Need or Require Abundance?

The peak of full Moon energy is here. Today I have been making a list of what I require from the Universe. Chatting with visitors to the Centre about manifesting abundance I noticed once again how much our words matter.

Of course I’ve been practicing manifesting what I need for a long time. Being clear about my dreams and what I want. I’ve also been working to improve my manifesting ability by working in positive and passionate energy when I ask for anything. Lots of things I’ve asked for have come my way. But I sometimes feel like it takes quite a long time and sometimes doesn’t work at all. Of course I’ve taken that as a signal that what I require isn’t actually for me. Or that the timing is not quite right. Yet listening to the discussion today I noticed how much we were talking about need and want.

I know that manifesting my dreams is about making my language really clear. Because what I ask for I get. But I also started to recognise how often the word need cropped up. It’s a difficult word. I do need certain things to survive and thrive. Yet need can also move into needy. A much more negative word. In fact need suggests to me an anxious request for something that I’m scared I won’t get. It might even tip me into being needy more often than not. Especially if I buy into the fear. So I thought about how else I could ask for my dreams. That’s when the word require dropped into my head. It makes much more sense. I require all sorts of things so that I can enjoy my life. Require is detached from fear or worry. It’s more like a list.

It’s interesting how different I feel saying require instead of need. Because I am clear that these things can arrive at the pace that the Universe sends them in. Removing need has taken away a sense of urgency too.

That means my requirements will probably turn up much sooner because I’m not stressing about them. As I let that drift through my mind I also noticed how often I use the word want. When I’m sending out my manifesting wishes I’ve often said I want. But once again there is a flip side to the word want. It can fall into a negative energy if it sounds like I want, I want, I want. Demanding and inflexible perhaps. Even drifiting into being interpreted as a selfish request. Which I might try to gloss over by asking for happiness to manifest for others too. Or wrap around with the catch all of only if it’s for my highest good. Once again confusing the Universal energy of abundance by implying I want something but only within limits.

Yet again my mind received a different word. I can ask for what I require and what I desire. If I desire something then I’m passionate about making it happen. It’s something special. Whatever it is I know it will delight me. Help me feel joy and happiness when I get it. Desire is a strong word. It tells the Universe I believe in myself enough to ask for the very best things. Knowing that they will be delivered without hesitation. To require and desire sends out a powerful energy that is unmistakable. Because it also suggests that I am ready to receive all of my abundance and so much more. I found it really interesting to try these new words this afternoon. With the full moon energy, the last blast for now of manifesting energy, I wrote out what I required and listed what I desired. Now I’m ready to receive it all.

Day 445 of my blogging challenge. 

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