Permission Given: Top Priority Rest!

Priority When everything is urgent, nothing is urgent. That’s what I used to say to give myself a sense of the priority in all the tasks I seemed to find to do. However, I rarely gave myself permission to be at the top of any list of priorities.

I’ve had another busy day. There are lots of things on my ‘To Do’ list. Some are necessary now for my book or my art. Some need to be done if I want to make sure that my business moves forward. And some are the first steps to making my new vision of the future become real. Then there are the everyday priorities of eating, sleeping, housework and looking after the cats. My daughter has to, reluctantly, look after herself! Which one is top priority? Or do I recognise that some are equally necessary right now? If so, how do I decide what to do first? It’s really easy for me to get in a spin about prioritising. Then I jump from one thing to another never quite finishing either. Or all,of them.

Yet I’m changing. I’ve slowly come to recognise the truth in ‘when everything is urgent, nothing is urgent’. I’m proud of myself for making some significant differences in the way I approach what is a priority and what isn’t. Through the kindness of friends, who have let me use their place in Scotland and who house sit, I have come back to my rest place. My focus at the start of today was to keep my mentoring appointments, send out readings CD’s, put out some advertising and tidy up my diary. I tackled these because I wanted to leave myself clear to head back to Scotland. Before I did I knew I was doing a service at Burnley Spiritualist church.

So I also made it a priority to have an hour of rest before I went there. At one time I would have worked through that hour to write my blog. Becuase my priorities would have been on anything but me.

Making that rest a priority was important. I knew I had a three hour drive afterwards. Pushing myself to do everything only makes my time away less active as I recover from exhaustion. I knew it would mean posting it past my daily deadline. But I also gave myself permission to do that too. And I feel like I’ve accomplished all of the priority tasks of my day. So the next few days can be restful me time. I do have plans. They are very flexible though. I’ve given myself permission to do the minimum I require and the maximum I desire. This is so far away from what I used to be like that when I notice it I sometimes feel startled. Of course my Ego mind tries it’s best to drag me back to my old pattern.

It doesn’t like change at all. Let alone change that means I am free of it’s interference. That’s what I’ve given myself permission for too. My focus is to have a happy life doing what I choose to do. I want to be able to suit myself. That’s why I work for myself. So why do I let all sorts of non-important tasks seem like they are urgent? Oh yes. It’s that Ego mind wanting to keep me small and safe in a box of my own making. It’s priority is to keep me safe and possibly really miserable. That’s why giving myself permission has become really important. I have permission to grow, to change, to make prototypes, to fail. Most of all I have permission to rest when I have done enough of what I want to do.

The priorities set by others will have to wait. So will the priorities set by my Ego mind. I love reminding myself that I can give myself permission. For anything. Staying small is not my choice. I’m so glad I am changing. What priority do you give yourself? Are you last on your own list? Or not even on it? Is it time to give yourself permission to be top priority in your own life?

Day 631 of my blogging challenge 

Visions of Love and Hope

Today I went to Burnley Spiritualist church to give messages from the Spirit World. I like to call them visions of love and hope. As each loved one steps forward they remind us that love is eternal. I know that getting a message is as important as giving one.

As I drove to the church I was reminded about a lovely friend of mine, Denise Butterworth, a wonderful medium who is no longer with us. Today is her birthday. We often spoke about the importance of passing on the messages to the best of our ability. I know that to bring the presence of a loved one into the room shares the love that was once felt. It also brings the hope of reuniting one day. And tells us that love is still with us. My work has been about bringing the evidence from the Spirit people who come. Then passing on the positive flow of love and healing. It’s been my one of my visions for almost eleven years to do this work.

Today I thought about the new visions that are building in front of me. Leaving some things behind to join in new work. I’m certain that at the heart of my work will be love and hope. The connection to the Spirit people. Evidence and presence. Yet I’ve also been asked by my Guides to stop serving at Spiritualist churches. That change is from next year. Alongside it, in March, I’m stepping down from a committee post at Hebden Bridge Spiritualist church. My journey, as it has been all of my life, is about spirituality rather than religion. And I believe that new ways of connecting people to their loved ones are on the way in for me.

Visions of the way ahead often come in blurred around the edges. Hazy and lacking detail. But insistent if I listen to my heart.

I know that there are many challenges for all of us in the next few years. I’ve been told by my Guides that we have to hold onto love and hope. Each one of us has to focus on a positive outcome to every issue. Because all of us have a chance to influence the way the energy flows. I find myself doing a lot of manifesting work. Putting my attention on the connections I and others have to the Spirit World. I believe that they can help by sending us encouragement, support and, most of all, the energy of love. It is hard to let people we love go peacefully off to the Afterlife. But I also know that from their side they send us courage too.

They ask us to hold visions in our minds. Visions of peace, enlightenment and a golden age for all. Not in false hope. But in the true understanding that me,  you and everyone single person can share in that future too. I also know that we have to rediscover the Divine love energy that flows between us all. And keep that flame of hope even in the darkest times. The loved ones who stepped in today wanted to remind us that we are never alone. I and anyone else who wishes to do so can have the support and guidance necessary to make life shine. As I move forward with my new work I’m looking forward to much more love and hope.

Day 441 of my blogging challenge.

What Happens at a Psychic Supper

img_2227Tonight I’ve been to a Psychic Supper at a local Spiritualist church. It’s another way of getting messages to people who want to connect with their loved ones.

A lot of people are unaware of this kind of gathering. It’s not a religious service. Or a stage performance. So it has a very different vibe than might be expected. There are usually five or six mediums present. Each one of us sits on a table with six or so people. It’s then my job to make connections and bring in messages from their loved ones in Spirit. It’s informal, relaxed and full of laughter. After the guests have listened to their messages we all share supper together. I love the sense of community that this kind of event has.

One of the things I like most is that after the messages people can ask me questions. Part of my wish for my mediumship is to be able to explain what happens and how we can all connect with loved ones in the afterlife. I can’t always do that in a church service or a stage event. Being able to sit with people gives me a chance be available for the kind of questions I had when I was learning about the Spirit World. I feel we all want to know more but don’t know who to ask. The perceptions of mediums, churches, shows and even one to one readings can sometimes be very different to what actually happens. I know that having a chance to chat means I can tell it like it really is.

That’s why I like doing Psychic Suppers. Though perhaps the name sometimes confuses people too.

I find there is a lot of confusion about what ‘psychic’ and ‘medium’ mean. Psychic is when I connect to a person’s aura to give them a reading. I might use psychic tools like Tarot cards, a pendulum or runes. However I am only connecting with the person’s energy. When I am working as a medium I am connecting with Energy Beings, most often the person’s loved ones, and I do this without the need for psychic tools. You will certainly get some people working psychically at a Psychic Supper. But I and most mediums will be working through mediumship. And your deceased family & friends will be bringing you messages.

That can be a bit of a challenge though. Sometimes I get people at my table who want specific people. Or don’t want some of the people they know to come forward. Or need to hear from only one person. I will try my best. Any medium will. Matching the Spirit to the person here is at the heart of what we do. Occasionally I can’t do it though. That can be for a number of reasons. Especially as I might not be the medium the relevant Spirit can connect with. So sometimes you have to accept the person you are given and try to listen to the message with an open mind. I encourage people who are going to a Psychic Supper to go without expectations. If you do you get so much more given.

I enjoyed my supper at Burnley Spiritualist church. It was an opportunity to meet new Spirit people as well as their family down here. It also reminded me how important it is to be accessible.

Being sensitive to energy I often avoid larger gatherings. There can be an excess of energy, both Spirit and human, to balance off so I can enjoy my evening. Yet in the surroundings of a spiritual setting helping people to find understanding is a privilege. The ladies on my table tonight were a pleasure to work for. After the messages we shared in a lovely discussion, great food and chocolate. I know that what we talked about was Spirit inspired. It doesn’t really matter that it was me who said it. What is important is that information was shared from their side to ours. What a lovely job I have ?

Day 334 of my blogging challenge.