Eleanor Roosevelt: Strength, Courage, Confidence

Eleanor RooseveltOne of my favourite quotes is “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience which you must stop and look fear in the face. You must do this thing you think you cannot do” It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman who served her best in very troubled times.

I have a little book someone bought me as a gift a long time ago. It has lots of quotations from women and it is one of my treasures. I know that if I open a page randomly I will find something to inspire me. I was thinking today about inspirational women, Eleanor Roosevelt amongst them, because I met up with two more of my great friends. In fact this week has been full of wonderful women who inspire me to keep a positive focus. I love that I have around me so many strong, courageous and confident women. Of course I know they may say they are not. But I can see the Light they shine so brightly into the world.

I know that these women, like Eleanor Roosevelt, take each day of their lives as a gift in which to make a difference. They don’t shout it from the rooftops. Because they are too busy doing what feels like the best they can do. When I wobble I take heart from these friends. If my confidence in what I am or what I am doing has dipped I look at the example all the women around me are setting. And I find that although we may be wobbling gently together we are also all looking fear in the face. And chasing out of our lives. This evening someone asked me how I stay so positive. My secret is all of these vibrant, compassionate women. I know they will lift me when I falter. And I also know that I will do everything I can to be there to lift them in their moment of doubt too.

Cherish all of the Eleanor’s in your life. And the Paulas, Sues, Jans, Lindas, Sarahs, Claires, Natalies, Isabels, Fionas, Gwennes, Beverlys, Cathies, Dellas, Mauras, Mindies, Brendas, Lizs, Lynns, Julies and Deserts. Cherish every strong, courageous and confident woman of any name if she is in your life. Tell her that you see her Light too. Especially when she can’t see it for herself.

Day 793 of my blogging challenge

Steady Your Nerves: Making Changes Pays Off

NervesIt’s been another interesting day with a distinct theme. It’s time to steady my nerves because I’m almost at the point of success. And I don’t want to wobble my way into old habits.

I’ve enjoyed meeting up with two very courageous ladies who have overcome their nerves about the changes coming into their lives. Liz has made a move into a new area of work. Work I’m sure she will be perfect for because she is an amazing people person. Julie is moving out of the world of work and into the world of working for Spirit. Both ladies have inspired me when I’ve been stuck in my own process of change. So it was lovely to share their excitement now that their individual leaps off that cliff are over. Both are much happier than before. And I was delighted to hear all about the fresh challenges they are looking forward to meeting.

That’s the lovely thing about me steadying my nerves. I know that I’m not quite there yet. The time isn’t quite right for me to see the results of my, what seems like very many, leaps from that cliff. But it won’t be long now. As I sat quietly before my service tonight as St Anne’s Spiritualist Centre I felt my heart chakra open to the flow of warm, peaceful energy. The manifesting energy is here and I intend to wish for as much as I possibly can. For myself and everyone. Because the nerves I feel sometimes get in the way of the best requests. Leaving me with only the small stuff I’ve allowed myself to ask for. Now I know to think big. And love myself enough to receive big too.

It’s happening because I have changed my habits and patterns. Despite the nerves, wobbles and ‘I can’t’ moments things have shifted. I’m looking forward to my new challenges. If your nerves are getting the better of you find your courage and leap forward. I know you won’t regret it.

Day 639 of my blogging challenge 

Courage Shines Through

imageAll day I’ve been trying to get myself organised so I can go away on my creative retreat tomorrow. I had all the little bits and pieces planned. Of course I had to throw that plan in the bin from the moment I woke up.

There were other priorities that bumped my stuff down the list. So I’m writing my blog rather later than expected with my bag still not packed. I’ll catch myself up eventually. And I can always sleep on the train or plane. What was more important today was to listen to the quiet courage of several people dealing with the bumps in life’s highway. As they spoke I could see their strength and that courage shining through. They were all determined to get through this troubled, turbulent time as well as they could. It made me think about what brings that courage out in us.

Is it pure survival instinct? I know that there have been times when I’ve had to dig deep to make sure I had the necessities in life. When I’ve felt myself wanting so much to give up and give in. I’ve been in that spot of deciding if I wanted to be alive at all. Did I step back from that choice because I was too full of life force? Was my survival because I don’t want to quit on anything? I’m not sure there is an easy answer. Because I’ve also been through experiences where I felt my emotions would overwhelm me. That if I started to cry I would never stop. Where I stretched myself thin and then thinner. Somehow I turned that around. Digging deep again I got through. Was that courage?

Some of those times were full of fear. Fearful thought flooded my mind over and over. It seemed impossible to still my mind.

Yet what I learned about myself was all the imagined outcomes that were never likely to happen to me. I learned all about the adrenalin rush of living with fear on a daily basis. There was a lot of work involved in getting my fear to manageable proportions. Stepping into the flow of my thoughts I had to start removing the fearful ones. But at the same time I had to love and embrace those fears. Fear happens to help us survive. It’s a normal reaction. Is it fear that sparks courage? Is it one emotion balancing out the other?

Listening to these lovely people talk about what they face at the moment I felt humbled. They are stepping through difficult times with love, laughter and a recognition that fear is a natural response. I’m sure they would tell me they aren’t being brave at all. All of them have learned to ¬†face their challenges by loving themselves. I’m sure they will all do incredibly well. And I know that underneath all of my fear was something really special. I loved myself enough not to give up on myself. Just like these inspiring people who brought me rays of sunshine today.

Day 302 of my blogging challenge.