Raised In Praise: New Beginnings

raisedIt’s a red letter day! I finally jumped off another cliff. With much love and support from some special friends I raised my game and drew the face of an ArchAngel. Something I believed I couldn’t do. All because of art lessons where criticism was the background to everything I did.

I know that our Crystal children are different. As were the Indigo children. Here to help prepare the planet for a huge energy shift, both these sets of young people had a lot to deal with. Schools, where we placed them to be raised, were often places of repression. And energetically toxic. I still find it hard to understand why people think it is an excellent idea to corral fourteen hundred teenagers together. And expect everything to be plain sailing. Raising our children often becomes an everyday battle to shield them from negativity. I know that some teachers are amazing. But not the ones like my art teacher.

Her words have blocked me for most of my life. Instead of praising where I had got to she was critical. I soaked up that energy. Her cynicism and dismissive appraisal of my early efforts to engage with art. My English teacher worked on praise. Raising our esteem with kind words of encouragement. I’m not surprised that I got great exam grades in English and didn’t even take art. Today I thought about all of the wasted potential we create when we deny our children praise. When the positive words from home are ripped away by the cruelty of some people in our schools. And when we are raised to be limited. My Guide Team have persistently worked to raise my vibration. So that I can pass that on to other people.

Let’s make a promise to our children’s children’s children. I know we can start this straight away. Raise your standards. Root our the inner critic in you. Do all of those things you thought you couldn’t. Praise yourself. And finally, start raising your children with praise. Help them to see that they are able to try anything they want. Because they might find they have loads more ability than they expect.

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Counting Nine Hundred! Nine Tenths Of The Way There

countingI’ve been counting today. It’s my nine hundredth blog so it got me thinking about other milestones in my life. One of which is my daughter’s birthday. On a Monday afternoon seventeen years ago I gave birth to my very special Crystal child. The one who is responsible, at least in part, for these blogs and my book. When she fell to Earth she really shook my world!

Last week I also added up some of my life skills and how long I had been using them. Counting the different things I do made me feel very proud to have given so many things a go. I discovered that I had spent 40 years working with Past Lives, 30 years working with crystals, 26 years working with Tarot and 20 years working with counselling/mentoring. I’ve also spent 18 years doing Reiki, 12 years as a public medium, 10 years teaching mediumship & spirituality and 9 years channelling art on behalf of Energy Beings. Plus my years as a Mum, pet owner and running a business.

It all adds up. But I feel I often forget my achievements because I am so busy focusing on what what I can’t do. Or what I want to learn next. Watching my child grow up, checking her milestones, praising her achievements I found that I was counting on her behalf. Counting all of the successes. Praising her progress. Reminding her that there is so much she can do with her life. Somewhere along the way of my life I stopped doing that for me. Instead I got sidetracked into noticing the failures and mistakes. Telling myself off for not doing better or the best. Instead of recognising that I was building a solid list of achievements to be proud of.

That’s why this blog today matters. It is recognising, through counting, how far I have come. Reminding me that I have made a contribution to the world. No matter how small that may turn out to be. Or how big. I might never know which it is. But I’m going to keep on counting my good stuff!

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Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal: Which One Are You?

LightworkerI’m a lightworker. I’m often asked about what that means. As well as being asked about Indigo and Crystal people. It can get confusing. So I want to set out what my Guides have helped me understand about these different energy vibrations.

I’ve written in previous blog posts about Indigo and Crystal children but not specifically about the Lightworker vibration. Before I start I want to acknowledge the work of Doreen Virtue, Meg Blackburn Losey, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. These were the people my Guides directed me to when I was trying to make sense of the little child it seemed I had agreed to bring into the world. Their books were really helpful in getting me started with the ideas of different energy vibrations across a global population. They also made me feel much less alone in my journey.

Especially in the 3 or 4 am waking hours that my daughter insisted in keeping. Learning to understand my place as a lightworker also eased the challenges of living with an energy sensitive child. In fact, as I moved deeper into mediumship I began to understand what a gift I had been given. And to recognise that I had to stand firm for the requirements of my daughter. Even if that took me outside of the mainstream opinions about child rearing. But it seems that I was given enough strength and tenacity to do that because her upbringing has definitely been very different than mine or most of her peers.

I am especially grateful to my Mum. She said to me one day that only I would really know my child and to trust my intuition.Back then I had no idea what I had got into.Thank goodness for my Lightworker vibration!

Her words have been my sort of defence against the dark arts whenever negative energy has flooded into our lives. Although there have been several times when I thought the task I had been given would end up being too much for me, today I realise that is how many parents of Crystal children feel. Reading as much as I could was a good way to start. But, being the sceptic I was, I wanted more evidence. Proof really. Because I could see that I might have to revise my idea of what our relationship might be. And how we would interact in the world. That’s when my Guides stepped in.

I got a great deal of help by tuning into my intuition. It made my relationship with my daughter much easier. Then I started to learn about energy vibrations and the ways in which my energy and hers could influence each other.

Added to the energy of the people around us I began to see how both of us could be strongly affected too. That’s why I started to ask a lot of questions about being a Lightworker. After the Second World War, and almost fifty years of conflict, economic challenges and hate filled rhetoric the energy on the planet was extremely ‘heavy’. In other words, the vibration of the Earth was very low and operating at the negative end of the spectrum. It was decided to help humanity return to a more positive vibration. Especially since it was almost time for our world to make a big vibrational shift with an evolutionary leap forward. From about 1950 onwards a new type of Spirit incarnated into human bodies. This Lightworker Spirtit energy produced people who were willing to serve others. Almost at the cost of their own selves.

The essence of the Lightworker is of the angels. There is a connection to Divine Healing and Unconditional Love that makes us prone to gather up all sorts of waifs and strays in order to serve them.

Lightworkers don’t rebel. Except against being here in the first place. Because a lightworker has been human very many times. And I know I was hoping for a bit longer off planet than I actually got. If you are like me you will have conformed in school and at home, in your community and in your work. You will have been anxious to follow all the rules in case of upsetting anyone. Like me you will have wanted people to like you a little bit more than is good for you. Lightworkers can’t resist a rescue so I know I spent a lot of my time putting the needs of other before my own. All so I could see them happy.

Of course Lightworkers have had to get used to a lot of disappointment. I know that it is really hard for people to raise their vibration and live a positive life. Especially when most of the energy around is feeding fears. But by 1970, or thereabouts, enough of us had done our work and a new vibration of Spirit began to come in. I’ve met many, many Indigo people. Unlike a lightworker beavering away behind the scenes Indigos know they are here to make changes. Big changes. Indigos struggle in any system that restricts their ability to be free. I love talking to Indigos. They are so focused on competing their mission. And they don’t mind who knows it. But they are hampered by a lack of direct orders.

Indigos are very energy sensitive. So much so that many of them have found it almost impossible to live on the planet. They want to go home. But they also want to carry out their mission.

If only they knew what it was supposed to be. I look for Indigo vibrations in all those people who change jobs quite a bit. Who are restless. They are the people pushing things forward, full of innovative ideas, and frustration that no one will take the ideas on board. Many Indigos work for themselves. They love the planet and feel more comfortable with animals than people. Ask any Indigo to complete a task and it’s done. So long as they feel that what you have asked is a worthy task. Because they don’t like wasting time. I love watching a group of Indigos dream up several ways of doing something. Then decide to shoot off in all directions to try each solution.

Yet I’ve also seen the loyalty that Indigos share with one another. They are aware how sensitive the world makes them feel. So they protect one another as much as possible. Think Marines, or a troop of peace loving, planet hugging soldiers ready to stand their ground for what they believe in. They reject aggression and violence. But suffer a lot sometimes when the world hasn’t changed. I know that giving an Indigo a purpose, some intuitive protection and peaceful surroundings is the best way to keep them strong. Being strong is important because I also know that their combined vibration is what has made it possible for the Crystal Spirits to come in.

There are at least three blogs about Crystal children where I explain about their loving vibration. Living with a crystal is both a challenge and a blessing. For that reason I’m very glad I am a Lightworker.

The Spirits who carry a Crystal vibration started coming in about 2000 and until about 2005 they found the vibration we live in very hard to deal with. If the Indigos are sensitive to energy the Crystals are over-sensitive. They struggle with low vibrational emotions including their own. They are a battery of positive, unconditional love. So I know they find it hard to live here. They often say they want to leave. They collect up other peoples negative emotions like it is water. Then they pour it out all over their parent(s). Many times I’ve had to help my daughter find a way to shield herself from the impact of other people. And show her how to release stuck energy.

Crystals are often classified when they get to school. There are a number of labels used to account for their sensory, mental and emotional differences. However, these children and teenagers are intelligent, spiritual and peaceful. Those born after 2005 can also handle the energy here much better than the earliest ones. They are also old souls. And have been off the planet for a long time, so may take quite a while to adjust to being back in a flesh and blood body. Crystals are fearless. mainly because death has no meaning for them. They tend not to tire because they can pull energy from the people around them. Their aim is to do well and share love. But struggle when their love is rejected.

People are finally waking up to their spiritual purpose. It’s time to embrace being a Lightworker, Indigo or Crystal. I feel that there is so much more we can all achieve when we understand our individual and family vibrations. Do you know your energy vibration yet?

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Crystal Child: See Them Through The Fear

I love how my reading clients bring the themes for blogs. Today it’s about a Crystal child. Mine and all the others who are gently bringing their love to the Earth.

I’ve written before about Crystal children, not just because I am a parent of one, but to help us all see the hope we are being given at this time. So look here for info about understanding your Crystal child, here for considering their needs and here for a debate about their education. Today in Blackburn I saw several people who have Crystal children in their families. It seemed the Spirit World wanted to let them know that their child would be ok as they grew up but also to give these lovely people some pointers for how to help. Because the greatest challenge of all is that these children are different. And enjoy being different whilst frustrated with us for not knowing how to help them.

So what is a Crystal child? They are generally born from 2000 onwards (though this is not a fixed boundary so you need to understand the nature of a Crystal before deciding if you have got one). These children are incredibly loving towards those who show them love. They reject anyone who is being false or has closed energy. Crystals also love the planet and animals. It’s likely that, at the moment, they will care more for both of those than for humans because we carry a lot of negative, stuck energy. We also pay them little attention. Think how many children we ignore even through we know of their plight. I know they are frustrated at having to live through childhood again. Old souls struggle to be young humans.

A Crystal child has aura energy aligned to the vibration of the crystals of the Earth. Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Carnelian and the other vibration levels are all represented amongst the range of Crystal children.

Each child is here for a specific purpose which is tied in closely with regenerating the Earth. They do this by using their intuitive psychic abilities. They are the original Crystal Singers. And that’s the issue. Sometimes these children are over sensitive because they have forgotten to close down to negativity. Depending on their crystal type they react with discomfort to certain kind of energy from other people. Or even their own energy. Having been away from being human for a long time it’s quite a shock for them to have to learn to have emotions again. Some Crystal children struggle so much to deal with emotional energy that they shut down altogether. Unless they are around other Crystal children or those adults who can transmit enough Love energy for them to feel comfortable.

So how do I help my Crystal through the fear she finds at being stuck in such a low vibrational place? And my fear that I can’t help her have a good life because I don’t know what to do? I found out early on that I have a rose quartz child. So we have lots of that crystal at home. She also carries some for emergencies. I have worked to keep my energy loving and positive. Not so easy when all that fear crowds in. Yet if I am calm and relaxed so is she. I give praise all the time. She reacts to criticism or harsh words as if it was an acid burn. That’s because she can’t understand why we humans do such nasty things to one another. And she can ‘feel’ the energy of every word. Something most of her teachers never could understand.

But I have also had to tackle another kind of fear. In myself and around her. As well as in her.

I was starting to purposefully develop my own psychic abilities when I became pregnant. When my child was born I realised that there was a lot more going on than I expected. She showed clear signs of psychic intuitive ability. And a spiritually that dumbfounded me. She was too young, surely, to understand what she was saying. But she did. She was also busy healing anyone who came within her reach who had an open heart. When she introduced me to a group of Spirit children and told me they were her playmates I decided I really had to get up to speed with my own abilities. How else could I understand her world if I wasn’t prepared to go into it myself?

Getting myself sorted has been a major benefit. As I learned who my Guides were I released a lot of religious fear about Energy Beings that I didn’t really realise I had. I learned to deal with other people’s scepticism about ‘talking to the dead’. Experiencing all sorts of phenomena for myself but knowing who was producing it stripped me of the fear of the unknown. Because I knew what it was. Or I knew who to ask if I wasn’t sure. Scary films about spooky goings on got boring. After all I could have as much contact as I wished. And without all the drama that gets chucked into the film script. So I was also ready for the taps and bangs, objects disappearing and new ones being dropped off and the gang of Spirit people who wanted my daughter to pass on messages.

I helped her to refuse the contact except with her Guides. We went through a time of sorting out who was a Guide and who wasn’t. And helping her to learn how to use her physical senses as much as her psychic ones.

Knowing stuff also helped me explain things to her. When she was taken by surprise by other people’s feelings, or Spirit popping in at school, or even why she saw shadows around people. She learned not to be afraid of asking questions either which meant we could deal with things quickly. Of course as a medium I was able to take her to the places I worked. Here she was surrounded by people who thought talking to Spirit people was normal. I’m grateful that I could do that for her as it put her in positive energy about her own abilities. We consolidated her healing energy too. I made her up to Reiki Master level as soon as I felt she was able to take on the ethical understanding of healing.

There have been times at school where the energy has been a real challenge. A Crystal child often finds that other people regard them as differently abled or oddball in some way. I know it can be hard for a Crystal child to ‘fit in’. Because they aren’t meant to follow on with the way we raise our children by Victorian values. Feeling different can bring another type of fear too. The one about not being accepted or liked. Especially when listening to peers talk about spooky stuff in a fearful way. How do you say you hear voices to friends who may turn round and say you are possessed? Or that you can see the Spirit lady in the classroom when most people would view this as a haunting to be frightened of?

And if you can’t say this stuff who can help you understand it and get a handle on it?

That’s what everyone around a Crystal child has to help with. Being open minded enough to encourage all children to discuss their psychic experiences without showing fear. Adults can get up to speed. Learn what intuitive abilities are all about. Even start to find out about their own. Please move out of the fear that something bad is wrong with your child. Instead embrace their Crystal nature. You will find a treasure trove of love if you do.

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Structured Education Versus Crystal Freedom

The end is in sight. I’m almost out of a nightmare that has dragged on too long. It’s education. Or the lack of it for a Crystal child.

My daughter is one of the early Crystals. They began dropping in from 2000 onwards. And their vibration is pure love. They are old souls. Mostly Atlantean. Here with a very firm mission to change our energy vibration for the better. They are the key to our education about choosing love over fear. They are here to teach us that unconditional love can work. Many of the Crystal children I have met are very clear what they are here for. They had told me over and over again how frustrating they find it when having to follow the structured system that we call education.

Crystal children bring with them a wise head and heart full of wisdom. They are intrigued by our approach to living on the planet. I know that they feel we waste too much time in doing and forget to be. That we fill our heads with lots of information but ignore the obvious suffering in front of of our noses. I am glad that I have had to interact with a Crystal child up close and personal. It has been an amazing spiritual challenge. One I found much harder because of the assumption that my child would follow the education system in the UK. I never realised how much that assumption, strongly held by others, would bring us so much misery.

One thing I know about Crystal children is that they are intelligent. They are wise for their years. And they deal with the world through their intuitive senses.

You can’t lie to them. Ever. They will know. And wonder why you need to tell lies. So they don’t respond to rules that teachers make up without any thought. Or commands to do things when a teacher is thinking badly of a child or children. They can be a challenge. They respect authority only when it’s based on truth. And they haven’t a clue why anyone would want to bully anyone else. It’s quite a mix. As I watched my daughter’s personality emerge I knew that she would be different. School systems couldn’t handle her boredom at the repetition. If she was told something once she had got it. Or the ‘off the wall’ questions she asked.

The education system also can’t handle that she processes more than one activity at a time. She really can be on a computer, paying attention to a TV programme and dreaming up the next plot twist for her book. Oh, and listening to the conversations going on around her. I’ve tested this time and again. It’s no wonder studying one subject at once is her idea of hell. Or that she drifts off into daydreaming all the time. But still pulls the right answer out when challenged by the teacher. Yet for all of this her schools preferred to look for labels. Or to hold back her development. Or mostly ignore her ability. Bless my daughter. She just searched out the information online for herself.

That’s the precious thing about Crystal children. Their passion for understanding anything that grabs their attention. And it’s a point the education system misses.

Crystals focus on what they need to know when they need to know it. I understand when my daughter goes into ‘research’ mode. She wants to search the Internet, read books, watch TV about a particular subject. It can go on for weeks. Until she is full up of that information and decides to process it. Then I see how much she has educated herself. Because she will sit down and tell me, in great detail if I wish, all about the subject she has been interested in. I love her way of learning. Crystals are self directed. They are curious. I’ve seen her spend vast amounts of time on something over and over again. Yet I couldn’t get her schools to understand.

For the better part of twelve years I have been asking the schools to deal with who my daughter is. Not what the education system thinks she ought to be. I know that I bowed to pressure at times to see if I could get her to conform. Result – one miserable child. I also stood against the schools as strongly as I could and she had two spells of home education. In a couple of months she will walk away from the school system for good. The place where Crystal children are square pegs being hammered into round holes day in and day out. Although I have to say the last six month have been better. We found her a place at an Academy where she could study her way.

And study she has. Extra classes three days a week and in the holidays. All because she wants to do well for herself. In the end education in a school setting is likely to be a challenge for any Crystal child until we change what we do. I hope that happens soon.

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Time to Consider Crystal Children?

img_2204Imagine being asked to go on a long journey far away from where you are now. Imagine being asked to drop into some extremely challenging circumstances. And imagine that you are asked to get through it all with love and grace.

You are told it will be hard work. The people around you won’t understand you, be on your wavelength or speak your language. They will try to tell you that they know best. They may even say you are stupid, unlovable, not one of them. Their systems will restrict you because they don’t live or act from the heart. You will be lonely. Your tribe is scattered across the face of the planet. No one will understand how you communicate without words. The rudimentary technology is only a shadow of what you are used to. Would you go? Could you be brave enough to stand on the outside looking in? Through it all would you be able to find unconditional love in your heart for all people and everything around you?

This might be your toughest mission yet. In the balance is a world that desperately needs to save itself. And a species that needs to find love and harmony. What would you do? That is the choice made by the millions of Crystal children who have been stepping into our world for some time. There is something about their eyes. Behind you can catch a glimpse of an old and seasoned Soul. A being who has been round and round this particular merry go round more times than they can remember. Volunteering to bring the energy of unconditional love from Divine Source so that we can share in it too. So what happens when they get here?

Many of the Crystal children I have spoken to are jolted by shock. Shock that we have become so detached from compassion that we can let children be harmed without a second thought. Shock that we can see the pain children are experiencing but we continue to place them in situations where the pain never goes away.

The Crystal children struggle to understand where our empathy has gone. And why we are unable to change our values and behaviour to protect children. They talk about feeling like they have been placed in a prison without bars or walls. A place where the inmates can be brutal, bullying and aggressive and the guards stand by. They say that there is no respite from this harsh world unless they stay withdrawn in their ‘cell’. If they venture out to interact with the world they are labelled, disrespected and left without a voice. Some say that they really wish they could leave the planet right now. They mean it. They are withering away from a lack of love.

Please don’t misunderstand. These loving Crystal children know they are loved. There is usually someone in their lives, an Earth Guardian, who helps them to stand steady. Whatever the family circumstances they are born into the Crystal children open up the love in people around them. So they feel loved by their nearest and dearest. That may not necessarily be parents because many children have come into situations of strife and unhappiness. However, they have also come in as sets of three so around them there are other Crystals who can offer support too. In this prison they try to live within all the structures that have been built. They are confined to work on learning facts that they know are beside the point. Struggling to make their voices heard.

They even struggle with the emotions we live in for most of our lives – anger, hate, bitterness, fear, negativity. Aware these feelings and thoughts are toxic. It’s just there is nowhere free from that toxic taint. The Crystals are our future. They know it but wonder why we aren’t listening yet. Of course that has a lot to do with our attitudes and beliefs about children.

If you are the parent of a Crystal child you can do so much to encourage and support them. Love, love, love is the answer. Refusing to accept the stereotype in everyone’s head of what a child is, you can listen to their wisdom and recognise them as people. Smaller people of course. But perhaps wiser than anyone imagines. Even if your life doesn’t touch that of a Crystal child you can change your own part of the world by refusing to accept the status quo. Be the voice of the children who are slowly being squished by our energy vibrations. Turn your energy up to unconditional love and broadcast as loud as you can.

Encourage others to think about the way we have accepted that certain things are a given. Of course nothing is set in concrete. Fashions change and so does our attitude to our offspring. Listen for the positive in what the children of the world are saying. Talk about what has to change. Then change that within yourself. Don’t react to young people with fear. Many of them are lost in a prison that was not of their making. Help them, guide them and, most of all, respect that they are our future. Would you rather have an old age filled with love and peace? Or do you want to still be in the prison without bars or walls?

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Understanding Crystal Children

imageI’m a Lightworker with a Crystal daughter. The differences between the energy vibrations people on the planet carry are very distinct. Understanding these energy signals and the personality types they lead to is an important part of accepting each other. We have all arrived here to make changes to the world. Those changes are based on bringing in more harmony between all of our energies, boosting the love and finding peace.

First of all, from about 1950 to 1970 the energy vibration focused on healing, care giving and spreading the love. People in this band of energy are usually called Light Workers. They have conformed with the existing systems of human conditions but know that they need to change the world in some way. Light Workers are more likely to follow the rules, work behind the scenes and encourage people to follow their spiritual development. Most of the cutrrent spiritual teachers are in this vibration. Understanding the need to help but also to be seen as the same as everyone else explains why many Lightworkers have spent most of their lives as frustrated healers. They have mostly been unable to challenge the status quo.

Next, from about 1970 to 2000, the babies coming to the Earth have been in the Indigo vibration. Indigo people find it hard to conform. They question the status quo. They find school and education a challenge because it is so rigid. Indigos are the warriors of the Light. They know they have to change the structures of humanity but can become frustrated that change happens so slowly. A lot of Indigos struggle to discover their mission. Occasionally this causes such great pain that they choose to go back to the Higher Dimensions without completing their purpose. The Indios give all of us the ‘get up and go’ energy to make changes in out lives. They are spiritually aware and ready to shout about treating one another better.

The Crystals started to come in from 2000 so as the numbers increase their unconditional love vibration grows stronger in the general energy of the Earth. Crystals are the spiritual vibration being made manifest down here. They struggle with the heavy energy we create and hold onto. Very loving, extremely intelligent, ancient souls they can amaze with their simple expressions of profound spiritual knowledge. Often they are late developers in speech & social interaction with non-Crystal children but fast developers in physical activity & curiosity. There way of interacting in the world is through their psychic senses. They know who is open hearted and who is closed. Their mission is to help us release our fears and start to live in love with one another. Therefore their life journeys seem to be full of challenges.

Not all people fit into these vibrational bands. And the dates do blur. Early Indigos & Crystals exist as do late Light Workers & Indigos. Deciding which group fits you or your child best is a matter of considering all of the characteristics of each vibration. Understanding and working in harmony with your child’s energy vibration may take you on a journey outside the usual routes we expect of childhood.  You will be amazed at how rewarding it can be. Best of all, the world will change because of the abilities of your child. This is why she/he came here so you can help by encouraging  their connection to their intuitive abilities.

So find out as much as you can about your own intuitive abilities because this will help you explain things to your child. Seek out the clear, sensible information as there is a lot of  incomplete or wrong stuff out there. Finally, listen to your Crystal child as she/he gives you the benefit of deep wisdom. Encourage your child to be patient with the growing up process. Most of all, share the love their energy is bringing you.

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