with my physical senses. And there can be quite a mis-match. It’s my job to make sense of these details. Yesterday it was all chaos. Too much information. Today it’s become a lot clearer. That’s because I’m honouring the intuitive knowledge I’ve processed.

Living this intuitive life means I have to weigh everything by it’s energy. Am I putting myself in the flow of positive energy? Or stepping back into old or stuck energy? Also, am I balancing both my feminine and masculine energies? When I consider a new opportunity or refocus on things I’m already doing what energy am I giving and receiving? I know I’m asking myself lots of questions but how will I know what to do if I ignore my intuitive information. I might fall into the trap of following my Ego Mind. And that is dangerous. Because my Ego Mind has no intention of honouring my feelings. It wants to keep me safe by limiting me.

I know it can be difficult to accept the information from our psychic senses. I had a battle to get myself honouring the way I was receiving these details. And to even consider that they might be facts to pay attention to.

Even if I accept the facts are there do I use them or ignore them. How do I trust what I am sensing? I know that it has been a slow and steady process for me. Noticing the energy I am living in. Trying to do things differently so I change that energy. Getting it better. Finding out it’s worse. Lots of trial an error. Until I’ve reached a point where I completely accept the intuitive material and let it help me steer my life. Today has been about revisiting quite a few things I do. Checking if I am honouring my intention to give and receive positive energy flows. Making sure that I balance my natural preference to be in my masculine energy with enough of a feminine boost.

For I’m at the beginning of a whole new phase in my life. I can take my work in any direction I please. More of this and less of that. Starting new projects or sticking with the tried and tested. It’s like starting all over again. Yet exciting to be deciding things differently. I’m moving into choosing what I want from my life once more. It’s important for me to include much more feminine creativity in what I do. To be able to express passion in my work and play. And to generate a feeling of wellbeing within myself. I know that if I do that it will spill over onto the people I connect with. I can send them that positive energy boost to use in any way they like. That is a great goal to have. So I’m going for it full speed ahead.

Day 484 of my blogging challenge.

Wibbly Wobbly Energy Day

There was another energy upgrade on Monday. So ever since the energy has been wobbly. And wibbly. Trying to balance it out I’ve got cold symptoms!

It happens every time the energy around me changes significantly. The wobble begins and I go into ‘clearing’ mode. Because that’s what the symptoms really represent. I’m releasing stuck energy. Some of it years and years old. That’s why I appreciate the line from Dr Who about ‘wibbly wobbly timey wimey’ so much. Because the energy that has got stuck has no relevance to today. Or whatever I’m doing in my life now. And the cause has been lost. Or the effects blurred.

So I’ve been resting as much as possible. Trying to be at ease with the releasing. I’m not worried what I’m releasing. I just want it to hurry up and go. I’ve also spent some time meditating to pull in the loving energy. In that way I will be able to replace the low vibrational energy with a top up of positivity. I’m also very aware that whilst I’m out of balance I will be wobbly. My world view might be less positive than normal. Or I might be tempted to focus on my worries or fears. So I’m keeping away from anything that might prompt me to get into a negative cycle of thoughts and feelings.

Of course sometimes disappearing into my tent or retreating from the world doesn’t happen. I might still have to be around and about. Yet when a wobble hits it’s interesting that my diary tends to clear as if by magic.

Those things that stay active are the ones I really have to do to regain my balance. I know that those activities will bring me back into myself. Perhaps by bringing me more insight into what has to be let go. Or to offer me a new perspective on past events. Even to give me a clear way forward. So no matter how runny my nose, how much coughing I do or the strength of my headaches what will come out of all this is a better way of living as myself. My whole self. The non-wobbly self deep inside. Knowing that I can love myself even at my most miserable. Getting myself back in balance because I’m worth it.

My head is too woolly to discuss ‘timey wimey’ today. Except to say it really isn’t a straight line. Or even a ‘real’ experience. My Spirit knows everything happens for a reason. It’s only my Ego Mind that resists. It’s at the heart of my wobbly moments. I’m off to talk to my Spirit self again until I get back to ‘normal’.

Day 472 of my blogging challenge.

Intuitive Energy Awareness

One of the themes today has been about our awareness of our own intuitive energy. Helping people to connected with their intuitive senses is a big part of my life.

I guess that’s because it took me most of my life to even begin to explore outside of my Ego mind. So realising that I had an Intuitive mind that processed information too, just not the kind I’d been used to, meant a big jump in my awareness of who I was. Finding that I actually had intuitive psychic senses that collected the information was a bit of a game changer too. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been told about my natural senses. And why I was left to figure it out for myself. Remember, this was the time before I’d got a clear connection to my Guides. So everything was extremely hazy. I admit I felt a bit lost with it all.

As I struggled to understand and make sense of this new stream of information I also had to think about how it was happening. That’s when I started to learn about me properly. Of course I am a physical being. I can touch, sense and interact with my body. Accepting that I have an aura, layers of energy vibrating at different rates, I can expand my ‘self’ to take in a lot more layers. Then I have to add in an Ego mind plus an Intuitive mind. That’s a lot of awareness to take on board. Putting them all together I can see that there is a lot involved in being me. Because next I have to add in the presence of my Spirit somewhere in this energy cocktail. Phew! Is that all of it?

Once again I had to expand my awareness. My whole system runs on energy. I am a flow of vibrations with a solid middle. Particle or wave?

And what about all that energy. What is it doing? The middle bit is sort of stuck. Vibrating so slowly that I see myself as solid. Then I’m a particle. But the other layers of my Russian doll are vibrating much faster. They connect with the Russian doll layers of Energy being given out by other people. That’s how I get intuitive information about them. So I’m a wave. Connecting with other waves. Creating energy as we crash or splash together. Their waves disrupt my flow. And my waves disrupt their flow. My Intuitive mind is processing the wave information. It’s telling me a different story than the one my physical senses are listening too. That’s why I know when someone’s surface is different from their inner energy.

An awareness of the wave or particle nature of my existence has helped me to embrace my intuitive senses. I enjoy having access to two sorts of information about the world. If I can’t make sense of something one way I can always look at it from the other direction. In fact I’ve learned that my Intuitive mind is much more trustworthy. What it tells me is usually spot on. My Ego mind might be fooled  but my intuition never is.  So the journey into an awareness of my intuitive abilities has brought me a much greater understanding of who I am and the reality I live in. I hope you can make the time to explore your intuitive side ?

Day 462 of my blogging challenge.