Vibrational Art: Opening Up Intuition

Vibrational art startThe sun shone. I had my paints out. In the warmth of the morning I tuned in to create more vibrational artwork. It’s a lovely way to open up to intuition.

I’ve been really fortunate with my Guides. They have helped me to explore lots of different ways to open up and use my psychic senses. I’ve learned that guidance can come in many different ways. And I’ve also learned that there are boundaries to be pushed within me so I can channel vibrational energy in differnt ways. That’s what I love about painting and drawing. It’s a completely different way to share a message from Ener Beings. Although when they drifted the idea across my mind the first few times I was really doubtful. I thought psychic art was all about the faces of loved ones in Spirit. But my Guides knew different.

I was put on the spot to draw the energy flowing through a group where messages were being given. I picked up the chalks reluctantly. Then I watched myself draw a pattern of colours that made perfect sense. To me and to everyone else. And I heard someone confirm that they had seen the same thing clarevoyantly. It was mind blowing. But it took me another year or so to get into painting. Yet when I did I found myself feeling the presence of other Beings. In fact a whole queue of Beings. All ready to share their vibrational energy with me so it could be transferred to the canvas or paper. Letting myself respond to the requests to paint I noticed that many pieces had faces hidden in them. And that the colours refelcted the personalities of the painters.

I also found that working in a range of vibrational energies made my intuitive connections stronger. After a short time I was able to sense better, get message information clearer and stay in the link for longer.

My clarevoyance also improved. It’s the weakest of my psychic senses but working with my creative, visual ability certainly helped it to expand. Now I encourage people to get into art in any way they can. I know it will help them work their intuitive psychic senses. It’s also fun. That’s the positive vibe that Energy Beings like as it makes connecting easier. The best way to start is to grab some coloured pencils and paper. Then play. I like to pick up whatever pencil I’m drawn to, put it on the paper and start to doodle. Keeping my mind as unfocused as possible I invite my Guides to make a connection for me. Because I want to draw on their behalf. So my thoughts need to stay out of the way.

I know that my Ego mind will want to direct me. Trying to make something recognisable. But I always remind myself that Energy Beings see our world in a different way. And what interests me is their viewpoint. Over the years I’ve become much better at occupying my mind and ignoring what my hands are doing. Because sometimes I work with my non dominant dominant hand. So it’s a lovely surprise to see what has been captured on the paper. From paper and pencils I moved into using encaustic wax, acrylic paint, watercolour Andy pastels. Certain communicators like paint, some want watercolour, or charcoal or whatever. I go with whatever I’m prompted to use. The vibrational energy is transferred whatever I create.

If you have been searching for a way to practice your intuitive psychic abilities vibrational art is a great thing to try. I know I had to stick with it past all of my inner critic’s comments. If you do I am sure you will discover a whole new way of connecting.

Day 646 of my blogging challenge 

Catching Energy – Psychic Art

imageOne of the things I really enjoy doing is letting my psychic senses roam free so I can catch the waves of energy. I like to do this in positive energy places and record my ‘reading’ of the flow by drawing. It’s something I’ve done for a number of years.

I call this way of working Psychic Art. Many people expect that psychic art will be the faces of their loved ones drawn by a medium as a message. That is certainly one way of connecting people to energy, especially of their loved ones. I also like to encourage people to connect for themselves. It doesn’t require any art training on my or anyone else’s part. Only a willingness to be still for a moment and the desire to be catching the energy around us.

In fact, the first time I did this I was the observer of a group who were trying to make Spirit connections. I had been given the job of describing what was happening to the energy flow. My tools were to be the chalks & paper provided by the tutor. Little did she or I know that I would be able to sense the colours of the energy so accurately. I still have that drawing.

And I have been catching the energies again while I’m here in Tenerife. The drawing at the top of the page is from Playa San Marco where I visited this afternoon.

The waves were quite turbulent, nearly good enough for surfing perhaps, with a fierce pull. Standing in the volcanic sand I felt the roar of Mount Teide anchoring the land as the sea pulled in the opposite direction. Some very powerful forces at work! Strip away the houses and what remains is the timeless relationship between the fixed and the flowing. That’s a duality we all have to balance – standing firm or going with the flow. Of course my pastels seems like the right way to capture this tug of war. At the same time there was a harmony in the energy. The water will eventually wear away the rock. The volcanic sand was proof of that. What seems fixed must always give way to change.

imageMy second picture says this too. I’m staying in what was an old monetary. The religious people are long gone. Now it is a set of apartments with a roof terrace. I started the second picture on the roof terrace, inspired by the feeling that time had passed this place by. The hillsides still stood. The building was still there. In some ways people still used the rooms to discover. Perhaps not about themselves. They may be more interested in discovering the island. Yet the relationship between humans and the land we live on found me catching the energy of infinity.

I love this chance to catch the energy. It gives me a way of relating to my life as I feel each shift around me.

Tuning in to what I feel always prompts more thinking, questioning and wondering ‘what if’. Catching this on paper gives me a reminder of my experience too. I find there is a freedom in exploring creative ways to connect with energy, life, emotion. Especially if I find myself stuck with thoughts. Creative work can unstick circular thought patters by providing a space for the subconscious mind to push forward new ideas or options. So I draw and paint with no outcome in mind. No agenda. No judgement.

I’m forward to more creating over the coming days. If you find yourself stuck in your thoughts why not pick up a pencil, grab a piece of paper and doodle, scribble, sketch, draw. A shape and structure doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be recognisably anything. Add in some colour and let your energy express itself on the paper in front of you.

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