Ladybird In My Phone: Luck Is On It’s Way

ladybirdWhen I opened my mobile phone this evening I found a tiny ladybird sitting in the fold. I have no idea where she flew in from but I’m looking forward to the flow of abundance she represents.

I was in my car when I opened the phone. And found myself laughing in delight at this tiny insect. Animals always have a message for me because they come from my Guides to remind me of all sorts of spiritual things. The ladybird was in an impossible place. There is no way for her to have got to where she was. Today I had been thinking much the same thing. How did I get to be where I am now? I have a life I love with the people I love all around me. My work fills me with joy. And the ups and downs of life wash over me without disturbing my inner peace. I feel that I have already been so lucky. But I have no idea how I got to this point.

I am delighted to accept anything else that is meant to come my way. Especially getting my bigger dreams fulfilled. I know that if I let what is right come to me I will end up like today, in a place it might have seemed impossible to get to. That’s why I’m dreaming bigger than ever. As well as letting go of old dreams that never would have fitted me. My Guides encourage me to look at my life as a an upward spiral. And to know that some dreams don’t happen because I am no longer the person who would fit that dream. That’s as important as dreaming. Understanding that what I require or desire will change over time too. In that way I can accept and be grateful for any glimmer of luck that falls on me. And ask for it to be boosted.

The lovely ladybird was reminding me to keep asking for more abundance. There is an endless supply of anything if only I can remove my limiting views. I watched the ladybird fly out of the car with the same delight. Because I have already asked for more. And she has flown away to make sure it’s delivered to me. What animals have been in your life today? And what do your Guides want you to pay attention to?

Day 993 of my blogging challenge

4 thoughts on “Ladybird In My Phone: Luck Is On It’s Way

  1. Nice blog Annie ❤️ Early this morning I watched a Sparrowhawk determinedly try to attack a young crow while it was feeding with parents on the ground…Haven’t seen that before,especially as all the other crows on the field as well as Magpies,tried to chase her off…but the hawk kept out flying them,in & out of the trees with such manoeverability always looping back to have a go at the young crow.This went on for a good 5mins before I lost sight of the hawk as it flew into dense tree line…..Is there a moral to this ?? Persistence ? Not being afraid of overwhelming odds ? Just for the heck of it ?? Be interesting to know how it all ended !!!

  2. Hi David, Crows and Magpies are connected with the void – the place where energy exists in an unformed state ready to be shaped by intentions. Hawks are associated with seeing from a greater hight, a wider perspective. It sounds as if the message was about seeing that you can have all of the energy you need to shape in any way that fits your requirements and desires. But you have to persevere because we often shrink ourselves into seeing only what is in front of us. Crows also represent the death cycle, or the recycling of life since our consciousness never dies, so you may have to let go of somethings in your life in order to soar higher in your evolution. What is new in your life? Let go of fear and you will find you have enough support to grow much more <3

  3. Thanks for the reply Annie.Interesting food for thought.
    What’s new in my life ??
    Finding the way back to the Meditation group I’ve been part of for a while,and also finding you,your website your encouragement.💜☮🕉

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