Inchmahome Priory And The Lake Of Menteith

Inchmahome PrioryI started my day still very much powered down. Doing my Letter From The Light Side I had my fingers and toes crossed that I would have enough battery. And I went back to paper maps to work out how to get to the Lake of Menteith so I could visit Inchmahome Priory with my lovely friend and Travel Hag, Mindie Burgoyne.

Fortunately Mindie was able to let me charge my technology whilst we took a boat trip out to the island to visit Inchmahome Priory. This is a beautiful place with very special energy. However we had to wait for the wind to die down before taking the small boat across. Several people waiting for the boat wandered off because the wind was gusting very strongly. To me it felt like the island was making sure only the right people got to see it. So when we set off only Mindie and I took the trip. Funnily enough the wind had almost completely died down by the time we were in the middle of the trip. Stepping off the boat was like a step back in time to me. The ruined Priory still had majesty. And a peaceful power.

As I walked amongst the trees I could hear the soft beat of drum. Then the chime of bells. And at one point I stepped into the energy of monks, still there to be experienced by anyone paying attention. Inchmahome Priory is still able to tell a tale of reverence and prayer. Looking at the fantastic shapes of the trees, the colours of the interiors and the carpet of bluebells I felt the peace settle somewhere inside of me. I was being powered up again. And being inspired to record a little video about the bounty of Mother nature (see here). Time slipped away. The sun shone into days long past. I really had stepped off the world in this secluded place.

Inchmahome Priory finally let me go when I was fully charged once more. Going back the lake was as calm as could be. I was being released, with a wonderful store of energy, to take it back to my next destination. I love being an energy battery. Until the energy from the island is fully discharged I, and everyone connected to me, will receive the peace of that place.

Day 896 of my blogging challenge

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