Questing Is Good For My Spirit Mission

questingI’ve been questing today. A long, arduous search for something. It stared over my first cup of coffee. And continued down on the beach as the wind whipped up the waves. All the way driving back home. Including in the service station. And finally in my home circle. I was looking. But not sure what for.

A couple of lines in a song by Al Stewart kept going through my mind. “The wind whips up the waves so loud, the ghost moon sails amongst the clouds, and turns the rifles into silver, telling us we’re all standing on the border”. Standing on the beach I watched the white foam fall over and back into the water. It, or other droplets, would be foam again soon as the wind continued to blow. I thought about the tide of emotions I’ve had this week. The way they churned and returned. And my need to power down before I could be powered back up. But for what? My Spirit is here on a mission. I’ve know that for a long time. I’ve also known that questing is a way of testing me. Finding out what stops me from completing the mission.

I have felt like I am on the border of knowing my mission more clearly for a long time. Waiting at the cliff edge ready to jump as soon as I know what to jump towards. But the questing has also been happening. Perhaps far too much for my liking. Each new quest has been a further test of my resolve. Can I keep going even if I have no idea where I am headed. Driving home I found myself reviewing the past few days. Getting a clear prompt to remove old thought patterns. And release feelings to the winds of change. Finally, in my home circle there was another piece to this puzzle. A song by Elton John with the lines “But these cuts I have they need love to help them heal.¬†Oh, don’t let the sun go down on me,¬†Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see”. And it is true. I’m looking at me and seeing a partial, incomplete reflection of my Spirit. That is the part of me that holds the mission information.

Questing to know the Spirit Inside can be arduous. The Ego Mind gets in the way. Low vibration human emotions block the signal too. Yet it is always necessary to set the material world on one side if I want to understand my purpose. I do need to heal my past. Loving me as I am is vital. Only then can the full scope of my reason for being here come to the surface. And before my own personal Sun sets.

Day 897 of my blogging challenge

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