Guides – friend, family, other?

Rose1Over the last few days the subject of Guides has cropped up more than once. This is often a topic that people get really confused about because there are many different explanations about who might be guiding us & why. Most often people ask what the name of their Guide is. When I asked, for a long time I was told ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. William Shakespeare had a lot to answer for in my eyes, lol. Still I asked for a name. I felt somehow that if I had a name I would ‘know’ who my Guide was. It got much more confusing, as I exercised my psychic senses, to realise that I sensed more Guides around me. Then I started to demand names. How on earth could I build up trust, I thought, if I didn’t even know who was around me. My Guides tried to encourage me to sense them rather than worry about names. Or to see or hear them instead of wanting to attach labels to their energy. I must admit I found it really, really frustrating. When I finally blew my top they answered my anger by explaining that we were building a set of relationships. Just like in real life relationships with individual Guides take time and effort to become trusting. So would a name make the trust happen any quicker?

At this point I must have had a lightbulb moment. I recognised that I was used to being introduced to people by their name. However, I also knew that their name didn’t define who they were, how they might think or feel and how they might choose to behave in any given set of circumstances. A name was only a short cut that needed to have a personality attached to it. And finding someone’s personality and preferences takes time. Working with anyone over a period of time allows familiarity to develop. Predictability almost. That is what we trust. That the person we know as Annie will respond and act in given ways as certain experiences and situations arise. Hopefully Annie will respond positively – or in ways that we view as positive. If she doesn’t then we might very well choose to forget we know her by forgetting her name. At this point I’m sure my Guides breathed a huge sigh of relief. I stopped asking for names. I recognised that I had to work at building a few key relationships with the Guides who were most often around me. They were my team, working with me and supporting me to get to wherever I needed to be of service. So I started to ask a different set of questions. Ones that have helped me understand & explain Guide teams to other people wanting to meet their Guides.

First I asked how many Guides I had. Apparently the number is infinite. I have as many Guides helping me as I wish to allow in. That make sense to me. I never quite convinced myself that there was only one energy being guiding me. It seemed like their should be more as that is what happens on the Earth. I’d rather have lots of help than only one hard pressed, overworked Guide trying to get me to do what is in my own best interest. I also asked where all these Guides came from. It was wonderful to realise that we can be guided by many different Energy Beings so I welcomed the opportunity to work with Elementals, Aliens, Dragons, Angels to name a few. There are many, many dimensions our Spirit is connected with so why restrict my guidance to only the human Spirit World. Why me was the next question. It has taken me a long time to accept the answer. Because … I felt that was a cop out but my Guides keep saying it will make perfect sense when I return to the Spirit World. I guess it’s another test of the trust we have in each other that I can wait for all to be revealed.

They have shared with me some snippets of why me though. And these seem to carry across to what other people experience too. Firstly, we all have a GateKeeper Guide. This Guide agrees to be with us from the moment we step our of the Spirit World until the moment we step back across to there. The GateKeeper’s job is to keep the lines of communication open as best s/he can so that we don’t drift of what we have planned for this life. When we are travelling in a direction that is against our plan our GateKeeper will be bouncing up & down on our head to try to get us to pay attention. When we are sailing along in accordance with our plan our GateKeeper will be off having a cup of coffee with the other Guides, catching up with all the gossip. Most often this Guide has been with us in many past lives. We have swapped being the GateKeeper many times for each other. That’s why this Guide has the patience necessary to hang out with us until we notice that they are there. I love my GateKeeper for being so determined to wake me up and keep me on track.

Secondly, it’s often the case that family members get involved in guiding us too. After all we are more likely to trust someone in our family tree better than a complete stranger. I work with my Mum some of the time and occasionally with my Grandfather. They are a steadying force when I might have wobbles about the service I’ve been asked to give. They also bring a lot of humour as they can remind me of my prototypes from earlier in my life without being judgemental or picking fault. That’s something we are easily able to do for ourselves as we have trained ourselves to make comparisons and compete. They also understand my need to have balance in my life. If I’m doing too much they will give me a push to slow down. Or even put the brakes on for me by chasing all the rest of the team out of sight for a while.

Finally, there are the Guides who pop in for one job, one reason or one piece of development. Guides are of all energy vibrations, experiences and backgrounds. They are Energy Beings who have been around the block a bit – even the brand new ones. They are working on their development too. So connecting with me for a ‘one off’ event of service can be helpful to them too. I do wonder how many of them breath a sigh of relief when the joint task is finished, lol. What they bring is a fresh viewpoint, a new skill or some much needed support of a different kind than my regular Guides. I don’t ask their names because I don’t need to know anymore. My GateKeeper and family Guides vet these ‘strangers’ for me and I trust that I am sensible enough to question anyone who seems to be out of step with my vibration. I love working with my Guide team. I love working with them individually and collectively. I feel surrounded by their love and protection even when I’m at my most human and rebelling against them. I am not a robot or someone who can be led easily. They know that, respect my questions and do their best to chivvy me along the best path for me. In fact, I know they would be suspicious if I didn’t question, doubt or expect answers. We have a wonderful relationship built up over many years and that’s why a name has no meaning for us. So please swap to a different question if you want to really get to know your Guides.

Day 137 of my blogging challenge.

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