Angelic Energy Watching Over Me

angelicIt’s been an angelic day. Not that I knew that when I got up this morning. I’m used to my Guide Team being around and stepping forward when I need to know something. But I’ve also learned to look for their signs when they come in unexpected ways. Paying attention always makes a great deal of sense in the long run.

So I’m pushing against my posting deadline and typing as fast as I can because the angelic vibe has pushed my attention into other things. Which is mostly what happens in my day anyway. I expect to be doing what is needed just when it is necessary because my Team know someone needs something. From readings, emails and catch up chats with friends. To letters, research and social media posts. However, today the Angels and Archangels have been at the front. They always remind me to practice unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service. To not take things personally as I could be a karma agent. And remind me that love and laughter are the best antidote to hate, fear and oppression.

I hope I spread some laughter today. And I hope I lightened someone’s day. I know that everyone who I met today did that for me. They were being sent on that angelic vibe, speaking messages to me that they couldn’t have known. Helping me to put on a coat of angelic protection. Sharing the wisdom of the Angels. And reminding me how fortunate I am to share my day in this way. Never mind the newsletter that was waiting. Or the planning for May and June events. Instead I have reflected on my direction. Thought through my plans from a different point of view. And revised the way I am approaching my work. Because I know I’m being prompted to change things for the better. That’s not a bad thing at all.

Angelic energy is very distinct. Look out for the random white feathers. Keep an eye out for number sequences. This is day 848 so double Archangels (number eight) and single Angels (number 4). Be open to the approach of strangers who have a certain glow about them. Or a certain smile that lights up their eyes. Especially if the tell you something. And listen to what your family, friends and colleagues say. They could be speaking with the voice of an Angel. I hope you find that your Angels are watching over you too.

Day 848 of my blogging challenge

Shining Light Into Dark Places

My work today has all centred around shining light into dark places. Working with healing energy flows to illuminate where people have got stuck. Because sometimes it can be hard to work it out by yourself.

I woke from a dream this morning where I had been releasing negative words and energy. The negativity had become stuck in my mouth area. In the past I have had a loop of words to define myself that have been much less than positive. This loop has gone round and round for far too long. In the last week I’ve been taking action, along with my Guides, to clear it. Hence the dream. As the stream of energy flew out of my mouth it disappeared. Three times I released the energy and watched it as it faded into nothing. I was surrounded by light. It was shining on me as my energy brightened. Finally, I thought, my stuckness has disappeared. I can speak about myself in a better way.

Later I had the opportunity to do a Parashiel’s Balm healing for someone. As I scanned their aura I could see a huge lump of negative energy around their shoulder. No wonder they had felt like they were stuck in the dark all alone. Or that they had been struggling to make sense of a low feeling that never left them. Guided by the ArchAngels in the room I began some psychic surgery. These loving Energy Beings filled the space with light. Shining it at the dark lump of energy I watched as the negativity faded to be replaced by the wonderful orange rays of self-confidence. Beamed into the person was the strength of belief to help them overcome the challenges they faced. Another person released from being held back.

I used to wonder about the light energy. It comes shining through so brightly. Would it ever run out?

That’s when my Guides explained to me that the light energy is the energy of unconditional love. It is an endless, eternal supply freely available to anyone who asks. How wonderful I remember thinking. And I set off telling as many people as I could about it. Until I realised that not everyone is ready to become unstuck. Some people alre comfortable in the stuckness. Shining a light on their limitations doesn’t help. They need to be left in the patterns and habits that are comfortable for them. Understanding this changed my focus. I started to work with the people who were ready to work out and work through what was holding them back.

That’s how I ended my day. Discussing how my mentoring might be able to help someone  to start moving forward again. It’s all about that really. Because if someone can recognise they are ready to change they can also put in the commitment to change. It’s as if they have reached a tipping point. Being ready to let go of old habits they bring all of their focus and energy to bear on shining more light into their lives. I know this process works. Becuase I’ve had to do it myself. The words of my dream were released as a result of my efforts to identify self destructive patterns. In the long run it’s possible that I would have changed my habits eventually. But I want to make my changes now.

I’m prepare do to keep shining light into all of my dark places. And committed to supporting other people who want to do that too. In whatever way is the best for them. So that we can change ourselves and thus the world a step at a time.

Day 535 of my blogging challenge 

Hope Grows Anywhere

img_2250It’s been another strange day. I’m now in Nottingham attending a paranormal conference that I hope will be lots of fun. That’s because I’ve followed my intuition and it brought me here.

Here is a distinctly style challenged hotel where a clean room has been an adventure to find. I hope I managed to play the part of Alex Politzi, Hotel Inspector, with as much humour as she would have done. At least there are no bed bugs. Note to self – read Trip Advisor before I book not after! And I’ve been able to pop in to the Galleries of Justice to set up our display. The traffic wardens were really kind. I just had to be running backwards and forwards to the car frequently enough to show I was unloading. Then Jan and I did our live broadcast to the Seekers on the Earth’s ArchAngels Wysdom Odyssey. There are some new people this month so it was good to talk.

Of course, since I like playing with the Facebook live video we had to do another one for my wall. Sitting across from Angel Yard at number 27, with the Crime & Punishment banners behind us, and the gate to the Goal open I could almost feel the thumb screws. What on earth are two ladies of a certain age doing running around the back streets of Nottingham on an autumn night? I have no idea but I do know we have been laughing hard all afternoon and evening. Our ArchAngels get us into some unusual situations. Not to mention into some good company.

I always hope to find good company wherever I go. Meeting people and exchanging ideas is always energising for me.

The end of the evening has been spent talking about paranormal and spiritual ideas. With some friends (old and new) I had a lot more laughter. Investigating if there is anyone there doesn’t have to be serious. It’s more important that it’s thorough. I feel it’s also more important to be open minded and ready to experience for yourself. The Spirit World will always show themselves to anyone who asks. The more positive I am about wanting to experience something of their presence, even if I doubt it or don’t believe in them, the more likely they are to make it happen. Of course, if you want to challenge them they will also, sometimes, rise to that challenge. I hope that anyone doing that realises that they will get exactly what they asked for.

So a day full of laughter, good conversation and friendship. A day filled with ArchAngel energy and Spirit beings. I am so glad I live an intuitive life. Every day really is an adventure. I look forward to tomorrow being full of more of the same. And one last thing. As I started to do the first live video I noticed a small plant growing out of the mortar between the wall and step of the Galleries. Something I hadn’t noticed when we picked that spot. How fitting to be opening ArchAngel Shimea’s month near that plant. One tiny little plant reminding me that after all the stone and structure has gone what will remain is Mother Earth. Shimea is the Angel of True Nature. His job is to remind us that We, like the plant, are part of Mother Earth. We too can grow in the harshest and meanest of conditions. I believe his message tonight was all about hope.

Day 341 of my blogging challenge.

August 1st – Let the Light Shine

imageIt’s appropriate to be here in Scotland on the First of August. It’s Lughnassadh, the day of Lugh, when the harvests would begin. Als.o known as Lammas. It’s a good time to think about what I have grown this year.

August is the month which turns my thoughts to the approaching autumnal breezes. I enjoy the sunshine as much as I can whilst most of this part of the world are all away on holiday. Many of us are enjoying a rest from our toils before we start storing up for the Winter months. So it’s a good time to reflect. The Celtic, Gaelic or Pagan tradition (there are several definitions that boil down to mostly the same thing) about Lugh, the god who gave his name to this celebration relates to his efforts to win a good harvest for mankind. To our ancestors a good harvest of crops was certainly something to celebrate. And it could also have been hard won too. We are much less connected to the harvest in modern times because our industrial mindset means we can have all sorts of things out of season.

At noon today I went up into the forrest with my candle and crystals to be part of this first August harvest day. Doing this is a way I can reconnect with those ancestors who held the land to be a precious part of their lives.

I also wanted to acknowledge one of the meanings of Lugh – the Light. When I set out on my spiritual journey I wanted to shed light on why I was here. My search for meaning led me into dark corners as well as light spaces. I had to face my fears about life. And about myself. Being on a retreat away from the busy world for the last week I’ve been walking the paths of my past. I’m busy writing a book. Recalling my journey has brought yet more to the surface. I’ve had to consider what has worked out for me and what hasn’t. There has been some refocusing going on too. Taking my journey forward is only possible if I acknowledge where I’ve got to so far.

It’s time for me to harvest all that I have grown. And to understand those ventures that have floundered or failed. Sitting at the base of a ‘mother’ tree I lit my candle. I asked for the Light to continue to guide me forward. Then I spent some time in meditation, checking in with what I have harvested within myself. None of this would have been possible had I chosen to ignore my spiritual connections. Through my contact with the Spirit World I have discovered my deep faith in the existence of Divine. I have been fortunate enough to ‘feel’ the presence of something pure and Light.

Siting here writing a blog that is a numerological 8 I feel the connection to infinity, to the ArchAngels and to the Light. Being in the forrest today I also felt the connection to Mother Earth, to the plants, animals and people who share her with me. A beautiful harvest. So much magic in all that is ?

Day 260 of my blogging challenge. 

ArchAngel Healing

Earth's ArchAngel Parashiel

Earth’s ArchAngel Parashiel

For the last two years I have been working with a strong, determined ArchAngel called Parashiel. She or he, depending on which energy I’ve needed, has been at my side every time I passed on healing energy to people, the animal kingdom and the planet. S/he is also the driving force behind my own self-healing. I’m a Reiki Master/Teacher. I understand the way we can call on Universal energy  to refresh and repair our own aura energy. The energy we receive kick starts our own self-healing process making it easier to release any stuck energy. Moving back into balance we feel better. We are less bothered by the past. We have energy to look forward to the future. Parashiel increases the healing energy that I have available. I can be a more effective energy worker for myself and others.

Parashiel is one of twelve ArchAngels who work closely with our planet. They are the Guardian Angels of this bit of the Universe. Looking after our solar system is their mission. Meeting these Energy Beings took some time. They approached very cautiously because their energy vibration is much stronger than we have been used to. I was introduced to them through smell, sound, colour and emotion so that I could take on the energy they transferred as comfortably as possible. It was still a challenge. Becoming accustomed to higher vibrational energy when you are used to being at human energy speed took me through some big ups and downs. They were patient with the process. It’s important for me to be able to channel their energy so they can have a voice. Being in their energy is the only way for a strong connection to work well.

Today I held my regular Friday Reiki Refresh group. As usual Parashiel stood by my side to boost the ener each person was receiving. We often chat while I’m doing this. Our conversation was all about releasing the fear of dying, of loss, of survival and the deep need we sometimes feel of wanting to hang on grimly to what has been. If we get stuck in the emotions and fears of grief we stop being open to the energy of change. Instead of being flexible and adaptable we resist everything that represents change. Parashiel is especially good at removing fear, at promoting change and supporting the transition from old to new. He reminded me that it was time to do what I agreed a long time ago (before I even got here). I am starting the training of others who will work closely with Parashiel. It’s exciting to offer Parashiel’s wonderful healing energy to others as well as to help people be the channels for this powerful work. It feels like exactly the right time in my life’s journey to be sharing this teaching on behalf of an ArchAngel who wants to shift the low vibrational energy from every single one of us.

Tonight I’m sending out the energy of peace to all on behalf of Parashiel. Please take your share ?

Day 214 of my blogging challenge.

Annie’s Angel Art

TiphonielIn the Centre I have an Angel Healing wall. It’s a space that has grown itself somehow & it seems to keep expanding. I originally started with a branch that I made into a healing tree. I encourage people to hang the names or something on the tree so I can send out Distance healing when I do my Reiki meditation. The tree is my focus point to connect with all who need positive energy. It is actually based on a long tradition of Celtic Cloutie or Wish trees.

When I began to channel in the Earth’s ArchAngels I was inspired to create their energy pictures. These abstract pieces link directly with the vibration of the specific ArchAngel so that there can be a transfer of energy from them to us. They are concerned to help us boost our positive energy so that we can make progress in our spiritual journey. They are also a source of great healing energy. So it’s no surprise really that they also brought in more and more representations of angels to be around my tree. I have angel figures, ranging from very large to tiny, angel feathers and angel pictures. There is the collage with acrylic paint I did to remind me of my Dad, the print my friend Sarah gave me, a picture drawn by a 6 year old visitor and, today, a print of a sky angel from my lovely friend Peter.

So today I want to share the painting I’ve done of ArchAngel Tiphoniel along with the words she gave me for our Facebook page. The page is a collaboration with Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels. Both of us are working to bring more of the Earth’s ArchAngels energy into the world. We feel very strongly that these 12 energy beings are here to improve our whole world. They bring loving encouragement, wisdom and clarity to what often seems like hectic, hurly burly daily life. Most of all they bring healing energy. They want us to be aware that we can heal ourselves if we choose to. Please take a moment or two, read carefully and discover Tiphoniel’s wisdom for yourself.

Mother Love is in the air! When things get busy, stressful or full on we often forget to allow ourselves time & space. We forget that we need nurturing too. Earth’s ArchAngel Tiphoniel is directly connected to the flow of Divine Feminine energy. She is a warm and comforting presence bringing you nourishment for your Spirit.

When she comes to call she has a ‘basket’ of goodies to treat you. She is ready to sooth all of your hurts & fears. Whatever you feel you are lacking she will bring you with a sweep of positive, loving energy. If you are angry she will cool the flames; if you are sad she will dry your tears, if you are lonely she will sit with you; if you are hurt she will dress your wounds; and, if you are frightened she will reassure you.

She is a creative force too. She can inspire you, encourage you, support you in all of your dreams or endeavours. She sees your strength, bravery, kindness and wisdom even when you can’t see it for yourself. Let her work with you to bring forth the biggest of your dreams. Tiphoniel can help you manifest all that is best for you. She believes in you when even you have stopped believing in yourself.

Let Tiphoniel’s compassionate healing flow into your life to lift you though the challenging times. She is here to remind you that Love is All.

Day 64 of my blogging challenge.

We all need an Angel

EtielielI love all my angel oracle cards. I have a reasonable collection of packs that found their way to me – one way or another. Today I was talking to someone about being able to pick a card at random & somehow get exactly the right guidance for that moment, question or day. When I was little I loved to hear about my Guardian Angel. It was comforting to believe that a special, very loving being was around and would protect me.Although that belief in angels wavered in adulthood, today I am delighted to be able to work with these fascinating Energy Beings.

Angels have featured in our stories and myths for thousands of years. One of my favourite examples (& one I have tested for myself) is the idea that when you need an angel’s support a white feather will appear in a place it couldn’t possibly be expected to be. I have a wonderful collection of feathers, some large & some small, that have turned up where & when I least expected them. So if I feel I need a confirmation about something, or a nudge in the right direction or that I would like to feel the connection to unconditional love I keep my eyes open for feathers. That is also why I enjoy using angel oracle cards.

It doesn’t matter which pack I use I always do the same thing. I shuffle the cards with my question, concern or issue in my thoughts and as I pick a card (or sometimes 3 or 4) I ask for guidance. Whatever card I get I trust that my attention is being drawn to a positive view of my current need. Usually the card makes perfect sense. Occasionally I have to think a bit deeper about what the card has brought me. As I let the message from the card sink in I feel the loving warmth & calm that the presence of angels brings me. Sometimes I draw the energy as it flows through me. Sometimes I write. Often I find that I am moving through my life more confidently and with a positive outlook. That is where the angels really help us. Not by bringing miracles. Not by removing all of the challenges in life. By being the supportive, loving energy that encourages us to persevere in the face of all odds.

Sometimes the angels bring their loving help through the acts of others. The last week has shown me so many angels in human form doing random acts of kindness in a quiet, peaceful and generous way. Angels are very rarely the center of attention. They are the force in the background encouraging others; making things happen for no other reason than that it’s the right way to be human and part of a community. Angels will do what’s needed, even the very difficult things, without a fanfare or the need for recognition. Their message is always that they, and we, can do things out of pure love for one another.

As a community of human beings we have forgotten that unconditional love, unconditional, forgiveness and unconditional gratitude lead us to serve each other unconditionally. That is the way of peace. The angels send us that message in any way they can. Next time you are wondering if angels exist, or you have a question that seems too big or too complex, or if you have lost your positive glow ask your angels to show you that they are with you. Be open minded about how your confirmation arrives. Then keep the conversation going by asking again and again.

Day 49 of my blogging challenge.

The Blog Challenge Begins!

Annie Conboy, MA(Couns), MSWG

Annie Conboy’s blog challenge

Much as I love all the stuff about the ‘woo woo’ side of being a psychic, it really isn’t the way I live. Having reached a stage in my life where things have to be simple – senior moments are lurking around the corner – & preferring to be down to earth about what I do, I’ve taken on a challenge to write a blog a day for the next 30 days.

Immediately there is a problem. I have a book full of the first 2 paragraphs of blog posts. They never seem to get finished. There is always something else I find I need to give my attention to. Even my first go this evening had to stop so I could make my daughter a meal, then run off to my Centre to open up for someone using a room & finally off to my local Spiritualists Church to chair for the medium doing the service. Now I’m feeling the pressure! I promised myself & I want to do this yet getting the focus is hard.

What to write about? The question I’ve just answered, very briefly, on Facebook about synchronicity? The chat I had with someone this evening about why their particular loved one didn’t come through in a reading? The social media posting I do to encourage people to find the positive in every situation – no matter how difficult that might seem? The Reiki meditation I did to send out healing? There are so many things that fall under the general titles of medium or psychic. So the easiest thing is to write about my day, every day for the next month. Sorry in advance if it gets boring but hopefully at the end you will see that my life is really no different than anyone else. Oh, OK then, perhaps the same with a few extraordinary bits added in, lol.

So to begin. I’m going to talk about the energy work I was involved in yesterday afternoon as today has been about following up the experience & processing what happened for me. On a Monday at my Down 2 Earth Heart Centre I run a session called Walking the Spiral. It’s something fairly new that my Guides encouraged me to offer to people because I know the benefit of personal development work in spiritual growth. In fact, I first used a circle for my own search for understanding when I read about vision questing in Denise Linn’s book Quest in the late 1990’s. So this session involves creating a safe energy space in a circle, spiral or labyrinth so that the participants can access, understand & release unconscious emotional energy that might be blocking the messages they are receiving psychically.

I often work with people who have got stuck in their psychic & mediumship work. They can sense their Guides, pick up on psychic energy & often have ‘breakthrough’ messages. Yet they aren’t able to boost the energy enough to pick up info more easily or to make sense of what they are getting. Yesterday we used a White Light circle – candles & crystals creating a physical space within which to work & the energy of our Guides & the Earth’s ArchAngels to guard & boost the energy of the space. After welcoming all of the energy beings we took our places in the circle & began with some chanting. So that the energy could be boosted some more I entered a light trance and one of my healing Guides stepped in to blend with me. Having created a strong healing vibration my Guide left me so we could continue the work. We were visited by at least  5 Guides who could be seen clairvoyantly. What followed was a long conversation amongst the participants as information was given by our Guides concerning energy blocks & ways to release them.

At the end of this work, with a lot of new information to consider, we closed the circle. I always ask for feedback as I’m curious to see how the energy work has been experienced by others. It’s always good to find that they have become somehow lighter by what they have seen, felt & thought about in the circle. Also that blocks have been released & they are ready to carry on experiencing the guidance & contact with their own Guide teams. It’s also an experience for me – I’m a participant too. So today I’ve been meditating on a couple of vivid dreams I had last night. Sometimes I’m too stubborn to take the guidance I’m given so my team have to send me the messages over & over again in different ways. Today was one of those days. I finally understood about writing this blog, lol, because half way through I had a deja vu moment! So I must make it through the 30 days somehow, and people perhaps won’t be too bored, and a barrier to my development will have been released. I love my psychic life!

Energy Wave Wake Up Call

IMG_1556There are changes coming thick & fast at the moment. The energy that is flowing through & around us is a blast of WAKE UP! Imagine you are still pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock. So here is someone with a glass of cold water, pulling back the duvet & throwing the water all over you. Wake Up! is the command. It’s time both to see the world as is really is & to see all your own beautiful Light.

I’ve been waking up, on & off, since 2005. Yet when I look back further certain years strike a chord too – May 2001 when my own creativity birthed a child; January 1998 when I was wrenched out of a toxic work pattern; August 1987 when a grand trine Harmonic Convergence took place & the world meditated together; 1976 when I found Past Lives through the pages of a book. There have probably been many other points in my life when I surfaced for a brief moment to wonder why I was here on the Earth & what it was all about. Each time sleep would claim me once again.

In 2005 I finally stopped snoozing in a dream reality & woke up. It hasn’t been easy to stay awake – the comfort blanket of pattern & habit calls me back from time to time. There is a ‘reality’ that is so seductive it’s hard to throw it off. A ‘dream’ where someone else has all the responsibility for my life, this world & all that happens in it. Waking up means accepting that I co-create this ‘dream’ along with all other beings – that I am responsible for my bit of it & if it’s crap then that crap is all my own. Not an easy realisation. Followed by the understanding that if it’s crap I can do something to stop it being that way – I can change myself so that I ‘dream’ a different world. The trick is to find enough of us who take this responsibility for self & are prepared to co-create a very different ‘reality’. Because that means we all have to change our individual selves to recognise & acknowledge our join ‘dreaming’. That’s when I met the Earth’s ArchAngels. Their insistent, kick-ass energy has shunted me through a massive set of changes and I ‘dream’ a very different world now.

So now it’s time for the rest of us to wake up fully. Try not to cling to the old habits. It will make your transition more challenging than it really needs to be. Be prepared to take full responsibility for yourself inwardly so that the outer world can also change. Stand up for what you believe and honour your inner Light. Who better to help you through this uncertain & possibly shocking time than The Earth’s ArchAngel Lureshia. She is bringing inspiration & infinite patience into your ‘home’ – your very self. She is supporting you on this part of your journey so that you find your deep inner knowing, unconditional love for yourself and, in this way, you widen your vision to embrace your whole self.

To feel her around you sit quietly for a few moments & imagine the smell of damp leaves, the sound of the wind in the trees and the vibration of Mother Earth. Then hear the crackle of the fire in the hearth, see the warm candle glow & feel the warmth of a cosy blanket. Let her copper & gold Light fill your mind as she brings you her loving, joyful encouragement to take the first step on your new journey.

Be secure in the understanding that she has helped you pack into yourself everything you could possibly ever need. That she will nurse you through the challenges, hurts and disappointments. That you will gain so much joy, success & contentment into your life that every step will have been exactly the best one for you. blue-clock_1._blue-twin-bell-battery-quartz-heart-shaped-alarm-clock

Working with the Earth ArchAngels

IMG_2255 One of the things I’m doing at the moment had it’s beginnings in 2012 and I never expected where it would lead me. Back then I was busy collaborating with Jan Booth of Ostrich Angels on a range of soaps & sprays call Pearls of Wisdom. We both believe that what matters most is our energy vibration – not necessarily our physical presence in the world. So we had developed the scents for these products with the view that when you needed to set an intention about the way your energy went out into the world you would use the soap & spray to help you. Spirit Guides had helped us name them – Hope, Love, No Matter What etc.

As we completed the initial development work we were again approached by Energy Beings who channelled in through me the most interesting scent combinations. I didn’t have a clear sense of who these particular being were (I have been in conversation with Elementals, Dragons, Angels, Aliens & Planetary bodies for many years) but as we were both busy with other projects we sort of left the information on one side to be picked up when we had some more time. We are both good at responding to intuitive prompts so we knew that there would be reason behind the timing & the connection with these beings.

It was later in 2013 that things began to pick up pace with the Earth ArchAngels – as they finally called themselves. Every time Jan & I sat down for a catch up & to move our other projects forward we found ourselves being bombarded by new ideas, requests to go in a particular direction, instructions on how to make things and confirmations that this was work we had been asked to do. We ran with it! Being woken at 4 or 5 am to scribble down ideas. Having to read a wide range of books for info. Pulling together some friends to work with us on channelling the music of each being. Producing the soaps, sprays, candles in the ‘haunted’ Nont Sarah’s Inn. And finally, on the Summer Solstice of 2014 watching the sun dip in the sky as Etieliel’s music was played for the first time.

Neither of us was really aware of what we had let ourselves in for that evening! For the last eleven months we have both been walking the Earth ArchAngel Healing Wheel. Each month the energy presence of an ArchAngel has moved into our lives & we have worked closely with their loving, tough & healing energy. Other projects have taken a back seat – lots of work placed on hold – so that we understood & experienced their positive effect on our lives. Some months haven’t been easy – there are some ArchAngels who I work better with than others – but each attunement has taken me a step closer to being a ‘whole’ energy being. They have helped me to integrate parts of myself that I have held away from my attention. I understand, appreciate & love my flaws much more than I every let myself before. Their impact on my life has been to show me the choices I have & encourage me to make the changes that have to happen for me to be happier. They have peeled my fingers off anything I hung onto that was actually limiting my choices & supported me through the pain of letting go. Their energy has felt so powerful & insistent yet so gently given with all their love.

I’m now waiting for the completion of this year of surprises & change. The coming Solstice will be another new beginning in my connection with the Earth ArchAngels. I wonder what will happen next?