Sharpness Arrives With The ArchAngels

SharpnessI’m away from home for some reflection. Finding a clear space to work through the energy impact of the first half of the year. Sorting out the muddles and confusion. Getting sharpness back with my vision. And here are the ArchAngels ready to help.

Standing with me are Darashiel, Samesh and Parashiel. These of the Earth’s Guardian Angels are supporting me because I do need to have sharpness right now. There is no time left for distractions. I have to get in with what I came here to do. So Grandfather Samesh is grounding me and reminding me of the Earth as a planet of pleasure. Parashiel is giving me his healing Balm so that I can release myself from the prison of my thoughts. Whilst Darashiel is helping me to watch my emotions. To feel them, understand them and to let them flow away from me. All three of them bring me Divine love. And Divine understanding. I am floating in the energy of unconditional love reminding myself that I am a Spirit full of that love.

Sharpness can also help me cut ties that no longer serve my higher purpose. I’ve been rethinking the activities I do for the past month. And paying attention to the weaving energy of the year so far. I know that the Divine Feminine creative energy has been surrounding me. But have I used it wisely so far? This is about recognising what work will bring me passion and lock me in to more of the loving vibration. Because if I do what I love that positive flow of energy will be shared with all the people I connect with. Yet the niggles of this week have brought their share of wobbles to. Uncertainty replaced sharpness for a short while.

Now I have been able to step out of the rush of life I can apply the sharpness of vision I require. I really do know where I am going. Because I am listening to my intuition. To my heart as it sings when I find the right things to do. My  life has a point. It’s up to me to stick with it.

Day 905 of my blogging challenge

Darashiel’s Message: Strive for Balance

I’ve been indulging myself today. Lots of rest, good food and a thought-provoking message from ArchAngel Darashiel. I love when I get communications from Energy Beings.

Darashiel is the Earth’s guardian angel for our emotions. He is here to help us understand what it is to feel human. Sometimes that can be painful. But he wants to remind us in his message that joy and love exsist within us as well. I suspect he took a look at yesterday’s blog as I was writing it so today he wanted to help a bit more. Because I know it’s hard to stay positive when unexpected events bring strong, difficult feelings within us. There are so many things that can provoke our anger, dread, sadness or fear. It’s there when I look at the TV news or my Facebook feed.

Darashiel always steps close to me when I’m troubled by my feelings. He reminds me that the best way to deal with negative energy is to balance it with positive vibes. And to pay attention to my thoughts so they don’t rush along out of control. When my mind gets wobbled by my feelings I can negelect my physical body. Or I can reject the wiser counsel of my Spirit self. Yet I need all aspects of my being to be in balance if I am going to manage the flow of my life. And the flow of events in the outer world.

I know until we learn to be better human beings we will struggle with aggression and power. Darashiel inspires me to take a longer view.

Change can happen. But I have to think about the changes in me first. It’s been a very different December for me. Standing back from everything my month was mostly upbeat, loving and balanced. Not everything was as expected. But looking closely at my feelings has helped me to stay balanced. Perhaps I shouldn’t be amazed at how easy December was for me. After all, I have been working hard for a long time to balance myself. And my emotions.

The message is clear. I have to say up front that it’s not about no feelings at all. Balance is about giving myself permission to feel. To be in the moment reacting to the experiences I’m having. Whether that is fear, distress, joy or delight. Not bottling anything up. But it is also about letting those feelings flow through me to be released. Keeping a lid on feelings saves them up. The energy gathers in a heap. Holding the energy of unexpressed feelings takes a lot more energy. And before I know it my body can be piled up with stuck, old, wasted energy.

Today my body felt light and free. Darashiel’s message was a confirmation that I am in balance.

There have been events that have stirred up strong feelings, yet I have managed to react, feel and let go. To return to that positive state of balance where I am able to send out healing energy from a place of love. Not hate. Or anger. Or grief. I know I will have to work every day to keep that balance. That there will be events that create such powerful feelings that I will wobble. Yet I also know that I can have help. The Earth’s ArchAngles and the Energy Beings are there to support my energy. To send in a message whenever I need one. They surround me with love. All I have to do is let it in.

Let love into your life in 2017. Strive for balance in your feelings. Let yourself experience joy. All you have ever wanted is right there in front of you ❤️

Day 413 of my blogging challenge. 

Using the Energy Waves

TiphonielLast week I started sending out energy waves from the Earth’s ArchAngels. It was a big stride outside my comfort zone. These waves of energy have been channelled through me to help people repair and rebalance their aura energy.

Energy healing can be sent to all sorts of people, places and situations. I often send absent/distance healing all over the world because I know that my aura is part of a wider flow of energy that connects us all. However, although I have been working with Spirit healing energy and Reiki energy for some time I hadn’t expected to channel energy to a wider audience. Then I ended up sending out waves of energy not once but three times so far!

Now I’d like to take a day of blog time and explain how theses waves work. I’d like people to be able to tune into the energy whenever they need it. My passion for explaining how our aura energy works is backed by the belief that each of us can improve our lives if we manage our energy field better. That means being aware of the energy we are sending out as well as the energy we are receiving. Hence the guidance to me from the ArchAngels to get the energy waves out into the world.

For the last four years (at least) I have been tasked with improving my aura energy. The ArchAngels have pushed me through an inner journey full of challenge, revelation and exploration. I did most of it willingly, some of it reluctantly and turned away a few times from the journey itself.

As I followed the process of adjustment mapped out by the ArchAngels I have learned to look at my feelings honestly, without excuses. I have practiced giving out more and more positive energy. I have become more authentically myself. And I have learned to receive. Finding the balance to giving and receiving is hard. It continues to be a challenge for me but one that is getting easier as time passes.

It was when I started to receive and give with a truly open heart that the Earth’s ArchAngels decided I was ready to learn to channel Parashiel’s Balm. Working in his healing waves I built up such a strong connection. I knew I would be able to overcome any reluctance or resistance my ego mind threw in when it was time to send out his wave. Parashiel’s Balm is a healing Ray so deep that it can change aura energy in moments once the person is ready to receive with an open heart. I know from personal experience that being ready to receive with a heart open to the flow of unconditional self love is rare. I feel the fear, anger, mistrust, disappointment and depression energy circulating in the world right now.

So the ArchAngels have another way of bringing hope, healing, love and peace. They instructed me to send out waves from them on the World Wide Web so that people could prepare to receive bigger blasts of energy. Kind of a receiving practice run.

They did say that the waves wouldn’t be for everyone. As each Angel has a different set of responsibilities, energies and wysdoms people might respond to one but not another. But the first set of three had to go out at this time for the specific purpose of lifting our mood. So when you are feeling bruised and battered by life, when your body, mind or Spirit aches, when the drama is never ending, please play Parashiel’s Wave. He will bring you comfort. Sooth your pain. Refresh your energy.

When you find that your emotions are running high, when you are drowning in feelings or when all hope seems to have disappeared, please play Darashiel’s Wave. He will help you to step back from the ‘heat’ of any situation. Bring you detachment. Help your thoughts to become calm.

When you are feeling alone, abandoned, like life is lacking in love or finding it hard to love yourself, please play Tiphoniel’s Wave. She will wrap you in unconditional love. Dry your tears with her compassion. Support and encourage you in receiving the unconditional love from the Universal flow.

Be prepared to sit quietly for a short while to let the waves wash over you. Closing your eyes imagine the strength of the ArchAngels around you. Let the music into your heart. Feel the warmth of the energy like sunshine on a cloudy day. Listen carefully in case the Angels speak to you. Repeat the video treatment any time you need another boost until you find your natural positive energy is flowing again.

I am told to say it once again. This is a gift from the Earth’s ArchAngels. Please use the Waves. Please receive ???

Parashiel’s Wave

Darashiel’s Wave

Tiphoniel’s Wave

Day 240 of my blogging challenge

Lost and Confused?

imageSometimes I’m definitely lost and confused. It seems like the story of my life at times. Those times when clarity pops up like a ray of sunshine in a very black day. Then winks out just as fast as it arrived.

Today has been a busy day to end a very busy week. All the things I promised myself I’d do got set aside with stuff that turned out to be higher priority. Even though I tried to keep to a plan or a structure too many more important things happened. One of the key themes I’ve noticed this week is how many other people are busy juggling the plans they made. Change is coming thick and fast. When we are in that state of flux it is so easy to get lost. And to double that up by adding in confusion.

Yet the week has also ended with one of the most wonderful days of healing energy I’ve ever had. It was a Reiki day full on. I have been in that Universal flow most of the day. Tomorrow I’m back once again in the healing flow because Earth’s ArchAngel Dareshiel will be channelling through me to send out an energy wave. I believe that wave is to help us with the emotional fall out from change. Two days of rays of sunshine to bring an end to confusion.

What I’m learning at the moment is to ease myself through change energy. I’m busy acknowledging my feelings so that they can be released. Even the feeling of being lost. It’s a natural enough feeling when my world seems to have reversed, turned upside down or tumbled apart.

In my moments of confusion or doubt I’m giving myself permission to feel that way. Uncertainty is a hard thing for my ego to cope with. After all the ego mind tries to keep me safe by controlling everything and resisting change. How disappointed or even scared the ego mind must feel when change happens anyway. Keeping busy is one distraction technique I’ve used a lot. But I know it doesn’t work. It’s like I’ve stuck my head in the sand so I can’t experience the change in energy. So the more I ‘go with the flow’ about confusion and being lost the faster I will be able to accept  the necessary changes that are happening in my life.

I do want to mention a different kind of keeping busy though. Like this week. There is a wonderful feeling when being busy is a way through the confusion. When the tasks I’m doing are bit by bit helping me to find myself again. If I stay flexible I can swap one thing I’m going to do for another. I’m responsive to change – the ebb and flow of doing exactly what needs to be done in any given moment. Mindful in the moment to moment waves of change.

If you find yourself lost and confused bring yourself into the here and now. Acknowledging how it feels to you. Letting the emotions surface and drift away. Then find something to do. Make it a purposeful task. Enjoy doing it. Be ready for the next energy wave, emotion or task. Eventually confusion will disappear, you will find yourself and the changes will have happened.

Day 235 of my blogging challenge.

Channelling Earth’s ArchAngels

imageRecently you might have noticed that your emotions are a bit closer to the surface than usual. Small things may have got you much more wound up than normal. There has been a lot of energy around to promote the release of old, stuck emotional energy. Bringing the compassion from the Angels with it. I work with the Earth’s ArchAngles – the Guardian Angels of the planet – through channelling. They often alert me to the rise and fall in planetary energy so that I can understand how it might be affecting me. In their  channelling they also give me guidance to share so that they can step in closer and help other people recognise the energy flows. Today they wanted me to talk about ArchAngel Dareshiel.

Dareshiel is the emotional guy. He watches as emotions rise to the surface to be acknowledged & released. His eyes focus on the distance as he has trained himself to observe everything from a distance. He is not unemotional – just willing to notice every feeling & though before he reacts. His detachment can frustrate others as they are moving in the energy of react, react, react. He presefrs to see what he contains within himself & consider – a Mr Spock like detachment but not based in logic, based in experiencing. He teaches us to experience, notice & then process. Most of what we feel is based on fear of lack, abandonment, separateness. Yet he is certain we are not lacking, or abandoned or separate. He is asking us to view our emotions as part of a whole group of energy flows.

He wants us to see that emotions are not what control us – they are what make us a human being. That we have choices about what we feel, how much & when. Yet we are also frightened of the power of what we feel. That is why we can lock the feelings away for a long time, where they fester & create dis-ease. Yet each life experience can be a positive affirmation of our humanity if we let the feelings flow through us. Great pain need not destroy us. Great joy can be as blissful as the Divine Rapture we so often seek & yet never seem to find. It is when we are able to ‘see’ our emotions in a balance, outside of ourselves & recognise their usefulness that we start to embrace living in the moment.

Channelling or working with Dareshiel is certain to bring a flood of emotion. His great compassion for our struggles with our feelings is like a warm, comfortable blanket of love wrapped around us. He is here to reassure us that pain or hurt does disappear if we let it. He is also here to remind us that we have choices. A spiritual journey is full of forward movement. We make the most progress when we notice all that we are experiencing including becoming clear about what we are feeling. Noticing feelings generates options about what to do with those feelings. During the coming energy upgrades (another big one is due from 30th April to 7th May) ask Dareshiel to stand with you to help you notice the shifts in the feelings you are experiencing. Let yourself work with his support to make sense of why those particular feelings are emerging. In the end, they are the signposts for the work you still have to do to achieve higher vibrational energy. Balance your emotions at a higher level and you will find more contentment in your life.

Channelling is a wonderful way to experience guidance. It is something that you can learn to do. If you give yourself time to find & listen to your inner voice, your higher self will speak or perhaps your Guides will make themselves known. All you have to do is be prepared to sit quietly for a little while every day and create a space where you are paying attention. ArchAngel Dareshiel is keen to help everyone balance their emotions so, if you give him a chance, why not let him ‘speak’ to you too?

Day 147 of my blogging challenge.