Hold On: Letting Go Is Easier Thank You Think

hold onI went out onto the hillside for a little while today. It was muddy so I had to hold on to my walking stick in the slippy places. Despite that I somehow slid, climbed and plodded to the top of the hill.

As I watched a waterfall at the top of the hill I thought about the crashing, foaming water finding it’s way down the hill. I passed an old mill on the way up, abandoned long ago with only half of the shell still standing, beside the rushing river. The water used to be dammed to create power for the mill. To hold the water a sort of pond was created. But I wondered how often the water was too ferocious and escaped the containment. Or the times when they had to open the sluices and let the water go. I paused as the cold wind caught at me on the hill top. Water is the symbol for emotions. My walk seemed to have brought a perfect sign to me.

I am very good at holding on to emotions. I hold back from vocalising them so sometimes they become stuck. It can be frustrating when I really want to flow with what I’m feeling. It’s as if I am frightened that releasing my emotions will damage my structure. Yet I saw a solidly built mill, damaged by time, still clearly holding it’s shape. It made me think about me. Am I that solidly built structure still able to hold on despite the ravages of time? I had a sense of the value of when holding is a blessing and when letting go is too. Letting go of my Centre, even though it’s my decision, is bringing up feelings of grief for me. So on the hill I let them flow out and into the water.

I can hold the balance between grief and excitement. Because letting go of the Centre is also bringing me the opportunity to do other things. New adventures. Activities I really enjoy and feel passionate about. But which might have been squeezed out by my attention on the Centre. I am finding the letting go much easier that I once would have. I know the structure remains. And now I can build a new structure on those solid foundations.

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Happy Third Birthday D2E!

Today is the third birthday of my Down 2 Earth Centre. It’s been an interesting journey. Not always easy but certainly enlightening.

I work a lot on threes and nines. My life has been full of their influence. Over time I’ve got used to being a third of the way through something and finding I’m having to change things once again. House moves, work occupations, sometimes a lot of the people in my life. For a person who doesn’t do change too well that’s a lot of change. When I decided to set up the Down 2 Earth Centre I had a very clear vision of what I wanted. And how it would work. With all of the ways it would be successful. Yet as I approached this third birthday I had to step back and see how much of that vision had happened. Because if need be I would have to change what I was doing.

Certainly stepping back has brought me an interesting couple of months. Not least because change always makes me (and most of us) wobble. The certainty I once had seemed lacking in March. As did some of my motivation. Not helped by being energetically ‘under the weather’. But recognising my patterns around change energy I accepted the step back that I was required to take. And I took a good long look at what I was doing with my life. Then I was able to match that with what my vision had been. The gaps were obvious. Rolling my sleeves up and tackling those gaps should have been my next step. But it wasn’t. I needed to think a bit more.

Getting a third of the way through anything means it’s still early enough to walk away without feeling like something has been a waste of energy. It’s a kind of first quitting point.

For me three years is an acceptable time to have tried something for but also to turn around and say it’s not for me. Longer than three years and I start to build up an attachment to the outcome. Quitting is less of an option because I want things to work out the way I thought they should. Even if those outcomes no longer fit for or matter to me. Seeing the gaps between my dream and my actual position added an extra layer of reflection. Was my dream still what I wanted? Could those gaps be narrowed or disappear altogether? How much energy and effort would it require from me? And was I hanging onto a dream that has passed?

Lots of discussing, thinking, checking my feelings later I’m glad to say my vision for my future is still the one I want. I have to do some more work on how to flow with the changes I’m making. Perhaps I wanted step ten when I was only needing to be on step one. I’m constantly dealing with my impatience. As well as my need to try to control outcomes. Plus my general dislike of change. Yet as I sat in the peace and quiet of the Centre today I realised I’m getting better at change. At pausing a third of the way through and checking if I’m going in the direction I want. That my numbers are sliding into elevens and twelves. And instead of walking away I am delighted to keep going with the extra new ideas that will help me navigate this time of change energy.

Step back whenever you can. It’s well worth it when dealing with change.

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When the World is Out of Step

We live in a beautiful world. As I looked out of my window today I saw in my garden the plants are budding. Daffodils are flowering. The energy of Spring is with us. So why did I feel like something was out of step?

I’m ready to march forward. I’ve been taking steps, with the help of my Passion Planner, to get my momentum going for all the changes I want to make this year. Yet this morning I felt slightly out of phase. Not quite connected into the world somehow. I went across to my Centre and started work. Still feeling slightly disconnected. As I tackled each task I wondered what was affecting me. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But niggling away. Until I turned it around and considered if it was me out of step with the world. Or was the world out of step with me?

It might seem odd to look at it from that point of view. After all we are encouraged to deal with things at an individual level. If I’m a bit grumpy or exhausted it must be because of what I’m doing. Yet I also believe that I am energy. I move in an ocean of energy that includes all of the other people on the planet. Perhaps it should make perfect sense to me that if many people are feeling a bit grumpy then it’s no surprise that I do too. After all, there are a lot of people around the world at the moment very annoyed with global and national politics. No wonder I might find all that grumpy energy exhausting to experience.

I do a lot of work to protect my energy from the general flow of what is around me. That includes screening out the energy of the world if need be. Yet I want to access all of the positive energy I can too.

Protecting my energy is also about being able to receive the good energies as well. So eventually I realised that the flow of positive energy around the world has been a bit in short supply. Even though I have been remaining fairly positive myself. People are feeling out of step. Unsure of the direction we are going in with all the global events around fear and hate. I realised that I was feeling the pressure of many people marching in different directions and cutting across one another. It took me a moment to work out what to do. After all, I didn’t want to spend my whole day feeling this way.

I managed to take ten minutes for myself. Sitting quietly I reminded myself that I had a plan. There was a direction I could follow. It needn’t be the same as everyone else. I can choose what kind of energy I live in. Most importantly that I can reject the fear and stay grounded in loving kindness. I also reminded myself that if enough of us do that then the world will shift back into alignment with me. With all of us who want a positive future. That’s the power of love energy. It can pull us together to face an uncertain future with hope. My world is in alignment with me. Now to encourage the rest of the world to make that shift too.

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LAPT – A Very Personal Business

Annie asked the question, Linda what makes your Personal Training business different from anyone else? My business LAPT is different in many ways really because its uses over thirty years nursing experience and skills, to treat my clients own personal needs and goals including their whole wellbeing.

Empathy and knowing how to use it, is what makes my business unqiue and special, with an ability to understand and share feelings of another. Having empathy allows that special connection to anyone, especially working with clients on a one to one basis.
As a young child I remember having the ability to empathise even though at the time did not know the word empathy or what it meant. From childhood to the present day one particular memory stays with me.

A childhood friend and I were playing bat and ball in our street, and on this occasion a local elderly lady was passing by carrying her shopping. In that moment I hit the ball so hard that it ricocheted off the pavement hitting her square on the back of the head, causing her to drop her shopping. The inital instinct was to laugh but instead for some reason the feeling changed quickly into a sick sinking one, down to the pit of my stomach. The surprise, shock and hurt expression on this womans face left a sadness within me. Empathy was rising at my hearts level allowing me to sense her feelings of distress, while at the same time my friend laughed her head off.

I decided later that day to go and apologise to the lady, knowing it was the right thing to do. She opened the door cautiously, and with that, my pitiful word sorry broke out from within. Her smile widened confirming all was forgiven. After a friendly chat I left leaving with a delicious golden apple, which in those days was like gold dust. Empathy turned a horrible incident into a happy one for both of us.

As LAPT I go out to visit clients in their own homes which allows them to feel safe to confide in that enviroment. Treating not just their health and fitness issues but their whole wellbeing, and this is where empathy plays a major role. Other issues that arise requiring empathy are clients who feel lost in some way, losing their own sense of identity to others. To a point where they do not know any longer who they really are or want to be. Or, they have low self-esteem and no confidence causing them to neglect their whole wellbeing.

Empathy is used in a way that does not put added pressure on a person, lecturing them on what they should or should not do, or over whelming them with too much information. Its about listening to them putting yourself in their shoes, feeling their emotions to understand them better. But also allowing them to take full responsibility of their own lives with my empathy, support and motivation.

I believe my business LAPT, like Annies Down2Earths Centre is successful because we can use empathy to treat our clients whole wellbeing. In todays society there is a great need for all practitioners to have that special empathy to connect with everyone, making the world a happier place to be.One thing for sure empathy is at the very heart of LAPT and the Down2Earth Centre.

This is a guest blog by Linda Allen who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Linda.

A Fresh Coat of Paint!

Fresh. New. Clean. Today I was looking around my Centre with different eyes. I’m so used to seeing it the way it is. But that’s the old way. What about all the new energy of this year? Time to make a few little changes.

I guess you could say I’m taking a fresh view of all sorts of things in my life. My home. The types of work I’m doing. What I’m interested in. Where I go. All the energy changes I’ve been through have brought me to being quite a different person than I was last week or last year. So today I wandered around giving everything a dose of looking at. Because my physical environment reflects my inner world. And I know I work better when both are in harmony.

I made little notes to myself. Where looked a bit tired and worn. Which covers needed freshening up. What could I do to encourage the plants to feel fresh and health. Look at the dust. I know I need to remove the recycling. And is the furniture in the right places. Although I have a disorganised desk and a creative space in chaos I also want to welcome people to a calm space. The Centre is my place for people to be able to step off the world. I want them to feel comfortable. So it can’t be so tidy that they are scared to sit down. Or too messy so there is no place to sit down.

A fresh pair of eyes is a great gift. I got a chance to consider the ambiance that I create. Looking around I knew what I wanted to do. And where energy needed to be freshened up.

It’s more than cleaning and tidying. The energy we live and work in can affect all of us for better or worse. I understand this because for a long time I used to work in a sea of toxic energy. Because I didn’t know it and had no idea how to clear my aura of it I even took it home. So my house also suffered from less than positive energy. When I discovered that I could have fresh, positive energy around me I was amazed. I worked very hard to protect my energy away from my home. And very hard to keep my home energy clear and uplifting. Not easy when the rest of the family struggled to understand all the energy stuff.

Now I try to look around my environment every so often to see if it needs frshening up. I’m going to invest in some paint as well as some retouching of paintwork. Furniture is being reorganised. Some new things are on order. And I have plans for a revamp of my group room. I hope that these changes, which might take a little time, will keep the energy of the Centre light, fresh and welcoming. Of course, looking at my workplace has also prompted me to look at my home space. That’s another list of little things to do to boost new energy too. So if you feel your work or home space is flat, drained of positive energy or draining you look again at your physical space. A fresh pair of eye might show you some interesting ways to change the energy you are in.

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Taking a Forward Look into 2017

img_2229There is a lot of full moon energy about today. I always enjoy the boost it gives me. Especially when it’s time to look forward at the new year.

I know that we still have a couple of months before 2017 starts but I took the opportunity today to have a discussion about my forward plans at the Down 2 Earth Centre. I find that when I explain things to others the sound of what I’m saying always pings when it feels right. It’s part of my way of living an intuitive life. I’ve spent so much time being steered by my head, following what I thought was best, but ending up not engaged in something I’m passionate about. To step out of that way of planning things was scary. After all it’s conditioning I’ve had since I was at school.

I have found it hard to follow my feelings. Especially because in school and throughout a lot of my adult life I was guided by what I thought. There is an expectation that we will do practical things. Work at what brings in money. Be driven by the need to survive rather than by the need to be happy. So when I planned anything it had to be structured around earning money, paying my way and making a useful contribution. Anything else got me thinking fearful or unconfident things. Even when I started working for myself nearly 20 years ago I approached what I was doing in a rational way. Strange that my plans didn’t seem to work the way I expected.

That’s the realisation I came to after years of forward planning that never quite took me where I wanted to go. So I looked around for a new way of looking to the future.

It helped a lot that by this time I was also learning about tuning in to energy. I was paying a lot more attention to what I felt. My Guides were making themselves known. I practiced being aware of my feelings before I made decisions. In time I realised that what made me feel happy didn’t always feature in my plans. There was a gap. What I wanted to do seemed to come second to what I thought I had to do. It was time to approach my forward planning in a different way. That’s when I started talking to people about my ideas and noticing what I felt as I spoke.

With this method I decided to put in place the ideas or options that made me feel good. I stopped judging what I do from a money, survival or ‘because I ought’ point of view. Now I look at the next year from the position of ‘will this make me feel happy’. I do more of what I like and a lot less of what I ought to do. My aim is to get to the point where I really only do what I love doing. So my admin tasks will definitely be shifting next year, lol. Instead there will be a lot more teaching. And healing. And Earth’s ArchAngels.

After all, who said my business had to be serious, routine or dull? That is what it would become if I stuck to the same old same old. Or felt I should, must or ought to offer only those things that would make me a profit.

Finding someone who could be my sounding board gives me a chance to check that what I’m planning is going to be fun, interesting and stretching for me. If I’m loving what I do then those who want to join in will get a blast of that energy too. The wave of positive can spread. Which is why I also like to be the sounding board for others. It’s great to hear their out loud forward planning. Between us we can share the excitement of identifying plans that come from the heart. We can offer each other support when stepping out of a comfort zone is required. Together, I feel that we can make our next business year an emotional success.

It may seem a bit odd to talk about business as an emotional success. However, I know that I put much more effort into things I’m passionate about. I also know that successful business people do the same. How much passion you have can turn a stressful treadmill of effort into an exciting adventure. I also feel that an emotional success links directly with spirituality. When I know that I am doing the happiest thing for me I am flowing with the evolution of my life. Being here is, I believe, all about learning to be in alignment with my higher purpose. Finding contentment, commitment and happiness in the work I do brings me into that alignment. Because my heart will always love doing what I, as Spirit, planned to do.

So my plans are emerging. 2017 is going to be a great year and I’m going to do what I love doing? What about your plans?

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