Letting Spirits Blend: Channellings From Inspirers

lettingI’ve taken the opportunity today to do some channelling. Letting the Inspirers who work with me blend with my energy so that I can pass on their teachings. It’s work I very much enjoy because I am always intrigued by the information they share with me.

Sometimes I am inspired to paint. Other times the channelling has to be written down. And sometimes I record the information as I speak it on their behalf. Letting these ways of communication develop is a process that has lasted a number of years. First of all I had to get used to their connections. Then I had to learn to open my aura energy so that the Spirit or Energy Being could share my energy. I also had to understand the nature of blending. Giving my conscious mind a task to do whilst my intuitive mind deepened the connection. Deepened it by allowing an inflow of the Inspirer’s energy. Being patient with myself was a key part of the process. Because making sure the blending is balanced between us took time.

I had to learn to be comfortable with this extra energy. Also letting it fill me as much as needed for the channelling to be a success. Finally, I also had to let go of a little bit of control. I feel this was the hardest one for me. Learning to trust the communicator as much as I trusted myself. Removing all those fearful ideas that I had picked up over the years concerning possession. And understanding that my invited guest would leave the instant I asked them to. As I worked I discovered that channelling is not just something done to me. I am an active participant in the process. I give my permission first. Then the energy blending takes place. Producing some interesting, jaw dropping and exciting results.

I’ve been learning so much more about myself as I channel. My Guides and the Inspirers have been my steady and kind companions in what I first undertook as an experiment. A dare if you like. What they have put in front of me has opened my eyes and my mind. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to work in this way. Long may it continue!

Day 969 of my blogging challenge