Newest Skill: Ready For A New Adventure

newest skillIt’s interesting to be writing my last blog of the eight hundreds on the day I got my newest skill. Thanks to my lovely friend Fiona Dilston I am now an EFT practitioner. Completing the course today I was thinking such a lot about new beginnings. And new adventures.

Because today also marks the anniversary of the end of my solo responsibilities. Tomorrow is the anniversary of me becoming a mother. It has certainly been a big adventure as I’ve had to learn all sorts of new skills. As well as polish up a lot of old ones. Managing the responsibility of being a parent, the responsibility of looking after another, and still looking after myself. I know that at times the balance of caring tipped one way,. Then the other. The newest member of my family brought out the best and worst in me. Until I learned to stop judging myself. And started reminding myself how much this adventure was giving me.

Sitting with a group of powerful and supportive women this afternoon I was reminded of that shared experience of giving birth. I had support from my own mother, my friend and two midwives. We marked the passing of time between us. They helped me pace through the labour. And they were ready to lend me their strength during the worst of the pain. I was the newest mother in the room that birthing day. Today we shared and supported each other to become the new practitioners. Excitedly discussing the technique and how it might fit with our other skills. Open and ready for the new path we were stepping onto. Letting our personal development lead us into new experiences and unfamiliar places.

I love the start of any adventure. Even when I know there might be challenges and diversions, delays and dead ends. I know that each time I use my newest skill it settles me more into treading the new path that is in front of me. I have no idea where I am going. But that doesn’t matter. Discovering new things about me, taking on new abilities and sharing new opportunities make it all worth while.

Day 899 of my blogging challenge

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