Maintaining My Balance

I’m a Libra so I’m always trying to find the balance in life. Maintaining a balanced energy state is my challenge this life around. Whether you believe in astrology or not I believe that being in balance is the way to wellbeing, peace and love.

Why do I feel balance is so important? And why do I work hard at maintaining my balance? It’s one of the most interesting creative touches about the human race that we are the product of duality. Female and male. Love and hate. Ego and Spirit. Fear and bliss. I’ve been blessed with a mind and a heart. Sometimes my feelings and thoughts are in agreement. A lot of the time they are in opposition. I believe it is this state of opposites that sets free will again spirituality. Our unique challenge is to choose wisely. To me that means choosing from a point of balance.

Of course that balance will shift over time, events and options. But every time I choose to exercise my free will I can affect my state of balance to move more in one direction or another. In a real life example, I have been deciding what to do in my Centre for the next year. It’s third birthday is fast approaching. Maintaining the Centre as it is would take me to one end of the scales. Moving it into a new phase of activity will take it to the other end of the scales. I’ve been working out where the middle ground is. What point should I balance on? How far can I push in either direction. Most importantly where do I feel comfortable?

That’s the sticking point when trying to balance. How do I know if I’m in balance. Can I trust that comfortable feeling? Do I need to push a little bit further so it’s not so comfortable.

As far as my Centre is concerned I have had to weigh up the needs of other people who use it and my needs. Within the community who access the services there are many viewpoints. I’ve had to consider them all. And set them alongside what I need from my working day. Then add in the needs of my business. Plus the needs of my Guides and the Energy Beings. Considering all of those views I’ve also had to unpick my thoughts and feelings. It sounds like a lot of work. It is. Yet it is also an important way to be sure that I am doing the best I can for as many people as possible whilst honouring my own journey.

Because it’s the only way of maintaining positive forward momentum. From the balancing point, which is also a pushing off point, I can see the next decision that is required. If I stay in that state I can also give myself the best chance of keeping my heart and mind working together as one. My focus is on a step by step progression. I believe that we are happy, well, peaceful and loving when we feel we are able to influence our life journey. Not control it. But, like a ride on a surf board, I can shift my balance moment to moment so that I maintain my position. I can ride the waves of energy instead of finding myself in the water time after time. Decisions about the Centre have been made and I’m moving forward!

Day 430 of my blogging challenge. 

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