Dare To Do Something New: Opening Creativity

dareIt’s been a very exciting day. After a lot of discussion my daughter and I have accepted a dare. We are going to collaborate on a project for the Earth’s ArchAngels. Something that may take time, patience and perseverance. But something that will also be fun, intuitive and full of love.

I’ve known for a long time that this very special bunch of ArchAngels would soon push me out of my comfort zone again. For the last nine years they have stepped me further and further towards my authentic self. In that process I have re discovered my love of painting, writing and music. All of these creative things had slid off my agenda. They disappeared into the background. To that place of ‘might have beens’. But dare by dare the ArchAngels pulled all of these things forward again. Along with many other abilities I had relegated to that place too. Public speaking, channelling, teaching, healing. Lots of steps and lots of new beginnings. So recently, when Etieliel, the leader of the group, started to discuss something I could work with alongside my daughter I knew there was another dare on the way.

I am already working on the book about the Earth’s ArchAngels and the role they take as Guardian Angels of Mother Earth. It’s being channelled in by them to help all of us make the most of their energy streams. Because they have all sorts of wysdom to share. And all sorts of challenges to help us remember that life can be an adventure too. Most of all, they would like all of us to wake up to our own creativity. And so they have given me another challenge. But to help me understand it all I will be working alongside my daughter. It’s also time for her to explore one of her creative talents. But more importantly, for both of us to work together intuitively with these ArchAngels. And to understand how a collaboration can mirror their ways of working together.

It’s a dare to work as one rather than as two. I already know that this is the first step in adding more people to the collaborative process. In building an intuitive team who can link in to the energy of the ArchAngels and show how much can be achieved together. Rather than individually. So dare to create as you may find the ArchAngels working with you too.

Day 963 of my blogging challenge