Control: Fearful Or Loving? What Do You Choose?

opening controlIn an uncertain world it’s no surprise that we all try to control the outcomes in our lives. However, there is a difference between controlling through love and fear. Though it took me quite a long time to work that out.

I know that I would like more certainty in my life. I feel that is a natural part of being human in these times. We are surrounded by bad news, fearful discussions and events that can make the best of us pessimistic. Not to mention all of the times life turns up side down. Because that’s life. It’s what happens. Yet we have lost our ability to be as flexible as perhaps we once were. So we try to work out and control all the possible eventualities that can happen. I used to do that. Have a long list of ‘what if’s’ that I planned for. All in case something dreadful should happen.

Then I started working with Guides. Who gently pointed out that trying to control my life in ways to push my fears away was a restriction. I had become so locked into the idea that anything going wrong would be a disaster. And it inevitable was. They helped me to see that my Ego Mind was pushing me with fear. When my Intuitive Mind was trying to surround me with love. There is a lesson we all need to learn. Expect the worst to happen and it will. Expect the best to happen and it will. It’s our choice. I slowly and painfully started to let go of my fears. In their place I recognised that I was a strong, capable adult who had been able to survive this far. I swapped to being in control through love.

Meaning that whatever happens I love the challenges that I have been given. I control my reactions to the events of my life. That means I still have my feelings. That doesn’t change. But I have the inner love to deal with what is happening by looking at it as positively as I can. In turbulent times are you in control of your life in a loving way?

Day 972 of my blogging challenge