Letters From The Light Side

Well there I was. After a lie in this morning and a slow start to my day. Then the storm hit. I’ve had Letters from the Light Side in my mind for quite a few months. An inspiration that hadn’t yet been given a green light.

Then all of a sudden, at 4pm today I was told to launch it. What, I thought. I know I’d done the Facebook page in 2016 after a lot of insistence from the Energy Beings. Then they told me to put Letters on hold until the time was right. I had felt I had at least another few days, or months, because every date I set had come and gone. But that’s the way working with the Spirit World, ArchAngels and everyone else goes. They jump in when you least expect it and say do it now. So this afternoon, with no idea of what they were likely to say, I found myself on a live stream via their Facebook page, announcing their intentions to the world. Or at least anyone who went to the page to watch the video.

I love that the UK was in the grip of Storm Doris at the time. Although she must have decided to give Hebden Bridge a miss. All we got was a bit of blustery wind and some rain. For a place that’s used to downpours for weeks the drops we had today hardly registered on the scale of my attention. Underneath the surface though there is a much bigger energy storm. We are all dealing with the truth coming to light. Not just ‘big’ truths but all the hidden feelings and thoughts that sit within us and make us mean or hate-filled. And when it all comes out we will need all the help we can get to make sense of the pent up fear. It’s important we don’t loose focus and let it slide back underneath the surface again.

Letters from the Light Side is one source of help. I know we are being encouraged to deal with our inner world and the shadow side of being human. It’s so that we can dream a new world where love is the energy for all of us.

I have to say I’m nervous. I know how important it is to represent these Energy Beings to the best of my ability. Their support and guidance has got me from a spiritual sceptic to a practicing spiritual Being despite my fears, doubts and woes. It mattered to me that they gave me lots of evidence of their existence. And that they really wanted me to do this public work for them. Now it matters to me that I return their trust in my abilities. I’ve found my writing voice but it seems I am going to find my speaking voice too. Speaking for the Energy World. I want to try because I am sure they will help as many of us as will listen to make it through the coming events. Change is really here. It’s unavoidable now. We want it too much for the energy to disappear.

So please take a look at the videos from time to time. They will be posted at least once a week. Though I have no idea who will be writing the Letters I’m sure that they will be accurate and interesting. As well as life affirming. And a reminder to all of us that the pain of change is nothing compared to the positives of change.

Day 458 of my blogging challenge.

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