Moon Messages Of Love

imageDriving home from Blackburn Spiritualist Centre tonight after my service I couldn’t help but notice the Moon. Half full, bright and dark, she was lighting my way home.

I started to think about my year. I spend quite a bit of time giving messages, one way or another. This year has been no different in that respect. Yet quite a few of the people I have spoken to on behalf of their loved ones have been dealing with the shadow side of life. Death has taken their loved ones in what seem to be particularly cruel ways. How can that be, they ask. I do my best to get the strongest connections I can for these people. I know that their loved ones will want to bring reassurance, comfort and sometimes explanations to those of us left behind. Like the moon, sometimes the whole story is hidden. Yet, like the moon, I know the Spirit people want to bring light.

Grief brings with it many shadows. I know that from my own personal experiences. The nagging doubt that I could have, should have done more. The regret at the last quarrel or missed opportunity. All of the should’ves, would’ves and could’ves. The sense of it all being far too late. Many questions about did I forget something. And one that I think is the worst of all …if only. Yet there is no undoing the past. I know that. But I still wished it many times. So I welcome the messages I can pass on to loved ones. The contact that can lift the shadows away somewhat. The messages that can encourage us to live every day to the full.

The light of the Moon seems to me to be the perfect reminder that in the dark places there is still room for hope.

Even when the grief was at it’s deepest I knew that somehow there would be a time when the sadness and loss lifted a little. Our loved ones come to remind us that life goes on. That they want us to go on with our lives. I have heard them say love is eternal so many times. It makes perfect sense to me that I will be with them again. So I try to pass on as much as I can to the people who have joined my on the journey through grief. If I can share my experiences and my communications I might be able to bring a little light as well. Knowing that life has a shadow side I can go forward by finding as much light as possible.

Every day I count my blessings. I share as much laughter as I can. Each day is a precious gift of more time to spend with those I love. I hope that today has been a light day for you.

Day 301 of my blogging challenge.

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