Loving Community: An Aim For All

Loving community. That idea popped up again today as I channelled the ArchAngels in my Ā Letters From The Light Side video.

I grew up in a loving community. Sharing with each other was the natural response to all sorts of circumstances. Embracing newcomers they were quickly taken into our community. Not perfectly. But always with the understanding that as a street, a group of streets, we had a connection with each other. I remember the births, marriages, deaths, troubles and joys of this vibrant place. I couldn’t get up to much mischief as everyone knew who I was. It was like I had thirty or forty parents instead of my Mum and Dad. I was never far away from someone who would keep an eye on me. I learned to love the idea of being part of a community.

It was second nature to share with others in their good fortune or tragedy. I ran errands, scrubbed steps and played in the gardens all over the area. I felt safe and secure. Yes, everyone knew my business but that was a small trade off for that sense of belonging. As I grew up that sense of community seemed to disappear. We moved to a new neighbourhood. The people I knew were a long way away. It took a long time to become part of the new community. I’m not saying they were any less loving but it was a bit more judgemental. Although I eventually found my feet in this community I felt inside that I’d lost something I needed to find again.

A loving community takes care of and enfolds all it’s members. Vulnerable or struggling people have support and kindness. Each person offers what they can.

So I wondered today where that sense of community had gone. Because I feel it is missing in so many ways right now. I learned to love the loving community I grew up it. It taught me how to be a citizen of the world. It was diverse and vibrant. Never perfect but always good enough for all of it’s members. Yet it seems now that only tragedy brings people together. At the worst of times we do show our best. But what about those times between tragedy? I feel fortunate to live in another community where there is a very positive attitude to diversity. Difference is encouraged and enjoyed. I know that my home community isn’t perfect. But on a daily basis we are good to one another. Not everyone has the same experience.

Loving kindness is in short supply in some areas. I’ve certainly lived in one or two in my life. There seems to be no desire to emphasise community. And I feel that is spreading. The last few months have shown how divided we are as a country. The ‘big’ community we all live in. Perhaps it’s also because it seems division has taken hold across the global community of humanity. Yet we are all part of a global community of Spirit. Under the skin I know we are all the same. Why has that been forgotten? Or, at least, let drift out of our consciousness. I believe that we have to return to being loving communities. I also feel we have to learn to love that community feeling once more.

It’s time to remind ourselves that we all want the same out of our lives. To remember the loving kindness that makes a strong and peaceful community work well. I know we have to stop acting only for ourselves and start creating a shared, equal and positive vision for the future. An aim for all of us?

Day 570 of my blogging challenge

Some Days It’s So Very Hard to Write

On days like this it’s hard to find words. Once again a tradgedy has caught our attention. A huge fire in a tower block in London has stretched a community almost beyond bearing.

I know that there are plenty of days like this. All over the world communities have to cope with tragedy and loss. Grief draws people together as we try to make sense of what has happened. Others do whatever they can to show support for the community struck by disaster. Whether it’s one life or many lost or damaged there is a sense of caring that fills us all. I know that so many people have expressed their condolences and sent healing energy to the people of the Grenfell Tower fire. And to the many other disasters that happen so often. I feel it’s important to remind myself that this is the greatest hope for humanity. That we can all unite as one to provide acknowledgement and comfort to others in challenging times.

Days like this also remind me that on the ground there are so many people serving us day in and day out. The emergency services, hospital staff, community services and pastoral support. They step in to deal with life changing events at a moment’s notice. They are there in the background. Always on call. They often bear the brunt of dealing with the immediate situation and then the aftermath. And also the understandable shock and grief of all those affected. Days later they may still be involved in sorting out the fallout from a single event. Even weeks and months later. I believe we are lucky to have members of our communities who take on these duties. They are a bedrock on which we can rely to help us through the worst. Sometimes bystanders and volunteers are a part of this too,

There are really no words to express my thanks to those who serve. Or my condolences to those who have lost everything. Days like this remind me that we need to learn lessons. To be a global community who changes whatever went wrong. And to remind ourselves of how strongly we can pull together in the worst of times šŸ’š

Day 569 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Emphasise Your Positives To Shine Bright

Today is my regular life mentoring day. In this work I am able to emphasise my ability to work with people who are determined to change their live around.

That’s a wonderful thing. Although it often involves digging in deep to their inner voices to understand what judgements are being played out. Because those often emphasise the negative rather than the positive. I know that this is true of me too. Most of my life I have compared myself to a long list of shoulds, musts, oughts and duties. I call these my SMODs. They have tangled me up in all sorts of situations where I should have said no or walked rapidly in the opposite direction. Yet I didn’t. Mostly because that list shifts the responsibility for everything onto me. Not leaving it with the people it really belongs to.

The list tends to emphasise all the expectations, opinions and judgements that other people have of me. I have run around time after time trying to please everyone. Or believing that making people happy, contented, safe or well off was my job. That’s how powerful these SMODs can be. Of course all I was doing was setting myself up to fail. It took me a long time to realise that I can’t make other people happy. Or take responsibility for the life they choose to end up with. Though I did try my best for a long while to juggle my life to meet the needs of almost everyone else. Until I realised that all I ever emphasised was my inability to do what I thought I ought to.

By th time I recognised that I had to emphasise something else I had nearly exhausted myself. My light had gone very dim.

I had wandered into a dark place without really knowing how I got there. Finally I started to listen to my inner conversations with myself. They seemed to be full of negative judgements. I blamed myself for all sorts of things I had no control over. And I noticed my tendency to be very hard on myself. So hard that I wouldn’t let myself say nice things about myself. Even my talents and skills were being ignored or rubbished. No wonder I was in a mess. Or that my life emphasised my apparent failures. The Universe was sending me what I asked for. Plenty of it. And I was stuck.

Until I decided that it was time to change the script. To talk to myself with praise instead of criticism. That’s not an easy shift to do. I found that I had years and years of judgements to shift. The SMODs were buried so deeply I wondered who I would be if I let them go. Because I knew I would be different. But that was a frightening thought too. However, I started to focus on the positive feedback I was getting. I also spent a lot of time going through my list and crossing off lots of stuff. I kept reminding myself that I had choices not duties. Every day I looked for something to praise about myself. I said thank you to myself for all sorts of big and little things. Finally I learned to challenge the negative voice. And reject what it was saying.

To emphasise positives sounds easy. Yet I know how hard it can be. It’s worth doing it though. I came back into a light place. I found a new me. Now I love sharing that me with the world. Are you shining as bright as you can? Or is it time to find the positive, powerful new you?

Day 568 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Bad Back? There’s More Than Meets The Eye

Over the last few days I’ve been getting messages asking for healing for back problems. It seems that bad backs are popular right now. Painfully popular!

I started thinking about that today. My healing Guides had been around to help me send out positive energy to all who needed it. We fell into a discussion of why there was so much bad back trouble right now. Of course I know that we have been through, and are only just coming out of, a big energy blast. It was designed to bring the truth to light. To get me to notice where I was putting my principles into practise and where not. I guess you could say it was highlighting my inner hypocrisy. Those times when I say one things and do another. Also how vulnerable that leaves me to judging myself harshly.

The enegy was designed to show me my true nature as it is right now so that I would be encouraged to change. The situations put in front of me meant taking a chance and putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. I hope I’ve managed to do that in a positive way. Although others might not agree or may consider I have done something in a bad way. It’s all about me living my spirituality. That’s where the back issues come in. I know that I carry my stress in my physical body. As soon as I start to feel an ache or pain in my right side I stop to check what it means. Because it will disappear if I pay attention to it’s message.

Sometimes I ache because I’m clearing stuff. Often I ache because I’m picking up too much negative energy. Occasionally I ache because it’s a past life. And every now and then it’s because my burden has become too heavy.

Bad backs usually involve the spine and sometimes the muscles around it. Occasionally it can be kidney or other organs like the gall bladder. It’s not surprising really as our spine keeps us upright. Our kidneys and other organs keep our body free of waste products and toxic materials. When these areas flare up I believe it’s a sign that we have taken on too much of the wrong kind of energy. And that we are struggling to get rid of it. It’s no surprise that people with heavy responsibilities often suffer from bad backs. Or that someone who has been knocked down a lot in life (not always physically) has to deal with pack pain. Those with heavy emotional burdens suffer too.

There are also bad back issues when someone feels held back, trapped or hedged in. These strong emotional states stick in the spine and create physical pain. It can also be a sign of wanting to escape notice. Some people hunch with bad backs as if avoiding being seen. If this energy stays around long enough I believe we develop physical symptoms that make us stop and take notice. Unfortunately when the unexpressed energy becomes a physical symptom or actual damage to the spine there may be difficulties getting the spine back into order. Even after releasing any stuck energies.

Hopefully at the first twinge which suggests a bad back someone will get help identifying the energy source. I know from my Guides that the sooner it’s sorted the better.

But that’s the bigger problem. I’m not one to rush to the doctor. Nor do I always notice my bad back. Sometimes I just hope it will go away. I feel we all do that for as long as we possibly can. Especially as the back pain often comes from a strong sense of responsibility for others, for a job, for a way of life. So this is also about being ready to give myself enough care. As much care as I would offer to others. And for me to know that getting myself back into wellness is the best way to be more giving to others too. Is it time for you to notice that twinge of pain? That regular ache that doesn’t seem to have any physical cause? That nagging soreness that starts and then goes depending on where you are, what you are doing or who you are with?

Your body knows what you might not want to notice. If you have a bad back it’s time to look below the surface a little bit more.

Day 567 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Inner Work to Change the Outer World

As the moon starts to wain it’s a good time for inner work. This was the inspiration from my Intuitive Connections Group today.

I believe in looking at the world as energy. I am energy. Everyone else is energy. In fact everything we experience, physical and non-physical, is the manifesting of energy. So feelings, thought and words are energy too. When I look at things this way I also look at my inner world. The energy that fills my mind. What thoughts am I having? What feelings am I feeling? And what words do I use or have I taken from others to define who I am? Ā Because sometimes the energy I give room to in my inner world is less than positive. Maybe the shadow side of me, the place where all of the uncomfortable or low vibrational thoughts and feelings are stored, also contains judgements that I apply to myself.

Incorrect judgements. Opinions that make my inner world a challenging place. Or where I block my own energy flow and end up denying myself positive energy. This means that when I send out my requests for abundance to flow in to me it doesn’t really happen. My inner world is sending out mixed energy signals. It also means that I am attracting energy into my life that may mirror the low vibrational energy in me. Instead of positive experiences I may draw to me all of the things I fear or dislike. Sometimes I may even choose not to notice these mirror images. Perhaps I feel it will be too difficult or painful to root out all of these wrong judgements. Especially if the energy attached to them is very strong.

My inner world stays in chaos instead of peace. I keep running into situations that distress me. I wonder why I can’t have a happy life.

And I keep saying that my outer world is causing the inner turmoil. The past haunts me. The present challenges me. And the future looks bleak. That is the point when I am required to look again. I have to be brave enough to see my inner world as clearly as possible. I know that we struggle sometimes to see the good in ourselves. Often because we have been told not to be arrogant or big-headed. Yet until I look at my virtues as much as I judge myself from my vices I won’t be able to change my outer world. That’s because I will keep on expecting the same. Giving out energy that produces the landscape I have inside of me.

When I get stuck in this way I try my best to remind myself of the good in my inner world. Of the positive energies in my life and in me. I focus on being good enough for the day I’m in and I keep my attention on what I’m doing in the moment. Of course I have to address all of those judgements in my head. And that’s where the waning moon energy is useful. I imagine all of the low vibrational energy fading away just like the moon disappearing from view. Encouraging myself to identify what is creating turmoil in my inner world I embrace that the past is the past. I try as much as possible to forgive myself for being a human who gets it wrong sometimes. And I re-call all the energy I have given out that was not what I wanted to send into the outer world.

Asking for the return of the low vibrational energy helps me to let it go. It was mine to start with and I can release it more positively than when I first sent it out. All I have to do is love myself. And make it my desire to send out more love to the outer world.

Day 566 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Sharing Knowledge, Sharing Energy, Sharing Love

Sometimes I’m amazed by how much sharing happens in my days. Perhaps I shouldn’t be. But at a time when so much feels uncertain, when there are difficulties about the idea of sharing, it’s inspiring to find out how much people do share.

I’ve been running another one of my workshops. It’s very special to me to be able to speak on behalf of the Energy Beings. They have taught me so much that passing on their knowledge is a real privilege. As is sharing my experiences. Because out of what has happened to me I have learned a great deal of life wisdom. Plus a whole lot more spiritual wisdom. I’ve never been happy with the idea the knowledge is only for the privileged few. Or those who pass all sorts of tests to belong to the ruling clique. Or that knowledge is used as the power to prop up ego. I believe that we all have a right to know.

Questions are important. Without them I feel we have missed an opportunity to understand. That’s what acquiring knowledge should be about. Expanding my understanding. So it’s not something for me to hoard or store away. I feel I have a responsibility to share it when I can. Of course sharing knowledge only works when someone else wants to find it out. Though they may not want to understand. That’s the difference between sharing to promote better outcomes and sharing because of an ego need. Yet I would prefer to share every time that someone asks a question than hold back in case that knowledge is abused.

I think about knowledge as energy too. I know we are all energy beings and what we give out we get back. Sharing knowledge is putting energy into the world for it to be used in a positive and purposeful way.

That’s also another reason to find things out or to explore what we know. The knowledge I had as a child was restricted. I made assumptions about the way the world worked. But some of those turned out to be incorrect. As I learned more about my world I revised what I knew. Even today as I ran my workshop I was learning more with and about the energy of the people who attended. As they were about me. We were sharing and pooling our knowledge so that we could advance to a shared understanding.

Not a right or wrong understanding. It is an understanding based on our current knowledge and energy. The next time we meet we may change that understanding because we have learned something new. Or changed our energy to something different than it was today. Striving for a shared understanding helps me to put more positive energy in place. Disagreements and divisions, entrenched attitudes and resistance to change, mean that I will carry on doing things the same way. The old way. The way that won’t include the idea that some things have changed. If I’m hoping for better I have to bring new information into my mind.

I have to be ready to accept that things have moved on. It’s like personal growth. It doesn’t happen from remaining above what is happening. I have to be engaged in the energy of my life.

Sharing in the ups and downs of living, of being connected to others, brings me more understanding of what gets me through it all. Of how to listen and respond. Or how to process and integrate new knowledge. I can notice what I feel and understand why I feel that way. It’s possible to observe my thoughts and see where I might be restricting myself. And I can also deal much better with the changes that sweep across my life. In fact I can find, through my love of knowledge, the love that is all around me in my life. If I find the flow of loving energy then surely I can also pass that knowledge on to others.

That’s what I love most about sharing knowledge. It’s because it becomes a way to share the love we have for each other. Just as my Guides and Inspirers entrusted me with their knowledge, out of a love for me to have a better life, I am sharing their teachings with others. Even better I am encouraging people to find their own direct connection to Guides so that the knowledge comes from source. From the hearts of those Energy Beings who care that we improve our lives and have better outcomes. There is a loud call going out right now from our Inspirers. The urge for us to start discussing and understanding what we know so that better decisions are taken

That’s the point of knowledge and why it should be shared. I believe we can do so much better as a global community of Spirit if we get into sharing what we know, sharing our energies to make things better and holding close to us a shared love for one another.

Day 565 of my blogging challenge

Flowing Through Full Moon Energy

It’s been a day of flowing high energy. The moon is full and affecting all of us more than usual. Perhaps that’s why there is confusion and uncertainty about the UK General Election.

But I decided early this morning to step back from the debate and discussion of what went right or wrong. I am sure that we are being asked to think deeply about our choices and who makes the key decisions in our lives. I also feel that this uncertainty is going to pull us, eventually, into talking instead of division. That’s the challenge now. To hold with a positive view that things will work out. The energy flowing from this election can be, like the full moon energy, a force that reveals the truth of our future. What I would like to see happen is that all sides finally recognise that we all have to live, work and thrive together. Dividing along any arbitrary lines will keep us stuck in uncertainty.

The benefit that the full moon energy brings to us is that it can boost our good intentions. If I set my thought to the desire for a good outcome for everyone the energy can amplify that wish. I can use the energy flowing through me to really boost anything that I require or desire. Manifesting will be much easier with the extra power of the full moon to back it up. So today I took some time to think about what I wanted next. Not just in the government but in my own life. Where am I going to? What else do I want to bring around me? What purpose would I like to serve with my next actions? I feel it’s important to be clear about my intentions. Because I’m not only asking for myself. I want to ensure positive energy is flowing out to all of those people I connect with.

Things will settle down in a bit. Some of the uncertainty will disappear. Life will go on. By using the full moon energy I hope to ensure that abundance is flowing towards all of us. How wonderful if we all help that intention too. Then election results wouldn’t matter. Because all of us would be wishing for the best for the whole world.

Day 564 of my blogging challengeĀ 

A Drive On The Moor Above The Clouds

Today I got a chance to go for a drive over the moor. It’s a road I’ve travelled many times over the last twenty years but I’m always struck by how my mind seems to clear up there.

I left all of my tasks behind. Escaping from the electronic world of social media too. Forgetting that there was even such a thing as a General Election. My little car climbed the big hill and took me into another world. The moor was washed by rain. There were heavy clouds in the sky full of the promise of more rain. But I was cosy and dry inside my vehicle. There was no other traffic on the road so I felt wrapped in a bubble. The wind blew the rain around. As it swirled about me my heart sang. Here is the land of Wuthering Heights. It can be wild and unforgiving. Yet on a sunny day the vast space invites me to walk and climb. To explore and have adventures.

I have to say it was the perfect antidote to all of the uncertain, waiting energy that has lurked around all week. Positions have become polarised. Discussion has turned into argument. As my Guides would say – for what? We are deciding who should take the decisions that affect our lives. Yet at the same time our lives will carry on much as they have always done. The moor is steadfast. It exsists and no amount of man-made things can alter that the land continues underneath us. The sky continues above us. The rain will still fall. If not over this particular bit of land then over somewhere else. I feel like we have forgotten how inventive and resourceful humanity is. Isn’t that our evolution?Ā Like the moor we can still be here.

The moor represents the continuity of the planet. It encourages me to hope for our future. Whoever holds power has it only for a short time if I consider the age of the moor. Clear headed I carried on my day ready to enjoy the next one and the next one and the next one.

Day 563 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Inspired 2 Write Again: Fourth Time Around

How the year is flying by. I find myself running another Inspired 2 Write challenge. It’s number four and not something I had ever planned to do. Yet it started again this week.

Late last year I was talking about my blogging during an interview for an article. The subject of my writing came up. I was fast approaching a full year of writing a daily blog. All out of a challenge I’d joined. It was to write every day for thirty days. About half way through I felt so inspired that I decided to keep going. I set myself a new target and now I’m over half way there. As I thought about what a gift that challenge was to me I realised I wanted to help other people to feel inspired too. Reading and writing have been a big part of my life. Through my blog I realised I had a writing voice. More, I realised I wanted to use it and share it.

After the interview I decided to try a challenge of my own. To help others write every day for twenty eight days. So here I am. Fourth challenge launched. And already feeling that there will be more of these mini challenges this year. I love the way writing words down helps to clear my day away. It’s great to go back and read what was on my mind too. And I can also recognise my patterns. Those issues that keep coming around again and again. Having written about them before I can also notice how I’ve changed. See where my responses are different this time. Track my progress as I change and grow in my life. No wonder I love writing. Or that I want to help others discover their own writing.

Of course as I’m taking part in the challenge too. It doubles the amount of writing I’m doing. Very soon I’m also going to start writing my next book. One of my lifetime dreams is finally coming into being. I’m inspired. Why don’t you get inspired to write too?

Day 562 of my blogging challengeĀ 

Life Mentoring – Why It Works For People

It’s been a busy day of life mentoring. I really enjoy working with people in a holistic way to help them move through life changes and stuckness.

Sometimes I need to step out of the confusion. I might feel stuck, boxed in and unclear about where my life is going. Or my business and career. Even about being a parent. Or a healer and my spiritual path. All of these component parts make up my life. But if I focus on only one aspect I might be missing out on something vital in another aspect. It’s true that if I am happy in my work I am more likely to be successful. Both at my job and in my home life. Because there will be less stress. And if I’m happy in my home life or myself I can bring a positive approach to everything I do. Including my work. Life mentoring is a great way to look at all these areas of my life in one go.

Because that’s the challenge. In the past I’ve gone to a spiritual mentor or a business mentor or to a parent’s support group. All of these have been valuable mentoring experiences. I’ve got a lot of support from the people who I’ve seen. However I’ve been left to piece the advice or support together for myself. I’ve been the one trying to see the big picture of my life all by myself. Even with the help of Guides it’s not easy to be detached enough to weigh it all up. So I’m delighted that I can work with other people as a life mentor. I’m helping them to look at the bigger picture. Maybe even the spiritual picture behind it all. And I can remind them of the options they have when making choices.

Life mentoring is a safe space to explore all that is happening. To identify barriers and blocks. And to find solutions that build more positive outcomes.

It’s also a space in which to explore skills and abilities. Including our natural intuitive and psychic senses. Because part of my mentoring role It to help someone identify what they are good at and to build on this strengths. I know that we all have so much to offer and contribute. But old attitudes, incorrect judgements and a lack of acknowledging talents get in the way. What my mentees enjoyed today was the time to look at themselves and recognise where they were holding themselves back anywhere in their lives. And to be able to develop strategies to changer theirĀ patterns and habits for more positive ways of progressing their lives.

Working with people every week can make the changes a bit hard to see. Yet I find that at the end of their block of mentoring sessions these lovely people are more confident, focused and at ease. They are lighter and brighter. They may still be dealing with lots of changes. But they feel empowered to manage those changes. I love to see that they have found their trust in themselves once more. That’s the best reason why mentoring works. We all need a little support from time to time. A calm space, without any judgements, where anything and everything can be discussed. A listening ear whilst we get the ‘stuff’ that’s keeping us stuck out of our head. Life mentoring is that kind of support. No wonder it works.

Day 561 of my blogging challengeĀ