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imageClairallience is the intuitive or psychic sense of smell. It is possible to pick up scent from Energy Beings when there is nothing physical to cause that smell. Clairallience has been on my mind, so to speak, all day. Today I’ve been to a passionately positive meeting with my PartyLite colleagues to hear about our next fragrance product range and the changes that flow naturally from having a new Chief Executive in charge of this global company. I have to confess I had never heard of Harry Slatkin but for a candle company very proud of it’s fragrances he seems to be the ideal leader. He is also considered to be someone who can identify the component parts of fragrances completely accurately. Not an easy task and similar to trying to identify all of the flavours used in a complex wine or meal.

We were discussing the top, middle and low notes (what you smell first, second and last, so to speak) of the new scents which have about nine or ten different smells to make these three ‘layers’ of fragrance. Sorting out each component smell, for me, is made much harder now since I lost my physical sense of smell at the end of last year. Imagine that – someone who loves scented candles but who can’t smell them!¬†Yet I do have clairalliance. When I give messages the Spirit people often bring me fragrances that identify them from their lifetime. I can still small cigarettes, freisa, lilies, cigars, beer and many more. They are not in the air around me. The scent comes through my aura connection in the energy rather than through my nose.

On another strand of thought I have to say it’s fascinating that I have worked with Jan Booth at Ostrich Angels to develop a range of fragrance sprays, candles and soaps. Our work on the Pearls of Wisdom and the Earth’s ArchAngels was done when I could smell. We used only two fragrances in a combination to represent what was being channelled in. Although I could smell them I had no idea how the combinations came about really because I wouldn’t say I have a particularly well developed sense of smell. Then when it was time to put the fragrances together for the Transpersonal Chakras I had no physical sense of smell at all. Jan says the fragrances are wonderful but I honestly have no idea. I’m sure that I was guided to the best combinations as for brief moments during the 10 mins it took to pull the scents together I was getting slight wafts of scent psychically.

As humans we tend to ignore our ability to smell most of the time. Our sense of smell is one of our earliest survival mechanisms as young babies can smell more than see. However, we don’t like unpleasant smells so we cover them with fragrances to make everything smell fresh or clean or appetising or mysterious. Certain smells evoke memories. Others are too sharp or bitter to bear. Once we realised we could change the scents around us the perfume industry was born. And it’s been around an incredibly long time. Then we realised that certain fragrances made us feel safe or energised or relaxed or calm. So now we use candles and sprays all of the time to create ambience. That’s why I use PartyLite candles in my Centre. People always love the way the rooms and corridor smell. They make positive comments and feel more at home because the scents are reassuring.

So another train of thought is how our physical sense of smell ties up with our psychic sense of smell. It seems that I might no longer be able to distinguish top, middle and bottom notes in fragrances that I love from PartyLite or from the ranges I have put together for Jan. Whether this will ever be reversed is a moot point. I am left with the ability to determine fragrances in a very different way. I wonder if this change is to help me refine my psychic ‘nose’? Is there something important that will need me to be able to use clairallience instead? An interesting journey seems to be coming along then!

If you are interested in developing your psychic sense of smell a great way to start is to ask your Guides for help. Ask them to help you become aware of scents that are around from the Spirit people. I am sure they will make sure you start receiving ‘scent’ information so pay attention and don’t dismiss little blasts of fragrance when they tickle your nose. As for me, I am looking forward to my next exciting scent adventure with Jan.

Day 148 of my blogging challenge.

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