Numbers Add Up: The Energy Of 2018

numbers 3,6,9Three is my favourite number. I admit I’m biased because it’s my birthday. But I love the whole subject of numerology and how the numbers add up. I often get sequences of numbers as reminders or prompts from my Guides. And today has featured the sequence three, six and nine.

Nine is another popular number for me. It’s been a thread throughout my life and is my personal life number. The number that guides what I’m here to do in this life. I was thinking about the sequence and those influences this afternoon. Because 2018 is an eleven, a master year, full of beginnings to match the endings I had in 2017. And It’s down to me to use this influence to the best of my ability. So how to grab the energy of three, six and nine? Especially as it will double in strength because of my existing three and nine combination. It’s time to add up the numbers.

I know that paying attention to the the numbers will help me the decide the best times to launch new things. Or the days when I am better focusing on tying up the loose ends. My next book will require a lot of the three creative energy. It’s a creative project and I am open to the inspiration that is available in and around me. Getting it alive in my head will be a big step. Then I will be taking in the energy of six, the manifesting number, to step the book out of my head and onto the computer. Also from the computer to the printed page. Finally, when my book is birthed, I will be using the energy of nine, the completion number, to end that project ready to start another.

In the same way the numbers can help me to work out where I am with other projects, ideas and events. I find I end up running workshops or events on numerically significant days. Even if my logical mind hasn’t worked it our my intuitive mind has. So, I’m not very good at maths but I certainly know my numbers!

Day 773 of my blogging challenge

Transition And Transformation: Happy New Year

TransitionIt’s the last day of 2017. Almost at the point of transition. The swap from a ten to an eleven vibration. Or, if you prefer, a transformation from one to three. And in the middle, for a moment, one foot on each side of a great divide.

I love numerology. And I’m excited to be on the point of moving into a new vibrational year.  It’s a moment of magic. The time for me to ask for my desires for the next year and to trust they will manifest. But it’s also the time to say thank you for all of the events and experiences of this last year. I went for a walk on the beach this afternoon. The wind was still strong in the aftermath of Storm Dylan. I could feel it tugging away at my coat. The sky was full of clouds. Yet I also saw a beautiful band of pink in amongst the clouds. I felt the Light of love shining through all that swirling energy. It reminded me that I have been through a transition this year.

I always think of ten as the beginning and the end. An infinity number. Because every end creates a new beginning and every new beginning creates an end. That was certainly true in 2017. It’s also a karmic number connected with releasing old energy so that a rebirth can take place. And one is the new beginnings number. Again something I experienced in 2017. My life became one long transition from who I had been to who I was becoming. The energy of transformation filtered into every aspect of me. So now I am ready, on the brink, waiting to step into the eleven energy. 2018 will bring a powerful creativity related to the power of the three vibration. Finally, eleven is a master number related to intuition, justice or balance and faith.

I’m waving goodbye with gratitude to 2017. In the end, I know that 2018 will give me more opportunities to continue my transition and transformation work. So long as I honour my intuition, have faith in my abilities and stay in balance. It’s up to me to use these opportunities to create the year I desire. Time to open up and say Hello 2018!

Day 768 of my blogging challenge 

Blank Screen, Blank Mind: Pass The Inspiration Please!

blank screenSometimes when I sit down to write my blog my mind is blank. I can’t think of anything I want to write. My day may have too much in it. Or too little. So I stare at a blank screen.

Waiting for help and inspiration. Hoping that one of my Guides will switch on a light in my mind. Eventually my fingers get moving. Words start to peek out from the darkness and I find I’m off and away. Even then it can feel quite a relief to get to the minimum word count to make my blog respectable. And I give a sigh of relief when I write the closing sentence. Job done. I can return to being blank once again. Of course this also applies in my life. Moments when it seems I can’t find any inspiration. Or creativity. Once this used to panic me. I would search desperately for something to overcome the lack of thought. And end up feeling even more stressed by my blankness.

Nowadays I’m a lot more comfortable with my mind going blank on me. It happened when I meet people but can’t remember their names. Or I’m about to say something but can’t remember what. I laughingly call these my senior moments. But I’m getting better at recognising that I might have blanked out because there is too much in my mind. That’s why one of the things I had to learn, so I could communicate with the Spirit and Energy Beings, was to park my thoughts. Move them to a side corridor in my mind. Let them pass along without bothering me. Not to still my mind. Because I want to be able to get the information out of my mouth and that requires letting my brain work my voice. But to go into ‘the zone’.

When I work I want to be able to know which thoughts and feelings are mine. And which ones belong to another presence. Going blank, moving my own thoughts out of sight, is a way I can do that.

In this way I can pick up the inspiration and guidance that is being dropped into my mind. I can notice the sensations in my body that don’t belong to me. Or the words I can hear in my head that are in another voice. That puts me in ‘the zone’. The place where I can be a blank screen for the visitors to write their stories on. Doing this takes a lot of practice and a great deal of trust. I remember all the doubt that clouded my mind for quite a while. Is it my thoughts really? Am I imagining this information? Have I read about this and am simply recalling what I already know? It’s very tempting to dismiss the inspiration because of the doubt.

However, what I also learned was to receive the information and wait to see if it proved to be correct. I gave what I got. Surprisingly, or not really, what I shared from my blank mind was validated by the people who understood it. They confirmed the accuracy of what I said to them. After a while I stopped doubting what I got when I was in ‘the zone’. And my mediumship improved a lot. My trust was an extra boost of positive energy that made the connection even stronger. I carried that trust into my blogging. My Guides asked me to write a blog. A regular blog. So I started, hit the hurdle of a blank screen and blank mind and stopped. But they kept reminding me to trust myself and write. Eventually I did and now I’m more than two years into another zone.

If you find yourself going blank stop for a minute. Work out if your brain is too full of busy thoughts. Or too overloaded to organise itself to think clearly. Try putting all those thoughts in to a separate room in your mind. Then listen carefully. I am sure if you try it you will discover your own Guides waiting to inspire and support you.

Day 750 of my blogging challenge

Imagination Opens Minds

Today I went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them‘. It’s a spin off from the successful Harry Potter series. The cinema was full of adults and children ready to let their imagination draw them into another world.

As a Harry Potter fan I was eager for more of the back story to the wizzarding world. And as an adult who has always enjoyed reading children’s books I’m delighted that the film didn’t disappoint. I have always enjoyed books that stirred my imagination. Especially science fiction and fantasy. I love being transported to another world. Or a world that is even slightly off line from this one. Loosing myself in these worlds has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I suspect that the books I’ve read are at the heart of my willingness to explore and question this world.

I’ve always felt that my teaching should be about getting people to ask questions. To help people to step further into their imagination and wonder ‘what if?’ After all, to discover my psychic senses I had to be open to the idea that such a thing might actually exsist and be possible. I love the way Harry Potter books introduce young people to a world that could so easily exsist. Not perhaps with wizards but certainly with our intuition. Who knows what it would be like if we all embraced our intuitive nature? Yes, perhaps there would still be challenges but maybe we would manage ourselves better.

Imagination is also the realm where we can try out what it might be like to be a different person. To take on new characteristics or recognise other abilities.

I enjoy daydreaming my ideas. When I wander through my imaginative mind I am actually in a vast creative space. It’s not the world of logic or patterns. I am free to order up the world any way I like. If I like it enough I can turn that creative energy into an intention that I want to manifest in the world. I know that we are powerful at creating. But it can’t happen without the intention. Or without that intention followed up by action.

So what book or film has stirred your imagination? Have you had a wander through your creative mind recently? Visualising what your world might look like if such and such? I try to take some time every week to play in that creative part of my mind. I could call it meditation or visualisation if you have forgotten how to play and daydream. The name isnt important. Open your mind to all the possibilities and the impossibilities around and in you. Be inspired. Dream big. You never know what might happen when your mind is open to all possibilities!

Day 402 of my blogging challenge.

Rain makes Flowers grow

imageIt’s been a very wet day. Lots of cloud and rain. Time to stay around our base and be creative.

I love the smell of damp grass and trees. I also enjoy being outside when it rains. The freshness feels good. Yet on some days, when the rain is non stop, I also like to stay indoors. Letting the rain pass me by so to speak. Using the ‘restriction’ the rain creates to do my own creating. I haven’t meditated for a few days so I felt the build up of ‘stuff’ yet to be shifted. Deciding not to venture out gave me the opportunity of an hour to meditate instead.

Going into that inner space always brings me much to think about. I have a chance to step back and be an observer in my own life. When I return from the inside I often find I’m inspired to draw something here on the outside to clarify what I’ve discovered. Or I find it’s time to write a blog. Or a poem. I also come back with things to work on too. Life is about experiences. Sometimes the experiences I have aren’t pleasant. Going into my inner space gives me a chance to try to understand what I’m being asked to notice about the process of my life.

Living a spiritual life, not just talking about it, represents a state of constant awareness for me.

Just like the rain is a natural function of clouds, as these are a natural function of atmospheric currents, I feel a natural function of being here is acting in accordance with what I believe. To do that I have to be aware of what I believe is a spiritual life. Then I also have to be aware of bringing that belief into the actions I choose. Only by reflection before and after taking action can I align myself with spirituality in word and deed. And it’s very easy to think or speak the words but not to live by them.

That’s also why the idea of an unfolding flower appeals to me. In the Buddhist tradition the chakras are viewed as lotus flowers. As I unfold my petals, becoming aware of my Divine connections to everything that exists, I am blossoming. A bit of rain, the emotional challenge to my spiritual beliefs, will help me grow. The more I work at being all that I am the bigger the blossom I find. So letting the experiences of life guide me to be more me is a great way to spend some time.

Day 256 my blogging challenge.

Passion to Create

imageFinding my passion to create is one of the really special aspects of the journey I started ten years ago. I began to acknowledge that there was something more to this life than what could be experienced in a material way. Stepping fully into an exploration of my intuitive abilities opened so many new doors for me. It also gave me lots of experiences where I could be creative. And I gave myself permission to create and to enjoy doing so. Today was a day of more creativity.

My good friend Jan and I are getting ready to launch something new in June this year. It is the end of a strand of work that has kept up us creating for four years at least. We have regular catch ups to keep us on track so sitting together today we talked about the end of one phase being the beginning of another. That is what happens when you get creative. When you find your passion in an inspired activity you end up with lots of interesting projects, prototypes and seemingly endless work. As one step fades into another you move forward to the next challenge. The excitement of creating keeps you bouncing new ideas around. Out if this process you can end up with some wonderful products or services.

The passion to create returned again later in the day when I was doing some business mentoring. I tend to work without a structure. I don’t make formal plans as such. What I keep in mind for my business is all about my passion. I have always wanted to help people. Then I learned that it was important to wait until they had identified what help they needed for themselves. By creating the right circumstances I was able to help people work it out for themselves creatively. Then I could get on with providing some of what they decided they needed. In the same way when you decide to work for yourself you have to be prepared to follow your passion. Successful businesses are built by the owner who loves what they are doing, can ignore the ups and downs and can hold the vision of the eventual outcomes. If you are not passionate about what you are doing, in any walk of life, then your activity is without joy.

Joy is an important ingredient. We all recognise brilliant customer service when we get it because the person giving it does so with joy. We can recognise the absence of joy in anything when it really isn’t there. The energy vibration of loving the work you do is very strong. In a world that understood energy vibrations we would certainly want to have only those things that were filled with joy. Passion, the feeling of joy, in being creative can be about finding a solution to an issue, making a new product, writing a blog or painting your own pictures. My passion for creating has included all of those activities. So I’ve had a lot of joy from my business over the years.

If you decide that you want to run a spiritual business you have an even greater responsibility to follow your passion. The whole of my business life is about spirituality in action. I want to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Otherwise I will struggle to find joy because I’m not being my authentic self. Deciding what to create for my business vision, putting that into action and dealing with unexpected outcomes will be draining if there is no joy in what I do. Before you step into your own business it’s wise to make sure you understand what it is you want to create. What is the passion that drives you forward? Is it enough to keep you going through the challenging times? Write it down. Write it down again. Write it down for a third time. Are you still clear about what you want to create? Is there enough passion and power for you to launch your new project?

We are all creative beings – really good at finding new ways & ideas – with a passion for producing all sorts of ‘things’. Some of those things are concrete and some are more insubstantial. Recognising our creativity, making sure that we use it and doing what brings us joy, because we can, is the perfect ‘working life’ we deserve. How much joy does your work give you?

Day 163 of my blogging challenge. 

Celebrate creativity

images-40Today is my 60th consecutive blog! I’ve doubled the target I set for myself when I took on Bradley Will‘s Learn to Blog challenge back in December. It feels a bit funny having got to another milestone. I’m almost reluctant to write about my day, as if, in some way, getting to 60 is the end of something. Yet tomorrow I can start on the next block of 30 days as I build myself towards my grand total of 1001 consecutive blogs. I’m not actually letting myself think about the grand total. Another 30 will do for me!

So why be reluctant? When I started to think about that feeling I recognised that I have lots of niggles about failure. In me is a perfectionist streak that has been honed to a fine point by the feedback from others when things I’ve suggested or tried have failed. For a lot of my life I’ve been surrounded by people who found it hard to celebrate their failure and, more importantly, failed to celebrate their success. Perhaps we were the ‘must try harder’ generation in school and life. The ones who nearly delivered but didn’t quite.

Even though my blog is becoming a regular habit – the best way to make sure I do it – there is still that fear of falling away from my promise to myself. Have I made it too hard on myself by setting such a ridiculously high target. My school motto was ‘Aim High’ and throughout my life I guess I’ve tried to do that. Perhaps my aim has been too high? Or not high enough? Because how big is high? I must have missed the classes where we were taught to celebrate everything we did – where failure was another word for creativity. That has been the hard part for me – learning that mistakes, muddles, messes were only ‘failure’ because the words had a negative connotation. Creativity is full of returning to the drawing board. An inspiration may need to be worked and worked until it’s form is what we wish it to be. I suspect that like cars & vacuum cleaners our ideas need some room to be tested to destruction too. Only then can we decide if we like what we have done. Perhaps success could best be defined as when we like or love what we have made, done, said or lived?

Over the last 60 days my creativity has been on public display. Have I liked what I’ve written? Mostly. Are their blogs that could benefit from being edited, rewritten or deleted? Probably. Have I enjoyed the freedom to post what I have created? Definitely. Is my blog a success. Absolutely. Am I going to keep going? Certainly! I hope you have enjoyed the highs and lows of my blogging endeavours. If you have stuck with me, or have dipped in & out, or perhaps only read this one thank you for taking the time to celebrate my creativity with me. I have no idea where this creative journey will take me but I intend to keep celebrating my creative ideas, good, bad or indifferent.

Day 60 of my blogging challenge.