imageI’m starting today’s blog thinking about self-awareness. I have done several readings for people and a Reiki Refresh group at the Centre. Those activities got me pondering how much we know our true selves. Of course there are always parts of ourself we hide away, forget or don’t even know about. But I wonder how often we choose to go looking for them.

What came up from my Guides as I worked was a reminder of a question I used to ask a lot. My need was to understand who I am. The question was Why do I have low and high energy vibrations and does it matter? That took me back to my training when I wanted to be a counsellor. We were encouraged to keep a reflective journal so we could identify anything that might be causing us resistance, or to make judgements, or to help us recognise thoughts and feelings we hadn’t noticed. We were expected to analyse our journal entries as if we had been the counselling client. We were teasing out our ‘client’s’ world view so that we could respond in ways ┬áthat would resolve any stuck issues. This process would help us to become more self-aware about values, beliefs and judgements that might get in the way of an effective counselling relationship.

When I began working with my Guides to develop my mediumship they also encouraged me to keep a reflective journal so that I could help myself observe my own mediumship development. In the same way I had in counsellor training, I needed to approach my connections with Spirits with a clear understanding of my values, beliefs and judgements. If I didn’t then the energy connection we made would be ‘contaminated’ by my own feelings & thoughts. I might make assumptions that were not correct or interpret a message in a way that had meaning to me but wasn’t actually what the Spirit person meant at all. Both my counselling and my mediumship have, in built, a requirement to be self-aware if I want to do the best I can for others.

Becoming self-aware can be anything but straightforward. It means really examining the thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions you have. It means finding a way to detach from yourself and embrace all that you find out about yourself. It means taking off the masks you wear one by one and learning to live with the most authentic you that you can stand. It is worthwhile though. When I began that second period of self-awareness work with the help of my Guides I was, admittedly, surprised to find lots of admirable and courageous parts of me. There were, of course, some parts of me I wasn’t happy with at all. I saw the need to change some of my patterns of being so that I could be more authentically me. And I also saw how much progress I had made from the very early days of my counselling training.

As the self-awareness work unfolded my Guides also made sure to remind me that I had to be self-aware of my human self and also of my Spirit self. Understanding one half on me wasn’t enough. I had to integrate my authentic Spirit self with my human self so that the higher vibrational Spirit energy could be transmitted out through my human self. So that I would be a Spirit wearing human clothes, not a human with a tiny spark of Spirit behind my eyes.

We have a great capacity to help one another. That capacity is reduced if we forget or don’t acknowledge our spirituality. However, saying that we are spiritual is never enough. We have to feel, think and act as our Spirit self would. If we never discover our authentic Spirit self or even our human self we are not yet on a spiritual path. No matter how many times we tell ourselves & everyone else that we are. If you want to make deeper connections with yourself, other people, with your life get a pen & paper and meet your true self.

Day 81 of my blogging challenge.

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