Winter Blast, Clearing Cold & A Spiritual Message

Into WinterI woke up to the delights of a full on cold this morning. One that had arrived out of nowhere. It was also icy cold outside and I felt the Winter blast reminding me that it’s not quite the right time to put forward my new shoots. It seems I still have to wait for a little bit longer.

A cold always reminds me that I need to clear the stuck energy from my throat, third eye and sometimes crown chakras. Energetically they have got bunged up and are now impacting on my physical body. I gave myself a mega blast of Reiki healing energy. Then I made sure I had drunk plenty of warm water. And that I was wrapped up well. I also thought about Winter. It’s a time of reflection. A dark, retreat time of year. A time to rest so that I can be ready to get going again in Spring. Now that the days are getting longer I can feel myself ready to rush off and start ‘doing’ again. Yet my voice and sight aren’t quite ready. My energy needs to be clearer.

Thinking about this I headed off to a prearranged afternoon at the cinema. We went to see Coco, the latest Disney Pixar film. It was a big surprise. The weaving of deep spiritual themes into a film for children is wonderful. As an adult I sat and cried, laughed and cried again, embracing the moving way the dead can be remembered. I love the message that family, our connections, are the thing that matters most in the world. For me family isn’t just the blood relatives. It’s each and every person who is part of my life. The film made me think about the cold of Winter and the warmth of family. I get my support from the people around me. They warm my days even when the frost bites hard.

Tonight it may be Winter outside but I feel warm. The seeds I need to grow are sheltered from the frost. They will show themselves when the warmth of love has been enough to get them shooting upwards. I can wait. I can embrace the love my loved ones send me. Finally,  I can look after my needs until my energy is clear once more.

Day 820 of my blogging challenge

Laughter Lines: Signs of a Happy Life

Laughter linesI looked in my mirror this morning after an exhausting energy upgrade. Lots of soul search. Where had my laughter lines gone? Was it time to give myself a lift?Not a face lift – a happiness lift?

I am very proud of my laughter lines. Those grooves in my face that show I have enjoyed my life. Because each wrinkle has been earned. Sometimes in the face of great challenges. I know it’s hard to laugh when there is grief and loss. Or when I’m worn down by worry or fear. Yet the best answer when life becomes too serious is a good laugh. A big chuckle. A defiant chortle. Deep, tear inducing, giggles. In fact I had to laugh when I got in work and pulled a tarot card for my day. I got one about fairy energy. It was reminding me no tot take my spiritual journey too seriously. And to find the laughter in my day.

The lines of the card description were very apt. So it was a good job that I had already arranged to go to the cinema with my daughter. That was sure to be a time of laughter. Because we went to see Cars 3. We both love Disney Pixar animatied movies. There is always something to giggle about. I sat in the dark chuckling over the jokes, enjoying the in-jokes and the little touch of adult humour that’s always there. Because life might feed me my ‘lines’ but it’s up to me how I deliver them. I can take myself so seriously that my laughter lines disappear. Or I can give myself permission to poke fun at myself.

In the end I prefer to have the joke at my expense. Because I am reminding myself to tread lightly. My laughter can take the struggle out of any circumstances. I can help myself most when I add to my laughter lines with love, kindness, and fun. Is it time to make more laughter for yourself?

Day 627 of my blogging challenge