Earth’s ArchAngel Wysdom Odyssey

Earth's ArchAngel Etieliel What a day! Up at 5.30 to get ready for the launch of the Wisdom Odyssey – the challenge set by the Earth’s ArchAngels two years ago. And what a day to launch. Jan and I know that the ArchAngels set us tasks, we complete them in the nick of time, then the explanations come in.

The Wysdom Odyssey is the return of the help and support these energy beings can share with us. They have waited a long time to come to our attention again. They bring knowledge backed by powerful energies for change on Mother Earth. It’s time for us to set up and play our part once more. We are being asked to channel through the Light, Love and Healing that will bring us through the gloom to a much brighter future.

As I sat writing up our discussion about the Odyssey yesterday evening I was struggling to find the right words. There is so much healing to do so how best to offer people an explanation. When you discover their energies you can’t quite take it all on board at once. Their vibration is so strong, so close and so loving. They have loved us and served us for such a long time without requiring any recognition. It can be overpowering to sense all of this love all in one go. Jan and I have been working very closely with that energy and it’s been a challenge. So how best to bring a sense of their presence? How best to help people get into that energy? The Wisdom Odyssey is the way the Earth’s ArchAngels suggested.

To begin with, there is the Seeker level for those who are new to working with energy. Then there is the Custodian level for those used to working and healing in higher vibrations. Finally there is the Guardian level for those who have got to know each ArchAngel, have completed significant healing of themselves and are ready to share the Wisdom with others. As I wrote this last night I felt the click in my intuition. This signal always lets me know that what I am doing fits perfectly with thew Divine Plan. This morning the Odyssey began.

Again it couldn’t have been planned better. The date today (21/06/2016) combines to make 3/6/9. Added together this is 18. And again to reduce down to 9. I’ve made a study of numerology and sacred geometry so became very excited last night when they gently reminded me to see if the numbers added up. It took me a moment to guess what Etieliel was referring to. Yet when I got it I was astounded. I couldn’t wait to tell Jan and share the ‘joke’ the ArchAngels were playing on us. After all, they had only given us three weeks to get this off the ground after months waiting around.

Three is the energy of creativity and a universally powerful number. New beginnings under a three are very likely to succeed. Six is the energy of change moving forward and two times three so creativity doubled. Any changes started under a six will multiply the benefits likely to emerge from what is being done. Finally, nine is the number of completion and three times three. Everything has an ending. Nine ensures that creative energy is carried forward into new beginnings by leaving all that was less than expected behind. Bringing all the nine facing nine energy together will create a vortex of positive energy to lift all of us and the planet. So today is also a good day to create new beginnings, change anything that is stuck and end the energies no longer useful in your life.

Finally, I’ve put the video we made at 6.30am this morning below in case you are interested in starting the Wisdom Odyssey too. For more information email me using

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Hebden Bridge Open Studios

imageOne of the things I really enjoy is my painting. It’s been lovely to have some of my artwork on display in various places as well as in my own Hidden Gem Art Galley at the Centre. For the last couple of years I’ve also been a participant in our Open Studios event here in Hebden Bridge. Today I’ve been sorting out my own studio so that on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July I will be able to demonstrate psychic art and talk about how it works. I’m also looking forward to people having a go in the mini workshops I’m offering.

Another exciting thing this year is that I have three other artists joining me by exhibiting in the gallery. Sharon Mackle, Brenda Hodgson and Peter Tiler are bringing their own art to the Centre too. We have a range of styles, are inspired in different ways and are passionate about getting our creativity onto canvas and paper. The common thread is our willingness to open up to that creativity and give art a go. I love that when we get into our creative side, when we open to the energy of emotion, we are also opening a spiritual door too. Having worked with Sharon and Brenda before I know that they feel very inspired by their connections to the Earth and Energy Beings. Peter also has a strong connection to the Earth energy which comes into his painting. Stepping out of our everyday view of life, using the energy connections we tap into, brings a powerful hidden message with each piece of work.

I believe art is for everyone to try. I also believe that the value of a piece of art is based on how it connects with the viewer. I believe that pieces which open up an emotional response are a powerful way of reminding us of our humanity. Also of our connection to each other as a community of spirit. As the creator of a picture, drawing, sculpture or any kind of artwork I feel the satisfaction of making something for my own pleasure. If it is also something that connects for another person I’m delighted. My work is mostly abstract because I love the freedom of it not having to look like anything in particular. Colour and shape blend into being anything the viewer wants to see. I find that there are always faces in the work I do. They emerge from the paint in unusual ways. I believe the Energy Beings peep through abstract forms of art to let us know they are there. Generally only people who are open to looking at the world in a different way see the faces.

So I paint because I can. I paint to open myself to creativity. I paint because I am able to express myself to myself. I paint because it releases emotions. I paint to encourage others. I paint to get messy. I paint to have fun. Is it time you started painting too?

Day 211 of my blogging challenge. 

Why silence is golden

imageI spend a lot of my time in the company of others. I really enjoy conversations, sharing energy and the creative flow that discussions can take. Yet every now and again I need some quiet space. The energy, needs and ideas of others become a little too overwhelming. There is too much ‘noise’ for me to handle. It took me quite a chunk of my life to recognise that need for silence. Even to grasp the idea of silence as a positive place to be. We are such social beings that there are a lot of expectations placed on us to keep up our end of the conversation. When we retreat into silence it is often seen as something bad. As if we don’t want to share our ideas, feelings or observations so are being selfish. I have to admit that in the past when I was having a discussion one of the fastest ways to irritate me was for the other person to go silent. After all, not speaking in a conversation can be a controlling silence. Or an uncomfortable silence.

Then as a counsellor I learned to be ok with silences. I began to understand that silence might be a reflective space – a way to order one’s thoughts and work out what to say. Or even not say. Silence can be golden as it is a way of allowing us to process information. Once I became used to letting the silence have a space in conversations I found that I could observe myself and others better. I could ‘see’ the emotions and thoughts more clearly. There was a better understanding if I made room for natural pauses. In those pauses I might find a new clarity in what I wanted to say. I was also giving the other person a space in the conversation to do the same. As I turned the silences into positive contributions to the dialogue with people I also recognised my own need for silence.

In our busy lives we have little time to retreat. I love the word contemplate – something that retreat space and silence allows us to do. We can go deeper into ourselves. We can ask questions and wait for the answers to emerge. When we allow our voice to fall silent, when we remove ourselves from the voices of others and the noise of the world we give ourselves the opportunity to hear and experience the deepest of all connections. We can discover the connection to our own Spirit and through that our personal connection to Divine guidance. For a long time I closed down the voice of my Spirit and the connection to the Divine. Now I work every day with the Spirit World and the representatives of Divine love. I embrace and enjoy silence. I look for chances to spend a few moments alone and quiet, sitting waiting for a different kind of conversation to take place. Let moments of silence wrap around you every day. Be ready to listen not speak. There are important things for you to discover in the quiet.

Day 118 of my blogging challenge.

An Unconditional Heart

EAAHeart5Do we ever love unconditionally? As I write this blog the track that’s playing in the background is I Want to Break Free by Queen. I’m sure my Guides are making a very loving, but very pointed point! Is my heart really unconditional? I’ve been doing an Earth’s ArchAngel workshop today working with the energy of ArchAngel Tiphoniel who brings us lessons about Divine Love and Self Love. Being unconditional almost seems easier towards others than it does towards ourselves. The discussion in part of the day centred around compassion for others. We are expected to show kindness to others as a matter of course. Yet we find it hard to show ourselves the same level of kindness. And if we do apply compassion to ourselves first there are plenty of people who are only too willing to tell us that we are being selfish, self-centred and mean. It is all to easy to become trapped by a sense of obligation to others in such a way that it leads to discontent, resentment and bitterness. It may even turn into full blown martyrdom – some sort of perception of persecution by others from which we want to break free.

Love is most often conditional. We love ourselves – but only the good bits. We love others – but only if they do what we expect of them. So I’ve asked my Guides many times how do I move from conditional love to unconditional love. They are kind to me & keep answering even though I’m sure they must be bored to death of this question by now. My Guides remind me that when I came into this world I had no judgements about the life I dropped into. As a Spirit I choose the patterns of my physical, mental and emotional human life. These choices were designed to help me experience all sort of opportunities to hold onto my love for myself. If I could find and love the murky bits I wished I didn’t have – the actions, words, thoughts & feelings that were of a lower vibration – it would be easier for me to love the murky bits in the people I was sharing my life with. This is the barrier to unconditional love that we all have to overcome. What we see in ourselves is also within others. If I could only understand that each & every human on the planet is a being of unconditional love, to be loved unconditionally, then I would achieve a spiritual breakthrough.

I still feel that I am a long way from this wonderful state of being. It’s very hard not to judge when I feel wronged, ignored, sidelined or abused. Yet those are my feelings and my responsibility. I can feed them more energy and let them build up more. Or I can understand the situation, actions or words that have exposed another ‘unlovable’ thing about being human and let all the energy go. My response will decide whether I continue to be conditional in my love or not. It’s not hard to understand what being unconditional represents but it’s much harder to put into practice. Today has been a day for dealing with what I had come to feel was an injustice towards me. With the Divine Love inside me, the support and unconditional love of my Guides and the Earth’s ArchAngels I have been releasing the energy of hate I have been holding on to. Of course there is still a part of me that wants to say or do hateful things connected with the situation I perceive as unjust. I have been loving that part of me today. It will not be able to express itself in any way and, in a sense, is dying. The energy of the feeling created by my perception of that situation is fading away. Doing this is a route to an unconditional heart and I have decided that I want that more than I want the hate.

As I draw to the close of my blog I’m listening to The Miracle by Queen. The line ‘peace on earth and end to war today,
That time will come, one day you’ll see when we can all be friends’ repeats over and over. How soon that happens is based on how soon we wear away all of the conditions we place on our loving heart. How soon can we give ourselves & others the unconditional love that we intuitively know we contain?  If you haven’t started yet perhaps it’s time to try?

Day 114 of my blogging challenge.

Room for doubt?

imageWhen I was developing my intuitive abilies I asked lots of questions. I asked those questions because I was full of doubt. I doubted that I had any psychic senses in the first place. I doubted that I would be able to pick up any information through my psychic senses. Then I doubted the information assuming it wouldn’t be correct. Finally, once it seems that what I was getting was correct, incredibly correct, I doubted that I would be able to do anything with my ability to connect. A lot of people see doubt as a negative quality. We are often told to have faith as if we can automatically stop asking questions and believe everything we are told.

I love that I have doubt. I’ve asked questions all my life. Whatever has been presented to me as the ‘truth’, the facts or the only thing to believe I have wanted to ask ‘who says that this is so?’ I have also doubted myself. Evolving my understanding of who & what I am as a spirit in a human body has often been through challenging the way I understand myself. Of course my doubts have let me say I can’t do this or that. Certainly I have passed up opportunities because I thought I couldn’t do something. Or that I wasn’t the one who should be doing it. Yet amazingly, after all the doubts, questions and self challenging, I have moved my understanding of myself and humanity forward. Out of the doubt has come certainty about my values and beliefs.

I love to share my experiences. Anyone who knows me will say I can keep on talking forever. I always encourage people to question what I tell them. My world view may not be your world view. That is refreshing. It’s wonderful to discuss different points of view. Not to convert someone to my way of thinking. Discussing, questioning, swapping experiences is a way for me to hear out loud my own doubts or questions. Also to hear my own opinions and sticking points. Voicing doubt is also a way to help me consider if I’m doing the right thing for me. We love patterns. Humans general prefer to live by routines. In fact in groups if someone is out of step with the routine there will be subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressure on that person to conform with the group. What happens if that pattern only suits some or a few of the group? How do we change the pattern if no one voices any doubt?

When I finally decided to investigate my psychic senses I stepped outside of my pattern. I was somewhat out of step with my group. Mediumship is still a stereotype for the table tapping, crystal ball gazing, ‘is there anyone there?’ lady of a certain age with loads of cats & jingling bracelets. The doubts I experienced were a powerful energy to move me forward in search of other patterns and new groups. I widened my horizons, stepped away from the conventional view of mediums & psychics and started to discover a whole new life. My doubt drove that journey. My questions were answered one by one and have led to lots more questions. I do have faith in my connection to the Energy Beings I work with. Faith that has emerged through the test of doubt. Faith that is stronger because I doubted. To me doubt is a fascinating road to travel.

Next time you doubt yourself give yourself credit for being brave enough to question yourself. Look at the feelings and thoughts your doubt reveal. Are you judging yourself?  Are you afraid to succeed? Are you uncertain of what you want & who you are? Give yourself time to find the answers to your questions. The positive power of doubt can help you find your connection, your support and your group. Keep asking the questions and enjoy being curious!

Day 111 of my blogging challenge. 

Wish, believe, receive

imageI wish! I wish! How many times have you though about something you wanted and sort of implied to yourself you would never get it? It’s very easy to ask for something and at the same time limit the chances you have of getting it. After all, the world is full of messages that give us a belief that we can’t have what we want. One of the key messages is that you have to ‘derserve’ good fortune. That you only get it by earning it. That you have to work hard. And even then you still might not get it because it’s not meant for you.

Today I was sitting in the Centre with a group of interesting people drinking coffee and eating chocolate biscuits with my pink slippers on. We were relaxed and chatting about all sorts. It was one of those ‘pinch me, I must be dreaming’ moments. There I was, at work apparently, having a wonderful time in fab energy. There was no stress. It was lively. People were enjoying the moment. As I looked around I felt contented. My world was perfect for that moment. I felt the lift of my heart. Early this morning I woke from a dream feeling rather stressed. I had been chasing around trying to find where I needed to get to for a meeting. The clock was against me. It was as if I’d gone back to my old corporate life. It took me a moment to remind myself that it was old feelings coming to the surface to be released. Apparently my mind felt it was now safe to let go of that stuck energy. I spent a few moments Reiki-ing it away. As it cleared I wondered how much other stuff I’m carrying that I’d be better off without. Later in the day I also realised that I had an opportunity to appreciate how different my working life is now. These two moments in my day showed me how much passion I have for my work now compared to back then.

There was a point in my life when I wished that my working life could be different. So I changed direction and job. I wished for a new working life but still thought I had to earn it somehow. I spent a lot of time still stressed out but in a friendlier environment. Underneath I was still wishing that my working life could be different. It took me several changes of job to recognise that I carried the stress with me to each new start. What was missing was belief. I wished for better but didn’t think I deserved better. So I ended up getting more of the same. I feel very fortunate that I was brave enough to switch on my intuition. Doing so sent me off on an inner journey. I had to take a long look at what I was wishing for and the way I was sending out those wishes. I found that lack of belief in myself. I notices all my wishes were half-hearted, half-baked and half-right. No wonder the changes I needed never came about. How could they when I wasn’t even convinced I wanted or deserved them in the first place.

That is the point when I decided to take action on myself. I set up a ‘Wish’ and a ‘Granted’ board. I wrote down my wishes and pinned them to the board with pictures or items to represent the wish. As I got my wish I moved the wish, picture or item to my granted board. I felt a bit foolish doing this at first. I also realised that some things I really wished for weren’t even on the board in the first place. How could they ever happen then! I treated myself to a crystal wand and started waving it about in front of the wish board whenever I added a new item. I wanted to show the Universe I meant what I wished for.  I got more ambitious in my wishing. I asked for more significant things. I allowed myself to spend some daydream time imagining that I’d got what I wished for. It’s surprised me that the more I wished and believed the more I received. Not always in the way I expected but certainly in a way that gave me a great feeling.

Now I have a slimmed down wish list. Most of what I’ve asked for has arrived and I can sense that the rest is on its way in. I believe beyond doubt that anything I wish for will be delivered. So I ‘work’ with passion in an easy, stress free way and I have an abundance of everything I want. One of my most useful wishes is  “I want to feel like I’ve won the lottery every day.” I don’t wish about winning the lottery – it’s the feeling that matters to me. If something is going to make me feel that good every day I want more of it. So the Universe delivers – small, medium or large wishes so that I can honestly say that I have that lottery win feeling at least once every day. Today it was the contentment of knowing I’m no longer a wage slave. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. So make your wishes, believe and they will come true.


Day 110 of my blogging challenge.

Blank mind or altered state?

imageI run a regular meditation group. As I explain at the start of each session my mind is a blank. I wait for my Guides to inspire me with whatever meditation is going to meet the needs of the people in the group. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with this blank mind feeling. Thoughts disappear. There is no logical processing going on. I am speaking in a random, but somehow ordered, string of sentences. I am aware but not fully conscious of my thoughts. They are in the background like a quiet track of information that I no longer pay any attention to.

It’s interesting to recall that it took me quite a while to grasp how to meditate. I remember trying to force my thoughts to stop. My aim was for my mind to be blank, silent, quiet. Yet the thoughts kept coming. I would do my shopping list, my to do list, re-run conversations, make holiday plans and a thousand other things whilst trying to ‘be in the moment’ following the words my mediation teacher was saying. If I did manage to visualise anything that she was talking about I would rush on ahead or be hanging back caught up in the detail of what I was ‘seeing’. I often returned back to the room, so to speak, feeling like meditation & me would never be freinds. How far it seems I have come.

It’s easy to forget those earlier struggles, the amount of time it took me to learn that fighting for the thoughts to go away only brought them closer, and that my own body would take a hand in distracting me too. Mediumship is working in an altered state so that you can access and translate the energy flow that we don’t notice with our physical senses. To work effectively giving messages, healing or channelling, or to tune into the events going on around me but below the surface I have to have a ‘blank’ mind. Now I drop off into that altered state so easily. So much so that I function in an altered state for a lot of my day.

To people who rely on rational, logical though processes (& I used to be one of them) it might sound like a nightmare. Switching off thoughts and being guided by feelings or intuition? There is a part of our social conditioning that encourages us to see the world as solid, with boundaries, and predictability. When I’m waiting for my Guides to speak, or for the creative inspiration to light up my mind, or when I’m accessing information that has been hidden to me, it can feel liberating but scarey too. The fear comes from the logical structured side of me. The feeling of freedom is from my imagination, at last allowed to run wild, flowing wherever the energy goes. Some people never get the hang of meditation. Their concious mind refuses to let go. The idea of a blank canvas upon which to create is too big.

It took me many attempts and three years of practice to really find my way into that altered state of freedom. I’m glad I didn’t give up on meditation. In the space where everyday life takes a back seat I have met & conversed with my Guides, Energy Beings, my loved ones. I have resolved and cleared stuck energy. I have felt wrapped in unconditional love. I have entered the rooms in my mind where fear was squatting and I have chucked fear out the door. Meditation brings about a sense of calm as the tumble of thoughts fades into the background. It is a precious skill that we can all learn if we choose to. Is it time for you to allow your mind to be blank?

Day 108 of my blogging challenge.

Crystal Singing

51+4f-wMJkL._SX294_BO1,204,203,200_If you have been reading my blog you might have noticed that I’m a science fiction/fantasy fan. I spent a lot of my teenage years discovering other worlds because this world seemed so challenging to live in. One of my favourite writers was Anne McCaffrey who wrote about riding dragons (another blog perhaps),  the Talents (a group of gifted individuals) and the crystal singers. When I first read about a girl who could sing so well that she resonated with the crystals themselves I was fascinated. Enthralled I read each of the books in the series. At that time I didn’t understand my intuitive feeling for crystals or why they called to me too. But I’m jumping ahead slightly.

For many years I’ve collected stones from places I’ve visited. Then I started to look for crystals to bring home too. I wasn’t sure why certain ones attracted me or how I knew they belonged with me. I do remember that felt I had to take something of that place away with me. Eventually I started to buy and sell crystals and found my way to a wholesaler. Amazingly, every time I visited the wholesaler I ignored my chosen list and instead found myself picking up crystals that then turned out to be exactly what my next customer wanted. Investigating the crystals properties, researching how to use them & why, I found my way to crystal singing & healing. Now it’s something I love to offer people.

Although I don’t have the perfect pitch (according to the story) to detach crystals from the Earth I do sing with them. I love that their energy vibrates with me, that they communicate and that it’s possible to merge with the energy at the heart of every crystal. They tell me about their experiences of being inside and outside Mother Earth. Sometimes they are cranky because of the way they have been removed from their place in the crystal structure of the Earth. Often they know that they have been called to the surface to help us heal ourselves and the world. They also vibrate with us to unlock our own intuitive, psychic abilities. They are great connectors who manage the flow of energy, much like the reef beds and sand banks in a sea or ocean.

One of the most interesting areas of holistic treatment are those therapies based on an understand of our dis-ease as a disturbance in our energy system. Based around the principle that our underlying ‘being’ is composed of energy vibrations and that these vibrations can be disturbed by other energy vibrations it’s argued that restoring the right vibration will bring improvements to health and wellbeing. The aura and chakras are seen as component parts of the energy system so sometimes the vibrations in these areas are balanced first to promote self-healing in the physical body. Our crystal neighbours are the perfect way to rebalance energy flow. Each type of crystal has it’s own vibration and works to balance the vibration of anyone close by.

If you work with a lot of electrical equipment (think phone, pc, tv etc) you might be getting too much electromagnetic vibrational energy. A piece of Selenite will help to balance that vibration if placed in a room or carried in your pocket or bag._MCB6738

If you are anxious about money, perhaps feeling that you won’t have enough, a piece of Citrine will encourage your energy field to clear that fear & be open to the flow of abundance. _MCB6725

Perhaps you need to study for something but find it hard to focus. A piece of Fluorite on your desk will bring increased concentration & quick thinking. prodimg13670

We all need to feel loved but some days that can be a challenge. On those days a Rose Quartz will give you a loving boost of heart energy to amplify your self-love & attract more love into your life.prodimg10483

Finally, one of the most easily obtained crystals is Quartz. We use quartz in our watches, radios, glass – just about everywhere – and it’s one of our most abundant crystals. It’s also a fab energy cleaner and energizer. If you are feeling a bit low in energy, having trouble letting things go or feel blocked then carry a bit of quartz with you.prodimg3929

These are a small selection of many, many crystals that you can use yourself to balance your energy. If there are several disruptions in your vibrational energy, which might be manifesting as dis-ease symptoms, you might want to seek out an Intuitive Crystal Singer for an assessment or therapy session. Usually they will take a brief history of the issues affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. They will identify the appropriate crystals for you and create a crystal grid. This involves lying fully clothed under a blanket on a therapy bed whilst the crystals are placed around or on you. The Crystal Singer may also use one or more crystal wands to draw energy from your aura or chakras. People find this process relaxing and report feeling much better afterwards.

I enjoy my work as an Intuitive Crystal Singer and it all came from that impulse to pick up stones all those years ago. Enjoy exploring crystals for yourself!

Day 107 of my blogging challenge.

Divine Mother Love

34026_1148385487374_8302252_n-2Some Mothers are good, some Mothers are bad and some Mothers are mostly a mixture. We experience being the child of a mother whether she is in our life or not. And women experience being a Mother whether we are with our children or not. Some mothers loose their children & some children loose their mothers. Some children walk away from their mothers and some mothers walk away from their children. When someone hands you that small, vulnerable bundle and says this is your child it can be overwhelming. Mother love isn’t quite as instinctive as it’s made out to be. Some women choose not to be mothers at all. For lots of reasons, none  of them selfish or unnatural, some women use their creative energy in different way. And some women who choose not to have a child look after many, many children. Then there are those women who desperately want their own child and can’t have one. Mother is one of our fundamental concepts but it’s a far from straightforward one.

All of these ‘shades of motherhood’ exist because we are a species who reproduces with male & female participants. If we only had one way of being then whoever had a child would still face the same range of choices, dilemmas, fears and joys. And judgements. There are fads & fashions about how to be the best mother to a child. There are studies that try to determine which type of mother will meet the child’s needs best. Mothers are at the head of the queue when a child is looking for someone to blame. Mothers send their child out into the wild world eventually (or not!) and that is another reason for a child to turn into an adult who fails to appreciate the favour his mother did for him. Mothers soak up all the responsibility. They often take on much more when their own daughter has a child too. Yet we find it hard to praise mothers – except on Mothers Day. Perhaps it’s only the loss of a mother that brings home the real value that love and nurture from another person brings.

That’s another point. What we get from our ideal mother is unconditional love and nurturing. To nurture someone is to care for and protect another whilst they are growing. So many other people in our lives might step into our mother’s shoes – a favourite teacher, a grandmother, a father, a sister or brother, a partner or friend – the list can be endless. As children we often search out people who will care for us and nurture us like our birth mother did (if we knew her) or like the person who stepped into our birth mother’s shoes when she stepped out. In adulthood we repeat the patterns of that mother & child relationship. If we are the ‘mother’ we provide something that the ‘child’ wants. If we are the ‘child’ we receive whatever we have chosen that nurturer for. However, being the mother or child in this kind of way when you are both adults mostly leads to difficult, co-dependant relationships, unless both people are very clear about the underlying parent/child dynamic.

Today I was channelling for Earth’s ArchAngel Tiphoniel. She is the Guardian Angel of the Solar system who represents Divine Mother Love. She came around me because I’m a mother faced with decisions about how to do the best for my child. The decisions aren’t only mine. Others are involved in all the discussions. Yet I carried this the person, I fed her and I watched her first faltering steps in this world. I’m still watching as she steps further and further away from me. Some of the things that are happening are based on other people’s judgements of me as a mother. Because they are judging my child and I am the one who has nurtured her to be the way she is. Of course she has her own personality & nature. People are now finding that a challenge because she is old enough to speak for herself. So I certainly needed some guidance from somewhere this morning.

I shared Tiphoniel’s wonderful words on my Facebook page as she asked me to do. It’s amazing how many people have appreciated that post. It seems to strike a chord. When did we loose the connection to the Divine Mother?

We have all stepped into the waning Moon period and may be finding it hard to let go of what we once valued or dreamed about. ArchAngel Tiphoniel, resonating with the love of the Divine Mother, is stepping forward to enfold you in that love.
Let her wings carry you high above your worries and woes. Let her serene smile lift your Spirits and sooth your mind. She is here to remind you that everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Like a child when we push against the energy flow of life and are knocked back she is here like a mother to teach us another way.
She is sending you encouragement, strength and courage. Be brave. Explore the world without fear as once you did in childhood. It is the right time to look for the wonderful blessings that are flowing your way. 

She is with me now as I write this blog. She wants us to recognise something that is often overlooked in the West. We cannot have a God without a Goddess. We have assumed that the Divine is one gender (male) but we must make room for the other gender (female) too. In fact, the best way to understand the Divine from an angel’s point of view is as an energy with no gender at all. Since that wouldn’t resonate with our dualistic energy flows in our experience of the Divine we need to understand God and Goddess. Our connection to the Divine is felt when receiving the unconditional care and nurturing of both Goddess and God. To deny ourselves the experience of the Divine Feminine lessens our own understanding of motherhood. If we don’t understand motherhood in it’s fullest, Divine sense, whether we are actually mothers or not, then our childhood and our children will be warped, missing the compassion, protection, encouragement and creativity that flows with the feminine side of the Divine nature. Be kinder to yourself – the child and mother within you is an aspect of the Divine Goddess. Open up to the flow of her unconditional love. Help others to find the Divine Feminine within themselves – especially your children – so that we can all embrace her gifts to humanity.

Day 102 of my blogging challenge.

Glad to be alive

imageIt’s been a lovely sunny day here though cold. One of those Winter days when the bite of the fresh air mixes with the warmth of the sun and makes you feel glad to be alive. The daylight is increasing and that too brings a lift to my spirits. I cherish these moments. I want that feeling of gladness. I’m aware that the world can turn on its head any moment.  Being mindful of the ebb and flow of my feelings and thoughts I want to hold onto all the positive energy I can.

Working with energy every day it’s always possible that as people shift their negativity I might be the one they are shifting it too. One of the first things to learn when opening up to our psychic senses is that we have to filter the energy we are learning to ‘read’. This is often called protection as it can be a challenge handling all the less than positive energy and information that starts to flow through. And if your own energy is muddy or a low vibration you can easily end up swamped. When they first come to me many students tell me that they don’t know why they are feeling upset, angry, fearful. They know that they want to help people but when they do so they seem to come out of it feeling worse. When I scan their aura I can tell what energy is theirs and what energy actually belongs to someone else. At that point we have a long chat about protecting the aura.

One of the best things to do is to connect in to gratitude. Finding the positives in as many moments as possible. Stepping back from the feelings and thoughts that might be jingling around inside. Reminding yourself that you are a Spirit in a human body capable of unconditional love for yourself and others. The protection that flows from loving yourself enough not to give low energy house room within you is phenomenal. I find that I can do anything I set my mind to if I remind myself that my positivity will make it happen. The flow of energy from other people diverts around me – unless it is positive which I accept gratefully – and I’m able to keep that glad to be alive feeling going.

Another key thing, of course, is that I am spreading positivity back to others. At the service I did this evening I couldn’t help but smile all the way through. The Spirit World were taking the opportunity to boost my own positive energy so that I could pass it on to everyone else. It’s amazing how contagious a smile can be. There was a lovely message that I had to give from a gentleman. He wanted to say how much he was enjoying being in the Spirit World. He asked me to represent his positivity to his loved ones so that they could get a blast of his happy energy too. I was delighted to do so. We all shared in his loving kindness through the gift of his energy. He was glad to be alive in his Spirit World and wanted us to be glad to be alive in ours.

So when negativity threatens to overwhelm you find a little glimmer of positivity and grow it until it is bright light leading you forward.

Day 101 of my blogging challenge.